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    Minor Modifications
    Shia Labeouf | Drama | Feature | 121 pages
    Based on the life of rapper Kevin Abstract; this biographical fiction follows a Texas teen as he struggles with identity, finding meaningful relationships, sexual fluidity, and his direction in life.
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    Bon Ton Roulér
    Beanie Barnes | Drama | Feature | 122 pages | View Writer Profile
    In 1963 Alabama, a wayward 15-year-old confronts his complicated relationship with his prostitute mother after an altercation with her jilted lover leaves him hunting them down.
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    Guns and Grace
    Odin Ozdil | Adventure | Feature | 95 pages | View Writer Profile
    A widow teams up with a tough Blackfoot woman against the bank robbers that killed her husband. An action-adventure that proves sisterhood is not just by birth. A story that celebrates the frontier spirit, as well as the dark side of America's past that still resonates today.
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    Call Out
    Nir Shelter | Action | Feature | 99 pages
    A found-footage military thriller in the vein of The Hurt Locker meets End of Watch. After a sniper shoots a civilian mother behind enemy lines, two female army medics must carry the orphaned baby back to base under the threat of a hidden killer.
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    Brian Kazmarck | Sci-fi | Feature | 114 pages | View Writer Profile
    A brilliant programmer gets embroiled in a bizarre and dangerous love triangle between a co-worker who saved her life and an artificial intelligence that nearly killed her.
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    The Delivery
    Gil Seltzer | Drama | Feature | 108 pages | View Writer Profile
    A Jordanian history professor turned radicalized terrorist is tasked with delivering a car bomb from Dallas to New York City. His cover - an unwitting 12-year old boy who joins him for the tenuous drive through the American heartland.
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    The G.O.A.T.
    Sid Patwa | Comedy | Feature | 102 pages | View Writer Profile
    A gifted Indian teen rapper in the 90's, dealing with disappointing his family, has one night to finally face his nemesis in an epic rap battle in order to "up" his social status, impress his crush and become the Greatest Of All Time.
  • 615


    The Appeal
    Yoav Potash | Drama | Feature | 125 pages | View Writer Profile
    The true story of Deborah Peagler and the two young lawyers who volunteer to fight for her freedom, 20 years after she was sentenced to life behind bars for allegedly murdering the man who forced her into prostitution.
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    The Surveillance of Ordinary Things
    Susan Brunig | Drama | Feature | 106 pages
    A middle-aged, suburban housewife in the midst of a dark, existential crisis decides to run away and end it all. But when she stumbles upon an unplugged community of creative misfits, she rediscovers the artist she once was.
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    The 49th Day
    Craig Peters | Horror | Feature | 104 pages | View Writer Profile
    A young girl's imaginary friend starts killing her family off, one by one. But how can you stop Death when she wants to play? (This script has won myriad contests, including a couple of Grand Prizes, and was selected for the prestigious BloodList.)
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    Echo The Wind
    Thomas Mazzola | Family | Feature | 105 pages | View Writer Profile
    Seventy-two years in the future a renowned NASA scientist returns to his childhood home to reconcile a tragedy that became the impetus for a lifetime of extraordinary achievements.
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    Justin Best | Fantasy | Feature | 118 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a past-his-prime knight is asked by his estranged daughter to find a fabled sword, his quest leads him to his two worst enemies: the evil woman who nearly killed him and his own ego.
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    Robert Axelrod | Drama | Television (One-hour) | 63 pages | View Writer Profile
    After being excommunicated from the Hasidic community, a mother works to regain custody of her children and adapt to secular life while working at a wig shop run by a black Muslim drag queen.
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    The Anklebiter
    Andy Jones | Comedy | Feature | 106 pages
    Five years after the Zombie Apocalypse, a couple fighting about whether to start a family adopts a baby zombie they don't have the heart to kill.
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    Labyrinth of Destiny
    Ernestina Juarez | Drama | Feature | 111 pages | View Writer Profile
    Ulysses Grant's experience of love and death as a young officer in the Mexican-American War influences an important decision he makes as the commanding general of the Union Army during the Civil War.
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    Glow Stick
    Michael Raymond | Family | Feature | View Writer Profile
    A troubled teenager jeopardizes his future and alienates himself in the local community when he claims to see and talk to his best friend who was recently killed in a tragic accident.
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    James Stewart | Animated | Feature | 103 pages
    When the children from a local town are kidnapped by the foxes that were driven out of their homes, a headstrong young girl and her little brother must find a way to help them escape and heal the two rival worlds.
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    Lucky 13
    Denise Meyers | Drama | Feature | 111 pages | View Writer Profile
    Female pilots in World War Two race to keep a dangerous bomber crucial to the Normandy invasion flying before the deadly plane is pulled from service, leaving Allied Forces without desperately needed air support.
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    The Divinity Cycle
    Nelson Downend | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 60 pages
    The lives of a disillusioned priest struggling with addiction, a recently widowed homicide detective and an ambitious young journalist converge as an enigmatic performance artist leads them into the mystery surrounding an active serial killer.
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    Until the Last One Falls
    Gabe Berry | Drama | Short | 20 pages | View Writer Profile
    A boy’s elaborate domino formations help him survive in a house filled with abuse.

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