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    Gil Saint • Sci-fi • Short • 10 pages • View Writer Profile

    In the future, an experimental device can change anyone's worldview. But at what cost?

  • #2

    I Live Alone, Everyone Does

    George Snape • Sci-fi • Short • 17 pages • View Writer Profile

    In a world where people no longer interact with one another in person. A man and a woman break the cycle and rediscover the simple beauty of human connection.

  • #3


    John Harden • Sci-fi • Short • 8 pages • View Writer Profile

    In a university laboratory late one stormy night, a disabled young woman named Athena meets a hyper-intelligent frog named Max. Max offers Athena a fresh perspective on life as he sees it from behind the terrarium glass.

  • #4

    Borders of the Imagination

    BENJAMIN A. FRIEDMAN • Sci-fi • Short • 18 pages

  • #5


    Evan Rosse • Sci-fi • Short • 17 pages • View Writer Profile

    A distraught and deeply flawed mother employs extraordinary tactics to keep her family together

  • #6


    John Kontoyannis • Sci-fi • Short • 29 pages

    In a post-apocalyptic world, a sinister alien race called the Vaar rule the earth. For the Grayson girls Celine and Anna, life is a brutal struggle for survival. With a mother on her deathbed, limited food, Celine suffering a dark transformation and the constant monitoring of the Vaar, hope is dwindling by the day. And just when it’s all about to come crumbling down… hope emerges. And her name is Saira.

  • #7


    James Boyle • Sci-fi • Short • 11 pages • View Writer Profile

    When access to their son’s childhood memories are unexpectedly revoked from the app designed to keep them safe, a strained and confused family must come to terms with an even greater loss.

  • #8

    Memory Lane

    Sherrill Schmidt • Sci-fi • Short • 10 pages

    When a pioneer in memory travel sees into one client's past it awakens his desire to create new memories of his own.

  • #9


    Dimi Nakov, Jean Marcello • Sci-fi • Short • 20 pages • View Writer Profile

    Rogue corporate employee Cara is captured with a compromising data uploaded into her mind and then taken to a secret facility to be interrogated by A.I.M.E (Artificial Intelligence Memory Extraction Program).

  • #10


    Dimi Nakov • Sci-fi • Short • 14 pages • View Writer Profile

    Without warning, Casey loses everything she holds dear and now has to survive to live and fight another day in order to find her missing mother and younger brother before it’s too late.

  • #11


    Mico Montes • Sci-fi • Short • 22 pages • View Writer Profile

    An alien woman crawls out of the earth and discovers a lonely astronomer who helps her return to the stars before a band of nerdy conspiracy theorists can capture her.

  • #12

    Picnic at the end of the World

    Chris Dumbleton • Sci-fi • Short • 15 pages • View Writer Profile

    If the World is going to end you might as well have a picnic!

  • #13

    Generation Killer

    John Bias • Sci-fi • Short • 27 pages • View Writer Profile

    An assassin is sent back in time in search of an object and at the same time kill off an entire bloodline. Can someone within the generations put a stop to the chronological murder spree, or will this family be wiped from existence?

  • #14


    Dimi Nakov, Jean Marcello • Sci-fi • Short • 35 pages • View Writer Profile

    A group of mischievous teens accidentally find themselves on a hostile post-apocalyptic planet where they struggle to survive and stumble upon the truth that can bring unity or war to the two rival worlds.

  • #15

    Love, Machine

    Marcus Thompson • Sci-fi • Short • 16 pages • View Writer Profile

    A young woman’s engagement to her robot lover reveals prejudice within her own family.

  • #16

    That Girl Is Poison

    Jessica DiGiacinto • Sci-fi • Short • 10 pages • View Writer Profile

    A shy, innocent stripper and a brutal law enforcement officer meet for a private dance - and only one of them walks out of the room alive.

  • #17

    Trouble in Paradise - The Town with No Name

    Asli Sonceley • Sci-fi • Short • 14 pages

    Material hunter Arya, and her A.I. drone Juma arrive at a desolated town. In tasting local water and herbs, Arya is overtaken by past and present visions of the town that blend together in a multi-sensory journey.

  • #18

    Skin Clean

    Steven McMillan • Sci-fi • Short • 9 pages

    70 years from now the Earth is a global autocracy; prove your worth or your lineage faces annihilation. To land a prestigious job a young woman must sacrifice her humanity to ensure her families survival.

  • #19

    Jeremiah 8.8

    John Le Brocq • Sci-fi • Short • 16 pages • View Writer Profile

    'How can you say "We are wise and the law of the Lord is with us"? When, behold, the false pen of the scribes has made it into a lie.'

  • #20

    Banshee Avalon

    Alan Sanchez • Sci-fi • Short • 17 pages

    A school shooting unearths dark secrets, the most shocking of which involves a girl with unexplained powers who must face a terrible choice.

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