Virtual Live Reads
Third Quarter 2024

Submissions accepted on an ongoing basis


Coverfly has partnered with the Storytellers Conservatory to host robust virtual live reads of your scripts.

This free program makes it possible to foster and maintain the sense of community between writers and performers all over the world, making it an accessible opportunity available to everyone, regardless of location.

We are accepting submissions of features and pilots to be performed by professional, SAG-AFTRA actors via Zoom, followed by a writer-led Q&A.

We are accepting any genre or style, so long as the project is a TV pilot or feature, has 3-6 MAJOR CHARACTERS, and can be feasibly performed in a live-read setting.


Virtual Live Reads is only available to Coverfly members.


Is there a page requirement for the length of the script?

This program is open for writers to apply with either a feature script or a TV pilot script.

  • Feature scripts should be between 80-130 pages.
  • Pilot scripts should be approximately 23-35 pages for 1/2 hour pilots (single cam) or approximately 40-47 pages (multi-cam comedies).
  • Hourlong pilots should be 43-70 pages in length.

Scripts with page-counts significantly outside those parameters are less likely to be considered

Will I be able to attend virtually?
Yes, if you're selected, we strongly recommend that you attend your live-read virtually. We will select and notify writers at least two weeks ahead of time. Attendance is strongly recommended but not required.
Are there any content restrictions?
While there are no set restrictions, typically projects with 3-6 central/significant speaking characters, and a reasonable amount of story through dialogue as opposed to action would benefit the most from the reads.
How are writers selected for this opportunity?
Projects are chosen by the Coverfly Team based on which writers and projects might benefit the most from the series, as well as which projects fit the parameters of page count and number of characters. Upon being selected, writers will be notified via email to confirm eligibility.
Can I invite my friends to watch the live read?
You are welcome to invite close friends, family, and most importantly - industry connections and representation (manager, lawyer, etc.). However, the goal of the live reads is to allow the writer to hear their script aloud, NOT to stand as a completed, final performance of the script, so while there is no limit to the number of people you can invite, we do recommend keeping the numbers down, as we don’t want to overwhelm the small team that is producing the event. Most writers invite between 2-7 people, but that number isn’t set in stone.
How are the actors selected?
We do our utmost to cast the script as faithfully as possible to the writer’s described characters. However, the turnaround time for each Virtual Live Read is quite fast – often less than two weeks.  We do our best to bring the writer’s vision to life as closely as we can, given the time frame and logistical parameters, but the focus is a simple reading, and not a finished product for public consumption.

Recent Virtual Live Reads

June, 2024: Marcus Stricklin
Crazy, In Love
June 2024: Julia Skikavich
June 2024: Connie Weidel
A Little Bit Crazy
May 2024: David Au
The Whistle
April 2024: Nathan Patton
April 2024: Tricia Lee
Good Chance
March 2024: Chello C. Houston
Apocalypse on the East Side
February 2024: Reese Weatherly
The Winter Session
February 2024: Robert Ward
Flat Pennies
January 2024: Joel Brewster
Tourist Season
December 2023: Brendon Udy
The Way of the Dinosaur


"From the props, to the opening credit sequence, and the preparation of the actors, it was a great experience all around. They did an amazing job producing the screenplay table read."
-Travis Opgenorth
"The Q&A segment produced a large amount of practical notes from the script readers. The sort of genuine, dynamic, and thoughtful notes that excite you to get cracking on a rewrite. A major thanks to everyone involved!"
-Robert Ward
"The table read was one of my favorite experiences I’ve had as a screenwriter so far...My family and friends who hadn’t read my script yet got to see and hear my story unfold but with professional actors reading the lines I wrote. That’s an experience that’s hard to top and I’m incredibly appreciative of the opportunity."
-Chello C. Houston
"Participating in the live read program was an extraordinary experience. After working on “The Whistle” alone for the past year, hearing the words brought to life by talented actors was truly transformative. It left me feeling inspired and invigorated, excited to dive into the next draft."
-David Au