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    Kat Sieniuc • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    Just when a successful female lawyer wins a controversial sexual assault case and poises herself to become the next attorney general of New York, she faces a showdown with the only legal mind who could tear her down and ruin her aspirations: a legendary attorney who also happens to be her estranged mother.

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    How Grace Got to Run the World

    Reeve Segal • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages • View Writer Profile

    12-year-old Grace will one day be the first female president of the United States -- she just doesn’t know it yet; we follow Grace’s journey as she transforms from socially awkward, small-town, social activist to cunning leader of the free-world despite unwavering resistance from her self-absorbed suburban family and friends.

  • #3

    Single Monster

    Justin Michael Terry • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 37 pages • View Writer Profile

    After a closet monster inadvertently kills a young tomboys foster mom, the creature is assigned to raise the child through her formative years as a form of probation.

  • #4


    Gil Hizon • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 28 pages

    UNCOUPLING is an anthology comedy series which follows a couple - a different one each season - as their relationship disintegrates, one episode at a time. In the pilot, two out-of-love thirtysomething parents, seen by many as the perfect couple, must work together in order to break up.

  • #5


    Jessie Gant • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 37 pages

    When the perpetually restless Tess realizes her marriage has hit a plateau she resorts to the one option she thinks can revitalize her relationship, an open-marriage; Ben, her oblivious husband, agrees to a trial period, but is Tess more “open” to the idea than she is to the reality?

  • #6

    The Reboots

    Andrea Lawson • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 28 pages • View Writer Profile

    This half-hour single-cam asks the question: What happens when the Virtual Assistants that run our lives become just as lazy and dishonest and petty as the people they’re supposed to help? HUMANS meets WORKAHOLICS.

  • #7

    On Probation

    Sergio Cámara • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 40 pages • View Writer Profile

    After her marriage ends, an old-school housewife has to start over as a social worker in a rowdy parole office. Her only weapons, please and thank you.

  • #8

    Sprinkles and Buttons

    Steve Miranda • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 30 pages • View Writer Profile

    After losing their owner, Sprinkles and Buttons must roam the unforgiving world on a perilous journey back to their home.

  • #9

    Love Scenes, LLC

    Lira Kellerman • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 41 pages

    A broke female filmmaker tricks her colleagues into shooting real love scenes and then sells them to an online porn site. When it goes viral, the lines between friendship, fucking, and getting filthy rich aren’t just blurred, they’re double crossed.

  • #10

    Playing the Palace

    Alex Williams • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 33 pages

    The scion of a prominent political family, his career at the State Department in ruins after a scandal, is given a chance to redeem himself when he’s sent to the tiny principality of Aphasia – which has been shut off from the rest of the world for fifty years - to help them transition to democracy and re-enter the modern world.

  • #11

    Nearly Super Nova

    Annie Nishida • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 34 pages

    Nova Yamada is a 19-year-old rapper from the San Gabriel Valley. She's got the attitude, rhymes, and talent. The only thing standing in her way is her controlling mom-slash-manager. And the fact that no one takes a Japanese-Vietnamese rapper seriously.

  • #12

    C U Next Tuesday

    Michele Yeo, Kimberley Gonsalves • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 40 pages • View Writer Profile

    C U Next Tuesday is behind-the-scenes workplace comedy following two smart (and smart-mouthed) 30-something female TV producers trying to get ahead in the highly-competitive, sometimes glamorous, often duplicitous, ALWAYS ridiculous world of celebrity journalism while also balancing their increasingly-complicated personal lives.

  • #13

    The Botz

    John Eleftheriou • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

    The Neo-Luddite patriarch of a human family suspects something is off about his new neighbors, but can’t put his finger on it. He’s right: they’re life-like androids in a top secret government experiment.

  • #14


    Andrea Lawson • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages • View Writer Profile

    A quirky half-hour single cam with heart about the family of a man who lost the 1986 National Marble Championship, and is still chasing (and losing) glory in every contest he can find.

  • #15

    There's No Place Like OM

    Monique Reymond • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 40 pages

    Sage is at the center (though she’s not always centered) of a group of unlikely Los Angelenos bent on using yoga and each other to get unbent. Fame, fortune, friendship, fucking up and spiritual enlightenment are all put to the test.

  • #16

    Junior Detective Squad

    Jeremy Brothers • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    After waking up from a decades-long coma, a former boy detective struggles with reconnecting with his childhood friends who have all grown up.

  • #17

    Thick as Thieves

    Sam Ferguson • Comedy • Television (One-hour) • 50 pages

    Two young women are pulled in to a new life of crime reliving the worst parts of their teenage years after they impulsively choose to rob a cafe, which they discover is owned by the Welsh Mob.

  • #18

    The Deep Burn

    Jerry Landry • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages • View Writer Profile

    In the steroid-soaked 1980s, bodybuilding champion MACK BRADLEY considers a return to glory - this time, without the juice.

  • #19

    The Drop-Off

    Aadip Desai • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 33 pages

    After relocating his family across LA to send his daughter to a highly-coveted preschool, an Indian-American dad gets fired. Since the public schools are terrible and homeschooling is not an option, he offers to work the crazy school drop-off in exchange for tuition.

  • #20

    That Sister Thang

    Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen, Dale Winton • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 34 pages • View Writer Profile

    Two polar opposite South African sisters struggling to fit into Austin life must overcome the revelation that they have different mothers, one dead and one alive... and white, in order to save the thing they hold most dear - their sisterhood.

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