Industry Lists & Placements
Shore Scripts
Shore Scripts TV Pilot Contest
2021 Finalists posted on Nov 25th

$12,000 in cash prizes, guaranteed industry meetings, a panel of EMMY & Golden Globe winning judges, 145+ agents & prod comps to read the best scripts

Shore Scripts
Shore Scripts Feature Contest
2021 Finalists posted on Nov 25th

$16,000 Cash Prizes, guaranteed industry meetings. We've helped launch the careers of 80+Writers, includes deals with Sony, Blumhouse, Film4, Hulu.

ScreenCraft Drama Competition
2021 Finalists posted on Nov 3rd

With a focus on emotional impact, whether you’re writing a romantic drama film, or a historical epic TV series, our judges want to read your script.

ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Screenplay Competition
2021 Winners posted on Oct 27th

High stakes action movies and sweeping adventure TV series have thrilled audiences around the world for decades. We want to read those scripts.

ScreenCraft Animation Competition
2021 Finalists posted on Nov 3rd

Whether you’re writing a family-friendly animated movie or an adult-oriented animated series, our judges are seeking great scripts with fresh voices.

The Blood List
Fresh Blood Selects
2021 Official Selections posted on Oct 29th

Fresh Blood is a free program for unrepresented screenwriters. We are excited to bring your scary and thrilling projects to the BloodList audience!

Launch Pad
Launch Pad Pilot Competition
2021 Top Comedys posted on Oct 15th

Enter the competition that has helped more writers than any other, including dozens of writers staffed on hit shows for Netflix, CBS, NBC and more.

WeScreenplay Shorts Contest
2021 Winners posted on Oct 15th

A Shorts Competition dedicated to connecting writers with Oscar-nominated creators and industry leaders. Plus free feedback for all. Yes, really.

The Black List
Annual Black List Feature Lab
2021 Official Selections posted on Oct 21st

The Black List invites six to eight promising non-professional writers as identified by the Black List to a week-long, intensive writers workshop.

Screenwriters Network
SWN TV Pilot Screenplay Competition
Short Film Finalists posted on Nov 26th

The SWN Screenplay Competition has some of the most respected judges in the industry. Enter your script and receive many of our submission benefits.