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    Big Red
    Aaron McCann, Dominic Pearce | Sci-fi | Feature | 110 pages | View Writer Profile
    "A desperate mission to colonize Mars goes horribly wrong, leaving only two sole survivors: a pair of reality show contestants who are going through the worlds worst break-up."
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    Halcyon Falls
    Jeff Bower | Drama | Television (One-hour) | 58 pages | View Writer Profile
    A traumatized town struggles to return to normalcy after a brutal school shooting, while desperately hiding their secrets from the media...and each other. Think AMERICAN CRIME meets THE KILLING.
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    The Last Statesman
    DAVID LAMBERTSON | Comedy | Feature | 117 pages | View Writer Profile
    An old and cranky local politician goes publicly bananas in an effort to draw attention to an important social issue. This inadvertently puts the career of his son, the Governor of California, at risk.
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    Newton’s Laws of Emotion
    Eugene Ramos | Comedy | Feature | 120 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a young Isaac Newton falls for a headstrong princess, he seeks to understand the principles of love using his new system of mathematics. But when his greatest adversary attempts to steal his work and the woman he adores, Newton realizes that falling in love isn't a matter of calculus, it's chemistry.
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    Rob Rex | Sci-fi | Feature | 94 pages | View Writer Profile
    You awake aboard a beleaguered starship, in an unfamiliar body, with memories that don't seem to be your own, plagued by the unshakable sense that this interstellar disaster somehow revolves around you.
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    Off the Strip
    Jonathan Wickremasinghe-Kuhn | Thriller | Feature | 107 pages | View Writer Profile
    A young Las Vegas police officer takes his fiancée on a ridealong to show her that his job isn’t as dangerous as it seems. But when the night takes a violent turn, she’s on her own against a corrupt detective and a citywide manhunt.
  • 620


    Nathan Patton | Drama | Feature | 109 pages | View Writer Profile
    Tulsa, 1921 - During one of the worst incidents of racial violence in the history of the United States, a dutiful attorney must work outside the law in order to save himself and protect the prosperous black community he calls home.
  • 609


    Justin Best | Fantasy | Feature | 111 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a past-his-prime knight is asked by his estranged daughter to find a fabled sword, his quest leads him to his two worst enemies: the evil woman who nearly killed him and his own ego.
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    Whispers from the Watchtower
    Jai Brandon | Thriller | Feature | 119 pages
    The host of a popular skeptic/debunking radio show works alongside a reluctant psychic in a last ditch attempt to find his missing daughter.
  • 607


    Stacie Shellner | Drama | Feature | 101 pages | View Writer Profile
    A playboy with a fetish for being spanked navigates the aftermath of his mother's death with the help of a mousy mortician with ulterior motives.
  • 606


    The G.O.A.T.
    Sid Patwa | Comedy | Feature | 102 pages | View Writer Profile
    A gifted Indian teen rapper in the 90's, dealing with disappointing his family, has one night to finally face his nemesis in an epic rap battle in order to "up" his social status, impress his crush and become the Greatest Of All Time.
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    Go Fund Frank
    Michael Noonan | Comedy | Feature | 98 pages | View Writer Profile
    The son of a notorious assassin mounts a crowdfunding campaign to finance his father's jailbreak and escape across the Mexican border, but the plan goes awry when they agree to visit the highest-paying funders.
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    Dead Man's Gulch
    Rob Rex | Western | Feature | 99 pages | View Writer Profile
    A bandit with a penchant for risky heists is forced to confront his selfish life choices when a botched bank robbery lands him in an eerie ghost town that he just can't seem to escape.
  • 599


    Melanie Schiele | Drama | Feature | 95 pages | View Writer Profile
    A husband and wife, at odds with each other over their failing marriage, struggle to save their six-year-old daughter afflicted with a rare and debilitating disease, leaving her skin as fragile as a butterfly's wings.
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    Labyrinth of Destiny
    Ernestina Juarez | Drama | Feature | 111 pages | View Writer Profile
    Ulysses Grant's experience of love and death as a young officer in the Mexican-American War influences an important decision he makes as the commanding general of the Union Army during the Civil War.
  • 597


    A War on Terror
    Peter Haig | Other | Feature | 127 pages | View Writer Profile
    After being ambushed by a group of Taliban insurgents, a handful of US soldiers wake up in a room unsure if they are dead or alive. Unbeknownst to them, their fate becomes tied to an Afghan grandmother & granddaughter bent on freeing souls from their hellish fate.
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    Feed The Monster
    Rob Rex | Other | Feature | 101 pages | View Writer Profile
    The prime suspect in a grisly mob massacre is an unassuming young woman who claims her bootlegger-boyfriend's mysteriously tainted moonshine transformed the city's thugs into monsters — literally.
  • 593


    The Abscess
    Patrick Tierney | Horror | Feature | 100 pages
    The staff of a remote, snowbound hospital must find a way to defeat a gelatinous creature after it springs from a patient's flesh.
  • 593


    The Divinity Cycle
    Nelson Downend | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 59 pages
    The lives of a disillusioned priest struggling with addiction, a recently widowed homicide detective and an ambitious young journalist converge as an enigmatic performance artist leads them into the mystery surrounding an active serial killer.
  • 587


    Adam Ansell | Comedy | Feature | 101 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a debt-ridden atheist learns the wealthy father he hated has died he thinks his money problems are solved, only to discover there's a catch: recite the Jewish prayer for the dead every day for a year without missing a single service, or the entire fortune goes to his scheming relatives.

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