Last Stand

Sci-fi • Short Story (Prose) • 29 pages

Personal Info


As a writer, I am not a caterpillar any longer, but neither am I a butterfly. I am in that formless state of becoming. As a researcher I am more developed, but not yet all I know I can be. Seldom have I had what could be called a spark while actually writing. For the most part, sparks come in the form of finding something while doing research. It is that moment of realization of how what I have just discovered connects to something else I found before. Patterns emerge. It is for moments like this I persevere. Once that moment comes, I must go deeper. More patterns emerge. The story comes into focus. Patterns converge. THIS story MUST be told. Stylistically, my writing is incredibly detailed without being flowery. The stories I am most drawn to are highly complex and layered. Too many linguistic flourishes would distract from the story’s intrinsic complexity. In addition to my writing and research, I have made a fair number of videos. Most of my videos are on my YouTube channel.