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  • 431


    Matt Brothers | Fantasy | Short | 11 pages
    Stuck in a never ending cycle of death and resurrection, a lone Knight embarks on a dangerous rescue mission, unaware that his fate is being controlled by a higher power... an 11 year old girl.
  • 418


    sarah polhaus | Fantasy | Short | 21 pages
    A mother unable to let go of her dying daughter gets help from an unexpected source.
  • 408


    Ryan Still | Fantasy | Short | 10 pages
    An intimate fantasy tale of a mother, Katie (30s) and son, Jack (10), who are on the run from their abusive father. To cope with the fighting, Jack retreats to his imagination.
  • 403


    Chemistry of Fear
    George Zwier | Fantasy | Short | 17 pages | View Writer Profile
    Gareth shuns attention but seeks the affections of Dinah, the donut shop girl. Battling his demons, he strives to overcome his social anxieties lest they control his life.
  • 401


    Saint. Sinner.
    J. Franklin Evans | Fantasy | Short | 20 pages | View Writer Profile
    A true do-gooder sells his soul to the devil to save the life of the woman he loves. In the end, his love and sacrifice still may not be enough.
  • 398


    Shadow Players
    Mel Piper | Fantasy | Short | 12 pages | View Writer Profile
    A stranded adventurer must tell her story-travelling lover the beginning of his new story before he disintegrates with the ending of their time together.
  • 350


    The Barn (Working Title)
    Sophie Black, Tommy Draper | Fantasy | Short | 12 pages
    A dark fantasy thriller which visualizes all the stages of a fear a young man has to overcome when he discovers he is about to become a father.
  • 255


    The Airplane
    Rajendra Thakurathi | Fantasy | Short | 17 pages | View Writer Profile
    A lonely kid accidentally grabs his father's US Air Force plane from the sky and the whole world goes crazy looking for the missing plane.
  • 246


    We Stole Charlie Chaplin's Body!
    Richard Marvin | Fantasy | Short | 16 pages
    Charity clothing bins seek revenge on two thieves who are ultimately taught the lesson of redemption.
  • 232


    Dream Merchants
    Aimie Willemse | Fantasy | Short | 10 pages
    A naïve girl must embrace her nomadic legacy after her father’s injuries worsen, venturing to harvest fallen stars despite the monsters lurking in the shadows.
  • 226


    The Fray
    Leigh Miller | Fantasy | Short | 17 pages
    Mady, an inexperienced police officer, is sent alone to investigate a deserted farming estate far from civilization. Chaperoned by a less than helpful property hand, what should be a basic investigation takes a strange and supernatural turn.
  • 208


    Formicarium: Or The Unrelenting Allure of Complacency
    Jarrett Paperno | Fantasy | Short | 15 pages | View Writer Profile
    A recent graduate becomes stuck in her pursuit of her dream career when her outer world begins to blend with her inner turmoil.
  • 173


    James Smith | Fantasy | Short | 19 pages | View Writer Profile
    Ed wakes from an afternoon nap to find a very odd individual sitting on the edge of his bed with a startling announcement and an opportunity that is interesting to say the least.
  • 147


    I Was A Teenage Werepossum
    Mark Keigley | Fantasy | Short | 22 pages | View Writer Profile
    A teenage werepossum's BFF is killed by a murderous werecougar who must be stopped before he kills again.
  • 140


    My Girlfriend Dana
    M. K. Jackson | Fantasy | Short | 11 pages
    Dana and Russell are growing apart. Russell finds himself mired in everyday obstacles, struggling to keep on schedule. Dana is changing; she's not the person she once was. What happens will change their relationship forever.
  • 130


    Happy Birthday, Dear David
    Tyler Harvey | Fantasy | Short | 11 pages
    A 9-5 office worker, numbed by his daily routine, searches for freedom as he slowly becomes consumed by illusions of space.
  • 120


    Shreyas Ayaluri | Fantasy | Short | 35 pages | View Writer Profile
    June, a tweenager's life in the 80's is rocked when her suburbia falls prey to a surreal serial killer.
  • 120


    David Healy | Fantasy | Short | 19 pages | View Writer Profile
    An innocent looking stuffed toy with a tragic past comes to the defense of a helpless girl to save her life.
  • 117


    To Hell and Back
    Alec Kenney | Fantasy | Short | 19 pages | View Writer Profile
    A mourning dreamer is struggling to move past losing his wife. When he decides to start escaping his reality rather than turning to his art he's forced to go through the pits of hell.
  • 113


    The Blood Of The Dragons
    Mark Gee | Fantasy | Short | 29 pages
    A bullied teenage boy sees something so evil, he is convinced he has to become a killer in order to stop it.

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