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    Page Turner
    Marc Roussel | Horror | Short | 22 pages | View Writer Profile
    A young woman finds a notebook on her way home from work and calls the ‘Please return to’ number printed inside the front cover and makes plans to meet its owner the next day. That night, while alone at home, her curiosity is piqued by the book's contents and she begins to read the unsettling ravings of a troubled mind and discovers that her life is inexplicably tied to the dark journal's object of desire.
  • 481


    Ghost Ride
    Eduardo Hanson de Moura | Horror | Short | 6 pages | View Writer Profile
    An UBER driver arrives to pick up a mysterious passenger, to find nothing but an eerie cross by the side of the road-- and a vengeful spirit.
  • 476


    Wildin' Out
    Devin Haqq | Horror | Short | 17 pages | View Writer Profile
    Three troublemakers, preying on unsuspecting tourists in Times Square, get more than they bargained for when their menacing prank takes a terrifying turn.
  • 461


    Jefferson Robinson | Horror | Short | 24 pages | View Writer Profile
    A heavy snowstorm and a serious gunshot wound force two outlaw brothers to stay within their isolated safe-house, where their desperation for survival causes them to make drastic choices with irreversible consequences.
  • 447


    Blood Sugar
    Sam Thompson | Horror | Short | 11 pages | View Writer Profile
    A mother outsmarts hordes of zombies to retrieve lifesaving medication for her diabetic daughter.
  • 413


    Catherine Bonny | Horror | Short | 8 pages
    A young woman, desperate to find a form of contraceptive that doesn't give her negative side effects, allows her doctor to try her on a new type of contraceptive implant. However, when it becomes apparent that the implant is doing more than protecting her from an unwanted pregnancy, she realises that she's in real danger.
  • 392


    The Lost Camp
    Connor Etter | Horror | Short | 15 pages | View Writer Profile
    Three boys at a sleepaway Summer camp discover an abandoned, Old West town that is home to dark spirits intent on vengeance.
  • 370


    Mo Morgan | Horror | Short | 17 pages | View Writer Profile
    A black videographer clashes with her white client when her latent medium abilities evoke restless spirits on a Georgia plantation. Can she find the power to put them to rest?
  • 368


    Cavan Campbell, Luke Higginson | Horror | Short | 10 pages | View Writer Profile
    When Sriyani, an idealistic social worker at a telephone help line, is hypnotized by a caller during her overnight shift, she is forced to meet her darkest demon in order to defend herself.
  • 326


    My Creature
    J. Franklin Evans | Horror | Short | 7 pages | View Writer Profile
    A man summons a demon to rid himself of a burden and discovers that truth may be the greatest burden of all.
  • 324


    The Mark
    Devin Haqq | Horror | Short | 10 pages | View Writer Profile
    A young single mother struggles against ominous forces, whom she believes are bent on taking her infant daughter.
  • 234


    Sean Addo | Horror | Short | 13 pages
    Things quickly go south when a young man's unusual DNA results are accompanied by a mysterious mask allowing him to see into the slave dungeon of his African ancestors..."If you can see them, they can see you."
  • 208


    Daniel Tuck | Horror | Short | 17 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a reclusive homeless man is invited in to a friendly woman's home for a hot meal and a bath, he slowly starts to realise that he hasn't been invited in for hospitable reasons.
  • 191


    Kevin Talley | Horror | Short | 15 pages
    After a string of car break-ins, a loner with delusions of grandeur tasks himself with finding the culprit and quickly assigns blame to the boyfriend of a female neighbor for whom he has a growing obsession.
  • 191


    Kevin Talley | Horror | Short | 8 pages
    When her mother experiences a psychotic break, a young girl must play a dangerous game of cat and mouse through her home to survive the night.
  • 185


    Matthew Woods | Horror | Short | 5 pages | View Writer Profile
    A young girl conjures a powerful demon to stop her murderous father from killing again.
  • 172


    Alainna MacPherson | Horror | Short | 8 pages | View Writer Profile
    Dr. Jeanine LaCroix’s plan to infect the city and banking on having the only antidote takes a sickening turn for the worst.
  • 164


    Night of the Shtriga
    DiDi Goldberg | Horror | Short | 28 pages
    On Halloween night, an orphan struggles to survive a deadly game of hiding and seek with a mysterious girl.
  • 156


    Tent Sx
    Mary Farmer | Horror | Short | 13 pages | View Writer Profile
    A Civil War infantryman with designs on going home strikes a bargain that will alter the course of his life.
  • 149


    Glass Bottles
    David González | Horror | Short | 15 pages
    Three petty burglars sneak into a remote house unaware that there's a strange evil waiting for them inside.

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