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    Kat Sieniuc • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    Just when a successful female lawyer wins a controversial sexual assault case and poises herself to become the next attorney general of New York, she faces a showdown with the only legal mind who could tear her down and ruin her aspirations: a legendary attorney who also happens to be her estranged mother.

  • #2

    Single Monster

    Justin Michael Terry, Ryan Marsico • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 37 pages • View Writer Profile

    After a closet monster inadvertently kills a young tomboys foster mom, the creature is assigned to raise the child through her formative years as a form of probation.

  • #3

    The Great Gay Hope

    James Berg • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

    A conservative politician attempts to court his new liberal constituency by turning his previously shunned gay son into the LGBTQ poster boy.

  • #4

    Elvis Bites Man

    Jay Cundiff, Kyle Jorgensen • Comedy • Television (One-hour) • 61 pages • View Writer Profile

    To keep their struggling tabloid magazine, The Global Inspector, afloat, two journalists are sent to a small town in Oregon to investigate a murder in which the lead suspect is none other than Bigfoot.

  • #5

    Stage Five

    Alexandra Timmer • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 34 pages

    A young woman beats cancer only to discover that she can't shake off the world of the dead and return to the land of the living as easily as she thought, not with a mortician for a roommate and a goth detective following her around thinking she would make the perfect partner.

  • #6

    The Last Abortion Clinic in Kansas

    Tammy Caplan • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 33 pages

    The staff of a women's health clinic struggles to treat patients and keep their sanity in the middle of the War on Women.

  • #7

    On the Line

    Matt Hyams • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

    When a portal to an alleged heavenly realm opens in a college town and thousands line up to go through it, a philosophy professor must convince his discontented wife and apoplectic kids to stay with him instead of joining the masses and leaving the world behind.

  • #8


    Jessie Gant • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

    When the perpetually restless Tess realizes her marriage has hit a plateau she resorts to the one option she thinks can revitalize her relationship, an open-marriage; Ben, her oblivious husband, agrees to a trial period, but is Tess more “open” to the idea than she is to the reality?

  • #9

    The Reboots

    Andrea Lawson • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 30 pages • View Writer Profile

    When a hapless cubicle dweller gets fed up with his A.I.'s micromanaging, his hack accidentally turns the A.I.s just as lazy and dishonest and petty as the people they were designed to help.

  • #10

    Sprinkles and Buttons

    Steve Miranda • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 30 pages • View Writer Profile

    After losing their owner, Sprinkles and Buttons must roam the unforgiving world on a perilous journey back to their home.

  • #11

    Scrambled Eggs

    Brad Klipfel • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 38 pages

    A dysfunctional family of chickens is forced to band together when they're cast in a reality show that sends them straight to the slaughterhouse.

  • #12

    There's No Place Like OM

    Monique Reymond • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

    As she makes yet another in a series of failed attempts at cleaning up her act in order to regain custody of her daughter, a recovering addict finds new purpose as a yoga teacher in Los Angeles… and then inadvertently becomes a spiritual guru.

  • #13

    Warrior Warrior

    Brian Michaels • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 32 pages

    Destined for priesthood, an altar-boy chooses to take up male stripping as his night job, leading him to come-of-age in a world of drugs and sexual decadence.

  • #14

    Madam Caraveil's Caravan of Curiosities

    Amanda Keener • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 31 pages

    After Kaylee (11) runs away from her evil aunt to join Madam Caraveil's Caravan of Curiousities, she learns the mysterious connection between her family, the caravan, and an unknown entity that is trying to steal the last remaining magic to take over the world.

  • #15

    Street Lights

    Terrence Thompson • Comedy • Television (One-hour) • 51 pages

    In 2010 on the Southside of Chicago, an unlikely bond forms between a mercurial clique of Black teens from two rival schools. A lot has changed in the past 9 years, that’s why “Streetlights” needs to bravely reflect on our not so distant past.

  • #16

    That Sister Thang

    Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen, Dale Winton • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages • View Writer Profile

    Two chalk 'n cheese South African sisters struggling to fit into weird Austin life must overcome the revelation that they have different mothers, one dead and one white, in order to save the thing they hold most dear - their sisterhood.

  • #17

    Future Proof

    David Crosman • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 39 pages • View Writer Profile

    While trying to expand her small business Erica Brewers life takes a turn for the weird when four time travelers get stuck in her living room and the primitive 21st century.

  • #18

    Rock'n'Biscuit - Pilot

    Craig Miller, Dustin Chafin • Comedy • Television (One-hour) • 50 pages • View Writer Profile

    Craig, a young New York City advertising writer, is at the end of his rope struggling with love, career and money trouble in the big city, only to have his life further upended by the arrival of an unexpected new roommate: His Uncle Ron, a wild Texas outlaw cowboy type on a mission to make amends for his beer drenched past.

  • #19

    The Deep Burn

    Jerry Landry • Comedy • Television (One-hour) • 40 pages • View Writer Profile

    In the steroid-soaked 1980s, bodybuilding champion MACK BRADLEY considers a return to glory - this time, without the juice.

  • #20


    Natalee Branham • Comedy • Television (One-hour) • 64 pages • View Writer Profile

    Natalee Simone retired as a Serial Killer to follow her dream of running the illustrious Primetime magazine (the #1 Lifestyle Magazine in the world). Now, as Primetime's first BLACK executive, she is inches away from relapsing to her murderous ways in the very micro-aggressive world of fashion and fame.

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