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    Gil Hizon • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 28 pages

    UNCOUPLING is an anthology comedy series which follows a couple - a different one each season - as their relationship disintegrates, one episode at a time. In the pilot, two out-of-love thirtysomething parents, seen by many as the perfect couple, must work together in order to break up.

  • #2

    Family Business

    Chris Thomson • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 34 pages

    A young, naive mob soldier struggles to deal with his crime family, his actual family, his crush on an undercover cop, and what it means to be successful.

  • #3

    The Hill

    Nevil Jackson • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    In his first year as a high school teacher, a young black man from Harlem must learn to navigate the politics and prejudices of life at a boarding school in the whitest place in America – Maine.

  • #4

    Nearly Super Nova

    Annie Nishida • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 34 pages

    Nova Yamada is a 19-year-old rapper from the San Gabriel Valley. She's got the attitude, rhymes, and talent. The only thing standing in her way is her controlling mom-slash-manager. And the fact that no one takes a Japanese-Vietnamese rapper seriously.

  • #5


    David Samuels • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 40 pages • View Writer Profile

    3 furry siblings pursue their individual dreams in New York City while trying not kill each other. The only thing standing in their way is their newly raised rent, the wrath of a drug addled Portuguese water dog named Tubi, and their total lack of any talent or skills.

  • #6

    La Fabulosa Conchita: Private School Girl

    Sophia Lopez • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 30 pages

    Fourteen-year-old Mexican socialite Conchita Hernandez moves to LA and is pushed to her wits’ end trying desperately to assimilate into a world of green juice chugging cheerleaders, ironclad social hierarchy, and gluten-free diets. However, despite the chaos her family, hearty sense of self, and authenticity serve as her guiding light.

  • #7

    Glitter Gulch

    Scott Root • Comedy • Television (Half-hour)

    Amber is the rootin'est, tootin'est party girl in the Wild West, but her good time is interrupted when her two sordid love affairs show back up in her life on the same day, culminating in a not so typical high-noon duel.

  • #8


    Scott Boxenbaum • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages • View Writer Profile

    An L.A. suburban tween misfit in 1980 enters the colorful, gritty world of Venice skateboarding and punk rock in order to escape suburban conformity and a dysfunctional family.

  • #9

    Street Lights

    Terrence Thompson • Comedy • Television (One-hour) • 59 pages

    In 2010 on the Southside of Chicago, an unlikely bond forms between a mercurial clique of Black high-school seniors hailing from two rivals schools.

  • #10


    Chandler Kilgore Parshall • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 33 pages

    In a time of alternative facts and escalating scandals, Jane Sunpatch-Kidd is DC’s brightest and ruthless political fixer. When her criminal past forces her to represent Robert Dunphy, one of the worst presidents in U.S. history, Jane must compromise her values to keep a man she hates in office. Oh, did we mention Jane is a puppet?

  • #11

    Sprinkles and Buttons

    Steve Miranda • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 30 pages

    After losing their owner, Sprinkles and Buttons must roam the unforgiving world on a perilous journey back to their home.

  • #12

    Ned - The Cougar Hunter

    Liisa Evastina • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 47 pages

    Multi camera sitcom about a 19 year old Ned in his first job, packing groceries in a health food store in Los Angeles. Nerdy Ned loves older women but is not man enough to get them – yet. He’s getting advice from both his womaniser colleague Tom and his happily married lesbian boss Leslie, and is confused which is more important: catching any willing cougar or finding love.

  • #13

    Finnish Me!

    Liisa Evastina, Gary Petras, Jake Deptula • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 29 pages

    Single camera comedy about an accidental mail order bride from Finland. 10 year old boy thinks kids should have more say on who becomes their step parent, so he orders his father a mail order bride as a prank.

  • #14

    Code Switch

    Chidinma Orji • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 31 pages

    Follows a young African American woman as she navigates her way through the daily microaggressions faced by black people working in corporate America

  • #15

    Lower Education

    D.W. Paone • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    Single-camera sitcom where burnt out and cynical high school teachers buck the system using unorthodox methods.

  • #16

    Extreme Randy

    Terry John Barto • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 33 pages • View Writer Profile

    A teenage surfing phenomenon's grace at sea is countered by extreme social awkwardness on land as he and his pelican friend navigate life in a glitzy new town.

  • #17

    Craig and his Uncle Ron

    Craig Miller, Dustin Chafin • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 37 pages

    After seemingly putting his East Texas small town roots behind him, a young NYC advertising creative has his world completely upended by the arrival of an unexpected new roommate: His eccentric uncle, a pure Texas outlaw cowboy type in the midst of a 3/4 life crisis.

  • #18

    The Adventures of Throw a Burger: Episode 1

    Brannagan Brouk • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 30 pages

    A teenager named Johnny goes through all these shenanigans at Throw a Burger, a very hectic diner.The owner of the diner Mr. McGee gives Johnny the daunting task of protecting the secret recipe from the rival restaurant Happy Diner.

  • #19

    Santa Warz

    Lawrence Whitener • Comedy • Television (One-hour) • 64 pages

    Santa's evil twin conspires with terrorist organization ICICLE to ruin the world's Christmas. Store Santa and Actor Santa join in the fray. Three's Company, but Four?

  • #20

    Save Our Ship!

    Judy Mullins, Elena Ulanovski, Isabel Quintana, Pilar Quintana • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 39 pages

    Series Logline: The Davenport’s wacky immigrant crew and an ex-Navy man struggle to keep their cruise ship afloat by catering to eccentric guests while the ship’s owner plots to bankrupt the line. Pilot: The son of a ship magnate has to prove his worth to his crew and family, but Greenpeace threatens to sink his ship.

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