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Creators Writing Room
2-Day Writers Retreat in LA
Reads in Coverfly
Active Since 2022
Get educated & entertained w/ an in-person retreat led by TWO AND A HALF MEN, BIG BANG THEORY Showrunner/EP Lee Aronsohn & TV Developer/EP Jason Kyle
Currently Closed. Subscribe to receive a notification when the next season opens.


An immersive, educational (and FUN!) 2-day retreat led by industry pros with a combined 30+ years of experience in pitching and developing, and writing TV shows. 

TV Pilot submissions (both 1-hour and ½-hour) in English will be considered. 

Only 10 participants will be chosen. But EVERY submission will receive a FREE live-stream link for the entire two-day event ($99 value).

- Learn the MUST-HAVES when pitching your show
- Put theory into practice by developing your OWN pitches
- Get LIVE feedback AND watch/listen to Lee & Jason make fun of each other31fd94_3951fab32e304e67b1e6786fe13d69fd~mv2.jpg31fd94_dfb50498ed544043a89eb9fc8ccb6f5f~mv2.jpg

- Learn the typical week of working in a writers room
- Work in a mock writers room and learn the process of Gang Writing
- Learn the MUST-HAVES when it comes to breaking story (and then ACTUALLY break story)
- MORE of Lee & Jason making fun of each other
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    (Morning refreshments and lunch included both days. Location will be in Los Angeles/greater Los Angeles area)

    Questions? Contact us here​ ​or go to our​ ​FAQs here.

    Lee Aronsohn (Showrunner/EP for TWO AND A HALF MEN, & THE BIG BANG THEORY) and Jason Kyle )Head of Development at CWR Productions, former Mgr/Coord/Asst. at CBS and Sony) both started the CWR with the goal of giving away as much information as possible to help Creators learn the "process" behind building a long-term career—and having fun. And making fun of each other. But the first goal is most important.


- Better understand and learn the two main functions of a TV writer: Developing & Staffing

- Practical experience in developing your own pitches

- Receive valuable feedback from industry pros

- Better understand the current TV landscape and what sells

- Understand the typical week of producing a sitcom

- Learn what to expect while working in a writers room

- Understand and learn the process of Gang Writing

- Learn the essentials of breaking a pilot story

- Hands-on experience working with a seasoned showrunner

- Realize that Lee & Jason are essentially a modern-day odd couple, and they should have their own show

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Oct 4th


At the program's request, Coverfly will automatically remove your title page for you if you include one when submitting to this program.

  • Submissions must be TV pilots (both 1-hour and ½-hour accepted) in English. 

  • Each applicant may submit up to three (3) scripts, with a separate application for each script submitted.

  • All applicants are responsible for accommodations and valet parking cost dictated by the venue, or applicants may choose to find parking for the entire Writers Retreat.


The following materials are required for your application and must be submitted electronically:

Script information, genre, logline, and format

  • - PDF of a pilot narrative screenplay (NAME REMOVED)
  • - Script Registration, Acceptance of Terms & Conditions, Payment


  1. - The script must be in PDF format.
  2. - PDFs must be labeled with the project title only.
  3. - DO NOT include the name of the screenwriter(s) ANYWHERE on the PDF.
  4. - REMOVE YOUR NAME FROM ALL PAGES OF YOUR SCRIPT, including the cover page, before uploading.
  5. - Complete the electronic application filling in ALL fields. 
  6. - Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  7. - Pay the non-refundable application fee.