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Independent TV Studio Seeking Drama and Comedy for Series

Now accepting submissions.


Prominent Independent TV Studio seeking serialized, ongoing, hour long dramas for streamers or procedurals for broadcast. Action, thriller, left of center... think SIX FEET UNDER and SUCCESSION.

Also looking for half hour comedies for streamers only. Big roles, big concepts, strong story engine. Ideally ensemble or workplace comedies... think THE GOOD PLACE or WEEDS. 

Open to writers of all levels - clean scripts and/or packaged projects are welcome. 

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Due Date
Submit before 12:00AM PST

About Industry Mandates

On Coverfly, a producer, manager, or studio executive will submit a request for a certain type of film, TV project, writer, or voice, which we will then make available to Coverfly users.
Submitting to industry mandates on Coverfly is free! Yes, really. There's no catch.
The Coverfly Writer Development Team reviews all projects submitted to industry mandates and passes along the ones we think are a good fit to the industry professional who shared the mandate. We take into account 1) a project's Coverfly rank, 2) the writer's Coverfly profile, and 3) the reason given by the writer for why the submitted project is a good fit for the mandate.
While a high Coverfly rank certainly helps, even projects with low or non-existent Coverfly ranks will be reviewed. We understand not every writer and project has a track record of Coverfly-qualifying evaluations that result in a Coverfly rank. If you don't have a Coverfly rank, make sure to take extra time to explain why your project is a particularly good fit for the industry mandate.
Only writers who are selected for the industry mandate will hear back from Coverfly or the industry professional who shared the mandate. It may be several weeks to several months before you hear. Please do not reach out to customer support for updates as Coverfly will not be able to provide timelines.
Industry mandates are an essential part of the Hollywood film development system and one of the most common ways for professional writers to get work. Coverfly is taking the model used by studios and opening it up to Coverfly writers. An industry mandate is an opportunity for an industry member to tell you exactly what they are looking for in a project or a writer.
When you enter a fellowship or competition, your project receives at least one fresh evaluation (the scores/feedback from which are sometimes shared with you), and the fellowship or competition subsequently announces the results of its program. When you submit to an industry mandate, Coverfly is reviewing your project's track record and your writer profile, but it's not paying readers to read your entire project or provide feedback, and decisions from the industry mandate are not necessarily announced publicly.
Any of your projects are eligible, as long as you have a draft on file for the project.
The industry mandate will be specific about genre, format, tone, style, length, and even types of characters and settings. Ideally, your project will match as many of the particular elements as possible. However, projects with similar themes or styles to the request, even if they don't match the plot or subject exactly, will be considered as relevant writing samples. Ultimately, it is up to the writer to submit to industry mandates that are the best match.
You are certainly able to tweak an existing project to better fit the mandate, but we do not recommend any massive overhauls or rewrites. Scripts and writers that organically align with the industry mandate are more likely to be chosen. There will be more industry mandate opportunities, so we recommend waiting for the ones that match you best.
No. Industry mandates are not writing competitions. There are no set "winners" and scripts do not advance through rounds. They are an opportunity to get your work in front of an industry member looking for specific projects. While it is our hope to provide our industry partner with scripts, projects, or writers that match exactly what they are looking for, there is no guaranteed result with an industry mandate.
No. Submitting to or being chosen for an industry mandate on Coverfly will not impact your Coverfly rank.
This varies based on the the industry mandate, and sometimes no projects are chosen at all. If you are not selected, you will not hear back.
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