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  • #1

    A Just Cause

    Andrea Fiest • Thriller • Feature • 116 pages

    When a Mideast peace negotiator is killed in a New York city subway bombing, his wife, an ACLU attorney, is chosen to represent the terrorist, a pregnant Palestinian woman, who has been arrested for the crime.

  • #2


    Michael Noonan • Thriller • Feature • 110 pages • View Writer Profile

    The paths of three troubled women intersect at a remote desert motel, where a terrifying being forces each of them to finally confront their own demons.

  • #3


    Christian Lybrook • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 58 pages • View Writer Profile

    Rudy Strom, a disgraced ex-state trooper turned cattle cop, is pulled into police detective Isabela Quintana’s murder investigation of a prominent ranching family when their cattle are found skinned alive. The duo’s investigation uncovers ties to The Cord, a secretive, militarized religious sect that shuns the police, banks and hospitals to protect their way of life—and punish those who turn against them.

  • #4

    Rational Panic

    Robert Rhyne • Thriller • Feature • 109 pages

    When a theater professor’s wife, who suffers a panic disorder, disappears mysteriously during Mardi Gras, the professor is sucked into a strange and deadly mind game with one of his students, who has written a play with an eerily similar character.

  • #5

    A Witch In Salem

    Patrick Lewis • Thriller • Feature • 105 pages

    In 1693 during the aftermath of the infamous witch trials of Salem, Darius Parker Boyd, a scientist and fierce pragmatist from the Royal Society of London, is sent to the settlement to restore order. However, after a series of mysterious and seemingly supernatural events, Darius is forced to team up with Elizabeth Proctor; an enigmatic and incarcerated witch, in the search for a more scientific truth.

  • #6

    An End to the Means

    Martha Dunne • Thriller • Feature • 115 pages • View Writer Profile

    When an ex-Marine is set up by her boyfriend and deported to China for a crime she didn't commit, she becomes a pawn of the US government and a human trafficking triad.

  • #7

    Ninety Proof

    Nick Lentz • Thriller • Feature • 115 pages • View Writer Profile

    A man with a violent past and questionable morals is paroled out of jail and hired to investigate the mysterious death of a preacher’s daughter.

  • #8


    Edward Klau • Thriller • Feature • 91 pages • View Writer Profile

    When Derek makes the mistake of flashing his brights at the wrong car, he’s chased all over Los Angeles by a group of vicious maniacs who make this the most terrifying night of his life.

  • #9

    Cold War Charlie

    Cheryl Gallegos Agbunag • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 66 pages

    A female double agent infiltrates America's nuclear missile systems during the height of the Cold War.

  • #10

    The Sculptor

    Kris Lippert • Thriller • Feature • 111 pages • View Writer Profile

    An emotionally stunted female detective, on the hunt for a serial killer who leaves his victims in elaborate poses, discovers that the killer sacrifices people to an ancient deity to have his wish granted as a reward.

  • #11

    In Chrysalis

    Nelson Downend • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    After being suspended from her job following a patient suicide, clinical psychologist Dr. Jackie Winters believes she has hit rock bottom. That is until a plea for help from a former patient thrusts her down the rabbit hole into a dark world of murder, horrific scientific experimentation, bizarre delusional mythology, and possibly human metamorphosis.

  • #12


    Tony Hendriks • Thriller • Feature • 100 pages

    An impetuous Jamaican girl vows to avenge her father’s murder by a bloodthirsty ghetto don. Using a smart phone as her weapon, her wits as ammunition, she proves brain beats brawn.

  • #13


    Edward Klau • Thriller • Feature • 111 pages • View Writer Profile

    Bank manager Janet London receives anonymous deposits and uses her job to launder millions. When her mysterious benefactor emerges, Janet scrambles to outsmart him, keep the money and stay alive.

  • #14

    The Authenticator

    Lawrence Rothfield • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 65 pages

    Homeland meets Indiana Jones.

  • #15


    Ryan Hartley • Thriller • Feature • 90 pages • View Writer Profile

    In the Kentucky wilderness, a tragic hunting accident becomes a fight for survival when a young Middle Eastern man struggles against a vengeful xenophobic father.

  • #16


    John Edward Flynt • Thriller • Feature • 121 pages

    A brilliant young geneticist with his own dark past to hide risks his life trying to prove that a strange German man he knows is one of the SS doctors who killed his grandparents at Dachau concentration camp.

  • #17

    In The Company of Strangers

    Corey Deshon • Thriller • Feature • 112 pages

    Two victims of mind control experimentation begin a romantic affair only to discover their union is instrumental to a secret society's plot to assassinate a presidential candidate.

  • #18

    June in California

    T.J. Morehouse • Thriller • Short • 8 pages • View Writer Profile

    A Short Noir Film. June in California is a parable for the defeat of male predation. It was written during and greatly influenced by the Hollywood sex scandals that rocked not only the entertainment industry, but society as a whole. June is determined to survive and by doing so, she helps others survive too. The genesis of a female avenger.

  • #19


    Vivian Kerr • Thriller • Feature • 75 pages • View Writer Profile

    A young female photojournalist enlists the aid of a local guide on a dangerous mission to photograph a futuristic demilitarized zone.

  • #20


    Christian Canterbury • Thriller • Feature • 100 pages

    A romantic date becomes a nightmare when a young mother is forced to murder her handsome suitor by an unseen group, or risk never knowing where her 5-year-old son has been buried alive.

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