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ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition
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Renowned for getting writers signed and staffed, ScreenCraft’s TV Pilot Competition is the way into Hollywood for emerging TV writers.
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Episodic storytelling is experiencing a new golden age of television with the proliferation of streaming services, which have also made serial storytelling more flexible than ever. No longer constrained to commercial breaks, and half-hour or 1-hour formats, many series are breaking the mold. The demand for great storytellers is stronger than ever. ScreenCraft TV pilot script competition features industry judges and a strong track record of helping winners set up their projects and staff as writers on shows. This competition requires a TV pilot writing sample, as well as an optional series bible or treatment that expresses your vision for a season’s arc (this series bible will be requested if your submission makes it to the finalist round of consideration). Let your imagination run wild! We look forward to reading your submissions. 

ScreenCraft’s past winners have gone on to sell their scripts to major studios and have been hired by companies like Universal, Netflix, Amazon, Millennium, CBS and many more. ScreenCraft’s winners are also highly sought after by literary managers and agents who are open to signing new writer clients. Over 100 ScreenCraft writers have signed with top management companies and agencies like 3 Arts, Anonymous Content, CAA, WME, UTA, Paradigm, Lit Entertainment, Writ Large and many more. 


This Year's Judges:

David Knoller -- David Knoller is a TV Executive Producer, Director and Writer from such acclaimed shows as Starz's POWER, HBO's LOVECRAFT COUNTRY with Jordan Peele and JJ Abrams, HBO's HERE AND NOW, BIG LOVE and many more. With an overall deal at HBO, he develops boundary-pushing drama for television. 

Crystal Holt -- As Director of Director of Development & Scripted Programming at AMC Networks, Crystal Holt works on AMC shows such as REBEL, THE TERROR, FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, WALKING DEAD: WORLD BEYOND and CREEP SHOW in addition to shepherding new scripted works for AMC Television.

Betsy Beers -- As Partner and Chief Content Officer in legendary television creator Shonda Rhimes’ Shondaland, Betsy Beers is the Exec. Producer of such beloved shows as GRAY’S ANATOMY, SCANDAL, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, STATION 19, and more.

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