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Table Read My Screenplay
Table Read My Screenplay Genre Screenplay Competition
Summer 2022
Active Since 2010
$6,000 in Cash + Live Table Read + Consideration for Development - With a professional table read, you’ll gain insight into your script from a working director and trained actors while it's performed for a live audience. Elevate your scripts to be production ready!
Accepting Features, TV Pilots, Shorts, and Web Series
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Final Deadline is 1 day from now


$6,000 in Cash + Live Table Read + Consideration for Development 

An Unparalleled Table Read Experience
With a professional table read, the Grand Prize Winner will gain insight into their script from a working director and trained actors as it is rehearsed and performed, then showcased for an audience. This is how Oscar-winning writers tighten their story, sharpen their dialogue and fine tune pacing, character and other important elements of their latest projects. Past winners have been staffed, premiered at Cannes and been nominated for an Oscar among other successes. Six Genre Winners will receive $1000 cash each and meet with an exec from UTAGramercy Park120E FilmsCircle of Confusion and more to be announced.

Consideration for Development
Our trusted partners at Legion M will read the top 4 scripts, and they may be considered for potential development. The winner of FilmScout will get a one-hour general meeting with Legion M Development Executives.

Over the past 6 years Legion M has united more than 35,000 investors and a worldwide community of 150,000+ film and TV lovers to develop, finance and produce a diverse slate of feature films, TV, digital content, consumer products, live events, comic books, podcasts, and more. Some of their projects include DEFIANT, SAVE YOURSELVES, COLOSSAL, MANDY, TOLKIEN, JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT and more.

Accepting Features, TV Pilots, Shorts & Web Series in:

Prices & Deadlines

May 26th
TV Pilot
Web Series Pilot


Feature/Pilot Grand Prize Winner:

•Table Read of Your Winning Script
•Roundtable with Industry Executives
•ISA Development Slate Acceptance
•Pitch Practice & Guidance
•Industry Insight - Receive access to our industry contacts' current mandates plus development of a personalized producer outreach plan.
•12-Year Copyright Provided by Creators Vault
•Professionally Designed Poster
•Plus Genre Winners' Prizes

6 Genre Winners:

•$1000 Cash Each
•1 General Meeting with an Agent, Manager or Executive
•ISA Development Slate Consideration
•12-Month ISAConnect Membership
•Copy of the ultimate writer's toolbox, Script Studio
•ScreenwriteNOW's "The Episode"
•8-Year Copyright Provided by Creators Vault
•Consideration for Grand Prize
•1-Year WrapPro Membership ($150 value)

Legion M Film Scout Award:

•Top 16 Featured on Film Scout - The Top 16 (6 Genre Winners + 10 more) will be showcased on the Legion M Film Scout App.
•Top 4 Read by Legion M Development Execs and May Be Considered for Production - Film Scout users will vote on projects based on the logline and synopsis. The Top 4 will then be read by Legion M Development Executives and may be considered for development.
•Legion M Film Scout Award - Top winner will receive a one-hour general meeting with Legion M Development Executives.

Short / Web Series Grand Prize Winner:

$750 Cash
•Recorded Performance of Your Script with Professional Actors published on the Curious About Screenwriting Podcast Network
•ISA Development Slate Consideration
•Copy of the ultimate writer’s toolbox, Script Studio
•12-Year Copyright Provided by Creators Vault
•1-Year WrapPro Membership ($150 value)

6 Genre Winners will meet with agents, managers, producers and execs.


This season's industry pros include: 

Zach Cox - Manager, Circle of Confusion

Liska Ostojic - Head of Development, 120E Film

Megan Spanjian - Creative Development and Television Packaging, United Talent Agency

Mitchell Bendersky - Manager, Gramercy Park Entertainment 

More to be announced soon.

Past seasons have included execs from:


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