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    The Divinity Cycle
    Nelson Downend | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 60 pages
    The lives of a disillusioned priest struggling with addiction, a recently widowed homicide detective and an ambitious young journalist converge as an enigmatic performance artist leads them into the mystery surrounding an active serial killer.
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    In Chrysalis: Ovum
    Nelson Downend | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 58 pages
    After being suspended from her job following a patient suicide, clinical psychologist Dr. Jackie Winters believes she has hit rock bottom. That is until a plea for help from a former patient thrusts her down the rabbit hole into a dark world of murder, horrific scientific experimentation, bizarre delusional mythology, and possibly human metamorphosis.
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    josh kaukl | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 64 pages | View Writer Profile
    An ex-cult member girl is working with FBI Cult task force to infiltrate dangerous cults to determine whether or not they pose a threat to people’s safety, but she has doubts as to whether what she is doing is right, or if she’s being manipulated by an agenda within the FBI.
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    Heir Apparent
    Yellowlees Douglas | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 70 pages
    Declared dead for a year, an alcoholic English earl must try to stop the coming carnage of World War I by pretending to be his look-alike half-brother, a German spy, while also battling a wildly unconventional American widow determined to stop him.
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    Strawberry Plains
    Elvis Wilson | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 58 pages | View Writer Profile
    Strawberry Plains (dramatic thriller) is a 9-part TV series. A forensic anthropologist becomes the target of a bitter ex-lover who blackmails an ex-football player to kidnap his pregnant wife. The ex-lover takes the next nine months to ruin the Doctor professionally, keep his wife captive, and take the baby as her own when the child is born.
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    Stephen Woodworth | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 53 pages | View Writer Profile
    In a world where the dead can testify against the living, someone is getting away with murder. Natalie Lindstrom is a Violet, one of the rare, genetically gifted individuals with violet eyes and the accompanying ability to channel the dead. She aids murder investigations by summoning victims to bear witness against those who slew them. But now a masked murderer is stalking the Violets themselves, and Natalie must team with FBI profiler Dan Atwater to find the killer before she, too, becomes his prey.
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    Office 39
    Dave Miller | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 58 pages
    A mysterious man suddenly appears at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, Korea, providing proof of the long fabled "Office 39" of the North Korean government.
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    Nothing Ever Dies
    Neil Thomas Kirby | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 62 pages
    A young reporter is killed in an accident while investigating a decades-old disappearance, but when a tech startup devises a way to revive lost loved ones through digital projection and artificial intelligence, his widow decides to bring him back--only for his projection to tell her that he believes he was murdered and to enlist her help in finding his killer.
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    CARLO CARERE, ERIN CARERE | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 55 pages | View Writer Profile
    A Near Death Experience leaves an ineffectual Priest with the ability to remote view tragedies as they happen. In order to stop them, he must risk everything.
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    Becca E. Davis | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 60 pages | View Writer Profile
    An ambitious young man is accepted to compete for a position in a coveted social club, and finds himself caught in the cross hairs of a multi-billion dollar media conglomerate experimenting with a disturbing new form of advertising that has deadly consequences.
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    Learn to Live
    Graeme Benson | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 53 pages
    A software genius becomes the latest AI-induced redundancy, plunging him into a perilous race to foil a mass murder plot while avoiding arrest as a “suicide culprit” and relying on a woman he disdains
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    Whistler County
    Josh Kaukl | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 62 pages | View Writer Profile
    Deputy Bertrise Jackson finds herself pressured into solving a seemingly supernatural murder in a dead, coal-mining town deep in racially and spiritually divided Appalachia country that’s trying to stay above water by way of paranormal tourism as unexplained disappearances put the townsfolk on edge.
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    Holy Man
    Michael John Petty | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 55 pages | View Writer Profile
    A rusty preacher is forced back into the world after a series of biblically-themed crimes plague a small Montana community.
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    Marc Edelstein | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 60 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a global insomnia epidemic threatens the planet, a neurologist and a top intelligence officer have only two sleepless weeks to save humanity -- by sacrificing their own.
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    Rossa McPhillips | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 60 pages
    An NGO worker is forced by MI6 to conduct secret peace talks with terrorists in Somalia
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    The Protégé
    Kennedy Sabelko | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 59 pages | View Writer Profile
    An esteemed Abnormal Psychology Professor uses her expertise to help authorities solve her clients’ murders. However, as evidence begins to emerge, it appears that she is not who she seems to be.
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    John Bickerstaff | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 57 pages | View Writer Profile
    An ambitious journalism student at an elite New England University investigates the suicide of a gay freshman, piecing together the events that led to his death. Over the course of this 8-episode limited series, with each episode focusing on a different suspect, she uncovers a shadowy network of sex, drugs, and crime, that goes right to the top of her beloved school.
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    Soldier Spy
    Andrew Judge | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 62 pages | View Writer Profile
    A new MI5 agent hides her failed past and becomes embroiled in a new terror threat emerging in London, accelerating her transition into a murky life.
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    Lucas County
    Everett Moss | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 60 pages | View Writer Profile
    Working a brutal child homicide case, and trying to cope with his fiancee's horrible amnesia, a depressed detective stumbles upon a possible connection; satanism in Lucas County.
  • 339


    The Observer Effect
    Garret Walsh | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 52 pages
    A troubled woman is drawn into a mysterious world of supernatural premonitions and dark fates but a dangerous secret organization and a singular foe wait to oppose her at every turn. And even as these dangers close in, secrets from her own past and her new gift will combine to take a toll that may destroy them all.

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