The Film Empire's Horror Screenwriting Contest
2019 season now closed


Horror screenwriters will have the chance to win mentorship meetings with our lineup of industry pros. This mentorship will occur around April of 2019 either in person or via Skype or other forms of video conference. The purpose of the horror screenwriting contest is to impart knowledge on our grand prize winner through the advice and expertise of professionals in horror genre of the film & television industry. Entrants can reside in any country in the world.


Screenwriting Mentors 
  • Jeffrey Reddick, screenwriter, "Final Destination" franchise, "Dead Awake" 
  • Sean Gowrie, co-producer, "Halloween" (2018)
  • Brittany Klesic, development executive, Monkeypaw Productions


Specific Rules Pertaining to this Contest:

Filmmakers must submit original work of a short, feature or tv episode.

There are no restrictions with the time limit per film for this category.

Screenwriters must submit original screenplay of a short, feature or tv episode.

There are no limitations on the number of pages.

Horror genre only.

Our judges will be looking at all aspects of the story to include pacing, structure, organization, dialogue, characters, premise, plot and ability to tell an interesting story.