Open Writing Assignments

Sorry, there are no active open writing assignments at the moment. We're working on a new batch right now, so check back in a few days.

About Open Writing Assignments

OWA stands for Open Writing Assignment, which is an invitational call for scripts and projects to writers to interview for a specific film or TV project. On Coverfly, a producer, manager, or studio executive will submit a request for a certain type of film, TV project, writer, or voice, which we will then make available to Coverfly users.

OWAs are an essential part of the Hollywood film development system and one of the most common ways for professional writers to get work. Coverfly is taking the model used by studios and opening it up to Coverfly writers. An OWA is an opportunity for an industry member to tell you exactly what they are looking for in a project or a writer.

Submitting to OWAs is free. To keep submissions targeted and of high quality, you must have 1 Coverfly Tokens to submit. The goal is to have all submissions to OWAs be at a professional writing level.

Any of your projects are eligible to submit, as long as you have at least one project with a Coverfly ranking. Writers without any projects with Coverfly rankings are not eligible.

The OWA will be specific about genre, format, tone, style, length, and even types of characters and settings. Ideally, your project will match as many of the particular elements as possible. However, projects with similar themes or styles to the request, even if they don’t match the plot or subject exactly, will be considered as relevant writing samples. Ultimately, it is up to the writer to submit to OWAs that are the best match.

You are certainly able to tweak an existing project to better fit the assignment, but we do not recommend any massive overhauls or rewrites. Scripts and writers that organically align with the OWA are more likely to be chosen. There will be more OWA opportunities, so we recommend waiting for the ones that match you best.

Technically, yes you can, but we strongly discourage this. The more data points from writing programs that we already have on your project, the better.

OWAs are not screenwriting competitions. There are no set ‘winners’ and scripts do not advance through rounds. They are an opportunity to get your work in front of an industry member looking for specific projects. While it is our hope to provide our industry partner with scripts, projects, or writers that match exactly what they are looking for, there is no guaranteed deal with an OWA.

Should the requesting industry partner find a project or writer that fits what they are looking for, there are a number of possible outcomes. You may choose to go into development with that producer, you may want to option or sell your work to them, or you may decide to sign with the particular manager. Ultimately, it is fully up to you to advance with the executive as best fits your goals as a writer. Not every success will mean a payday, but developing with a studio exec or signing with a manager can be a big step forward for your writing career if that’s what you choose to do.

No. OWAs are not screenplay competitions.

All OWAs will have an notification date on their submission page. While the amount of time between the close of submissions and the notification date will vary by OWA, writers will usually be notified within 12 weeks of the closing date.