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  • The Dragon Rider

    Geoff Holder • 97 pages


    Travis Opgenorth • Action • Feature • 107 pages

    When Eric Talley, a U.S. Army Ranger is taken hostage during an illegal CIA raid, his brother Andrew and estranged father John, both former Rangers themselves, must work through years of distrust as they attempt to rescue Eric and come home together.

  • The 49th Day

    Craig Peters • Horror • Feature • 106 pages

    A young girl's imaginary friend starts killing her family off, one by one. But how can you stop Death when she wants to play? (This script has won myriad contests, including a couple of Grand Prizes, and was selected for the prestigious BloodList.)

  • Giving Up The Ghost

    Jessica DiGiacinto • Feature

  • The Escapist

    Darren Teo • 100 pages


  • Legacy

    Jodi Levitan • 104 pages


    Matthew Sidney Long, Christopher Virnig • Thriller • Feature • 106 pages

  • White Lily

    Preston Poulter • Drama • 109 pages


    Paul Penley • Comedy • Feature • 98 pages

    Romantic Comedy: An unemployed, postal worker takes a job in a steamy male review and must keep his identity secret when he’s reacquainted with a long lost crush.

  • The Last Adventure of Shay Blaze

    Howard Fridkin • Sci-fi • Feature • 119 pages

    A UFO lands in a peaceful western town, giving an ex-outlaw a shot at redemption when he has to save the townspeople from an alien boy whose mission is to take over the human race.

  • The Lodger

    June Escalante • Thriller • Feature • 109 pages

    A psychotic drifter is intent on claiming a dead man's family for himself.

  • Scatterbrained

    George Petersen • Comedy • Feature • 122 pages

    An elderly woman drowning in grief over her son's overdose decades earlier gets carjacked by a scatterbrained teenager — whose uncanny resemblance to her dead son invokes his haywire wraith. Now she finds herself having to do battle with two teenagers: one alive, one not so much.

  • The Man Who Killed Sherlock Holmes

    Stephen Siegel • 120 pages

  • Further From Here

    Anthony Mezza • 99 pages

  • Enough Cocaine to Time Travel

    Kyle Lavore • Drama • Feature • 95 pages

  • Chennai 2040

    Jessica Sekar • Sci-fi • Feature • 122 pages

    In the future in India, a cynical auto-rickshaw driver and a naive whistleblower escape a ruthless assassin and expose a corrupt politician trying to destroy slums and build skyscrapers.

  • Screaming My Heart Out

    Janyce Lapore • Drama • Feature • 111 pages

    "Screaming My Heart Out" is about the deep love, pain and joy that one Italian family shares in the 1960's in a small, blue collar neighborhod that is just beneath a mighty steel mill.

  • Sovereign Citizen

    Craig Peters • Thriller • Feature • 113 pages

    A single mother joins the doomsday cult of armed, anti-government sovereign citizens that kidnapped her son and makes a desperate bid to win his freedom.

  • Warpath

    Paul Abascal • 113 pages

  • Butter Bridge

    Darren Teo • 84 pages

  • The Protector

    Jack Polo • Action • Feature • 99 pages

    A decorated Marine suffers a savage head wound and must overcome his fading memory to track down the safe house where he's hiding three young women from sex traffickers.

  • Big Sister

    David Chester • Drama • 103 pages

  • Restitution

    Tracy Carbone • 115 pages

  • The Drive There

    SEAN PATRICK MONAHAN • 101 pages

  • Brandini

    Frank Licari • 117 pages


    Tony Heaver-Wren • 93 pages

  • Vacuums and the Whistling Pig

    Tom Vecchio • Drama • Feature • 105 pages

    The dramatic, funny and heartrending story of lifelong friends living in a small town in the shadow of an interstate desperate to keep their carpet cleaning business afloat while fighting personal demons that tear them apart.

  • Live, From The Milky Way

    Joe Borriello • Sci-fi • Feature • 116 pages

    The crew of Earth's first starship journey across the galaxy in search of extraterrestrial life, unaware that they're the stars of an intergalactic reality television show.

  • The Anklebiter

    Andy Jones • Comedy • Feature • 106 pages

    Five years after the Zombie Apocalypse, a couple fighting about whether to start a family adopts a baby zombie they don't have the heart to kill.

  • How to Catch A Time Traveler

    Graham Parke • Drama • Feature • 102 pages

    In 2009 Stephen Hawking proved time travel was impossible. He did this by holding a time traveler's convention and sending out the invitations after the fact. This way only time travelers could attend. No one showed up. If time travelers just needed a forum to prove their abilities, this experiment might have worked, but how do you catch a time traveler who doesn't want to get caught? Pilot Logline: Years after Rick's mother and sister mysteriously vanish, he creates special facial recognition software that shows a girl, who doesn't seem to age, popping up in the background of his childhood photos. But when this software gets him arrested on hacking charges, he is recruited by a shadowy organization to help capture the first ever time traveler. The girl who springs his traps, however, looks all too familiar.



    Gustavo Garzon • Drama • Feature • 104 pages

    After a successful NY federal judge on a path to the US Supreme Court is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's, he leaves everything behind to make amends for the damage he's caused in his past (before it vanishes).


  • The Killing of Kingmustang

    Robert Dorian • Drama • 121 pages

  • Tangled Spirits

    Eric P. Granger • Sci-fi • 107 pages


    Clark G. Vanderpool • 110 pages

  • Post Traumatic

    Bill Hicks • 100 pages

  • The Romantic Highway

    Jon Sprogis • 105 pages

    When a wife and mother is kidnapped by a doctor who runs illegal experiments on people, her husband enlists the help of his girlfriend and daughter to find her, before it's too late.

  • Mr. Clark

    June Escalante • Thriller • Feature • 117 pages

    A murderous philanthropist falls in love with his latest victim’s sister as he maneuvers to avoid suspicion for his crimes.

  • Henchman #5

    Nikai Johnson • Comedy • Feature • 105 pages


    Martin Blinder • 103 pages

  • Obadiah

    Tony Schweikle • Historical • Feature • 106 pages

    OBADIAH is a faithful retelling of I Kings 21, which prophesies King Ahab’s downfall and the House of Omri’s destruction. It’s a lesser-known biblical chapter rich in drama and political conflict, making for compelling source material for theatrical adaption.


    kelly karam • Faith • Feature • 99 pages

    A spiritually depleted elementary art teacher hits the road to discover which woman from his past will lead him on an aspirational journey towards faith, hope, and unexpected love.

  • Respawn

    Toofun West • Sci-fi • Feature • 118 pages

    After waking up from a coma, a prodigy gamer has to shed his reputation as a lone wolf and prepare to fight in an upcoming apocalyptic war.

  • Bang, Baby, Bang

    Gareth K. Bennett • Action • 113 pages

  • Zombie A Go-Go

    Richard Faymonville • 96 pages

    A tween girl reconnects with her family and thwarts the zombie apocalypse by discovering that you can make zombies dance.

  • The Grey Wolf

    Michelle S. Daniel • 121 pages

  • Blood Moon

    Monique Mata • Thriller • Feature • 90 pages

    While investigating a series of gruesome murders, a lonely coroner falls for an enigmatic stranger who may be connected to the crimes.

  • Maid of Dishonor

    Lagueria Davis, Porcha Evans • Comedy • Feature • 109 pages

    Sparks fly as the two separate social worlds of a successful woman collide when she returns home to be the maid of honor in her childhood best friend's wedding.


    Roxanne Andorfer • Drama • 112 pages


    Kelly Crawford • Thriller • Feature • 105 pages

    In a world in which some people have multiple lives, 18 year old Jamie Connor and her boyfriend Matt Jenkins discover the true meaning of life.


    Martin Blinder • 98 pages

  • Yusef Christ

    Henry Brown • Drama • Feature • 119 pages

    A famous conservative TV commentator must choose between morality and loyalty when his network plots to permanently eliminate a Muslim American man who may be the Second Christ.

  • Blue River

    Spencer Pool • Drama • Feature • 116 pages

  • The Red Arrow

    Mark Rodney, Ronald Wenick, Anat Golan • Feature

  • The Ni'ihau Incident

    andrew klukowski • Drama • Feature • 136 pages

    An Hawaiian leader on the privately owned, "Forbidden Island", of Ni'ihau must act against his Christian upbringing and defend the island against a downed and desperate Japanese pilot, immediately following the attack on Pearl harbor.

  • Searching 4 Michael

    David Olson • 94 pages

  • Prey for the Day

    Richard M. Kjeldgaard • 80 pages

  • Where I Go

    Jeffrey Morin • 111 pages

  • I can turn men

    Paul Mahoney • Comedy • Feature • 109 pages

  • The Life of Kiyoshi Tanimoto

    Zack Sigel • 122 pages

  • The Squawker

    CRAIG PETERS • Comedy • Feature • 111 pages

    Two gonzo grad students and a fearless Native American woman clash with the FBI as they search for an endangered, sacred bird that could save her tribal homeland from loggers.

  • Particles of Faith

    Bill Hicks • Feature • 162 pages

  • The Future Dead

    Ian Lewis • 91 pages


    Martin Blinder • Sci-fi • 117 pages

  • Throwback Hero

    Frank H Severa • Drama • Feature • 134 pages


    June Escalante • Comedy • Feature • 105 pages

    A dangerous criminal family begins to fall apart in their attempt to retrieve a large amount of money stolen by, Vera, their disgruntled maid.

  • The Revolutionist

    Joel Turtel, Julie Paupe • Historical • Feature • 120 pages

    Once he was André-Louis Moreau, a young lawyer raised by nobility, unconcerned with the growing discontent among France’s lower class—until his best friend was mercilessly struck down by a member of the aristocracy. Now he is Scaramouche, an outlaw and relentless avenger of his friend’s death, and his path to vengeance sparks the French Revolution.


    KENT WILSON • Drama • Feature • 120 pages

    Mourning the death of his father, a teenager in this small Missouri town is determined to keep his dad's beloved movie palace afloat against rising competition from Television and boiling racial tensions over the theatre's colored section in the 1950s.


    Leslie Lyshkov • Western • Feature • 150 pages

    In 1853, a Manchu nobleman ventures to gold rush era California to end the shipment of Sharps rifles to China's Taiping rebels. He finds the gunrunners are a cartel of Southern Secessionists and Chinese Tongs and forges an alliance between armed, bleeding-Kansas Abolitionists and recently conquered Mexican-Americans to bring the cartel down.

  • Agoraphobia

    Daniel Hess • Horror • 106 pages

  • The Face of Pain

    James Sullivan • 111 pages


    Edward Klau • Thriller • Feature • 91 pages

    When Derek makes the mistake of flashing his brights at the wrong car, he’s chased all over Los Angeles by a group of vicious maniacs who make this the most terrifying night of his life.

  • Luck's Ran Out

    Warren Paul Glover • Drama • Feature • 116 pages

    A doting husband risks all when his brother's release from prison reignites sibling rivalry and passion in his frustrated wife.

  • Searching for Asia

    Gary Riester • 121 pages

  • The King's Court

    Brandon Montgomery • Fantasy • Feature • 116 pages

    Framed for the murder of the king, a loyal assassin must defeat the new king before war breaks out with a neighboring kingdom.

  • Ruled Accidental

    June Escalante • Drama • Feature • 103 pages

  • The Third Secret

    Robert Dorian • Horror • Feature • 110 pages


    Martin Blinder • Thriller • 103 pages

  • Friend Zone

    Ty Mitchell • 112 pages

  • Ninja Love Story

    Rodney Lawrence Bernardo • Action • Feature • 112 pages

    A kind and socially awkward ninja loses his hand in a freak accident and is forced to take daredevil missions in order to survive. His latest assignment sends him to a sleepy mountain town, where he quickly learns that love and friendship, are equally as challenging as the warlord he must eliminate, in this unusually sophisticated and character-driven, martial-arts adventure.

  • Purgatory

    Craig Charter • 93 pages

  • Irons of the Fire

    Dalton Wiechmann • 118 pages


    Crish Barth • 116 pages

  • Sardis the Merciful

    Christian Thomas • Horror • Feature • 106 pages

    When a king wakes up to the sound of assassins creeping into his bedchamber, he knows his past has caught up with him. He must escape and make his way through mysterious caves, rowdy brothels, and savage battlefields... all for one last chance at redemption, and bloody revenge.

  • Fire on Ice

    Courtney Suttle • Historical • Feature • 120 pages

    Irving Jaffee fought his teammates, his country and the world to become the first Jewish athlete in Winter Olympic history to win a gold medal during the 1928 and 1932 Olympic Games.


    Edward Klau • Thriller • Feature • 90 pages

    When three dead bodies are discovered in their backyard, Charly Cahill and her mother Rebecca must survive a serial killer who has left them a note announcing them as next on his menu. What’s worse, a brutal snowstorm has stranded them on The Hill, the remote mountain they call home but now may become their final resting place.

  • Table for Two?

    Warren Paul Glover • Comedy • Feature • 106 pages

    A cheating husband, falsely accused of sexual harassment, is forced to confront the truth of his lacklustre marriage, come to terms with his son’s real identity and find the way permanently out of his mistress’s handcuffs.

  • Chasing Don Juan

    Ted Gurich • Comedy • 99 pages

  • Catch!

    Jerry Nield • Drama • 107 pages

    Based on the true story of a 10yr old Irish cross-eyed boy's struggle to escape the coal mines and rescue his family from Hell in the 1870s. Eventually he finds love, self-worth, becomes a father and a champion but tragically it's all taken away by a corrupt Chicagoan sports promoter who wears a priest's collar and is called "The Parson". A struggle for justice is inevitable.

  • Lemon Made

    Erik Adolphson • Family • 108 pages

  • Saturday Afternoon at Bushwood

    Joe Tofuri • 101 pages

  • The Clever Girl

    David. Carren • Drama • 116 pages

    It’s love in the time of yellow fever when a young woman no one trusts battles to save an entire town.

  • A Life's Debt

    Nick Jones • Thriller • Feature • 107 pages

    When a child is accidentally killed in a hit and run accident, two families are destroyed by guilt and grief. Pitting the two fathers on a collision course of revenge or redemption.

  • Men, Mountains & Promises

    Hugh Lewis, Paul Anger • 153 pages


    Tannaz Hazemi • Drama • Feature • 98 pages

    This is an emotional thriller: A teenage girl whose mother died giving birth to her finds herself pregnant and with little support from anyone around her as she tries to do what's best for her and her baby.

  • Western Romance

    Christopher Redwine • 86 pages

  • D.T.

    KEN • 110 pages

  • Finding Greenwood

    Ken Alozie • 119 pages


    Steve Weissman • 112 pages

  • The Remarkable Tale of Phineas P. Gage

    Tom Vecchio • Drama • Feature • 106 pages

    In 1848, railroad worker Phineas Gage had a horrific accident blowing a hole in his left frontal lobe. Church going Phineas emerged from a coma into a libertine with a photographic memory, a P.T. Barnum actor frequenting brothels and opium dens . Was this life-altering event physiological or an excuse to leave behind Puritan society?

  • ALMA

    Sigal Erez • Drama • Feature • 102 pages

    “A brilliant MIT astrophysicist is stricken with blindness at the ALMA observatory in Chile. Her life plan to prove the Big Bang Theory is derailed by mysterious visions that lead her to a new understanding of the creation of the universe.”

  • JAKE: The Power of the Ruby

    Rosalyn Rosen • Family • Feature • 121 pages

    An abused boy escapes to Boys Town in Space, with the help of Charlie The Ladybug, where daring adventures challenge him to discover who he really is.

  • Blind Faith

    Sebastian Maharg • 125 pages

  • Dismas and Gestas

    Peter Hoffmann • Drama • Feature • 114 pages


    Jonah Jones • Feature • 93 pages

    Anna - a thirteen year old girl walks away from the remote farm in New Mexico that she has destroyed by creating a tornado, killing her parents in the process. She has lost faith in the fundamentalist church to which the family belonged and is trying to get to the sea where she knows Jesus lives, in order to gain his forgiveness. A Navajo policewoman – Maria - is concerned about her safety, even more so as she learns that a young Mescalero Apache with a history of anti-government behaviour is leading her towards his reservation. The FBI - or possibly a less well-known government organisation - becomes involved. This child could be a new means of waging war. Anna leaves the reservation when the young Apache's mother explains that he wants to use her as a weapon against the uranium mining bosses who killed his father. Led by Coyote, Anna makes her way to a policewoman's house and stays there until she is kidnapped by the shadow-FBI. The police, together with a rag-tag group of Mescalero, confront the FBI at a lonely farmhouse. Anna is taken back to the reservation where it's thought she will be safe. The army sends in two Chinooks and two attack helicopters to extract Anna but she has already gone. They and the police follow her into the White Sands desert where she calls upon her animal friends and her understanding of the Apache ceremonial dancing to bring down the helicopters. Anna walks way to the Trinity Shrine and then westwards, towards the sea, Coyote following her, the dust-devil wiping her tracks clean.

  • Bull Comb Blues

    David Warnock • Drama • Feature • 116 pages

    When a bullied teen falls in love with an older, bi-racial belle, defying the norms of his segregated hometown, he must fight back against increasing hatred and violence in order to escape his family’s suffocating grip.

  • Hell on Neptune

    Robert J. Rogers • Feature • 110 pages

  • World Enough, and Time

    Dan Borengasser • 114 pages

  • Dreamer

    Christopher Virnig • 99 pages

  • Tripping Through The Multiverse

    Joe Borriello • Sci-fi • Feature • 106 pages

    A reclusive writer finds new lust for life when he's sent on a dizzying journey through alternate realities.

  • The Flid Show

    Richard Willett • Drama • Feature • 107 pages

    A charismatic, belligerent English nightclub singer, born with flipper-like arms because his pregnant mother took the drug thalidomide, believes his deformity will keep him from ever finding love -- until he falls for a pretty young American doctor, with intimacy issues of her own, and must confront his own dark past in order to win her.

  • Eli's Dream

    Ken Ross • 90 pages

  • Quick & Painless

    Michael Sajewski • Action • Feature • 96 pages


    Pearse Lehane • Drama • Feature • 98 pages

    When a PI discovers a movie mogul thinks William Shakespeare is still alive, he disguises himself as the Bard in a bid to land a $1M writers contract.

  • Stand-Up Guys

    Patrick Poff • Thriller • Feature • 123 pages

    A stand-up comedian by day moonlights as a serial killer at night.

  • Times To Try the Soul of Man

    Brian O'Connor • 93 pages

  • Love and Blood in the Third Reich

    Jennifer Null • 117 pages

  • 7th SON

    William Maurer • 88 pages

  • 7 deaths a week

    steven comas • 107 pages

  • Buenos Aires

    Olga Rojer • Drama • 92 pages

  • Shadow of the Darkness

    Rick Sande • 86 pages

  • Shadows of the Evening

    David DeCicco • 126 pages

  • Casanova

    D. R. Tibbits • Drama • Feature

  • The Intruder

    Robert Rhyne • Horror • Feature • 107 pages

    After a tragic death, a grieving mother moves into an isolated farm to start a new life – only to discover the farm is haunted by the ghost of a young man who committed suicide there, and he’s targeted her troubled teenage son as his next victim.


    John Bednar • 100 pages

  • Standing Room

    Guy Bolling • 102 pages

    To save his brother a young man must carry out an assassination. He has two problems; he has never killed anyone before and he is bound to a wheelchair

  • god

    Thomas Simon • 110 pages

  • The Last Execution

    Tom Vecchio • Historical • Feature • 116 pages

    The bizarre true story of Elizabeth “Ma” Duncan, last woman executed in California for having her daughter-in-law murdered because of an uncomfortably close relationship with her attorney son. Elizabeth was addicted to pills, a bigamist, turned tricks to pay for her son’s law school whose trial became an international sensation.

  • Hunting Grace

    Robert E Randall • Drama • Feature • 109 pages

  • The Dead Father's Club

    Elizabeth Appell • 115 pages

  • Just Kill Me Already

    Sundae Jahant-Osborn • Comedy • Feature • 102 pages

    JUST KILL ME ALREADY (comedy) Desperate to win the role of a lifetime, down and out actor Johnnie drunkenly hires a hitman to “eliminate” his competition. But acting is a risky business, and without the money to pay up, Johnnie soon realizes hiring a hitman can actually have deadly consequences.

  • Servants' Row

    Kenya Branch • Drama • Feature • 107 pages

    In 1649, after an indentured servant is brutally beaten by an overseer, the multi-racial servants flee together from their colonial North Carolina plantation seeking a land of their own with the tyrannical owner in hot pursuit.

  • Grease Monkey

    Denise Landau • Comedy • Feature • 92 pages

  • Things We Did After School

    Sam Buttari • 92 pages

    Inspired by his grandfather's childhood "memory", an impressionable boy and his best friend embark on a quest to find a magic mountain that promises a peek at Heaven.

  • Good Knight Cowboy

    Cabot Wade • 108 pages

  • Lions in the North

    James McFarlane • 143 pages

  • Terratoo-Return To Earth

    Joe Koger • 115 pages

  • The Elixer of Pablo Garcia

    Brian Gerber • 95 pages

  • Boys In Blue

    Jabari Howard • 86 pages

  • The Scent of Violence

    Brandon Montgomery • Fantasy • Feature • 118 pages

  • The unheard flute

    Paul Gross • Drama • 106 pages

  • Frankie & Fabulous

    Kimberly Shumate • 105 pages

  • Generational Curses

    Kenya Branch • Drama • Feature • 99 pages

    After a bitter alcoholic rescues a broken teenager from a life in the sex trade, he struggles to find her parents while her trafficking pimp pursues them.

  • A Labour of Love

    Olga Holtz • Historical • Feature • 117 pages

    Striving to restore the epic film NAPOLEON, an obsessed English film-maker sacrifices all - money, personal life, career - to his idol: the delusional genius director of the mutilated masterpiece, who sabotages the restoration. Based on a true story.


    Martin Blinder • 106 pages

  • Inked In Blood

    PAUL CORRICELLI • Horror • Feature • 108 pages

    A tortured man returns to the town he ran away from as a child to exact his revenge on all those who wronged him. Not only to mend the shattered pieces of his own life, but for his mother's suffering as well, and ultimately face the one man he fears the most. His father.

  • A Thinner Man

    Thivanka Perera • 80 pages

  • Nicki Foxx

    Ray Spruill • Horror • Feature

  • The Fundraiser

    Russell Nelson • Comedy • Feature • 111 pages

    In a bid to fund his wedding, Ryan hatches a plan alongside his best man to compete in an iron man triathlon to raise money for charity. The money though, is to fund the wedding


    Gregory Georgiou • Horror • 110 pages

  • Hometown Sky

    Ben Sack • 91 pages

  • The Land of Chickens

    Michael Avishai • 91 pages

  • David vs. Vegas

    Dennis DeBon • Drama • 118 pages

  • Family of Spies

    Susan • 94 pages

  • Blessed McGill

    Roger Young • 130 pages

  • Torpedo Run

    Farrin Rosenthal • 125 pages

  • Writing the End

    Massimiliano Mauceri • 80 pages

  • Grandma Dee and the Lost Continent

    Mark Perlick • Comedy • Feature • 99 pages

    Traumatized by her experiences in Vietnam, a nurse believes her redemption will come when she finds the records of knowledge from the lost continent of Atlantis.

  • That Sinking Feeling

    Michael Begg, Barry Lemoine • Drama • Feature

    A young woman's past life memories of being a Titanic survivor emerge as her fiancé plans an expedition to salvage the doomed vessel.

  • GameBros

    Reuben Baron • Comedy • 77 pages

  • Red Ivory

    Larry Thomas • Thriller • Feature • 94 pages

    To fulfill his son’s last wish, a distraught father travels to Africa and teams with a feisty female ranger to help protect elephants from a murderous poacher.