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  • #1

    The Abscess

    Patrick Tierney • Horror • Feature • 100 pages

    The staff of a remote, snowbound hospital must find a way to defeat a gelatinous creature after it springs from a patient's flesh.

  • #2

    THE 405

    Patrick Byrne • Horror • Feature • 101 pages • View Writer Profile

    Commuters on a busy Los Angeles freeway battle gridlock... and an apocalyptic infection raging through the city.

  • #3


    Andrew Mescher • Horror • Feature • 100 pages

    After the occultist who put his young son into a seemingly irreversible coma escapes custody, a desperate father risks his life to hunt him down, but when he realizes all is not what it seems, that those closest to him have been lying all along and that he holds the key to a secret far darker than he ever could have imagined, he will have to do the unthinkable to save his son and prevent the sadistic madman from carrying out the devil’s work…

  • #4

    Lost Vegas

    tony shyu • Horror • Feature • 94 pages

    When gambling addict Jacob investigates his wife's brutal murder, he discovers that the culprit may just be an imaginary friend from childhood.

  • #5

    Thy Kingdom Come

    Tim Hewitt • Horror • Feature • 107 pages • View Writer Profile

    A religious studies scholar and a widowed reporter band together to survive after unidentified human bodies start dropping from the sky across the globe in a crisis of biblical proportions.

  • #6

    Red Velvet

    Tom Radovich • Horror • Feature • 97 pages • View Writer Profile

    A widowed small town baker discovers that a millennial’s red velvet cake puts all who eat it under the power of a temptress.

  • #7


    Matthew Kaler • Horror • Feature • 96 pages

    After a meteorite crashes in the wilderness bordering her ranch and a series of bizarre deaths occur, an isolated widow finds herself pitted against an otherworldly creature that stalks its prey not only in the physical world but also that of the mind.

  • #8

    Good Luck, Nightingale

    Shannon Wells • Horror • Feature • 92 pages • View Writer Profile

    A nurse who manages her daughters demonic possession via a controlled fever struggles to hide their secret when two strangers take shelter in her home during a lethal blizzard.

  • #9


    Danny Baram • Horror • Feature • 91 pages • View Writer Profile

    A boy raised by wolves is now a young man trying to live a quiet, normal life. But when his past comes calling, the man once known as “Johnny Wylde” struggles with the urge to revert back to his darkest, most animalistic instincts.

  • #10


    Edward James Anderson • Horror • Feature • 101 pages • View Writer Profile

    A mother forced into cannibalism amidst a cataclysmic virus outbreak is put on trial for murder.

  • #11


    Jai Brandon • Horror • Feature • 106 pages

    A supernatural evil threatens an abused woman and her children when they take refuge in a friend's secluded vacation home.

  • #12

    The Funny Farm

    Robert Ward • Horror • Feature • 88 pages • View Writer Profile

    Today’s divisive dialogue between Democrats and Republicans is perfectly highlighted in this Peele-esque psychological horror about a demon in the form of a wise-cracking SoCal surfer killing a farm family one by one until the daughter destroys it... almost. (Full competition history listed in "Additional Information" box next to trophy cups.)

  • #13

    Red Light

    Dempsey Tillman, Ted Dewberry • Horror • Feature • 100 pages

    A slacker husband with a child on the way gets a rude awakening when aliens invade his home and target his family.

  • #14


    Shannon Wells • Horror • Feature • 110 pages • View Writer Profile

    In six hours, the quirky, pissed-off GLORY will become the sole survivor of a reclusive writer's mass sacrifice... if the four-foot, cloven hooved GORE doesn’t drag her to hell first.

  • #15


    Thomas Mann • Horror • Feature • 103 pages • View Writer Profile

    A troubled teenage girl’s life is turned upside down when she becomes enthralled with the diary of a 19th-century socialite who is everything she wishes she was and would kill to be.

  • #16

    The Beast of Bedburg

    Jennifer Grand • Horror • Feature • 111 pages • View Writer Profile

    FOLK HORROR - In the fall of 1589, a zealous Catholic Bishop is summoned to a small German village where fourteen children have been brutally murdered in order to root out the Devil and restore peace to the frantic villagers.

  • #17


    Paul Sheridan • Horror • Feature • 106 pages • View Writer Profile

    In a small Northern California town intent on keeping its secrets, a young boy teams up with a San Francisco journalist to investigate the connection between his terrifying supernatural encounters and the disappearances of two families that used to live in his home.

  • #18

    The Desolation of Stoneheir, Alaska

    Sean Buckley • Horror • Feature • 105 pages • View Writer Profile

    When an adopted university student returns to his biological parents’ village following their deaths, he encounters a strange girl who only he can seemingly see. When she turns out to be very much real and alive, he must uncover the secret of her connection to the place, at the risk of becoming consumed by the village’s madness.

  • #19


    Guy Noland • Horror • Feature • 100 pages

    A preacher and his family arrive at the old west town of Purgatory, only to discover the town is in the grips of a horrendous evil that allows no one to escape with their soul intact.

  • #20


    Harry Aspinwall • Horror • Feature • 89 pages

    Ohio, 1887. A multiracial family is devastated by a mysterious sickness, and 11 year old Rhett must fight through an otherworldly dreamscape to protect them.

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