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  • 593


    The Abscess
    Patrick Tierney | Horror | Feature | 100 pages
    The staff of a remote, snowbound hospital must find a way to defeat a gelatinous creature after it springs from a patient's flesh.
  • 586


    Thy Kingdom Come
    Tim Hewitt | Horror | Feature | 102 pages | View Writer Profile
    A religious studies scholar and a widowed reporter band together to survive after unidentified human bodies start dropping from the sky across the globe in a crisis of biblical proportions.
  • 554


    Andrew Mescher | Horror | Feature | 100 pages
    A mild-mannered father’s simplistic life becomes a nightmare when the occultist who put his young son into a seemingly irreversible coma escapes custody intent on carrying out the devil’s work… and he’s the only one who can stop him.
  • 548


    Lost Vegas
    tony shyu | Horror | Feature | 94 pages
    An ancient demon pursues a psychic man & his family through generations. Insidious meets heredity.
  • 547


    Red Velvet
    Tom Radovich | Horror | Feature | 97 pages | View Writer Profile
    A widowed small town baker discovers that a millennial’s red velvet cake puts all who eat it under the power of a temptress.
  • 538


    Marc Roussel | Horror | Feature | 86 pages | View Writer Profile
    During a severe winter storm, a recent widower discovers that his television is a portal into the past that can be used to save his family, but only if he can prevent an unsolved murder of the young woman who once lived in his house.
  • 536


    Matthew Kaler | Horror | Feature | 96 pages
    After a meteorite crashes in the wilderness bordering her ranch and a series of bizarre deaths occur, an isolated widow finds herself pitted against an otherworldly creature that stalks its prey not only in the physical world but also that of the mind.
  • 519


    Edward James Anderson | Horror | Feature | 106 pages | View Writer Profile
    A codependent mother must fight for her survival after losing her family amidst a parasitic virus outbreak, evading murderous clean-up soldiers while protecting her infected husband who has risen from the dead.
  • 518


    Open House
    Sean J.S. Jourdan, John Ingle | Horror | Feature | 91 pages
    The pregnant wife of a former prison warden desperately struggles to protect her family when deadly invaders from her husband's past pay an unwelcome visit.
  • 518


    The Funny Farm
    Robert Ward | Horror | Feature | 89 pages | View Writer Profile
    A ruthless demon, in the form of a wise-cracking beer-swigging SoCal surfer, slays a farmer and his wife, then focuses his smarmy wrath on the hiding daughter who battles it to a violent death... almost. (Full competition history listed in "Additional Information" box next to trophy cups.)
  • 509


    Red Light
    Dempsey Tillman, Ted Dewberry | Horror | Feature | 100 pages
    A slacker husband with a child on the way gets a rude awakening when aliens invade his home and target his family.
  • 506


    Thomas Mann | Horror | Feature | 103 pages | View Writer Profile
    A troubled teenage girl’s life is turned upside down when she becomes enthralled with the diary of a 19th-century socialite who is everything she wishes she was and would kill to be.
  • 500


    Paul Sheridan | Horror | Feature | 106 pages | View Writer Profile
    In a future where an extra-terrestrial virus has turned a third of mankind into vicious half-alien predators, a family of survivors and an injured Marine must risk their lives to protect a baby girl who may be the cure to saving the world.
  • 498


    Guy Noland | Horror | Feature | 102 pages
    A preacher and her family arrive at the old west town of Purgatory, only to discover the town is in the grips of a horrendous evil that allows no one to escape with their soul intact.
  • 490


    The Beast of Bedburg
    Jennifer Grand | Horror | Feature | 111 pages | View Writer Profile
    FOLK HORROR - In the fall of 1589, a zealous Catholic Bishop is summoned to a small German village where fourteen children have been brutally murdered in order to root out the Devil and restore peace to the frantic villagers.
  • 473


    Harry Aspinwall | Horror | Feature | 89 pages
    Ohio, 1887. A multiracial family is devastated by illness after 11 year old Rhett believes she has summoned a demonic power. While her doctor stepfather quarantines the house for cholera, Rhett must fight through an otherworldly dreamscape to protect her mother and brother.
  • 472


    Speak of the Devil
    Jesse J. Cook | Horror | Feature | 117 pages | View Writer Profile
    A schizophrenic orthodox priest must confront three demonic possessions before they destroy the only family he has left. But is he fighting supernatural forces, or his own afflicted mind?
  • 471


    John Michael Kennedy | Horror | Feature | 120 pages | View Writer Profile
    After a terrorist cult unleashes a biological weapon that turns the infected into zombie-like creatures with an unquenchable thirst for blood, a Counter Terrorism Agent and his war journalist friend document the outbreak in hopes of stopping the epidemic while fighting to save his wife and newborn child trapped in an NYC hospital.
  • 467


    El Cucuy
    Richard Dane Scott | Horror | Feature | 106 pages | View Writer Profile
    When 12 year-old Carmen is abducted by the neighborhood Raspa Man, she uncovers a centuries-old mystery surrounding the legend of El Cucuy and some of history's most notorious murderers.
  • 459


    The Last Good Man
    Reshma Crawford | Horror | Feature | 90 pages | View Writer Profile
    When an accomplished geneticist on a remote space outpost learns of her husband's apparent death, she creates a clone that looks, thinks and acts exactly like him. But when her real husband turns up unexpectedly alive, she must face the consequences of her decision to play God.

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