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    Nicole Jones • Fantasy • Feature • 110 pages • View Writer Profile

    SHORE SCRIPTS WINNER 2018-ACADEMY NICHOLL QUARTERFINALIST 2018 An introverted 62-year-old woman with supernatural abilities born to a young polygamist girl in The Great Salt Lake discovers the confidence to share her unique powers with the rest of the world as her loving husband begins to lose his battle with illness.

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    Amanda Keener • Fantasy • Feature • 113 pages

    A sarcastic sixteen-year-old realist accepts the devastating loss of her mother after a magical cat plunges her into a thrilling adventure in search of a music box that can grant wishes... for a price.

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    Joe Laudati • Fantasy • Feature • 106 pages

    To avoid banishment, and marriage to the shape-shifting Pooka, a mischievous pixy must redeem herself by becoming ‘house-fairy’ to a grieving home, and lift the heart of its youngest daughter, but temptation looms when she develops a crush on a young man, and pursues romance with him by possessing the child’s older sister.

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    Ghosts of Reykjavik

    Shannon Wells • Fantasy • Feature • 106 pages • View Writer Profile

    A reclusive celebrity occultist drafts a fearless, terminally ill, Los Angelean to work a chilling pro bono case in Iceland’s capital city.

  • #5

    Midnight at the Movies

    Jen Gutierrez • Fantasy • Feature • 120 pages

    A teenage girl struggles with her life, until her job at a local movie theater takes a magical turn, as characters from classic films of yore come to life and help her with her high school woes.

  • #6

    The Sin Eater

    Samantha Talbot • Fantasy • Feature • 95 pages • View Writer Profile

    A young sorceress battles to save the village sin eater from being consumed by the evil deeds of a corrupt priest.

  • #7

    Warriors of Legend

    Bryan Kelsey • Fantasy • Feature • 97 pages • View Writer Profile

    A young girl watches her father die by the sword of a monster-like enemy, but manages to escape with her two younger brothers. Across the vast blue sea, they find refuge among the kingdoms of man, but they can’t hide forever.

  • #8


    Zach Waggoner • Fantasy • Feature • 105 pages

    A grieving man risks eternal damnation when his soul sneaks into the super-max supernatural prison Hell to try to free a prisoner who holds the key to the whereabouts of his missing daughter.

  • #9


    Dirk Strasser • Fantasy • Feature • 107 pages

    While pursuing an Incan emperor, a group of conquistadors stumbles upon a strange world and becomes embroiled in the war between two ancient races that inhabit this land.

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    Suzanne Griffin • Fantasy • Feature • 91 pages • View Writer Profile

    In a miraculous Italy of the imagination, a clever and spirited young woman defies the patriarchal world that has held her hostage, while matching wits with angels, madmen and the madness of love itself.

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    John T. Frederick • Fantasy • Feature • 100 pages • View Writer Profile

    As evolved, medieval, shape-shifted dragons avenge themselves against Humankind via Big Business... a young dragon, wanting to be a good man, battles his evil CEO dad in the Yucatan rain forests to save himself. the rain forest and, possible, the world.

  • #12


    Ross Allaire • Fantasy • Feature • 86 pages

    A teenage girl fights to save her newborn nephew from prehistoric cataclysms and the oppressive cult split between crowning her or killing them both.

  • #13

    Alanna Grimm

    Kari Mote, Alana Grimaldo • Fantasy • Television (One-hour) • 56 pages • View Writer Profile

    Her birth caused the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The daughter of a grim reaper and angel, sheltered in a human world, she struggles to embrace her supernatural abilities. In the present, she embraces her reaper role using vigilante justice.

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    The Flight of Man

    D.C. Lozar • Fantasy • Feature • 110 pages

    An American scientist risks his sanity to stop the drug cartel from exploiting a remote tribe humans for the hallucinogen secreted by their wings.

  • #15

    Starring...John Dillinger

    Bill Walker, Brian Anthony • Fantasy • Feature • 125 pages • View Writer Profile

    When J. Edgar Hoover’s plans to kill John Dillinger are thwarted by the outlaw’s shocking surrender, he has no idea Dillinger will have the last laugh as he takes Hollywood by storm and becomes a star.

  • #16

    The Magic Hourglass

    Joel KARLINSKY • Fantasy • Feature • 102 pages

    A reluctant apprentice wins the love of a princess and finds the father he never had by constructing life-measuring hourglasses that save her kingdom from her evil half-brother.

  • #17

    Ninja Mom

    Ren Hanami • Fantasy • Feature • 108 pages • View Writer Profile

    When a suburban soccer mom’s son is kidnapped by an ancient supernatural enemy, she must use her own secret identity as a ninja to save him and ultimately the world.

  • #18


    Cheryl Mott Smith • Fantasy • Feature • 116 pages • View Writer Profile

    When a young Oracle abandons her studies for love, visions of her island's destruction compel her to battle dark forces unraveling her society and to embrace her powers -- so she can change the fate of her people and save the man she loves. -- Inspired by Plato's "Atlantis"

  • #19

    Saint. Sinner.

    J. Franklin Evans • Fantasy • Short • 20 pages • View Writer Profile

    A true do-gooder sells his soul to the devil to save the life of the woman he loves. In the end, his love and sacrifice still may not be enough.

  • #20


    Christopher Lastrapes • Fantasy • Television (One-hour) • 61 pages • View Writer Profile

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