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  • 547


    An End to the Means
    Martha Dunne | Thriller | Feature | 115 pages
    When an ex-Marine is set up by her boyfriend and deported to China for a crime she didn't commit, she becomes a pawn of both the US government and a human trafficking triad.
  • 530


    Nelson Downend | Thriller | Feature | 105 pages
    After receiving her first major role in an off-Broadway production of Othello, a young actress spirals out of control after she wakes on the morning of opening night to find that she may have murdered her lover.
  • 525


    Kevin Bachar | Thriller | Feature | 104 pages
    A transplanted Chicago cop clashes with the local Amish while investigating the death of an Amish teen. Soon the cop’s family is in jeopardy when she uncovers the underbelly of drugs and murder in her supposed picture perfect town.
  • 521


    Thomas Mann | Thriller | Feature | 99 pages | View Writer Profile
    During WW2, three soldiers must escape an underground labyrinth-like tunnel system which is filling with gas while trying to uncover which one of them is a notorious war criminal.
  • 518


    Tamra Teig | Thriller | Feature | 111 pages
    An ambitious Senator is taken hostage aboard a cargo ship hijacked by high-tech pirates and becomes a pawn in an elaborate scheme to spark a global economic meltdown. Inspired by actual events, and real threats.
  • 507


    Joe Bousquin | Thriller | Feature | 105 pages | View Writer Profile
    When her son claims he’s a reincarnated murder victim, a troubled mom must solve the mystery of who he was, before his killer strikes again.
  • 485


    Joshua Tywater | Thriller | Feature | 112 pages | View Writer Profile
    When the power grid is wiped out in a futuristic world, a fugitive's interrogation reveals that both deception and demonic forces are at work.
  • 479


    Stephen Spoth | Thriller | Feature | 101 pages | View Writer Profile
    A coal miner becomes paranoid that his android housekeeper is plotting to kill his family.
  • 478


    Brian Hershkowitz | Thriller | Feature | 99 pages | View Writer Profile
    A young, career-oriented couple finds their life uprooted by their Beach Boys obsessed neighbor who challenges them to a month long game of life and death. But as uncertainty builds regarding the true consequences of the game, they discover the terrifying reality that all is not what it seems.
  • 475


    Michael Learner | Thriller | Feature | 101 pages
    In a Chicago suburb, a determined teenage girl goes on a quest to obtain money for her dying mother's treatment. Over the course of one night, the line between good and evil quickly blurs, as the girl and several very different strangers who cross her path must all fight for their lives.
  • 475


    London Chained
    Ulvrik "Wolf" Kraft | Thriller | Feature | 100 pages | View Writer Profile
    A woman named London wakes up chained to a chair, and her captors accuse her of being a serial killer, but even in the face of overwhelming evidence, she can’t remember if she is a murderer or not.
  • 464


    Paradise Strikes
    Kyler Boudreau | Thriller | Feature | 107 pages
    A forest ranger takes a job on the peaceful island of Kauai to escape a haunting experience in Montana. Soon after her arrival she discovers an ancient curse from the Menehune has been unleashed in the forests. Now she must face her fears and defeat the curse before everyone on the island perishes.
  • 462


    Joe Bousquin | Thriller | Feature | 107 pages | View Writer Profile
    After his daughter is killed in a daycare massacre, a hard-charging gun lobbyist spirals out of control as he uncovers the hidden agenda that led to her death.
  • 444


    Ryan Hartley | Thriller | Feature | 90 pages | View Writer Profile
    In the Kentucky wilderness, a tragic hunting accident becomes a game of cat and mouse between a young Middle Eastern man and a vengeful xenophobic father.
  • 442


    George Varotsis | Thriller | Feature | 125 pages | View Writer Profile
    A maverick homicide detective discovers a shocking connection between himself and a series of gruesome murders when he realizes that his past is intertwined with his present and the serial killer he's been chasing - his own father.
  • 438


    Ted Campbell | Thriller | Feature | 110 pages | View Writer Profile
    A disgruntled MBTA worker who aspires to live up to his gangster father’s legacy uses his extensive knowledge of the abandoned tunnels under the city of Boston to pull off a diamond heist.
  • 434


    Eyes On
    Ryan Underwood | Thriller | Feature | 96 pages
    When an ex-con discovers a mysterious dead woman in his trunk after a night of drinking, he must unravel the mystery or risk being sent back to jail.
  • 433


    Critical Hit
    Ellis Bahl | Thriller | Feature | 103 pages | View Writer Profile
    Against her brother's wishes, a recently disabled young woman finds her calling in the often toxic world of e-sports. When her teammate is SWATTED, she must figure out who did it before she is SWATTED herself.
  • 431


    The unNatural Order
    Becca Davis | Thriller | Feature | 119 pages | View Writer Profile
    In a world plagued by political unrest, an agoraphobic housewife begins experiencing disturbing visions of the past that make her question the nature of her own identity. As she digs deeper into these visions, she discovers she is unwittingly at the center of a chilling political conspiracy aimed at resetting the natural order.
  • 423


    The Heroine of Wrangel Island
    Aaron Michael Bailey | Thriller | Feature | 105 pages | View Writer Profile
    Alaska, 1921. A cash strapped Inuit woman joins an Arctic expedition, comprised entirely of Western men, with the hope of paying for her child’s medical care. Leaving her son behind, she's forced to battle the men, the elements, her inner demons, and a menacing Polar Bear.

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