Script Pipeline Great Idea Contest
15th Season season now closed


The Great Movie and TV Show Idea Contests are searching for original feature film and TV concepts. Unique stories that a global, diverse audience can connect with.

Accepted entries include loglines, synopses, and video pitches. Completed scripts are not reviewed, nor are entrants required to have a script. You only need one spectacular idea. Any genre, studio-level or indie.

For the winner, Script Pipeline provides additional, long-term assistance to refine the pitch, or help the writer draft a polished screenplay or pilot. Our execs review the project and offer feedback at all stages of development. When the work is ready for circulation, we send the material to specific producers who would be a good match--a network of over 200 companies that includes partners at Good Fear Film + Management (Mulan), Madhouse Entertainment (Slender Man), QC Entertainment (Get Out), Lakeshore Entertainment (Age of Adaline), and others looking for relevant, high-concept, marketable films.

All entrants retain the rights to their pitch, and development assistance for the winner is entirely optional, as we recognize some projects may be "circulation-ready," in which case Script Pipeline would consider the work for targeted industry exposure only.

Since 1999, Script Pipeline has established relationships with hundreds of production companies, managers, and agents, resulting in $6 million in specs sold from previously undiscovered writers.

The Great Movie and TV Show Idea Competitions aim to continue this successful process by working one-on-one with burgeoning writers to fine-tune their writing skills and push worthwhile stories into production.


  • $5,000 (each winner, Movie and TV, receives $2,500)
  • Development sessions with Script Pipeline executives to get your concept ready for circulation
  • Assistance in completing a screenplay or TV pilot script (depending on the writer’s experience level)
  • Exposure to producers and other companies for potential development
  • Review of additional pitches and material