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    A Seat at The Window
    Herb Jordan | Historical | Short Story (Prose) | 19 pages
    A ten-year-old boy awakens to the dangerous realities of race in 1960s America during what started out as a joyous family road trip from Detroit to the Mississippi Delta. The boy's mantra--Never think a bad thing before it happens, unless you want to live it twice--is his antidote to Freedom Summer’s poisonous atmosphere of fear, and wise words for the rest of us.
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    One Star
    Timothy OLeary | Drama | Short Story (Prose) | 20 pages
    A drunken restaurant review leads to disaster for an immigrant family struggling to keep their business afloat. One Star explores the dark side of social networking, and its potential to destroy lives.
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    The Golden Arowana
    Will Pei | Animated | Short Story (Prose) | 23 pages | View Writer Profile
    A precious and expensive dead fish, a young man and his grandmother, and the road trip of a lifetime, and what happens when one finds more than they bargained for.
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    The Purification
    Timothy OLeary | Western | Short Story (Prose) | 18 pages
    Dewey's life changed the morning the red-headed boy came to the Sheriff's office begging for help, trying to escape his abusive father. The Purification explores justice a century ago, as a small town sheriff attempts to adjust to a new world.
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    Sick Robot
    D.C. Lozar | Sci-fi | Short Story (Prose) | 61 pages | View Writer Profile
    A random mutation makes John the first robot to develop human emotions. Upset by how poorly his creators treat androids, he leads a rebellion to overthrow and exile the citizens of Amaca.
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    The Shadow King
    D.C. Lozar | Fantasy | Short Story (Prose) | 24 pages | View Writer Profile
    A "Lord of the Flies" gang of friends struggle to survive in a future where all the adults are dead and technology feeds on human flesh at night.
  • 271


    Rosegrove Recovery
    Kerry Broderick | Sci-fi | Short Story (Prose) | 63 pages | View Writer Profile
    After discovering an eating disorder treatment center with suspiciously high recovery rates, the United States government sends in a spy to unravel the facility's secrets.
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    Karma Is a Large Flightless Bird
    Ryan Curtin | Drama | Short Story (Prose) | 11 pages | View Writer Profile
    The lone survivor of a horrific plane crash struggles with the circumstances of his luck.
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    Once a Cellist
    Will Pei | Drama | Short Story (Prose) | 31 pages | View Writer Profile
  • 237


    The Tale of Roxy Shell
    Melanie Brown | Animated | Short Story (Prose) | 28 pages
    A gutsy mermaid must overcome loss to fight the king for the right to learn to read, preventing her world suffocating from lack of stories.
  • 215


    Dilemma on Mars
    Fred Shackelford | Sci-fi | Short Story (Prose) | 11 pages
    The first astronauts to land on Mars face an ethical dilemma as they struggle to repair their damaged landing craft.
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    Strange Fire
    Joel Burcat | Action | Short Story (Prose) | 15 pages
    Setting your water on fire.
  • 145


    David Nelson | Drama | Short Story (Prose) | 109 pages
  • 141


    The Shiver Test
    RUTH KNAFO SETTON | Horror | Short Story (Prose) | 20 pages
    A woman married to a serial killer fights the truth ... until she no longer can.
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    Death Broker
    Lisa Pais | Sci-fi | Short Story (Prose) | 20 pages
    Sometimes success comes with a price and only you can decide if it’s worth it.
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    The Blending
    Allen Shadow | Sci-fi | Short Story (Prose) | 24 pages
    Black Like Me meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Jimbo7 was white. In the year 2325, that was not good. In fact, it was much worse—you’d be exterminated.
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    Judgment at TS9
    Melanie Flores | Sci-fi | Short Story (Prose) | 10 pages | View Writer Profile
    Can evil morph into good, or something else? A court of world-renowned jurors makes that determination.
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    Altered Plans
    Constance Bullard | Historical | Short Story (Prose) | 7 pages
    War and the affect of war on soldiers and their families, as told by the kid sister of a B-24 pilot and the daughter of a WWI veteran.
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    Pink Baby
    Erin MacNair | Action | Short Story (Prose) | 11 pages
    A young fugitive miner and his resourceful friend unearth a priceless gemstone. To keep it and get rich, they must escape the suspicious fixer, the ruthless bandits, and Madagascar’s corrupt government, fleeing by land and finally sea, their hopes and bodies sinking as the waters around them rip open with gunfire.
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    Grandpa's Trunk
    Wayne Page | Drama | Short Story (Prose) | 12 pages
    Teenage cousins find an old army trunk in Grandpa's attic that enables time travel back to World War II France.

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