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Final Draft
Big Break
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Enter to share over $80,000 in cash and prizes and get your script in the hands of industry reps!
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Final Draft’s Big Break is an annual, international feature and television screenwriting contest designed to launch the careers of aspiring writers.

Big Break rewards screenwriters in 11 categories the chance to win up to $80,000 in cash and prizes, including a trip to Los Angeles for a series of A-list industry meetings with managers, producers and executives. 

Winners and finalists alike have had their screenplays optioned and produced and have secured high-profile representation as well as lucrative writing deals. 

Now Accepting Short Scripts: We're excited to introduce a new short-form script prize! As the appetite for premium short content surges, alongside a global elevation in the significance of short filmmaking within the industry, we are celebrating the artistry of short-form narrative screenwriting.

Feedback Notes Available: Feedback helps you get an objective perspective into your story. Receive actionable insight on your script to help elevate your project to the next level.

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2 Grand Prize Award Winners: One Feature Grand Prize and one TV Grand Prize winner will be selected from the 11 Feature Genre and TV Format award winners.

Each Grand Prize Award Winner:
Winners receive the prizes below plus the prizes listed under the Category Winners section. 

• $10,000 Cash 

• Apple iPad 
• Roundtrip airfare to Los Angeles plus 3 night hotel accommodation

• Dell XPS Laptop

  Meetings With Managers, Producers and Executives

Attend networking events and meet the industry.

• UCLA Extension Masterclass
• 1-year subscription to ScriptHop

• Writer brand assessment and 60-Minute Career Prep Webinar with screenwriting career coach Lee Jessup

• Copy of Save the Cat! Story Structure Software and book

Query Letter or One-Sheet analysis and a personalized, signed copy of The Screenwriter’s Bible by Dave Trottier

  • • Final Draft Go™ App for iPhone and iPad.

Additional prizes for TV Grand Prize winner:

• Script Consultation from Jen Grisanti Inc.

• One-hour career coaching session with Carole Kirschner to create a personalized game plan for leveraging the contest win.

Award Categories

Feature Awards

  • • Action/Adventure
  • • Comedy/Rom-Com







Television Awards
 Half-Hour Pilot
• Hour-Long Pilot

We celebrate 11 Category Winners who will receive:

• $1,000 Cash

• Final Draft 13

• New York Film Academy - Attend multi-week online immersive program in both film & television writing

• 5 Career coaching sessions with screenwriting coach Lee Jessup

• 60-minute webinar with screenwriting career coach Lee Jessup on how to capitalize on your Big Break win

• Participation in a 6-Week Teleseminar from Jen Grisanti Inc.

• A 4-month InkTip Pro Membership - As an InkTip Pro Member, thousands of filmmakers can find and read your scripts, and you'll be able to pitch directly to production companies every week

• Free entry to any Script Pipeline Season – Feature or TV

• One year subscription of MasterWriter software

• Free Big Break Contest entry for 2025

• Script coverage from Big Break readers

• A Copy of Save The Cat! Strikes Back by screenwriter Blake Snyder.

• 6 month subscription to ScriptHop

Short Script Winner:

• $1,000 Cash

• Final Draft 13

• Feedback on a verbal pitch or pitch deck, plus a 1-hour feedback session with Seed & Spark

• Free Big Break Contest entry for 2025

• A 4-month InkTip Pro Membership - As an InkTip Pro Member, thousands of filmmakers can find and read your scripts, and you'll be able to pitch directly to production companies every week

• 6 month subscription to ScriptHop

• One year subscription of MasterWriter software

Short Script Finalists:
• One-on-one consultation with Seed & Spark on crowdfunding, producing, and distribution


Gary King
VP of Development, Paramount Television Studios

Amanda Alley
Creative Executive, Skydance Media

Andrew Bergamo
Creative Executive, The Donners' Company

Gabrielle Utsey

VP, Development, POV Entertainment

Jeff Portnoy

Literary Manager, Bellevue Productions

Scott Stoops

Literary Manager, Good Fear Content

Lauren Deitch

Manager for Drama Series Development, Netflix

Jon Hersh

Literary Manager, Housefire Management

Jason Lubin

Manager & Producer, First Story Entertainment

Jesse Hood

Executive, ACE Entertainment

Alex Barnes

Development Executive

Diego Rey

Manager & Producer, Underground Films

Trent Anderson

Manager, Anonymous Content

Allie Loh

President Content & Acquisitions, Zero Gravity

Brian Spink

Manager & Producer, Realm

Zack Zucker

Manager & Producer, Bellevue Productions

Mireia Vilanova

Producer, Cartuna

Jen Ray

Partner & Literary Manager, Heroes & Villains Entertainment

Zach Bianco

Development Exec. / Producer, Feigco Entertainment

Lisa Alford
Development Executive, Johnson Production Group

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At the program's request, Coverfly will automatically remove your title page for you if you include one when submitting to this program.


  • Dates reflect deadlines for electronic submission of scripts. All entries must be electronically submitted by midnight (Pacific Time) on their respective deadlines.

  • The Big Break Screenwriting Contest only accepts online entry of feature film and television screenplays (original pilot scripts only – miniseries cannot be accepted).

  • No printed scripts will be accepted.

  • To enter your script electronically, you must submit your screenplay in PDF format. You are not required to use Final Draft in order to enter the Contest.

  • All submissions should consist of:
  • – Full-length screenplays (approximately 80 to 120 pages);
    – Teleplays (hour-long approximately 40 to 70 pages, half hour approximately 20 to 35 pages).
    - Short Script screenplays (maximum 20 pages)

  • Any entries over 150 pages WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. Entries less than 20 pages that are clearly not a screenplay (comic books, etc.) will also be disqualified.

  • All necessary information is captured upon entry of digital submissions, so title pages should be removed or contact information must be deleted from the title page. The title of the script will be provided to the reader as part of the file name and in the judging form.

  • Do NOT include personally identifying information (name, etc.) ANYWHERE in your script as this will result in INSTANT DISQUALIFICATION. This includes:
    – Writers name, WGA or representation info on the title page;
    – Writers name on ANY page of the script;
    – Writers name within the script’s file name.

  • Entry should consist of a screenplay or teleplay, or short script only. Do not include resumes, pitches, synopses, casting suggestions, letters, or other supporting documentation with your submission. Judges will not receive these materials.

  • The exception is original hour-long and half-hour TV entries, which may include standard supplementary materials, such as lists of recurring characters and future episodes, as part of the screenplay. This information would need to be included within the same file, at the end of the script.

  • Entrants who select to receive feedback on their screenplay will be given at least 550 words of assessment from a competition reader. Feedback will be automatically emailed to entrants upon its completion.

Multiple Entries
  • Entrants may submit multiple entries. Each submission must include its own entry form, a separate file and separate entry fee. Entries will be considered for the genre prize in each category and for the grand prize in either feature film or television.

  • The Big Break Contest is open to any individual who is 18 years of age or older at the date of entry and has access to the Internet.

  • Employees, officers, directors, contractors and agents, and their immediate families and household members regardless of where they live, or members of the same households (whether related or not) of Cast & Crew Production Software, dba Final Draft and its respective divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, Big Break Contest sponsors, and advertising agencies (collectively, the “contest providers”), are not eligible to participate in the Contest or to win any prize.

  • Screenplays under option at the time of submission are not eligible.
  • Adaptations are not eligible unless the source material was written by the screenwriter of the entry in question. Scripts are not eligible if the source material has been sold, produced, or is currently under option to any third party.

  • Grand Prize winners in Features and TV, category winners, and Short Script Award winners are not eligible to re-enter their winning scripts in future Big Break Contests. They are, however, eligible to enter different scripts for consideration.

Co-Writers and Prize Division
  • Screenplays written by up to four people may be entered into the contest. Only one entry fee is required for such entries. All writers’ names should be listed on the online entry – if they are not, your co-writer’s name will not be reflected on our website if your screenplay advances in the contest. List the writer who will be the primary contact first, and include the address, telephone, and email for that person only. All writers must authorize submission of the entry. By clicking Submit, all writers authorize the submission.

  • If a screenplay written by multiple writers is one of either of the Grand Prize winners, all cash awards will be split equally between all writers. If a screenplay written by multiple writers is any of the category finalists or Grand Prize winners, prizes will be divided at writers’ discretion but only one of each prize will be distributed.

Revisions, Refunds, and Resubmissions
  • In order to run a fair contest for all entrants, revisions or missing pages will not be accepted under any circumstances once an entry has been assigned to a reader.

  • Once an entry has been submitted and payment has been processed no refunds will be issued.

  • If the script is rewritten and the original entry has already been assigned to a reader, the writer(s) may resubmit a script as a new entry for consideration in the contest. This is treated as its own entry and requires the full entry fee.

  • Substitutions of either corrected pages or new drafts of the entered material will be allowed for a limited time (provided the entry has not already been assigned to a reader) with a $6 reentry fee through Coverfly. Please proofread your script carefully before submitting.

Prize Conditions

  • All prizes and awards are subject to change, including changes which are a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Prize travel is subject to capacity controls, availability, weather, seasonal influences, and certain other restrictions, all of which are subject to change. No changes will be made to travel details once any element(s) of the travel arrangements have been booked, except at Final Draft’s sole discretion. All airline tickets issued in conjunction with the prize are not eligible for upgrades, frequent flyer miles, or any other promotional benefit. Final Draft is not obligated to replace any lost or stolen tickets (including any event tickets or admission passes), travel vouchers, certificates, or similar items once they are in the winner’s possession. Travel must be roundtrip. Final Draft will determine the flight itinerary in its sole discretion. No refund or compensation will be made in the event of the cancellation or delay of any flight. Air travel is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in these Rules and those set forth by Final Draft’s air travel prize supplier, as detailed in the passenger ticket contract issued by such supplier.

  • In connection with travel related to any prize element or activity, please be advised that the policies of each prize provider, CDC guidelines, and the recommendations of health officials must be followed. In addition, guests should be aware of and comply with government guidelines regarding travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines before visiting any prize destination. Please note that any public location where people are present provides an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19, and Final Draft or any other prize provider cannot guarantee that any person will not be exposed during a visit.

Ownership and Industry Release
  • Big Break Contest entrants retain all rights to their screenplays.

  • By entering the Big Break Contest, you represent and affirm that your entry is an original creative work, and does not infringe, misappropriate or violate the copyright, trademark or other intellectual rights of any third party.

  • By entering the Big Break Contest, you acknowledge and agree that contest Judges receive numerous submissions of ideas, stories and scripts, and that your entry, and the ideas and stories embodied in it, may be similar or identical to other material already received and/or developed by one or more of the Judges. You also agree that you are not entitled to any compensation or credit for use by contest Judges of any such other material.

General Provisions
  • By agreeing to these Rules and Conditions you agree that you have read the rules of the contest and that you have the authorization to submit this screenplay to the Big Break Contest. You further agree that your screenplay is owned by you (and co-author(s)).

  • VOID WHERE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY LAW. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

  • The entrant shall indemnify and hold harmless Cast & Crew Production Software, dba Final Draft its employees, contractors, agents and Big Break Judges from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, and/or publicity to the Screenplay entered.