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  • #1

    The Divinity Cycle

    Nelson Downend • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    The lives of a disillusioned priest struggling with addiction, a recently widowed homicide detective and an ambitious young journalist converge as an enigmatic performance artist leads them into the mystery surrounding an active serial killer.

  • #2

    An End to the Means

    Martha Dunne • Thriller • Feature • 115 pages

    When an ex-Marine is set up by her boyfriend and deported to China for a crime she didn't commit, she becomes a pawn of both the US government and a human trafficking triad.

  • #3


    Nelson Downend • Thriller • Short • 14 pages

    The life of a disillusioned priest struggling with addiction is turned upside down as an enigmatic performance artist leads him into the mystery surrounding a killer.

  • #4

    Blind Pursuit

    debi yazbeck • Thriller • Feature • 117 pages

    Following the “accidental” death of his wife, a decorated homicide detective in a small Southeast Texas town loses a little more eyesight with each investigation of seemingly unrelated murders. Denial cannot stop the dawning realization that he is the catalyst of the killing rampage.

  • #5


    Tony Hendriks • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 59 pages

    A Jamaican ex-con, refused a government ganja license, angers narcotraficantes by stealing their millions and reverts to skulduggery to save his family and village.

  • #6

    In Chrysalis: Ovum

    Nelson Downend • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    After being suspended from her job following a patient suicide, clinical psychologist Dr. Jackie Winters believes she has hit rock bottom. That is until a plea for help from a former patient thrusts her down the rabbit hole into a dark world of murder, horrific scientific experimentation, bizarre delusional mythology, and possibly human metamorphosis.

  • #7

    Ninety Proof

    Nick Lentz • Thriller • Feature • 116 pages • View Writer Profile

    A man with a violent past and questionable morals is paroled out of jail and hired to investigate the mysterious death of a preacher’s daughter.

  • #8

    The Dunes

    Paul Baiguerra • Thriller • Feature • 106 pages • View Writer Profile

    A volunteer firefighter is thrust into an unfamiliar and dangerous world when his corrupt cop friend kills a driver in order to steal drugs and money at a crash scene. Complicit and compromised he's forced to choose between saving his family or his friend from the criminals determined to get back their goods.

  • #9


    Nir Shelter • Thriller • Short • 8 pages

    A found-footage military thriller that is based on a true story. After a suspiciously dressed Palestinian man boards an Israeli bus, an IDF soldier must choose between a risk to the lives of the other passengers and a potentially innocent man, to keep the peace.

  • #10


    Lyndal Simpson • Thriller • Short • 17 pages

    A lonely old woman gets more than she bargained for when she brings a stray cat home from the cemetery.

  • #11

    The Fortune Telling

    Tom Vecchio • Thriller • Feature • 107 pages

    When Marty Armstrong designs an artificial intelligence-based computer model that can predict the future of the world economy with astonishing accuracy, prominent investment bankers line up to utilize his algorithm as part of an international conspiracy. With Marty’s refusal to be a part of their diabolical scheme, he elicits the wrath of very powerful enemies who demand his source code in a naked attempt to silence him. After an attempted assassination leaves Marty in a coma, he is imprisoned with no trial for eleven years for being part of the biggest Ponzi scheme ever in history. Based on the astonishing true story.

  • #12


    Thomas Mann • Thriller • Feature • 101 pages • View Writer Profile

    During WW2, three soldiers must escape an underground labyrinth-like tunnel system which is filling with gas while trying to uncover which one of them is a notorious war criminal.

  • #13

    Crimson Oeuvre

    Thomas Mann • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 55 pages • View Writer Profile

    A troubled young woman, in search of love, and her artist husband, in search of a muse, both become entwined with a mysterious new pen pal when they move back to his hometown to reignite his failing career.

  • #14


    Leanne Mangan • Thriller • Feature • 118 pages • View Writer Profile

    An interconnected group of people are caught up in the events of one fateful night in Siem Reap, Cambodia; the tragic effects and choices of which will change their lives forever.

  • #15


    Aidan Largey • Thriller • Feature • 107 pages

    A damaged young man finds a surrogate family when he joins a local group of vigilantes but as events spin out of control he finds himself questioning their actions… And his own.

  • #16

    What Rough Beast

    Kranti Pally • Thriller • Feature • 105 pages

    A young man must save the woman he loves from the clutches of a megalomaniacal madman.

  • #17

    Lost Coyote

    Gustavo Freitas • Thriller • Feature • 113 pages • View Writer Profile

    After the murder of his brother, a street thief from the outskirts of Mexico City must find his way in the Mexico-US illegal border crossing business while threatened by a Drug Cartel.

  • #18


    Stuart Creque • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 53 pages

    A trauma surgeon discovers that an alertness drug taken by nearly all American adults – including her and her family – has irreversible side effects that will gradually destroy the sanity of all its long-term users by making them unable to sleep.

  • #19


    Joshua Tywater • Thriller • Feature • 112 pages

    When the power grid is wiped out in a futuristic world, a fugitive's interrogation reveals that both deception and demonic forces are at work.

  • #20

    Open Mind

    Joseph Cashman • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 52 pages • View Writer Profile

    A budding psychology student takes on the internship of a lifetime as he aligns himself with a rogue psychologist who has an obsession with the paranormal.

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