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For screenwriters with a screenplay that's nearly production-ready, a live table read with professional actors can be a valuable experience.

Coverfly's monthly table reads are free for Coverfly members. We select a project each month from the pool of applicants. The writers should be based in Los Angeles or available to travel to Los Angeles for the live read which takes place every other Saturday afternoon, either at the Writers Guild Foundation library, or at Culver City Casting Studios.

Decision by October 28th | Live reads will be held on the third Saturday of every month with special accommodations made to holidays.

"From the props, to the opening credit sequence, and the preparation of the actors, it was a great experience all around. They did an amazing job producing the screenplay table read."
-Travis Opgenorth
Live Reads is only available to Coverfly members.
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Is there a page requirement for the length of the script?
This program is open for writers to apply with a feature script or a TV pilot script. Feature scripts should be between 80-130 pages. Pilot scripts should be around 20-35 pages for 1/2 hour comedies, and one-hour drama pilots should be 50-70 pages in length. If your script's pagecount falls outside of these ranges, then there's a good chance that it won't be considered seriously.
Will I be able to attend?
Yes, if you're selected, we strongly recommend that you attend your live-read. We will select and notify writers at least two weeks ahead of time. Attendance is strongly recommended but not required.
Will there be a recording?
Yes. However the quality of the recording will not be suitable for distribution publicly because we will record the room with one microphone. We will audio record the session for the writer's private use and reference.
Are there any content restrictions?
While there are no set restrictions, typically projects with more than 5 speaking characters and a reasonable amount of story through dialogue as opposed to action would benefit from the reads the most.
How are writers selected for this opportunity?
The Coverfly Team will review submissions and select writers and projects we feel would benefit from the Table Read series. The writers will be notified via email to confirm eligibility.
Where can I read more about Live Reads?
You can read about our Live Read launch here.