Pitch Week

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Coverfly connects talented writers directly with agents, managers and producers.

Are you a writer with at least a few completed screenplays under your belt? As part of our mission to help further the careers of emerging screenwriters, Coverfly offers Pitch Week a few times per year. We select about 50 writers and match them for virtual video conference meetings and phone calls with Hollywood literary agents and managers.

It's free for Coverfly members to apply and participate. Learn more here.

Decision by August 31st | Pitches held week of September 16th - 20th

"I've been to several well-known pitch fests and none were as well-organized or as effective as Coverfly's Pitch Week, which was also free. The process was smooth and efficient and opened the door to signing with a literary manager whom I never would have otherwise met."
-Ian Southwood, screenwriter
Pitch Week is only available to Coverfly members.
Recent Pitch Weeks
Fall 2019
Applications due on August 25th
Is it free?
Yes, 100%. It's free to apply, and if you are selected, it's free to participate.
What should I prepare?
Be prepared to discuss your portfolio, career goals, and writing style with literary reps for 10-12 minutes.
Is there anything I should read or research before attending?
It would be beneficial to research the reps and companies who you will be speaking with to understand the sort writers they represent and projects they produce.
How are writers selected for this opportunity?
The Coverfly Team will review applicants and select a small pool of writers who are at a point in their writing career where they are ready for and would benefit from representation.