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HorrOrigins Film Festival
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Active Since 2019
HorrOrigins Film Fest is a film fest in its 6th year focused on making an event that is beneficial to filmmakers via networking, screenings & more.
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This season has closed, but there's a new season open now!


HorrOrigins Film Festival is an awesome genre film festival in its fourth year. We're focused on making the event that is beneficial to screenwriters & filmmakers alike via networking, screenings and mentor opportunities.

Horror, Sci-fi & Thrillers are WELCOMED! 

HorrOrigins Film Festival will hold an in-person and virtual festival. They will be held at separate times. There is a possibility that some films will be screened in-person and virtually and some will just be screened virtually.

HorrOrigins Film Festival screenings will be held Galaxy Theatres in Tucson, AZ.


HorrOrigins is founded by Brandon Waites. Brandon is a proud veteran of the U.S. Air Force, producer and entrepreneur. His goals are to grow as a producer in the industry and help others get the opportunities they need to break into the industry.

Social media hashtag: #WhereHorrorIsBorn #WhereHorrorBegins #HorrOrigins

More announcements on events will be coming soon!


Winners of certain category will win our O'Scare awards (pictures above).

Certificates and/or Awards will be given for:

*Best Independent Horror Director (Feature & Short)
*Best Independent Horror Film (Feature & Short)
*Best Mainstream Horror Director
*Best Mainstream Horror Film
Best Horror Cinematographer
Best Horror Composer
Best Horror Screenplay
Best Horror Actor
Best Horror Actress

*These categories are up for the O'Scare awards.

HorrOrigins will assign certain winners a one-time meeting with a Hollywood mentor. Mentors will be assigned to the winners at a later time but are subject to change due to scheduling conflicts. More mentors could be added at a later time.

2022 Mentors will be assigned after the festival.

Our Past Mentors included:

Barbara Muschietti producer of "IT" and "IT: Chapter 2"

Patrik Andersson producer of "Midsommar"

James Kniest cinematographer of "Annabelle," Netflix’s "Hush" and the upcoming "The Haunting of Bly Manor"

Peter Schink screenwriter of “Legion”

Jennfer Trent co-producer of "Happy Death Day 2 U" and "Ma"

Xavier Neal-Burgin director of the horror documentary "Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror"

HorrOrigins will also give prizes from our sponsors to select winners.

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Oct 9th


Please read all rules & conditions before submitting.

By submitting, you acknowledge that you give HorrOrigins Film Festival the authorization to utilize any excerpts, images or biographical information of the filmmakers from any film submitted for promotional purposes. 

Premieres and attendance are not required but will for considered in the final programming decisions.

Acceptable screening formats for exhibition are: 
DCP's (digital & hard-drive)

HorrOrigins does not pay screening fees.

HorrOrigins reserves the rights to disqualify any submission without refund or reason.

HorrOrigins does not allow any refunds.

Screenings & awards ceremony will be scheduled by the HorrOrigins staff.

Any films not in English must be subtitled.  

Screenplays must be in English.

Please submit the version of your film or screenplay that you want to be judged, as we do not allow for these to be updated at a later time.  If you require an updated screenplay or film to be viewed, submission fees will apply.

Films & Screenplays are only accepted via online submission platforms.  Finalists will be announced the day prior to the event.  Winning screenplay(s) will be announced at the event.

Filmmakers & Screenwriters will acquire one VIP pass & one VIP virtual pass. 

Films that have been acquired, produced, financed or distributed by any major motion picture studios or production companies are not eligible for our competitive awards (with exception to our mainstream category) but are eligible for screenings. It is the sole responsibility of the submitting filmmaker to attain all permissions required from the major motion picture studios or production companies prior to submitting and screenings.

Submitting filmmaker/screenwriter has full legal rights to submit film and/or screenplays. 

Notifications will be made by social media, email and/or phone.

HorrOrigins reserves the right to omit any awards should the festival not receive enough entries for specific categories or if no of the submissions meet the judging standards. 

HorrOrigins reserves the rights to give out any additional specialty awards should the judging team feel any of the films/screenplays deserve it.

Certificates will be printed and handed out at the award ceremony.  Should a winning filmmaker not attend, then the certificate will be emailed instead.

HorrOrigins holds the right to change screening venue or platform for any reason but will make notifications should this occur. 

HorrOrigins holds the right to change selections at any time due to any reason. 

HorrOrigins requests that you do not submit any YouTube or any other public videos.

It is the sole responsibility of the submitting filmmaker to secure any authorization and rights for copyrighted materials used within the film.  

By submitting, you acknowledge and accept the rules & conditions of HorrOrigins Film Fest.  The submitter also agrees to hold harmless HorrOrigins Film Fest from any and all claims resulting from my entry.