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    The Divinity Cycle
    Nelson Downend | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 59 pages
    The lives of a disillusioned priest struggling with addiction, a recently widowed homicide detective and an ambitious young journalist converge as an enigmatic performance artist leads them into the mystery surrounding an active serial killer.
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    Tony Hendriks, Gillian Royes | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 63 pages
    When a Jamaican ex-con is refused a government ganja license he reverts to skulduggery to battle narcotraficantes and save his family and village.
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    In Chrysalis: Ovum
    Nelson Downend | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 60 pages
    After being suspended from her job following a patient suicide, clinical psychologist Dr. Jackie Winters believes she has hit rock bottom. That is until a plea for help from a former patient thrusts her down the rabbit hole into a dark world of murder, horrific scientific experimentation, bizarre delusional mythology, and possibly human metamorphosis.
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    Cold War Charlie
    Cheryl Gallegos | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 66 pages | View Writer Profile
    A female KGB agent infiltrates America's nuclear missile systems during the height of the Cold War launches towards Israel and NATO Headquarters in Brussels.
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    Crimson Oeuvre
    Thomas Mann | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 55 pages | View Writer Profile
    A troubled young woman, in search of love, and her artist husband, in search of a muse, both become entwined with a mysterious new pen pal when they move back to his hometown to reignite his failing career.
  • 468


    The Switch
    Thomas Clary | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 64 pages | View Writer Profile
    After an unexplained global event, where everyone on Earth has switched bodies, an FBI agent must recapture every serial killer he’s ever put in jail after they’ve “escaped” into other people. They look nothing like they did before; they have different DNA and fingerprints… But one thing hasn’t changed — their desire to kill.
  • 462


    The Collapse
    Brooks Roscoe | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 55 pages
    Advancements in neuroscience and Quantum computers lead to a productivity app that connects its users' deep minds and divides an already divided country further.
  • 458


    The Authenticator
    Lawrence Rothfield | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 65 pages | View Writer Profile
    Homeland meets Indiana Jones.
  • 447


    Stuart Creque | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 53 pages
    A trauma surgeon discovers that an alertness drug taken by nearly all American adults – including her and her family – has irreversible side effects that will gradually destroy the sanity of all its long-term users by making them unable to sleep.
  • 445


    The Academy
    Brit Cowan | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 63 pages
    While investigating the mysterious disappearance of a scholarship student at an elite boarding school, a police detective uncovers a world of conspiracy, cover-ups, and occultism, endangering his own son as he tries to expose the supernatural secrets behind the school’s success.
  • 444


    Open Mind
    Joseph Cashman | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 52 pages | View Writer Profile
    A budding psychology student takes on the internship of a lifetime as he aligns himself with a rogue psychologist who has an obsession with the paranormal.
  • 440


    Gino DeMarco | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 62 pages | View Writer Profile
    A schizophrenic woman with a traumatic past discovers going off her meds lets her sometimes see the future through astrology charts--and that clairvoyance comes with a price: teaming up with an audacious, uncontrollable inner identity with wild ideas of "normal."
  • 439


    Felipe Silva | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 57 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a US Embassy gives shelter to a whistle-blower running from local authorities, a pretentious diplomat clashes with a cutthroat Ambassador, to uncover the truth behind a web of official lies, black-market weapons and family secrets.
  • 431


    Edward Klau | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 59 pages | View Writer Profile
    If you need someone dead then call The Service, an organization that meticulously plans your murder down to the smallest detail and assigns it to an unconnected stranger. The only problem is their ugly price: you must kill that same stranger’s victim and their terms are fatally non-negotiable.
  • 429


    stephen wallenfels | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 60 pages
    Riley, a single mother, is kidnapped by a doomsday cult after stumbling upon one of their victims. Now she must engage in a battle of wills with their leader Elizabeth, an insane billionaire who seems to hold all the cards including the life of her son.
  • 421


    A Small Town Murder Mystery
    Joshua Henaman | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 59 pages | View Writer Profile
    Journalism student, Carly Hamit, just accepted a ride-along to be "Sheriff for a Day" in Storyville, Iowa, where not everything is as it seems. When a series of murders leaves nothing but mystery in its wake, the townsfolk refuse to let their "acting sheriff" leave. She must solve the murders as they happen one after another, after another, after another... weekly. It's Groundhog Day meets Murder She Wrote by way of Twin Peaks. Carly is stuck in a Small Town Murder-Mystery.
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    Holy Man
    Michael Petty | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 55 pages | View Writer Profile
    A rusty preacher is forced back into the world after a series of biblically-themed crimes plague a small Montana community.
  • 410


    Not Vain to Believe
    David Miller | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 41 pages
    The "Lost Quatrains" of Nostradamus are discovered in southern France. An enterprising college student and her professor are the only ones who can decipher them. But that comes with great risks.
  • 390


    Crossroads of Murder
    Steven Coburn | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 58 pages | View Writer Profile
    Always living with a devil and an angel on his shoulders, homicide detective Charlie Knox has his world turned upside down when a new murder bleeds over into his morally questionable personal life. (Eight episode mini-series)
  • 388


    Social Distortion
    Eric Westlake | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 69 pages
    When a disgraced newspaper reporter stumbles upon a covert plan within a Facebook like company to control world events through their social networking platform, he must choose between pursuing the story and putting the lives of his family at risk, or dropping the investigation and allowing hundreds of thousands to die. SOCIAL DISTORTION, a one-hour action, thriller, is DESIGNATED SURVIVOR meets SHOOTER.

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