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    Fuck New Rome
    Erik Sternberger | Comedy | Feature | 119 pages | View Writer Profile
    A slightly true story based on the severely corrupt New Rome, Ohio and one man's crusade to bring the small town to justice—by any means necessary—for his excessive parking tickets.
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    The Rules of John Hughes
    Kevin Jokipii | Comedy | Feature | 102 pages | View Writer Profile
    After his latest expulsion, a rebellious teen has one last chance to graduate, and tries to get it right with the help of his cinematic idol, John Hughes.
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    Sumo Football
    Scott Jacobs | Comedy | Feature | 123 pages
    An NFL lineman injured in the twilight of his career joins his Samoan teammate on a junket to Japan and returns to lead the Seattle Seahawks to the Superbowl. Based on a true story.
  • 447


    Space Junk
    Christopher Mancuso, Jason Porcino | Comedy | Feature | 115 pages
    Six lovable misfits are frozen for three centuries after ruining Earth’s first contact with an alien race,. Once thawed, they serve as sanitation collectors in the farthest reaches of space and become reluctant heroes in a plot to save the universe.
  • 423


    Heather Farlinger | Comedy | Feature | 120 pages | View Writer Profile
    A UFO debunking psychiatrist with poor self esteem unwittingly takes an intergalactic road trip and must learn to embrace her true nature in order to save earth and get back home. (Thelma and Louise meets Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)
  • 416


    The Ravens of London
    Jaskaran Bahia | Comedy | Feature | 117 pages
    When the Legendary Ravens of the Tower of London are stolen, a famous (but secretly fraudulent) detective must unravel a labyrinthine web of intrigue, confront bizarre conspiracies, and investigate the nature of truth itself, lest England fall.
  • 415


    Correction, Fluid
    B. Wright | Comedy | Feature | 105 pages | View Writer Profile
    A writer struggling with her sexual identity finds herself in a tangled love affair with a mysterious woman while visiting her boyfriend’s family.
  • 410


    Dorsett Dreams
    David Gray | Comedy | Feature | 112 pages | View Writer Profile
    When trendsetter Michiko Matsuo is sent from L.A. to rural Indiana to find locations for a commercial she finds the locals are not quite as accommodating as she had hoped. Teaming up with the editor of the local paper proves useful in navigating the territory, but also challenges her defenses.
  • 405


    Tami Ryder | Comedy | Feature | 112 pages | View Writer Profile
    A veteran Psych Tech lands on a misfit crew watching over mental health clients fresh out of jail, when one slips through their fingers causing the team to unite for a high-stakes chase before anyone finds out their client has flown the coop.
  • 401


    Aurora George | Comedy | Feature | 120 pages
    A talented, high school softball pitcher's dream of earning a college scholarship is halted when the new coach replaces her with a younger player who happens to be the pitcher's sister.
  • 400


    Suit Stuff
    Timothy Mason | Comedy | Feature | 117 pages | View Writer Profile
    When a pair of wannabe thugs happen upon a large sum of cash after a gang meet goes wrong, they foolishly take the money placing a target on their backs.
  • 388


    When Harry took Hostages
    Gerald Lenton-Young | Comedy | Feature | 106 pages
    Hoping to expose a conniving Dean and her agenda of ageism, a karaoke-loving senior professor triggers a comedic hostage-taking. Unfortunately, an unscrupulous reporter sensationalizes and exploits him in order to gain personal fame.
  • 380


    Just A Hitch
    Kate Powis | Comedy | Feature | 111 pages | View Writer Profile
    A workaholic criminal defense attorney travels across the country with an ex criminal in an attempt to get to her sister's wedding on time with the bride's dress.
  • 350


    Theresa Drew | Comedy | Feature | 118 pages
    When a suicidal woman gets diagnosed with Cancer and decides not to treat it, her Type-A oncologist is determined to give her a reason to live.
  • 338


    The Mix-Up
    Luis A. Colon | Comedy | Feature | 120 pages | View Writer Profile
    After discovering a secret behind a Valentine's gift, Alex and Jane find themselves trying to outrun and outwit the Albanian mob.
  • 323


    The Loser's Club
    Jonathan Turner Smith | Comedy | Feature | 113 pages | View Writer Profile
    For years, members of the self-proclaimed “The Loser’s Club” have endured the constant "torture" and harassment by some of the most “elite” students in their high school. After a particularly horrendous day of bullying, the members of “The Loser’s Club” decide it’s time to put an end to their torment by kidnapping and holding hostage the school's star quarterback and head cheerleader on the day of the school’s Centennial Homecoming. The Loser’s Club’s plan, “Operation Get Back,” is about to kick some serious butt!
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    The Kidnap
    LaTorie Martin, Shane Mcclendon | Comedy | Feature | 116 pages
    A childlike couple thought to be infertile decide to take matters into their own hands by adopting kids they accidentally kidnap.
  • 303


    The Vagina Whisperer
    Bill Foley | Comedy | Feature | 105 pages
    When a likable loser grows talking boobs with Extra Vaginal Perception, he uncovers a monster that is hunting for him and his new love interest.
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    Rum Runners
    Gal Ron | Comedy | Feature | 99 pages | View Writer Profile
    In the wake of the 1986 US amendment to raise the legal drinking age, two high school seniors devise a scheme to sell stolen liquor to their underage classmates in order to raise money for college tuition.
  • 234


    Mr. Morgan
    Aaron Michael Bailey, Troy David Fresch | Comedy | Feature | 107 pages | View Writer Profile
    Perry is newly divorced, unsure of himself and how to come out of his shell. Derek is an out of work actor, struggling for his lucky break. The two couldn't be more different, but once they become roommates, they're exactly what each other need.

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