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    Christian Lybrook | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 60 pages | View Writer Profile
    Rudy Strom, a disgraced ex-state trooper turned cattle cop, is pulled into police detective Isabela Quintana’s murder investigation of a prominent ranching family when their cattle are found skinned alive. The duo’s investigation uncovers ties to The Cord, a secretive, militarized religious sect that shuns the police, banks and hospitals to protect their way of life—and punish those who turn against them.
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    The Collapse
    Brooks Roscoe | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 55 pages
    The near, near future: The last ethical hi-tech "unicorn" ends up, through no fault of their own, becoming the baddest of the baddest.
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    Holy Man
    Michael John Petty | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 55 pages | View Writer Profile
    A rusty preacher is forced back into the world after a series of biblically-themed crimes plague a small Montana community.
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    Learn to Live
    Graeme Benson | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 53 pages
    A software genius becomes the latest AI-induced redundancy, plunging him into a perilous race to foil a mass murder plot while avoiding arrest as a “suicide culprit” and relying on a woman he despises
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    On The Verge
    Yair Karlberger | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 63 pages | View Writer Profile
    A twisted cat and mouse game erupts when a delusional detective and a deranged murderer take on the same psychiatrist, tangling her deeper into a web of lies that exposes her own dark past.
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    Graham Mulvein | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 55 pages
    Syrian war refugees have been settled by the U.S. Government amongst a small, seemingly idyllic New England island community, where a probationary female Police Chief and a physically disabled FBI Agent form an unlikely alliance to hunt down a horrific child murderer before he strikes again.
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    The Henchman
    James Sweeney | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 59 pages | View Writer Profile
    Setting sail from Sicily, Chief Mate Leyland Ross anticipates the ship’s return home to the U.S., where he will be made captain of the SS Serendipity. But three suspicious passengers have other career plans for Ross: Right hand man to the Petrone crime family. And they will do whatever’s required to make that a reality.
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    30 Meters
    Eric Andresen | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 55 pages | View Writer Profile
    A former CIA agent, after faking his own death, attempts to reunite with and protect his family from his corrupt former partner before his diagnosed brain cancer kills him.
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    Alejandro Cruz | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 62 pages | View Writer Profile
    An apathetic millennial is forced to solve a series of kidnappings after his girlfriend suddenly goes missing, leading him to uncover dark truths about his town, a grandiose cowboy priest, and even his own mother.
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    Rossa McPhillips | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 60 pages
    An NGO worker is forced by MI6 to conduct secret peace talks with terrorists in Somalia
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    Michael Manuel Goessler | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 66 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a US petty criminal flees to a small caribbean island to avoid prosecution, he must choose between power and humanity as he is drawn deeper and deeper into the sphere of influence of an alluring but vicious crime lady. Halfway between "Narcos" and "Game of Thrones", but with more Voodoo.
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    Last Meal
    Jonathan Yates | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 45 pages | View Writer Profile
    Host of hit television series that snares pedophiles is a serial killer who makes it personal with select "guests" to avenge his missing sister. Selling LAST MEAL: "Taken" meets "To Catch a Predator" meets "Dexter."
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    Rachel Fischer | Thriller | Television (One-hour) | 63 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a headstrong Army pilot accepts one last assignment to investigate a civilian helicopter crash on the eve of her retirement, she finds herself at off with an old rival in the midst of a violent cover-up and a suspicious series of suicides among the company’s employees.

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