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Shore Scripts TV Pilot Contest
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Active Since 2016
$6,000 in Cash Prizes + Industry Meetings. For screenwriters who are looking to get staffed on TV Shows and have their pilots picked up by production companies. A panel of EMMY & Golden Globe-winning Judges will decide this year’s Winners. Managers, Agents & Producers to read the best scripts.
Currently Closed. Subscribe to receive a notification when the next season opens.



-    $6K in Cash to giveaway in the 2023 1-Hour & ½-Hour TV Pilot Contests.

-    Our prestigious panel of EMMY & Golden Globe winning Judges will decide this year’s Winners.

-    We’ve helped 100+ Writers gain representation, sell, and have their screenplays produced.

-    Over 300 Production Companies, Agents, Managers Directors are signed up to read this year’s best scripts.

In addition to the cash prizes, our 1-Hour & ½-Hour Grand Prize Winners will each win a call with SEAN CHARLES - Development & Production at AMC Networks where they can discuss their script and screenwriting career next steps.


And they will each be offered Meetings with industry execs from our Roster, which includes BLUMHOUSE, ANONYMOUS CONTENT, GERSH, NUMBER 9 FILMS, VERVE & many more.


Runners-up in each category also receive Industry Meetings. And the Top 10 in each category will have the opportunity to have their scripts read by our Industry Roster, and receive writing career development from Shore Scripts' Writer Development Program.


Plus, every writer who enters will receive a FREE 18 Page booklet on HOW TO GET YOUR SCREENPLAY PRODUCED.

THE 2023 JUDGES PANEL includes.


Chris Provenzano, Emmy-nominated Writer & Producer – MAD MEN, JUSTIFIED, GET LOW, SILICON VALLEY.

Daisy Haggard, Writer & Actress – EPISODES, BREEDERS, BACK TO LIFE.

Randall Keenan Winston, Writer & Producer - MIXED-ISH, GRACE & FRANKIE, AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE, SCRUBS.

See the full list of our Judges here -

Following each contest, we begin the process of sending scripts to our Industry Roster. You don’t need to be one of our winners to have your script sent out. We will always consult with you before we send out your work. Shore Scripts never claims any rights over a writer’s work.

Take a look at our previous winners and see how placing in Shore Scripts contests can kick-start your screenwriting career:



* 1-Hour Grand Prize Winner - $2,500 in cash 

* ½-Hour Grand Prize Winner - $2,500 in cash

* Both Grand Prize Winners will have the opportunity to discuss their scripts and career next steps with SEAN CHARLES - Development & Production at AMC Networks.

* Plus, both Grand Prize Winners will receive a Free 1-Year Pro Membership to Raindance.

* 1-Hour & ½-Hour 2nd Place Winners - $500 each.

* All of our Grand Prize & 2nd Place Winners will be offered meetings with Hollywood Agents and Managers specially selected from our Industry Roster and receive writing career development from Shore Scripts' Writer Development Program.

* And receive a Free Screenwriting Book of their choice from Michael Wiese Productions.

* Top 10 Winners in each category - Your script will be sent out to our Judges, Industry Roster & Directors.

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Oct 5th


* ½-Hour Pilots should ideally be within 5-30 Pages and 1-Hour Pilot within 40-70 Pages. There is a small additional fee for scripts over this length.


*Web Series should be submitted to the ½-Hour TV Pilot Contest category.


* Shore Scripts only accepts electronic entries.


* Screenwriters from all countries are welcome to enter. All scripts must be written in English.


* The script must be the writer’s original work. Adaptations are accepted but the writer must own all copyright. At no point will Shore Scripts ever have any rights over your work.


* All ages are welcome.


* We accept animations.


* Each writer, or writing team, may not have earned more than $50,000 in screenwriting fees in the preceding 18 months. This clause is in place to help us support emerging talent. (Contest & Fellowship awards do not count toward this total).


* Resubmissions: You may enter a more recent draft of an already submitted script at any time before the final deadline. There is a small additional fee as the new draft will receive a guaranteed read in the first round. You may re-enter your script through the Resubmission page. Alternatively, you can Update your script at any time via Coverfly. However, if your script has already been read, your new draft will only be read, if the original submission proceeds to the next round.


* A writer can enter as many scripts in as many categories as they wish.


* If a script is optioned or purchased during the competition, then it will no longer be eligible for the contest.


* Scripts should be formatted at size 12 Courier.


* We prefer scripts to be submitted as a PDF file.


* Our overall Grand Prize Winner can be from any genre.


* We accept entries in any genre. If you are having difficulty deciding on which genre to choose please note that you can make a note of any sub-genres in the Comments field on the submission form.


* The winners consent to Shore Scripts using their name, script title, and any other relevant information for promotional purposes on their website. This will be used to inform other contestants and the media of the results.


* If Shore Scripts helps a writer gain representation, option, sell, or have his/her screenplay produced, then we are entitled to state this on our website and any other platform whenever we see fit.


* Shore Scripts staff and associates are unable to enter.


* The decision of Shore Scripts is final. By applying to this contest each participant agrees to hold Shore Scripts, our judges, and sponsors immune from any competition disputes, claims, liabilities, and expenses.


* By entering Shore Scripts, you authorize us to use any trusted third-party online, cloud-based, and email services and databases for hosting, managing, and/or sending/transmitting your submission file(s).


* If we see fit, we can extend the final deadline for the competition. (Please note that this has never yet happened).