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Athens Film Office
The Owl Screenwriting Workshop
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Active Since 2022
An all-expenses-covered workshop in Athens helps screenwriters reach some of the most successful agents, showrunners and producers in the world.
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The Owl was created by the Athens Film Office to help develop film and TV projects with international appeal, and that make the most of the advantages Athens offers to the industry.

It is an annual workshop for screenwriters who have already achieved early-career success with a distributed film or TV show and who are ready to launch their careers internationally. The workshop aims to create a bridge for screenwriters working outside global centers of film production to reach some of the most well-funded and commercially successful film producers in the world.

A group of 10 film professionals will be selected to participate in the mentoring and networking workshop held from 1-4 October 2024, in Athens, Greece.

We’re looking for screenwriters from a diverse range of backgrounds and identities who develop audience-driven feature films and TV series, combining artistic vision and commercial potential, and which could be adapted to be produced and/or shot in Greece. Entries are judged by a Selection Committee of experienced film and TV professionals. Judging is based on the writer’s track record and overall quality of the script, originality, writing style and concept marketability.

The variety and versatility of Greece makes it the ideal base for a wide range of productions. With locations from inner-city streets to the classic white sand beaches, a project doesn’t need to be set in Greece to shoot here. 



“Congratulations on your success with this just the 2nd year of the program. I do hope the participants came away with as much good information and notes as they imagined- And am always happy to hear their/your feedback, constructive and positive.”

- Marc Lorber (Executive Producer at The Art of Co-Productions. Former SVP of Int'l coproductions at Lionsgate)


“Your welcome was so all encompassing and the experience was wonderful for both participants and mentors. I’m so excited by the possibilities and opportunities I see in Greece and am looking forward to returning soon to discuss everything with all of you.”

- Anne Thomopoulos (Television producer and former Senior Vice President at HBO)


“Thanks for all the impressive and seamless organization! I hope that this trip will be the catalyst for some exciting new projects for CBS in the region.”

-David Clarke (International Co-Productions and Development Consultant, CBS Studios International)


“It was truly an inspiring week full of surprises and insight, epiphanies, and opportunities to meet some incredible people. It was a pleasure to get to know you all in your wonderful city and learn about all the terrific assets it has to offer to filmmakers. The hospitality of the lab was beyond expectations, and your excellent team made it a working environment that sparked a great deal of creative energy.”

-Kamal John Iskander (Screenwriter)


“Working with incredible screenwriters and industry experts from around the globe. Intense. Rewarding. Unforgettable. Thank you AFO. You are trailblazers’’

-Athena Xenidou (Screenwriter)





The Owl Screenwriting Workshop runs in three sessions:


1st session is held in Athens 1-4 October 2024 at the St. George Lycabettus Hotel


Screenwriters are invited to participate in the full Owl program in Athens which comprises of

·       one-to-one mentorship

·       panels from industry experts

·       masterclasses from screenwriting experts

·       peer to peer review in TV and Film cohorts and

·   numerous networking opportunities with Greek and International industry professionals.

The Athens Film Office and the City of Athens cover room and board costs, tuition fees and experiences such as walking tours, networking opportunities and potential screenings.


2nd session is online in March 2025


Having completed an intensive workshop in Athens, screenwriters will submit a second draft of their Feature Film or TV pilot. In March, they will participate in a group workshop, led by prof. Scott Myers, where each cohort member has read each other’s revised scripts.

  • ·   A wider range of critiques, feedback, and suggestions
  • ·   In critiquing other scripts, each writer will develop their critical analytical skills
  • ·   Encourage group bonding that may help to carry those connections forward

3rd session is Held In Athens In October 2025


Upon completion of their final draft, screenwriters are invited to return to Athens and partake in their final Group Session; a conversation with their cohort and prof. Scott Myers about the state of each writer’s revised script. They will also have the opportunity to take a masterclass on pitching and then present their projects in a pitching event in front of a committee at The Owl Industry Days; a two-day market event running parallel to the Owl Screenwriting Workshop.



Professor Scott Myers: Associate Professor, Screenwriting, DePaul University School of Cinematic Arts, Chicago, Illinois


Christophe Riandee: Vice Chied Executive Officer at Gaumont


Mirela Nastase: ZDF Studios Director Drama


Marc Lorber: Executive Producer at The Art of Co Production. Former SVP of Int’l coproductions at Lionsgate


Kurban Kassam: Executive Producer at Pulse Films, Producer of BAFTA and RTS winning “Jungle” for Amazon Studios


Carlo Dusi

Managing Director - Endor Productions / Executive Producer, Vienna Blood


Julia Berg: Award winning creative producer who has worked for leading BAFTA and Oscar winning producers and filmmakers


Ludo Smolski: Development Consultant & Story Editor 

based in London


Julien Leroux: Executive Producer - "Tehran" based in London


Noel Hedges: Exec Producer & Mentor driving forward the global commercial ambition of TV content creativity


Rose Bosch: Film director/ producer / CEO Renaissance Images, co-Founder Legende

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The Owl is open to professional film and TV writers of all nationalities who have started building their screenwriting career, and want to expand their work to reach a global audience.


The Owl will confirm credits via IMDb.


The Owl is open to writers both with and without representation.



at least 1 credit on a feature film released theatrically or on a global streaming platform

at least 2 episodes of a TV series broadcast on a terrestrial channel or a global streaming platform


Each applicant may submit 1 TV drama pilot or 1 Feature Film script. Please note that although we welcome supplementary materials (such as a pitch deck, treatment, bible etc) a full script is required for the purposes of the application. Your script can be an original idea or be based on an underlying property. It must have the potential to be adapted to be produced and/or shot in Greece. It could be set in Greece, or aim to shoot Greece for another location.


For clarity, we are not expecting writers to submit a tailor made script for the purpose of the application but to submit a script that is already written and which could be adapted to be shot in Greece. To get the most out of the Owl, your script should be at the first draft stage, though we will consider more developed projects.



hold the copyright to the material

have permission from the copyright holder to submit and workshop the material

if based on third party IP, have available proof of chain of title

Kindly note that all scripts are carefully assessed by independent readers through multiple rounds of evaluation. Shortlisted applicants will have an interview with a panel of judges.