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    The Moonbeam Fisherman
    John Dummer | Family | Feature | 115 pages
    In the summer of the 1969 moon landing, a troubled teen believes that a reclusive old fisherman may be a marooned interplanetary visitor. “Engrossing, uplifting, wonderful. An enthralling story, well-told...casts a powerful spell.” -- $10,000 Grand Prize Winner, Writers on the Storm. “A beautiful and evocative script. Wonderful roles for actors...An enthralling family drama with a touch of magic.” -- Silver Prize, Family Film, Page International.
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    Halcyon Falls
    Jeff Bower | Drama | Television (One-hour) | 54 pages | View Writer Profile
    A traumatized town struggles to return to normalcy after a brutal school shooting, while desperately hiding their secrets from the media...and each other. Think AMERICAN CRIME meets THE KILLING.
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    Warrior Girl
    Laurie Whitaker | Drama | Feature | 118 pages | View Writer Profile
    2019 NICHOLL TOP 50 SEMI-FINALIST! Black List - "This script is a beam of light in the dark"... After a tragic accident leaves her orphaned and injured, an Olympic bound gymnast is sent to live with a stranger - her grandfather - on a Native American Reservation, where she just might learn how to heal more than her broken bones...
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    Minor Modifications
    Shia Labeouf | Drama | Feature | 121 pages
    Based on the life of rapper Kevin Abstract; this biographical fiction follows a Texas teen as he struggles with identity, finding meaningful relationships, sexual fluidity, and his direction in life.
  • 625


    Brian T. Arnold | Thriller | Feature | 105 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a pompous, conspiracy-peddling cable news pundit is kidnapped by a deranged fan, an idealistic young reporter uncovers a domestic terror group’s conspiracy to assassinate a country-unifying presidential candidate.
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    Guns and Grace
    Odin Ozdil | Adventure | Feature | 94 pages | View Writer Profile
    A widow teams up with a tough Blackfoot woman against the bank robbers that killed her husband. An action-adventure that proves sisterhood is not just by birth. A story that celebrates the frontier spirit, as well as the dark side of America's past that still resonates today.
  • 618


    The Delivery
    Gil Seltzer | Drama | Feature | 108 pages | View Writer Profile
    A Jordanian history professor turned radicalized terrorist is tasked with delivering a car bomb from Dallas to New York City. His cover - an unwitting 12-year old boy who joins him for the tenuous drive through the American heartland.
  • 613


    Geek Magic
    Marc D. Ketchem | Comedy | Feature
    Peter Burns, an overweight high school senior, befriends a stoner-wizard and goes through a series of transformations after taking some magic mushrooms.
  • 613


    James Grayford | Comedy | Feature | 107 pages | View Writer Profile
    A brilliant 7th Grader teams up with the new kid in school to find his long lost father and impress the pretty girl at school. Private Investigation’s a big job, especially when you gotta be in bed by 10.
  • 609


    Officer X
    Michael Joiner | Historical | Feature | 104 pages | View Writer Profile
    An African-American soldier blinded five hours after being discharged reaches out to a Hollywood legend to help bring a racist cop to justice.
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    Justin Best | Fantasy | Feature | 118 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a past-his-prime knight is asked by his estranged daughter to find a fabled sword, his quest leads him to his two worst enemies: the evil woman who nearly killed him and his own ego.
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    The Appeal
    Yoav Potash | Drama | Feature | 125 pages | View Writer Profile
    The true story of Deborah Peagler and the two young lawyers who volunteer to fight for her freedom, 20 years after she was sentenced to life behind bars for allegedly murdering the man who forced her into prostitution.
  • 595


    James Stewart | Animated | Feature | 103 pages
    When the children from a local town are kidnapped by foxes that were driven out of their homes, a headstrong young girl and her little brother must find a way to help them escape and heal the two rival worlds.
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    Freedom Soldier
    Armelle Lajus | Drama | Feature | 100 pages | View Writer Profile
    An African American teenager enlists in the Army and is sent as part of the 369th Infantry Regiment, a unit that’s comprised solely of African American soldiers, to fight in World War I.
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    Fuck New Rome
    Erik Sternberger | Comedy | Feature | 119 pages | View Writer Profile
    A slightly true story based on the severely corrupt New Rome, Ohio and one man's crusade to bring the small town to justice—by any means necessary—for his excessive parking tickets.
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    The Line
    Jeff Bower | Drama | Television (One-hour) | 55 pages | View Writer Profile
    A despondent hometown hero scraps to earn a blue collar wage in the 1980’s at the local manufacturing plant; where transmissions were built and lives destroyed.
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    The Hammer
    Jason Hunter | Adventure | Feature | 105 pages
    Spurred by famine, a pious, by-the-book Norwegian and his family voyage to the untamed American West to carve out a new life as homesteaders. But when they finally arrive, someone else is already on their land.
  • 587


    Until the Last One Falls
    Gabe Berry | Drama | Short | 20 pages | View Writer Profile
    A boy’s elaborate domino formations help him survive in a house filled with abuse.
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    Doug Mallette | Sci-fi | Feature | 95 pages | View Writer Profile
    A TV-obsessed recluse sets out to rescue his childhood crush, a once wholesome teen idol turned raunchy pop star, from the corrupting forces that surround her.
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    The Italian Lover
    Suzanne T. Griffin | Drama | Feature | 111 pages | View Writer Profile
    Michael Evans, a dashing, bisexual opera singer who longs to connect with his estranged son, must confront his demons and discover the deeper purpose of his voice when he becomes the mentor and lover of a mysterious young soprano. 2019 PAGE SEMIFINALIST, 3x NICHOLL FELLOWSHIP QUARTERFINALIST.

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