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    Mud Swimmers

    Angela Ryan • Thriller • Feature • 115 pages • View Writer Profile

    Against her better judgement, a bigoted social worker harbours an illegal immigrant. After the one person she tells is murdered, she is forced to abandon her old worldview and must stay one step ahead of the murderer and authorities to protect her illegal friend.

  • #2


    Nelson Downend • Thriller • Short • 14 pages

    The life of a disillusioned priest struggling with addiction is turned upside down as an enigmatic performance artist leads him into the mystery surrounding a killer.

  • #3

    In Chrysalis

    Nelson Downend • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    After being suspended from her job following a patient suicide, clinical psychologist Dr. Jackie Winters believes she has hit rock bottom. That is until a plea for help from a former patient thrusts her down the rabbit hole into a dark world of murder, horrific scientific experimentation, bizarre delusional mythology, and possibly human metamorphosis.

  • #4

    Ninety Proof

    Nick Lentz • Thriller • Feature • 115 pages • View Writer Profile

    A man with a violent past and questionable morals is paroled out of jail and hired to investigate the mysterious death of a preacher’s daughter.

  • #5


    Yellowlees Douglas • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 69 pages

    A German commoner impersonates his womanizing, dead half-brother in an attempt to infiltrate the British aristocracy and government, only to find himself up against a scheming American widow with a claim to the estate.

  • #6


    Edward Klau • Thriller • Feature • 91 pages • View Writer Profile

    When Derek makes the mistake of flashing his brights at the wrong car, he’s chased all over Los Angeles by a group of vicious maniacs who make this the most terrifying night of his life.

  • #7

    Cold War Charlie

    Cheryl Gallegos Agbunag • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 66 pages

    A female double agent infiltrates America's nuclear missile systems during the height of the Cold War.

  • #8

    Family Secrets 'Pilot'

    Allison Osborne • Thriller • Television • 55 pages • View Writer Profile

    A woman raised in the Irish mob attempts to leave her old life behind her and go straight as a school teacher in a small town until the FBI shows up at her door and gives her an ultimatum: Help them hunt down her old family in New York, or face life in prison.

  • #9

    From Darkness

    John O'Neill • Thriller • Feature • 119 pages

    A fearful widowed father moonlighting as a car thief struggles to protect a family from his accomplices when their heist escalates to a home invasion.

  • #10

    Crimson Oeuvre

    Thomas Mann • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 59 pages

    When a troubled young woman moves to her artist husbands hometown to help spark his creativity, she becomes enthralled with a new pen pal.

  • #11


    John Edward Flynt • Thriller • Feature • 121 pages

    A brilliant young geneticist with his own dark past to hide risks his life trying to prove that a strange German man he knows is one of the SS doctors who killed his grandparents at Dachau concentration camp.

  • #12


    Edward Klau • Thriller • Feature • 111 pages • View Writer Profile

    Bank manager Janet London receives anonymous deposits and uses her job to launder millions. When her mysterious benefactor emerges, Janet scrambles to outsmart him, keep the money and stay alive.

  • #13

    The Authenticator

    Lawrence Rothfield • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 65 pages • View Writer Profile

    Homeland meets Indiana Jones.

  • #14


    Gino DeMarco • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 61 pages • View Writer Profile

    A schizophrenic woman with a traumatic past discovers going off her meds lets her sometimes see the future through astrology charts--and that clairvoyance comes with a price: teaming up with an audacious, uncontrollable inner identity with wild ideas of "normal."

  • #15

    Shoah to Shogun

    MICHAEL Mendershausen • Thriller • Feature • 115 pages

  • #16


    Kris Lippert • Thriller • Feature • 105 pages • View Writer Profile

    The sole survivor of a serial killer, tortured by visions of her ordeal, decides to conduct her own investigation only to realize that her former captor, whom she thought dead, might still be alive and after her.

  • #17


    Joshua Tywater • Thriller • Feature • 112 pages

    When the power grid is wiped out in a futuristic world, a fugitive's interrogation reveals that both deception and demonic forces are at work.

  • #18

    Close to the Bone

    Ella Gabriel • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages • View Writer Profile

    When a justice-hungry investigative journalist reopens a decades-old murder case, she uncovers links between a young girl’s disappearance and a much larger conspiracy to use lethal agents to commit apartheid crimes by way of a covert chemical and biological weapons program. As she digs for the truth, powerful forces collude to keep dangerous secrets safe, and she eventually realizes that the case is closer to home than she could ever have imagined...

  • #19

    A Small Town Murder Mystery

    Joshua Henaman • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 59 pages • View Writer Profile

    Journalism student, Carly Hamit, just accepted a ride-along to be "Sheriff for a Day" in Storyville, Iowa, where not everything is as it seems. When a series of murders leaves nothing but mystery in its wake, the townsfolk refuse to let their "acting sheriff" leave. She must solve the murders as they happen one after another, after another, after another... weekly. It's Groundhog Day meets Murder She Wrote by way of Twin Peaks. Carly is stuck in a Small Town Murder-Mystery.

  • #20


    Bryan Ibo • Thriller • Feature • 115 pages

    In this GET-OUT-meets-BLACK-MIRROR-genre-bending-work-place horror, a young Black man's psyche plunges when he finds himself enslaved by his "perfect and progressive" dream job.

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