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  • #1

    The Abscess

    Patrick Tierney • Horror • Feature • 100 pages

    The staff of a remote, snowbound hospital must find a way to defeat a gelatinous creature after it springs from a patient's flesh.

  • #2

    Good Luck, Nightingale

    Shannon Wells • Horror • Feature • 90 pages • View Writer Profile

    A Seattle Nurse who manages her daughters possible demonic possession via a controlled fever struggles to hide their secret when two strangers take shelter in her home during a record breaking blizzard.

  • #3


    Marc Roussel • Horror • Feature • 86 pages • View Writer Profile

    During a severe winter storm, a recent widower discovers that his television is a portal into the past that can be used to save his family, but only if he can prevent an unsolved murder of the young woman who once lived in his house.

  • #4


    Edward James Anderson • Horror • Feature • 96 pages • View Writer Profile

    A mother fights for her survival amidst a cataclysmic virus outbreak, only to be put on trial as a cannibalistic murderer.

  • #5

    Red Light

    Dempsey Tillman, Ted Dewberry • Horror • Feature • 103 pages

    A slacker husband with a child on the way gets a rude awakening when aliens invade his home and target his family.

  • #6

    The Funny Farm

    Robert Ward • Horror • Feature • 88 pages • View Writer Profile

    A wise-cracking demon, in the form of a Southern California surfer, sadistically murders the parents of a farm girl who battles him to the death... before he can whisk her to hell as his bride.

  • #7

    God's Acre

    Colin Adams-Toomey, Dan Witherall • Horror • Feature • 109 pages • View Writer Profile

    In 1720s New England, a group of desperate colonists discover a mysteriously empty town called God's Acre, unaware of the horrible secret it hides.

  • #8


    Andy Greskoviak • Horror • Feature • 91 pages • View Writer Profile

    On the eve of Black Friday, disgruntled toy store employees get more than they bargained for when a mysterious alien parasite sends legions of holiday shoppers on a murderous rampage.

  • #9


    Jai Brandon • Horror • Feature • 105 pages

    After a battered woman flees an abusive boyfriend overnight, she and her children encounter an all new evil while hiding out in a patron's secluded vacation house.

  • #10


    Guy Noland • Horror • Feature • 100 pages

    A preacher and his family arrive at the old west town of Purgatory, only to discover the town is in the grips of a horrendous evil that allows no one to escape with their soul intact.

  • #11


    Paul Sheridan • Horror • Feature • 107 pages • View Writer Profile

    In the seemingly idyllic town of Santa Mira, CA, a young boy teams up with a San Francisco journalist to investigate the connection between his terrifying supernatural encounters and the disappearances of two families that used to live in his home.

  • #12


    Laura Gillis • Horror • Feature • 89 pages

    A couple adopts an orphaned child after his mother tries to drown him in a terrifying murder-suicide. As the child grows, he starts to exhibit some strange abilities, just as his mother returns, very much alive, to claim him.

  • #13

    Wolves Don't Cry

    Scott Fleishman • Horror • Feature • 96 pages • View Writer Profile

    When an eccentric director brings his A-List cast on an isolated mountain retreat to rehearse for their newest film, an uninvited guest sets off a strange and devastating sequence of events that will threaten the lives of everyone involved. But is it real, or the stuff of Hollywood fiction? A Neo-Zombie Slasher.

  • #14

    Ghosts of Whitechapel

    Raymond Just • Horror • Feature • 111 pages

    In Victorian London, a young man suffering from murderous visions begins to suspect that he is Jack the Ripper, but only the victims' spirits can reveal the awful truth to him.

  • #15

    The Man in the Rabbit Mask

    Joel H. Brewster • Horror • Feature • 112 pages • View Writer Profile

    Newlyweds, Ava and Lucy, face off against a soul-stealing demon that preys on children, while trapped in the dangerously superstitious town of Miranda Falls.

  • #16

    The Cleansing

    John Kennedy • Horror • Feature • 120 pages • View Writer Profile

    A man must rescue his wife and their newborn baby from a hospital in New York City during a worldwide attack from a cult intent on cleansing the human race in one fatal night.

  • #17

    Fall Not Into Darkness

    Philip Hogan • Horror • Feature • 120 pages • View Writer Profile

    On the eve of a deadly hurricane, a weary small-town sheriff and a young doctor race to destroy an ancient evil before it overtakes their town.

  • #18

    Extranjero Supremo

    Theo Sariklis • Horror • Feature • 98 pages • View Writer Profile

    A pizza delivery girl wants to sort out her relationship problems, only to find herself abducted by aliens and sent on a deadly infiltration mission inside a building crawling with ruthless gangsters, leading to gruesome violence and grisly body-horror.

  • #19


    Ryan Curtin • Horror • Feature • 93 pages

    An American family living in a deep-sea, underwater “flagpole” settlement must fight to survive after a distressed Chinese submarine introduces a demonic presence intent on killing them all.

  • #20

    Harlow's Plague

    Myriam Roelli • Horror • Feature • 88 pages

    In a small Southern town in the America of the 1950's, a young woman discovers that nearly everything she knows about her past is wrong, just as she learns about her town's dark secrets... and the plague that's coming to punish them all for what they've tried to forget.

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