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    Thy Kingdom Come
    Tim Hewitt | Horror | Feature | 102 pages | View Writer Profile
    A religious studies scholar and a widowed reporter band together to survive after unidentified human bodies start dropping from the sky across the globe in a crisis of biblical proportions.
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    Marc Roussel | Horror | Feature | 86 pages | View Writer Profile
    During a severe winter storm, a grieving widower discovers that his television is a portal into the past that can be used to save his family from a recent tragedy, but only if he can prevent the unsolved murder of the young woman who lived in his house 40 years ago.
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    The Funny Farm
    Robert Ward | Horror | Feature | 91 pages | View Writer Profile
    Before an absolutely wicked twist ending, a farmer’s daughter battles to the death a vicious demon — in the form of a cocky, beer-swigging California surfer — who wants to take her back to hell as his bride after he sadistically kills her parents. (Full competition history listed in "Additional Information" box next to trophy cups.)
  • 521


    Don Stroud, Winter Mead | Horror | Feature | 99 pages | View Writer Profile
    Discovering a centuries-old religious painting that shouldn't exist, an introverted art restorer slowly succumbs to the evil temptations of the mystical canvas, even as otherworldly forces strive to prevent her from revealing the artwork's unholy secret.
  • 519


    Edward James Anderson | Horror | Feature | 106 pages | View Writer Profile
    A codependent mother must fight for her survival after losing her family amidst a parasitic virus outbreak, evading murderous clean-up soldiers while protecting her infected husband who has risen from the dead.
  • 512


    Jai Brandon | Horror | Feature | 108 pages | View Writer Profile
    After escaping an abusive relationship, a former boxer must regain her inner strength to protect her children when a supernatural evil threatens the family in their new home.
  • 509


    Red Light
    Dempsey Tillman, Ted Dewberry | Horror | Feature | 100 pages
    A slacker husband with a child on the way gets a rude awakening when aliens invade his home and target his family.
  • 508


    Paul Sheridan | Horror | Feature | 106 pages | View Writer Profile
    In a future where an extra-terrestrial virus has turned a third of mankind into vicious half-alien predators, a family of survivors and an injured Marine must risk their lives to protect a baby girl who may be the cure to saving the world.
  • 498


    The Demon Factory
    Bradley King, Zeb Wells | Horror | Feature | 96 pages
    A neurotic counselor leading a work trip for troubled teens must help them survive a weekend trapped with a murderous spirit that feeds on people's issues.
  • 493


    Paul Sheridan | Horror | Feature | 106 pages | View Writer Profile
    In a small Northern California town intent on keeping its secrets, a young boy teams up with a San Francisco journalist to investigate the connection between his terrifying supernatural encounters and the disappearances of two families that used to live in his home.
  • 492


    The Beast of Bedburg
    Jennifer Grand | Horror | Feature | 111 pages | View Writer Profile
    FOLK HORROR - In the fall of 1589, a zealous Catholic Bishop is summoned to a small German village where fourteen children have been brutally murdered in order to root out the Devil and restore peace to the frantic villagers.
  • 488


    The Desolation of Stoneheir, Alaska
    Sean Buckley | Horror | Feature | 105 pages | View Writer Profile
    When an adopted university student returns to his biological parents’ village following their deaths, he encounters a strange girl who only he can seemingly see. When she turns out to be very much real and alive, he must uncover the secret of her connection to the place, at the risk of becoming consumed by the village’s madness.
  • 488


    Richard Adrian | Horror | Feature | 93 pages | View Writer Profile
    A troubled boy manifests a bloodthirsty unicorn to kill his tormentors but must learn to control his temper when it turns on his family.
  • 484


    Darkness, Darkness
    Dane McCauley | Horror | Feature | 97 pages
    Cronenberg-meets-Ridley Scott present day sci-fi horror supernatural disaster story with characters at the forefront. A courageous therapist leads humanity's fight against a mysterious force tearing apart the atoms of existence and collecting the newly dead for Mankind's horrific afterlife. The pace is mayhem and chaos. The tone is hell on earth. The journey is WTF.
  • 481


    Sean Collins-Smith | Horror | Feature | 115 pages | View Writer Profile
    20 years after her sister's mysterious disappearance, Valerie's still-lingering guilt begins manifesting itself in haunting ways -- but as she gradually descends deeper into a psychological hellscape, she discovers a truth more terrifying than she could possibly imagine.
  • 481


    Morgan von ancken | Horror | Feature | 92 pages
    A bereaved woman finds a bizarre reprieve from her grief when the personal effects of her recently-deceased son come to life.
  • 472


    John Darbonne | Horror | Feature | 98 pages | View Writer Profile
    Across a post-apocalyptic landscape haunted by undead spirits known as Companions, a victim must choose between dying with her husband or leaving him for dead. Driven by guilt, she surrenders to a violent intruder to fight sadistic survivors, face the horrors of the Companions, and bleed for a shot at redemption.
  • 461


    Joe Vallese | Horror | Feature | 92 pages | View Writer Profile
    In the tragic aftermath of yet another miscarriage via surrogate, a grieving gay man desperate to become a father finds himself haunted by a horrific past trauma--and pursued by a sinister force that has other plans for him.
  • 461


    Dan Riesser, Mike Kinshella | Horror | Feature | 95 pages | View Writer Profile
    Troubled, strong-willed teenager Sam and her misfit gang of friends sneak over the fence into a secluded scrap yard in an unforgiving desert, with the hopes of finding something she lost. Instead, they find themselves trapped behind inescapable barbed wire walls in a deadly fight for survival against a pack of well-trained, vicious junkyard dogs commanded by Josiah, the mysterious scrap yard proprietor. Once nightfall descends, the survivors who manage to escape the dogs outside find themselves up against an even more sadistic monster when they stumble upon corrupt county sheriff Hank and the brutal underground dog fighting ring run out of the scrap yard warehouse.
  • 459


    The Last Good Man
    Reshma Crawford | Horror | Feature | 90 pages | View Writer Profile
    When an accomplished geneticist on a remote space outpost learns of her husband's apparent death, she creates a clone that looks, thinks and acts exactly like him. But when her real husband turns up unexpectedly alive, she must face the consequences of her decision to play God.

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