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    Piney Ridge
    La'Chris Jordan | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 60 pages | View Writer Profile
    Following a heart-wrenching tragedy, a Black female sharecropper in 1930s Virginia sets out on a mission of personal revenge, all while fighting the exploitation of the town’s wealthy landowners and the violent harassment of the local sheriff and his posse of unlawful men.
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    Clint Williams | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 55 pages | View Writer Profile
    Amid the chaos following the War of 1812, two runaway slaves, one a skilled blacksmith, meet en route to a fortified sanctuary in the Florida Panhandle that draws escaped slaves from across the South. There, in a wilderness still considered part of Spain, they help the fort’s commander build a community while leading daring raids in search of the blacksmith’s wife. But hopes for a reunion are endangered when U.S. troops, Creek mercenaries and Navy gunboats attack the fort.
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    Amanda Samaroo | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 56 pages | View Writer Profile
    A peaceful Cherokee mother and spiritual healer is forced to become a warrior when her tribe faces annihilation at the hands of foreigners determined to settle their land.
  • 501


    The Maharaja
    Amar Rehal | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 58 pages
    True story set in 19th century India as a young Sikh warrior attempts to overcome a rocky marriage and unite a divided people in an effort to take on his most powerful enemy.
  • 486


    The Life and Times of Francie Page
    Victoria Lucia | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 63 pages | View Writer Profile
    A young gay black man flees rural West Virginia seeking a new start, and soon finds himself swept up in the wild atmosphere of Harlem in the 1920’s where drink, drugs, and sex abound.
  • 485


    Michael Fine | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 57 pages
    On the eve of the First Jewish-Roman Revolt in 65 AD, a young resourceful wine presser rebels against a corrupt Roman governor.
  • 482


    King Street
    Justin Kohlas | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 63 pages | View Writer Profile
    The daughter of a British East India Company Captain becomes embroiled in the American Revolution when her father moves their family from London to colonial Boston.
  • 470


    N A T I V E
    Kevin Walls | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 65 pages | View Writer Profile
    Selim Aga was only eight years old when he was captured by slavers in the mountains of Sudan. Bought and sold. Passed from master to master. Battered and barely alive. Selim wanted one thing: to go home.
  • 463


    Lynda Brendish | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 61 pages
    A limited series drama based on the true story of Victoria Woodhull's radical 1872 bid for the presidency, 50 years before women had the vote -- and the sex scandals, hubris and patriarchal powers-that-be that prevent her success.
  • 450


    RED GEYSER--episode one-"Broken Bones:
    Michael Salomon | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 55 pages | View Writer Profile
    After a new physician is forced into a Transylvanian slave labor camp by pro-Nazi, ultra-nationalists who murder his friends and family, he vows to escape and seek revenge. Based on stories told to me by father, who claimed they were true.
  • 450


    A. Giovanna Alighieri | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 60 pages
    A young Jewish woman in 1922 Berlin has a brief lesbian affair with a cabaret performer and is unaware of the demons that lurk in her own family.
  • 442


    Artie Mead | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 56 pages
    At the height of the Cold War, communist showcase state East Germany is on the brink of collapse. In Berlin, still jointly administered by the four victorious powers, Berliners go about their daily lives, unaware that East Germany (backed up by the Soviets) must enact drastic measures in order to save itself. Measures that involve cutting a city in half.
  • 435


    Geoff Faugerolas | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 60 pages
    Set during the tumultuous reign of Napoleon III, the show follows the story of Haussmann, a Prefect who had the revolutionary idea of destroying Paris and building a brand new capital from scratch - creating the most iconic city in the world.
  • 426


    Alexa Schulz | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 63 pages | View Writer Profile
    A power-hungry Native American madam struggles to keep her brothel-turned- cabaret afloat under the disdainful thumb of her paraplegic benefactor’s jealous son in 1892 Hamburg, Germany, where human life is cheap and women have no agency.
  • 423


    Heather Farlinger | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 41 pages | View Writer Profile
    In 1975, a decorated Marine and wounded Vietnam veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder heroically saves the life of President Ford when he is shot by assassin Sara Jane Moore, only to be outed and betrayed by the media, destroying his life forever. Based on true events.
  • 418


    Amy Quick Parrish | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 58 pages
    Francis Stewart, illegitimate grandson of King James V of Scotland, will stop at nothing - even witchcraft - to topple his cousin, King James VI from the throne.
  • 408


    The White Mouse: Witch
    Heather Farlinger | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 59 pages | View Writer Profile
    Number one on the Gestapo’s Most Wanted List, a frivolous prewar socialite turns deadly assassin and secret agent in World War II, and shortens the war by six months. (Casablanca meets Inglourious Basterds)
  • 398


    Of Patriots and Tyrants
    Aaron Silverman | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 61 pages | View Writer Profile
    As his town is oppressed by heavy-handed courts and an abusive government, a crestfallen debtor on the brink of ruin is pulled into a conflict for the ages by a charismatic soldier he once served with during the Revolutionary War.
  • 396


    Michael Davison | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 57 pages | View Writer Profile
    In 1920 Buffalo, war widow Maggie Becker finds herself on the brink of destitution after being forced out of her job at a factory to make way for the returning soldiers. With little option, the finds herself turning to the illegal world of rum running aligning herself with local racketeers and fighting to prove she's worth her salt. But there's no telling whether she'll make a fortune, or just make it out alive.
  • 393


    Jason Falloon | Historical | Television (One-hour) | 66 pages | View Writer Profile
    During a definitive moment in the Civil Rights Movement, a manipulative small-town mayor emerges with a sweeping new social order, placing the town’s isolated African-American community dangerously under attack.

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