The David and Lynn Angell College Comedy Fellowship
2020 season now open
Next Deadline February 29th


In 2003, HUMANITAS created The David and Lynn Angell College Comedy Fellowship in honor of David and Lynn Angell, who were aboard Flight #11 when it crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. David was a writer on the staff of Cheers and co-creator of Wings and Frasier; his wife Lynn supported him during the early years of his career in her work as a librarian. Together, the Angells focused their philanthropic efforts on the ideal that all people are entitled to develop to their fullest potential. 

The David and Lynn Angell College Comedy Fellowship was created to recognize and financially reward young writers. In doing so, we hope it encourages them to create works that enrich the lives of others through comedy that entertains with humor and captures the human spirit.


  • Challenge us to use our freedom to grow and develop.
  • Confront us with our individual responsibility.
  • Examine the consequences of our choices.


  • 30-minute (22 to 38 pages)
  • 60-minute (44 to 60 pages)
  • 90-minute (75 to 90 pages)
  • Feature Film (105 to 120 pages)
  • Midform (submissions must include 3 scripts–5 to 12 pages each)



  • Spec episodes of existing shows will no longer be accepted. We are looking for original scripts for either film or TV that showcase each writer's voice and point of view as an individual.
  • Plays and short stories are not accepted.
  • Submitted scripts must be original work.
  • Students may be contacted for interviews as part of the selection process.
  • Students must be enrolled in a film, tv, or screenwriting track or program at their respective university.


  • Name, email address, phone number, and mailing address
  • Logline
  • Brief synopsis
  • Script (.pdf)


Prize: $20,000 Grant