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  • 548


    Lost Vegas
    tony shyu | Horror | Feature | 94 pages
    An ancient demon pursues a psychic man & his family through generations. Insidious meets heredity.
  • 535


    Life at Sandy's
    Aleksandra Hansen | Horror | Feature | 87 pages | View Writer Profile
    After moving in with her overbearing aunt, a young woman finds herself drawn in by a set of VHS tapes of a 90s sitcom after the characters in the show begin reaching out to her, taking advantage of her dissatisfaction with her dull life to pull her into the increasingly sinister television world.
  • 534


    The Funny Farm
    Robert Ward | Horror | Feature | 91 pages | View Writer Profile
    A farmer’s daughter battles a vicious demon, in the form of a cocky, beer-swigging California surfer, who sadistically killed her parents and now wants to take her back to hell as his bride. (Full competition history listed in "Additional Information" box next to trophy cups.)
  • 526


    Guy Noland | Horror | Feature | 102 pages
    A preacher and her family arrive at the old west town of Purgatory, only to discover the town is in the grips of a horrendous evil that allows no one to escape with their soul intact.
  • 521


    Kelly Krause | Horror | Television (One-hour) | 55 pages
    Series Logline: Disparate misfits journey through San Francisco's lurid underground scene ca. 1907 to stop a murderer targeting the Asian community, only to discover the killer is a corrupt politician with a grisly weapon ... An amphibious monster.
  • 509


    Red Light
    Dempsey Tillman, Ted Dewberry | Horror | Feature | 100 pages
    A slacker husband with a child on the way gets a rude awakening when aliens invade his home and target his family.
  • 507


    The Paisley Witch Trial - Pilot
    Julia Campanelli | Horror | Television (One-hour) | 57 pages | View Writer Profile
    A 17th century Scots midwife with an illicit past is accused of witchcraft by a wealthy landowner's daughter, triggering a religious frenzy as the town quickly focuses its wrath and intolerance on the midwife and a handful of social outcasts.
  • 504


    Paul Sheridan | Horror | Feature | 106 pages | View Writer Profile
    In a future where an extra-terrestrial virus has turned a third of mankind into vicious half-alien predators, a family of survivors and an injured Marine must risk their lives to protect a baby girl who may be the cure to saving the world.
  • 503


    Long Haul
    Will Welles | Horror | Feature | 104 pages
    Truck driver ADRIAN ALDGATE is hired to drive a mysterious cargo across country. When he starts being haunted by visions of his dead boyfriend, he’ll have to fight for his sanity and decide if love is worth killing for.
  • 475


    The Resurrected
    Kim Garland | Horror | Television (One-hour) | 57 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a dead body comes back to life and then escapes from a Manhattan funeral home, the determined Funeral Director must track down the body to clear herself of wrongdoing.
  • 475


    Lukas Hassel | Horror | Feature | 99 pages
    A disabled mother struggles to prevent her son from being bullied in school. When her young daughter secretly recruits help from a sinister force in mirrors everywhere, the mother soon fights to protect both her children from evil on all fronts
  • 471


    Sean Collins-Smith | Horror | Feature | 115 pages | View Writer Profile
    20 years after her sister's mysterious disappearance, Valerie's still-lingering guilt begins manifesting itself in haunting ways -- but as she gradually descends deeper into a psychological hellscape, she discovers a truth more terrifying than she could possibly imagine.
  • 470


    Matt Brothers | Horror | Feature | 105 pages
    Two female watchmen, reaching the end of a tense, year-long shift guarding an evil entity, find themselves facing an impossible decision when tragedy befalls their replacements.
  • 465


    Macau Omen
    Tony Shyu | Horror | Feature | 91 pages
    An American expat in Macau enlists the help of a young psychic to find his wife's killer only to discover that he might have been possessed and committed the crime himself.
  • 459


    The Far Acre
    Garret Walsh | Horror | Short | 19 pages
    A grieving son returns to his father’s crumbling farm after years away but something terrifying from Ireland's folkloric past awaits him in a place his family has feared for generations - a blighted patch of earth they call The Far Acre.
  • 459


    Face The Day
    J. Franklin Evans | Horror | Feature | 97 pages | View Writer Profile
    After sundown the world now belongs to winged carnivorous monsters who are on the brink of wiping out humanity. As the military desperately tries to eradicate the creatures a teenaged girl, trapped outside after dusk, must find a way to survive the night.
  • 457


    John Darbonne | Horror | Feature | 98 pages | View Writer Profile
    Across a post-apocalyptic landscape haunted by undead spirits known as Companions, a victim must choose between dying with her husband or leaving him for dead. Driven by guilt, she surrenders to a violent intruder to fight sadistic survivors, face the horrors of the Companions, and bleed for a shot at redemption.
  • 451


    Joe Vallese | Horror | Feature | 95 pages | View Writer Profile
    In the tragic aftermath of yet another miscarriage via surrogate, a grieving gay man desperate to become a father finds himself haunted by a horrific past trauma--and pursued by a sinister force that has other plans for him.
  • 451


    Alan Loubeau, Mike Meyerson | Horror | Feature | 99 pages
    A high school student obsessed with horror movies and conspiracy theories tracks down a vampire that is terrorizing the town.
  • 451


    Jennifer Grand | Horror | Feature | 106 pages | View Writer Profile
    In 19th century, rural England, an upper-class, expectant mother lives an idyllic life until a horrifying brush with death brings an angry entity into her life. Now she must figure out how to protect her family from a spirit that only she can see.

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