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WeScreenplay TV Pilot Lab
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Winners will take part in an interactive 4 day virtual lab with hands-on workshops and mentorship meetings with industry professionals!
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All Entries Include Written Feedback

WeScreenplay believes that feedback is how we improve as writers. We want to make sure every entrant receives value from the competition, so all entries include feedback.

The WeScreenplay Television Screenwriting Competition’s mission is to discover and expose new talent to the entertainment industry. The Television Competition strives to provide industry exposure and support to television screenwriters who are looking to have their stories told.


The Grand Prize script in each category will be awarded with $1,000 cash grants and promoted to producers, agents, and managers through email distribution from WeScreenplay, and all Finalists will be publicly recognized through the WeScreenplay website.

WeScreenplay has had a great track record of making the introductions and getting the reads that have led to WeScreenplay winners taking the next step in their writing career. Check out some of our success stories.

Most importantly, the top scripts will be read by our jury, which includes:

Daniel Wolfberg is an executive for Comedy Central and has worked on IDIOTSITTER, DRUNK HISTORY, and JEFF & SOME ALIENS. His expertise on getting projects green-lit is what turns scripts into television shows.

Jermaine Johnson is an executive at Zero Gravity Management. Zero Gravity Management produces Netflix's OZARK, and their clients have worked on television shows like STRANGER THINGS and AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

Katie Allen is a Manager at Good Fear, a management company whose clients have worked on TV shows like THE BLACKLIST, SMILF, AMERICAN DAD, TEEN WOLF, and 13 REASONS WHY.

Anisha Manchanda is the Director of Development at Hutch Parker, a production company that has produced LOGAN and PATRIOTS DAY and is looking for writers and TV ideas.

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