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Save The Cat!
Save The Cat! Screenplay Challenge
Active Since 2019
All entries receive a 50 point analysis -- included with the entry fee. Every script gets a full read. Accepting feature and TV pilots.
Currently Closed. Subscribe to receive a notification when the next season opens.


All entries receive a 50-Point-Analysis and a written review from judges trained in the Save the Cat! Methodology.

Our approach is simple: a screenplay competition that uses the same language the writer, the reader, and the decision makers use when analyzing your work. We are fortunate enough that Save the Cat! and the 15 story points (our beat sheet) is part of creative culture and has become the shared language of creators and executives. We are going to put this to use to better position you to sell your work. Plain and simple. The winners will be flown to Los Angeles for a live table read of your script!

Your Submission

We want screenplays that are entertaining and have a strong, unique voice that grab the audience -- after all, if it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the screen. See details in rules about specific eligibility requirements.

***Now accepting both feature length scripts and TV pilots.


All entrants to receive: 
•     50 points of analysis report adapted from the Save the Cat! Greenlight Checklist (Save the Cat! Strikes Back --- pages 104-108) 
•     A review by readers and judges trained in the Save the Cat! Methodology 
•     Feedback grounded in structure and marketability and consistently applied to all screenplays

A group of Feature and TV script winners will be awarded the following:

Grand Prize Winner(s) 
•    Flight to LA ($600) 
•    3-night hotel stay ($1200) 
•    Live table read to bring your work to life 
•    Winners will receive a -month InkTip Pro Membership ($130 value each) 
    Save the Cat! Software - 12 Month Subscription

Top 5 Finalists
• Meeting with one of the judges 
• Subscription to INKTIP  
• Save the Cat! 4.0 Software - 12 Month Subscription 

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At the program's request, Coverfly will automatically remove your title page for you if you include one when submitting to this program.

All writers from all countries are welcome to submit; however, all screenplays must be submitted in English, and application fees must be paid in U.S. dollars.Writers under the age of 18 years old must have parent or legal guardian’s permission to participate.Script must be the original work of the submitting writer and may not be encumbered by any third party.Screenplays adapted from the submitting writer's own self-published books, plays, or other source materials are eligible if the writer retains all rights to the work.Scripts that have been sold, produced for a profit, or are currently under option are not eligible.Prior contest-winning scripts from other contests are acceptable.Original full-length* feature screenplays only are accepted. Anything else, including but not limited to short scripts or web series, novels, short stories, stage plays, musicals, treatments, synopses, reality show concepts, documentaries, and/or spec scripts for existing TV series are not eligible.* Length requirements for full-length features: 70-130 pages. No exceptions.Script must be in industry standard format. Formatting is taken into consideration in judging.Standard title pages should be included: listing the script title, name of author(s), telephone number, and email address.Applicants will not be disqualified if these elements are not included.Under no circumstances should the writer include name or contact information within the body of the script.Adaptations from other works are permissible provided the writer has written permission by the owner to adapt the material.Adaptations of works in the public domain are permissible. Multiple authorship is acceptable.If the screenplay wins an award, that award will be divided among the writers, by the writers.Multiple submissions by one writer are accepted; however, if one or more screenplays by the same writer tie, only one screenplay (the decided “best”) will be selected to determine the winner.The writer understands that script feedback can take up to 90-days turn-around time and may not be received before the end of the final application deadline.Applicants must submit materials and payment online only.Once a script has been submitted, substitutions of new drafts or corrections may only be accepted within 24 hours of the original application.A revised draft of a script may be accepted after 24 hours if it is entered as a new application with the appropriate fee.Promotional discounts or waivers offered may only be utilized at the time of submission. Promotional discounts or waivers offered may not apply on all submission platforms (i.e., FilmFreeway).Applicants must accept without reservation the decisions rendered by the judges. The writer understands that it is his/her sole responsibility to register material to be submitted with the U.S. Copyright Office and/or with the Writer’s Guild of America or the appropriate agency in his/her country.Applicants awarded a place in the Top 50 or chosen understand and accept that SAVE THE CAT! will be free to use his/her name and likeness for advertising or promotional purposes without additional consideration.Writers retain the rights to their screenplay.Applicants are non-exclusive and may submit their screenplay to any other person, competition, producer, agent, publisher, and/or organization.No transfer, substitution, or cash equivalent for prizes is allowed.SAVE THE CAT! is not responsible for any applicant errors or omissions on any submitted application materials.Synopses, casting suggestions, letters, resumes and photos will not be considered.Applicant accepts without reservation that the submitted screenplay will be reviewed by SAVE THE CAT! staff and/or panel of Industry Judges for evaluation and that any one of these employees or judges may have been or may be exploring ideas similar to the submitted material, and the applicant hereby waives any claim that the staff or judges may have misappropriated any ideas or portions of the submission, logline or screenplay.There are no refunds for any reason after 24 hours from submission.You should retain master copies of the submitted material. Any material we receive cannot and will not be returned under any circumstances.To submit your materials and be considered, you must agree to these Rules and Terms.