The Least of These

Faith • Feature • 106 pages

The Saint

Action • Feature • 122 pages


Action • Feature • 121 pages

The Mountain

Faith • Feature • 118 pages


Fantasy • Feature • 120 pages


Fantasy • Feature • 118 pages

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I've always been the storyteller, for as long as I can remember. I have no recollection of my parents reading me stories, but many of my telling them stories before bed. Most of my early childhood, I grew up alone, so my imaginary friends and the adventures we had kept me company. I wrote and wrote and wrote, with a dream of being a professional storyteller someday. Eventually, I found myself faced with a decision: Run away with the circus (yes, the real circus), or stay home for love. I chose love. While my love for stories never ended, real life - and the birth of a special needs child - meant those stories began to change. My little one loved hearing them, and I'd entertain him for hours with adventures that he would likely never experience except through his imagination. But I knew, imagination is almost as good as the real thing, if we know how to use it! As the little boy grew older, my stories began to shift again and my husband had to listen to every one of them. Finally, he gave me screenwriting software and said 'I don't want to hear it any more, I want to read it'. So, back to writing. And to my delight, my imaginary world is still there, with so many friends and villains wreaking havoc that even my speedy typing can't keep up! Yet it's the intimate story based on the way my little boy sees the world that has been my most successful achievement. Many thanks to the love of my life for giving me the greatest gift I could possibly receive, and to my little angel for inspiring my imagination.

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