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    The Last Fall

    Cate Honzl • Drama • Feature • 110 pages

    In the wake of society's collapse, a bitter but determined woman must protect her precocious niece on the last days of autumn before a dangerous winter; after the military drops off the year's final rations a series of unusual occurrences, including a missing family, a fire, and a murder build toward an action-packed finale where the two women must protect their isolated farmhouse.

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    Mount Pleasant

    CAT DALE • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 61 pages • View Writer Profile

    In 1880s Oklahoma, Native children are mandated to attend the Mount Pleasant Indian School by the US Government; but when Lola's brother does not return, she risks her life by leaving the reservation to find out what happened to him.

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    Hopeful Soul

    Robert Axelrod • Drama • Feature • 114 pages

    A black widowed gospel singer helps a troubled white orphaned teenager find refuge in the black community and the culture of gospel music, as the racial tensions of 1967 Detroit escalate into the historic Detroit race riots.

  • #4


    Gareth Smith • Drama • Feature • 109 pages

    An 18y.o. orphan with miraculous healing powers struggles to decipher the mystery of her birth. But when she saves a dying cop during a violent protest, bystander videos go viral and create a media frenzy that turns her life upside-down.

  • #5

    Silicon Curve

    Heidi Nyburg • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 58 pages

    A single mom makes questionable choices in her fight to become an engineer in male-dominated 1970’s Silicon Valley amidst the sexual revolution.

  • #6

    Scattering Jake

    Erica Tachoir • Drama • Feature • 108 pages

    A young widow dumps her deceitful husband's ashes down the sink in a fit of rage the night before a trip to scatter those ashes with his family and the woman who has his transplanted heart.

  • #7


    Adam Ansell • Comedy • Feature • 101 pages • View Writer Profile

    When a debt-ridden businessman learns the wealthy father he hated has died he thinks his money problems are solved, only to discover there's a catch: recite the Jewish prayer for the dead every day for a year without missing a single service, or the entire fortune goes to his scheming relatives.

  • #8


    Khalil Sullins • Horror • Feature • 117 pages

    A detective fights terminal breast cancer while she hunts down a manipulative killer threatening to ignite a race war in Alabama.

  • #9

    The Divinity Cycle

    Nelson Downend • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    The lives of a disillusioned priest struggling with addiction, a recently widowed homicide detective and an ambitious young journalist converge as an enigmatic performance artist leads them into the mystery surrounding an active serial killer.

  • #10


    Nicole Jones • Fantasy • Feature • 114 pages

    Shrimp's a 62 year-old introverted woman who has developed supernatural abilities as a result of being born in The Great Salt Lake to a young polygamist girl. Through the process of losing a loving relationship, she discovers a new life and the confidence to share her unique powers with the rest of the world.

  • #11

    The Crossing

    Paul Sheridan • Action • Feature • 104 pages

    In the year 2055, following the Second American Civil War, a veteran is hired to accompany a single mother and her terminally ill daughter across the lawless divide separating north and south in order to save the young girl's life.

  • #12


    SreyRam Kuy • Drama • Feature • 108 pages

    The Heart of a Tiger is the searing true story about the incredible courage, resilience and strength of a woman who survived one of the worst atrocities inflicted upon mankind, the Cambodian Genocide—in which over a four-year-period over two million Cambodians were murdered and dumped in mass grave sites. It is also the story of three generations of women, struggling against the boundaries placed upon them, each ultimately emerging triumphant to achieve their dreams. This is my family's story of survival.

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    Sedger Mor

    Catherine Wright • Historical Film • Feature • 120 pages

    In 1757, a downtrodden Scottish Highlander, forced into thievery to support his loving family, struggles to maintain his sense of Highland honor after he is lured into joining the army that decimated his homeland with the promise that when he returns from war, family lands will be his once more. Based on a true story.

  • #14

    Dream Screen

    Steven epp • Horror • Feature • 111 pages • View Writer Profile

  • #15

    13 East

    Enrique Posner • Drama • Feature • 115 pages

    A brilliant scientist, one of the first to cure cancer, imprisons his own son in a germ-free plastic bubble in an effort to save him from a rare blood disease which he may have triggered, and for which the boy became popularly known as The Boy in The Plastic Bubble. 

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    John Richo • Historical Film • Feature • 119 pages

    In 1790’s Philadelphia, in order to evade laws prohibiting slavery, the renowned slave chef of the President of the United States has been directed to conceal his status. After years of pretending to be a free man, the chef is faced with the awful prospect of a return to plantation life.

  • #17

    Fuck You, John

    Zac Kish • Comedy • Feature • 104 pages

    It's a disaster movie's sequel... if they had chickened out in the first one. When John refuses to sacrifice his life to stop an asteroid from hitting the planet, he becomes the most hated man in the world. That is, until the world needs him to save it... again.

  • #18


    Brock Newell • Action • Feature • 109 pages

    When his granddaughter is killed at a race riot, and the perpetrator eludes justice, an African-American veteran takes matters into his own hands- finding himself at war with a Neo Nazi crime ring.

  • #19

    Mr. Moon

    Mike Langer • Adventure • Feature • 114 pages

    A wisecracking kid in search of his father and a salesman who claims to own the moon must outsmart a corporate suit and protect an alien rover stranded on earth.

  • #20


    Ryan Elkins • Drama • Feature • 112 pages

    A dysfunctional family embarks on a road trip to their matriarch’s Holocaust hero ceremony, but their decades-old secrets threaten to derail the European vacation. It’s LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE meets NEBRASKA.

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