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Hi! My name is Brian Hershkowitz. I started off writing comedy shorts with my family when I was seven years old. We would film them in our two-bedroom apartment on Dad's massive Panasonic camcorder. Eventually, when Dad upgraded to a smaller video camera in the late-nineties , the old one became mine. I began writing short films from every genre for my friends and I to star in. Whether it was a talk-show comedy sketch, a horror about vampires that lured children in with a vampire-themed cereal, or a drama detailing the trials of a high-school student, I had plenty of fun writing throughout my teens. In college, although I majored in Law, my passion for writing continued. I minored in Film and took many literature classes. I wrote and filmed many shorts, some involving ghosts and zombies, and others more serious such as a documentary on homelessness. In the last 10 years since college, I have written five feature spec scripts in addition to many shorts. My passion to become a stronger writer has continued and will continue with every book and script I read, every podcast I listen to, every event I attend, and every movie I watch. I look forward to meeting like-minded writers and professionals in the film community as I continue my journey into writing!


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