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    Katterina Powers | Comedy | Feature | 101 pages | View Writer Profile
    A semi-delusional recluse rejoins the real world when with the help of a cheeky stuffed monkey and an ineffective Indian tour guide, she ventures into the Arctic to search for a son whom she believes is missing.
  • 559


    The Homestudy
    Derek Nicoletto | Comedy | Feature | 104 pages | View Writer Profile
    An insecure gay father turns dad-warrior when his husband’s affair with the married Mayor of NYC threatens to derail the adoption of their son. In his fight, he finds his voice, surprising allies and a new definition of “home.”
  • 558


    The Sauce Was Worth It
    Luke Guidici | Comedy | Feature | 94 pages
    In the ruins of post-apoclyptic Detroit, two friends undertake a dangerous journey to find the one thing that will give their lives meaning, a slice of pizza.
  • 533


    Crushing It
    Hamilton Mitchell | Comedy | Feature | 109 pages
    A young man discovers that his first love is going to marry his stepdad. (Retro mainstream comedy)
  • 529


    The Monster of Perfect, California
    Paul Sheridan | Comedy | Feature | 109 pages | View Writer Profile
    On Halloween night, a squad of socially awkward goofball teens find themselves squaring off against a bloodthirsty reptilian monster created in a military experiment gone horribly wrong.
  • 513


    Little Bob
    Robert Troccolo | Comedy | Feature | 92 pages | View Writer Profile
    A father and two daughters’ attempts to navigate divorce are complicated when the youngest, 8-year-old Fanny, dresses as Bob Dylan and speaks only in mumbles.
  • 505


    First Day
    Tony Nichols | Comedy | Feature
    Training Day meets Superbad. In the morally bankrupt world of high school, the last honest freshman must join forces with a Machiavellian senior to survive a seriously messed up first day of violence, corruption, drug abuse and pep rallies.
  • 478


    The Deal Breaker
    Stacie Shellner | Comedy | Feature | 116 pages | View Writer Profile
    After a hyper-masculine homophobic straight guy endures a personal crisis, he goes searching for his absentee father only to discover he’s gay and a drag queen.
  • 452


    A Cop and a Vampire walk into a bar
    Boris Coll | Comedy | Feature | 106 pages | View Writer Profile
    A disillusioned cop must team up with his ex-girlfriend turned vampire to solve a murder and save the burgeoning unity between humans and vampires.
  • 442


    Erna Mueller | Comedy | Feature | 105 pages
    A senior editor must do damage control for a feature article involving her sexist younger brother and his mail-order bride, while keeping a secret from her old-world father.
  • 440


    kiki bowman | Comedy | Feature | 107 pages
    Pretty in Pink for the Netflix set. A moxie filled teenage girl needs to win a major art scholarship to launch her New York fashion career, but despite fierce competition she finds out her biggest obstacle all along was herself.
  • 439


    White Wedding
    Lina Khan | Comedy | Feature | 112 pages | View Writer Profile
    Naya, a whip-smart pediatric resident, finds herself longing for romance in her life when she learns her best friend is starting a family. After a drunken fall, Naya becomes haunted by a trio of Pakistani movie stars who convince her to ask her parents to arrange her marriage. Throwing her hands in the air, Naya moves forward with the arranged marriage process just as the (white) man of her dreams falls into her lap.
  • 439


    Adi Blotman | Comedy | Feature | 109 pages | View Writer Profile
    When Martha, an overweight, middle-aged teacher, signs up for an experimental weight-loss drug trial, she experiences an unexpected side effect - superpowers.
  • 410


    Karen Hartline | Comedy | Feature | 106 pages
    36 year-old Danielle, a hard worker who graduated first in her high school class, experiences all the teen shenanigans she missed during her studious years over the course of one crazy night as she tries to find her daughter and prevent her from making a big mistake.
  • 323


    Imagine (3rd Draft)
    Suzy Miller | Comedy | Feature | 110 pages
    Darkly comic satire in a dystopian post-Brexit Climate Change ravaged UK, where an unlikely romance evolves between a naive misfit civil servant, and the man she is tasked to help convict in a legal test case for the new Ministry of Peace - destined to become the most hated Ministry of them all.
  • 131


    Death Actually
    Ervin Anderson | Comedy | Feature | 118 pages | View Writer Profile
    A successful but lonely woman decides to finally look for love, just as a comet passes close to Earth and causes one major side effect: falling in love will kill you. How do you find romance in a world where love is fatal? You get creative.
  • 116


    Hi, I'm Sheryl Crow and I Work at Target
    Andrew Benedict | Comedy | Feature | 106 pages
    Sheryl Crow took time off from music to work at a small town Target, her favorite store in the whole wide world, but when a store manager job opens up, she get pitted against her ex-best friend Michelle in Target’s first ever public election for Store Manager.
  • 110


    Sunset Manor
    Lyndon McGill | Comedy | Feature | 81 pages
    A retired and disabled Oscar-winning actor is dumped off at a Hollywood assisted living facility by his daughter and experiences the gamut of social, economic, and physical challenges common to many senior citizens trying to adapt to institutional life. And to complicate this parody on aging, someone is killing off the residents one by one. ("Clue" in a nursing home.)
  • 102


    Tropical Depression
    Tom Bruno, Chris Reina | Comedy | Feature | 104 pages
    Jonathon, down on his luck, reluctantly takes a trip with his two best friends to cure his depression. Various transportation issues arise, and Havoc ensues.
  • 101


    Forever Rock n' Roll
    Rick Cipes | Comedy | Feature | 111 pages | View Writer Profile
    A famous classic rock band reunites after 40 years of acrimony.

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