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    One Star
    Timothy OLeary | Drama | Short Story (Prose) | 20 pages
    A drunken restaurant review leads to disaster for an immigrant family struggling to keep their business afloat. One Star explores the dark side of social networking, and its potential to destroy lives.
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    The Purification
    Timothy OLeary | Western | Short Story (Prose) | 18 pages
    Dewey's life changed the morning the red-headed boy came to the Sheriff's office begging for help, trying to escape his abusive father. The Purification explores justice a century ago, as a small town sheriff attempts to adjust to a new world.
  • 434


    The Shadow King
    D.C. Lozar | Sci-fi | Short Story (Prose) | 24 pages | View Writer Profile
    A "Lord of the Flies" gang of friends struggle to survive in a future where all the adults are dead and technology feeds on human flesh at night.
  • 316


    Death Broker
    Lisa Pais | Sci-fi | Short Story (Prose) | 20 pages
    In the future, "necrotainment" has become the big thing; the top producer of the most popular TV show to portray actual deaths experiences an enormous crisis of conscience.
  • 241


    Full Disclosure
    Tina Tazekand | Drama | Short Story (Prose) | 27 pages | View Writer Profile
    College professor, newly in love, is being chased down for reasons unknown that lead him far into the depths of himself.
  • 186


    What Love Does
    Vijay Fitzgerald | Thriller | Short Story (Prose) | 42 pages
    Following an incident at school, a young girl is sent to work as a caregiver to help support her family during a trying time in their country. When she discovers a secret, her father has kept, the power dynamic in her family shifts.
  • 184


    Come to Daddy
    Rachele Bowman | Horror | Short Story (Prose) | 14 pages
    A reality-defying entity with a taste for human flesh offers a troubled young woman the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • 181


    Steven Kay | Sci-fi | Short Story (Prose) | 20 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a beautiful new girl starts work at Milton's Megastore and drives family man Daniel into a struggle between his animalistic desires and his loyalty to his wife, a strange new memory-wiping drug hits the market that promises to help him forget his guilt and find his way back to normality.
  • 168


    The Pettifoggerys
    Alan Adler | Animated | Short Story (Prose) | 37 pages
    An island of disagreeable people find themselves headed for the falls and build a fleet of hot air balloons to save themselves.
  • 167


    Charles Duffie | Drama | Short Story (Prose) | 19 pages | View Writer Profile
    A passionate activist travels to the island of Malta to help rescue exotic birds from animal traffickers. But as he falls in love with a political refugee from Syria, he discovers the only way he can help her case is with lawyers and money—and the only way to raise that kind of money is to become a trafficker himself.
  • 164


    Steven Kay | Sci-fi | Short Story (Prose) | 20 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a new mysterious government initiative causes the ethereal projections of murder victims to materialise behind their killers, a city-dwelling salaryman finds himself embroiled in a twisted murder plot and is forced to take the fight for justice into his own hands.
  • 163


    Friendly Fire
    Vance Cariaga | Thriller | Short Story (Prose) | 27 pages
    When a private investigator is lured to a backwoods bar under the guise of locating a client’s missing son, she finds an old rival instead who's ready to execute mass destruction to get what he thinks she owes him.
  • 159


    Tough Girl
    Russell Bonasso | Thriller | Short Story (Prose) | 16 pages
    His ex-partner bounty hunter has stolen gangster money, and now he has to save her from being hunted down, even if he has to drag her kicking and screaming at him.
  • 155


    Two Graves
    Zoe Kalo | Thriller | Short Story (Prose) | 68 pages
    Over the course of one night in a masquerade ball, a young violinist embarks on a journey of revenge to kill the conductor who shattered her life years ago.
  • 155


    GILLIAN ROYES | Drama | Short Story (Prose) | 12 pages
    An undocumented Guatemalan immigrant finds her employers dead and has to decide what to do.
  • 151


    El Ciego
    AJ Olsen | Drama | Short Story (Prose) | 19 pages
    In his final hours in the line of duty, a Limestone County Sheriff's Deputy is faced with the ultimate question of right and wrong when he makes a routine traffic stop on a back-country road.
  • 149


    Looking For Hemingway
    Tim Cooney | Other | Short Story (Prose) | 22 pages
    An American Hemingway-admirer travels illicitly to Castro's Cuba, hoping for a deeper "Papa" experience. He gets it.
  • 149


    Dark Swans And Painted Faces
    John Schalestock | Action | Short Story (Prose) | 42 pages
    In the summer of 1964, a Marine Force Recon Team is secretly dropped into the jungles of North Vietnam to ambush and kill Ho Chi Minh.
  • 148


    Ange en Boîte (Boxed Angel)
    Steve Vasquez | Horror | Short Story (Prose) | 9 pages | View Writer Profile
    A mother buys an antique Jack-in-the-box at a yard sale and unknowingly unleashes extreme evil upon her beloved daughter.
  • 148


    Hail Chaser
    Aukai Arkus | Sci-fi | Short Story (Prose) | 79 pages | View Writer Profile
    After witnessing a friends death at the hands of an unspeakable monster, Nadesh Kadyrov must return to her childhood Kazakh village to track the beast, and confront the curse of her family past before it devours her future.

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