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    The Child
    Tonia Kempler | Horror | Short | 18 pages
    Things turn deadly, when a woman attempts to help a lost, mute child and her companion — a disquieting doll who appears to harbor protection schemes of her own.
  • 459


    The Far Acre
    Garret Walsh | Horror | Short | 15 pages
    An embittered son must choose what to do with land he has inherited from his cold and distant father but a terrible secret waits for him there - in blighted patch of earth they call The Far Acre.
  • 457


    The Butter Street Hitchhiker
    Chris Hicks | Horror | Short | 13 pages | View Writer Profile
    Haunted by his past, a driver picks up a ghostly hitchhiker who will answer his deepest, darkest question if he drives him to his destination.
  • 444


    Sean Addo | Horror | Short | 13 pages | View Writer Profile
    Things take an unexpected turn when a young man's unusual DNA results are accompanied by a mysterious mask allowing him to see into the slave dungeon of his African ancestors. "If you can see them, they can see you."
  • 414


    The Lost Camp
    Connor Etter | Horror | Short | 15 pages | View Writer Profile
    Three boys at a sleepaway Summer camp discover an abandoned, Old West town that is home to dark spirits intent on vengeance.
  • 406


    Tonia Kempler | Horror | Short | 20 pages
    When a rash of mysterious disappearances plague a small town, a young woman living alone must summon hidden courage and bonds with an unlikely companion to face a relentless necromancer.
  • 404


    Steven Lundgren | Horror | Short | 14 pages
    A young British soldier in WWI falls deeper and deeper into delusion. After his entire family is killed by a bomb and his brother dies on the battle field at Verdun, he starts having visions of a boar-like creature roaming the battlefield at night, devouring the souls of dead soldiers.
  • 373


    Mary Farmer, Greg Stolze | Horror | Short | 29 pages | View Writer Profile
    A precocious teen in a juvenile rehab facility strikes up a one-sided friendship with her new roommate and inadvertently reveals a dangerous secret.
  • 361


    Sharp, Like Pangs of Guilt
    john cooney | Horror | Short | 7 pages | View Writer Profile
    When down-on-his-luck Jerome is summoned to his wealthy godmother's house, he learns that her generosity comes at a cost, one he could never have imagined.
  • 360


    Hush Little Baby
    Ricardo Bravo | Horror | Short | 17 pages
    A man is slowly driven insane by the cries of a baby next door.
  • 354


    Heather Farlinger | Horror | Short | 33 pages | View Writer Profile
    When an anxious woman experiences strange dreams of an old lover, terrifying forces are awakened in her home which forces her to confront a terrible reality
  • 329


    Be Quiet
    Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen | Horror | Short | 13 pages | View Writer Profile
    Set in a dystopian near-future world, a black woman is taken captive by fundamentalist white doctors. Her one goal is to escape and find out how and why she’s been transformed into a blob/human hybrid creature.
  • 323


    The Klawg
    Rob Rex | Horror | Short | 14 pages | View Writer Profile
    Something has the bathtub stopped up, but it’s not just what’s slipped down the drain...
  • 319


    The Thaw
    Sarah Wisner | Horror | Short | 10 pages
    In 19th century Vermont, Ruth concocts an old potion that allows her aging parents to sleep through the harsh winter in a state of frozen animation, but an early thaw brings horrifying results…
  • 313


    Through A Child's Eyes
    Joshua Rahymes | Horror | Short | 14 pages | View Writer Profile
    After her brother is seized by a vicious monster as a child, a now-adult woman must undergo a corneal transplant to regain her sight, only to re-awaken the infernal beast.
  • 313


    Generation Killer
    John Bias | Horror | Short | 26 pages | View Writer Profile
    An assassin is sent back in time in search of an object and at the same time kill off an entire bloodline. Can someone within the generations put a stop to the chronological murder spree, or will this family be wiped from existence?
  • 296


    Kaitlin Fontana | Horror | Short | 11 pages
    Leila, a young woman haunted by a deep trauma and a disquieted mind, is torn between her paralysis and a desire to fight when her best friend Bess disappears without a trace. But Bess is just one of many. Why are so many women vanishing? How can Leila rely on her broken mind and heart to get her through? And why does she keep seeing harpooned mermaids in her waking dreams?
  • 285


    Jason Rice | Horror | Short | 37 pages
    A young girl torments a babysitter and her friends with deadly paper mache creations.
  • 234


    Brian K | Horror | Short | 31 pages | View Writer Profile
    A lonely young woman, tormented by bullies and her overbearing mother, attempts to miraculously transform herself with the aid of a mysterious but dangerous device.
  • 204


    An Addition to the Household
    KJ Nerrie | Horror | Short | 20 pages
    Marie starts a new position at Remembrance Manor determined to succeed and please her new Caretaker, Vidal Harken. Mister Harken's one house rule may be too bizarre NOT to break, but if she dares, Marie won't be prepared for the consequences.

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