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  • #1


    Marc Roussel • Horror • Feature • 86 pages • View Writer Profile

    During a severe winter storm, a recent widower discovers that his television is a portal into the past that can be used to save his family, but only if he can prevent an unsolved murder of the young woman who once lived in his house.

  • #2


    Matthew Kaler • Horror • Feature • 96 pages

    After a meteorite crashes in the wilderness bordering her ranch and a series of bizarre deaths occur, an isolated widow finds herself pitted against an otherworldly creature that stalks its prey not only in the physical world but also that of the mind.

  • #3


    Jai Brandon • Horror • Feature • 106 pages

    A supernatural evil threatens an abused woman and her children when they take refuge in a friend's secluded vacation home.

  • #4

    The Funny Farm

    Robert Ward • Horror • Feature • 88 pages • View Writer Profile

    An ingenious teen battles and defeats the ruthless smart-mouth demon sent to kill her and her family, yet the chilling twist ending says otherwise.

  • #5

    Thy Kingdom Come

    Tim Hewitt • Horror • Feature • 107 pages • View Writer Profile

    A religious studies scholar and a widowed reporter band together to survive after unidentified human bodies start dropping from the sky across the globe in a crisis of biblical proportions.

  • #6

    The Last Moon

    Sean McConville • Horror • Feature • 97 pages

    On the night of a full moon a man who believes he was bitten by a werewolf invites his estranged brother to their secluded family home to deceive him into shooting him with a silver bullet to save his family. Three characters, 1 location. A micro-budget suspense thriller werewolf movie in the vein of 10 Cloverfield Lane.

  • #7


    Harry Aspinwall • Horror • Feature • 89 pages

    Ohio, 1887. A multiracial family is devastated by a mysterious sickness, and 11 year old Rhett must fight through an otherworldly dreamscape to protect them.

  • #8

    The Moment Between the Blink and the Pull

    Lori Bowen • Horror • Feature • 81 pages

    After his family dies in a fire set by a mysterious man, a mechanic will stop at nothing to find him and bring him to justice.

  • #9

    Friday Night Frenzy

    Richard Stringham • Horror • Feature • 108 pages

    After a tough teenage survivalist follows his big brother out on a wild Friday night, he discovers just how dangerous and seedy his small town is when he comes face-to-face with a gang of bullies, a crazed meth-head, a murderous girl, and a backwoods madman.

  • #10

    The Trickster and the Demon

    A.M. Sanchez • Horror • Feature • 100 pages • View Writer Profile

    A con artist must exorcise a demon from her brother’s body despite not believing in the existence of the supernatural.

  • #11

    Wolves Don't Cry

    Scott Fleishman • Horror • Feature • 92 pages • View Writer Profile

    When an eccentric director brings his A-List cast on an isolated mountain retreat to rehearse for their newest film, an uninvited guest sets off a strange and devastating sequence of events that will threaten the lives of everyone involved. But is it real, or the stuff of Hollywood fiction?

  • #12

    Interrogating Ted

    Thomas Banuelos • Horror • Feature • 93 pages • View Writer Profile

    In his final hours, serial killer Ted Bundy spins the savage tale of his twisted crimes; exposing the evil 'Entity' that lives inside of him.

  • #13


    Nathanael Vass • Horror • Feature • 117 pages • View Writer Profile

    As Mt. St. Helens erupts around them, the nearby residents find themselves entangled in a web of violence and sexuality. An intricately-woven, non-linear, arthouse take on 80s cabin-in-the-woods horror, with a dash of gender and queer politics.

  • #14


    Edward James Anderson • Horror • Feature • 104 pages • View Writer Profile

    Thirty years after being imprisoned for the murder of his twin sister, an African American man tries to start a new life on the outside, but finds himself quickly confronted by a dangerous figure from his past.

  • #15

    Inked In Blood

    Paul Corricelli • Horror • Feature • 111 pages

    A tortured, tattooed man returns to the town he ran away from as a child to exact his revenge on all those who wronged him. Not only to mend the shattered pieces of his own life, but for his mother's suffering as well, and ultimately face the one man he fears the most. His father.

  • #16


    Thomas Mann • Horror • Feature • 103 pages • View Writer Profile

    A troubled teenage girl’s life is turned upside down when she becomes enthralled with the diary of a 19th-century socialite who is everything she wishes she was and would kill to be.

  • #17

    Soul Custody

    filomena laforgia • Horror • Feature

  • #18

    American Folklore: A Midwife's Tale

    Erik Miguel Gervais • Horror • Feature • 96 pages

    Forced by social expectations to marry her faithless brother-in-law, a widowed midwife fights to save herself and her stepson from powerful sinister forces in the midst of a series of mysterious disappearances.

  • #19


    Robert Milner • Horror • Feature • 101 pages • View Writer Profile

    Hampshire, England, 1890. When a pair of tormented twins discover faeries in their garden that will do anything they ask, they set about righting all the wrongs in their lives...but is everything as it seems?

  • #20

    The Festival

    Dene Stark • Horror • Feature • 91 pages

    A stubborn skeptic Journalist ventures to China to investigate the ancient Hungry Ghosts festival, she must then embark on an adventure to not only open her mind but to also save the people from the insatiable hungry ghosts

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