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    Mount Pleasant

    Cat Dale • Drama • Television • 60 pages

    In 1880s Oklahoma, Native children are mandated to attend the Mount Pleasant Indian School by the US Government; but when Lola's brother does not return, she risks her life by leaving the reservation to find out what happened to him.

  • #2

    The Lean

    Pearse Lehane • Thriller • Feature • 109 pages

    A disgraced lawyer must prevent an innocent man from being convicted of the murder of a police officer in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

  • #3


    Shia Labeouf • Drama • Feature • 115 pages

    A child actor and his law-breaking, alcohol-abusing father attempt to mend their contentious relationship over the course of a decade.

  • #4


    Melanie Schiele • Drama • Feature • 95 pages

    A furniture craftsman struggles to save his failing marriage and six-year-old daughter afflicted with a rare and debilitating disease, leaving her skin as fragile as a butterfly's wings.

  • #5


    Khalil Sullins • Horror • Feature • 117 pages

    A detective fights terminal breast cancer while she hunts down a manipulative killer threatening to ignite a race war in Alabama.

  • #6

    Midway Kid

    Kyle Art • Drama • Feature • 106 pages

    A troubled teen runs away to join a traveling carnival with his long-lost mother.

  • #7

    A Better Place

    Katterina Powers • Western • Feature • 114 pages

    A penniless heiress, stranded alone on the western frontier, must decide if she is willing to embrace her inner outlaw, as she falls in with the "Wild Bunch," and becomes the fugitive known as Etta Place.

  • #8

    The Poacher

    Travis Opgenorth • Thriller • Feature • 113 pages

    A haunted former guerilla soldier, forced into poaching ivory to feed his starving family, finds himself gaining unwanted notoriety after shooting his estranged brother – a ruthless warlord who comes looking for revenge.

  • #9

    Small Town - Pilot "See How They Run"

    Lachlan Marks • Drama • Television • 64 pages

  • #10

    13 East

    Enrique Posner • Drama • Feature • 115 pages

    A brilliant scientist, one of the first to cure cancer, imprisons his own son in a germ-free plastic bubble in an effort to save him from a rare blood disease which he may have triggered, and for which the boy became popularly known as The Boy in The Plastic Bubble. 

  • #11

    A Long Shadow at Noon

    Ash J. Louis • Thriller • Feature • 100 pages

    An alcoholic cop in rural Oklahoma accidentally kills a man during a routine traffic stop and in covering it up, draws the suspicions of a new transfer to the small town police force

  • #12


    Travis Opgenorth • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 55 pages

    Kingdom of God is an hour-long historical drama set during the Roman occupation of the Jewish Holy Land and the religious, political, and societal chaos that lead to the creation of a new religion, Christianity…. Kingdom of God is its origin story.

  • #13

    The Black Cat

    Chris Bancel • Action • Feature • 103 pages

    When the daughter of an ancient Incan explorer arrives on the WWI battlefield, a Welsh pilot and an escaped convict must prevent her from changing the course of the war and time itself.

  • #14


    Christina Shaver • Faith • Feature • 107 pages

    After losing his job as a phone counselor, a strong-willed man past retirement age returns to the priesthood on a part-time assignment to overhaul a failing, rural church that doesn't want him there.

  • #15

    Little Hell

    Amanda Norman • Drama • Feature • 109 pages

    A mentally unstable medical student befriends her chronically ill teacher who wants to help her get better, but he himself might need more help than he realizes.

  • #16

    Scattering Jake

    Erica Tachoir • Drama • Feature • 108 pages

    A young widow dumps her deceitful husband's ashes down the sink the night before a trip to scatter those ashes with his family and the woman who has his transplanted heart.

  • #17

    End Of Life

    Sean Collins-Smith • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 59 pages

    Frank runs an elaborate and decidedly illegal operation: helping stage murders for the suicidal. Their life insurance doesn't get voided, his team gets a cut, everyone goes home happy. What could possibly go wrong?

  • #18


    Paul Sheridan • Action • Feature • 106 pages

    A year after an extra-terrestrial virus turns a third of the world's population into vicious half-alien predators, a family of survivors and an injured Marine must travel across the American Southwest to bring a baby who is immune to the infection to one of the last surviving American Military bases. Pursued the whole way by an army of creatures as well as a ruthless Russian spec op soldier hellbent on bringing the baby home with him, these unlikely heroes will stop at nothing to save the human race, even at the cost of their own lives.

  • #19


    simon bowler • Television • 70 pages

    John Brown's battles to end slavery.

  • #20


    Ruben Bush III • Drama • Feature • 114 pages

    In an attempt to help their community, two young African American men find a unique yet dangerous way to take on white supremacy.

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