Pitch Week
Spring 2022
Deadline on Friday, December 3rd at 11:59PM PST

Decision by January 18th

Pitches will be held between Feb 7 - 11, 2022


Get ready for Season Six.

We’ve changed the pitching game with Coverfly Pitch Week. Gone are the days of group pitches, cattle calls, and on-stage pitching. We’re setting up specially curated, hand-selected, one-on-one virtual pitches that match writers with the specific needs of our industry members… all for the price of free.

What does that mean for you? Whether you're looking to get signed or sell your projects, you could be personally selected by managers, agents, executives and producers based on your profile and your projects. We’re helping to connect you to the most relevant industry professionals for your career path.

So, build out your profile. Ensure it sells your unique life experience and portfolio. Because we’re getting started on another high-profile Coverfly Pitch Week for Spring 2022.

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Announcement Schedule

  • Aug 27, 2021: Submissions Open
  • Dec 18 - 20, 2021: Short Lists sent to Industry
  • Jan 14 - 18, 2022: Industry Professionals select Writers & Set Meetings
  • Feb 7 - 11, 2022: Pitch Week!

The Process

First: Get Your Profile Industry-Ready

We use your profile to match with specific industry needs. So make sure you’ve added all your projects, polished your loglines & bio, and added all relevant information. Once you’re confident that your profile is ready, submit to be considered for Pitch Week.

Second: We Get Mandates From Our Industry Contacts

Every Pitch Week, our industry members have different types of projects and writers they’re looking to meet with. We pull all of this information to ensure each pitch is tailored for a maximum chance of matching writers with relevant industry professionals.

Examples of mandates and industry requests include:

  • Elevated horror, sci-fi & thriller features
  • Writers with Writers' Room experience
  • High-concept comedies for teens
  • Big budget, theatrical-worthy, four-quadrant features
  • Drama TV Writers with medical experience

Third: We Create Short Lists of Writers

We create individual, curated lists of writers for each industry professional that matches their needs. They use these lists to select the writers they would like to meet. Please note: if you make the Short List, it does not guarantee you will have a pitch, only that industry members will be reviewing your profile and projects for consideration.

Fourth: Industry Members Make Their Selections

After reviewing their personalized list of writers, industry members make their final selection and schedule ideal times for them to meet with writers. Selected writers will receive an email inviting them to their Zoom pitch.

Fifth: Writers Meet with Industry Professionals

Please arrive on-time for this meeting, and read the invite carefully as it will inform you why the industry member selected you, and what they would like to specifically discuss. This ensures you have an opportunity to prepare and offers the best chance to represent yourself professionally.

Want to start getting prepared? Read how to nail your pitch and general meetings on how to take pitches and generals!

Careers Started

Kyra Jones

Got Staffed on Hulu's WOKE from Spring 2021 Pitch Week

"Coverfly literally changed my life over the course of a week. Through Coverfly Pitch Week, I met Anna Jones from Cloud Nine Productions, who loved my script so much that she shared it with the showrunner of WOKE. Two days after that, they offered me a staff writing job on the show and I started the next week! Once news of the staffing got around, I had over a dozen managers and agents in my inbox requesting meetings. Coverfly has continued to send my scripts to reps and execs, and Lauren Conn has been incredibly helpful in keeping me grounded through this truly wild and unexpected process!"

Lore V. Olivera

Signed with a Literary Manager from Spring 2021 Pitch Week

"I came across Coverfly when submitting to screenwriting competitions. I immediately fell in love with the system—it’s so simple and organized that it really made me feel like I was making progress with my work and prompted me to keep writing. They really care about their writers; my work was read and they invited me to the pitch week. Before I knew it, I had a manager all through Coverfly! "

Neer Shelter

Signed a Feature Shopping Agreement from Spring 2021 Pitch Week

"Through Coverfly, more than any other platform, I've received script requests and booked meetings with established executives. After participating in Pitch Week and meeting an executive through the platform, I signed a shopping Agreement with Citizen Skull Productions for my project CALL OUT."

Rich Orstad

Signed a Feature Option Agreement from Fall 2020 Pitch Week

"Coverfly has been instrumental in helping make all this happen. Team Coverfly has actively connected me with managers and producers, helped set up meetings, and provided opportunities to pitch to Industry Professionals during Pitch Week. All of this...from Coverfly...for free. I can't say enough about how Coverfly helps support upcoming writers and gets dreams ignited."

Tom Mishra

Hired for a Writing Assignment from Spring 2021 Pitch Week

"A filmmaker is only as good as their network. You’re not going to be able to make anything if you don’t know anyone or you aren’t kind to people. Pitch Week expanded my network exponentially. I met like minded collaborators who love film for the same reasons I do. And while I haven’t sold anything, been signed or staffed just yet. I speak to all of the contacts I met during pitch week regularly. They read everything I write and even better than the amazing and honest feedback they give me, they also share it with others so I can keep building my network. I am certain that when my first sale, staffing or signing happens, I will be able to connect it to a relationship I built during Pitch Week."


Pitch Week is only available to Coverfly members.


Is it free?
Yes, 100%. It's free to apply, and if you are selected, it's free to participate.
What should I prepare?
Be prepared to discuss your portfolio, career goals, and writing style with literary reps for 10-12 minutes.
Is there anything I should read or research before attending?
It would be beneficial to research the reps and companies who you will be speaking with to understand the sort writers they represent and projects they produce.
How are writers selected for this opportunity?
The Coverfly Team will review applicants and select a small pool of writers who are at a point in their writing career where they are ready for and would benefit from representation.

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