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Circle of Confusion
Circle of Confusion x Anarchists United Writers Discovery Fellowship
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Active Since 2022
A collaboration between Circle of Confusion and Anarchists United, a nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting historically underserved voices.
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The ongoing Writers Discovery fellowship program is designed to nurture and assist in accelerating the diversity of voices in our industry. Circle of Confusion’s core mission has always been discovery, and we have been fortunate enough to have identified and promoted many talented writers, directors, actors and creators from all walks of life. It is based on this tradition and fundamental strength of the company that Circle of Confusion launched the program. The excitement of film and television has always been the joy that great storytelling brings to audiences around the globe. By promoting voices that have been historically excluded, the Fellowship will enrich both the professional lives of the Fellows and the dynamic quality of the entertainment industry.



Circle of Confusion and Anarchists United will provide an immersive introductory experience to the world of professional screen and television writing to a diverse group of aspiring writers who have not yet been employed or represented by the industry. The Fellows will each be given a stipend. Once per year, the program will select six to eight writers for a six-month fellowship which closely replicates the writer-representative (manager and agent) dynamic. Each Fellow will be assigned a mentor who will educate and guide them by way of script development, career advice, and support. While the Fellowship cannot guarantee the sale of the pilot or specific employment, by the end of each Fellowship session, each Fellow will have developed a submission-ready television pilot, been afforded multiple opportunities for industry networking, and generally equipped with the essential tools for their success as writers in the entertainment industry.

The Fellowship is open to applicants of all ethnicities, races, cultural backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and ages.


Our mentors will include literary managers, agents, and other senior industry professionals, offering general business advice and script development within the duration of the Fellowship. In the first four months, each Fellow will develop an original pilot script with their dedicated mentor. The pilot scripts will be reviewed by the Fellowship’s Advisory Board (composed of established members of the film and television community with an expertise in content evaluation) and then submitted to relevant industry professionals, with the explicit goal of using the last two months of the Fellowship to arrange general one-on-one Zoom meetings with producers and executives. Throughout the entire Fellowship session, the mentor will be available to guide the Fellow through each step, assisting the Fellow in their development of writing and storytelling skills, pitching skills and navigating the meeting process.


The Fellowship program will begin in May of 2024 and include informational panels, speakers and workshops with industry professionals. Additionally, Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in practice/mock-general meetings and pitch sessions in preparation for their final professional meetings.

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