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Page Turner Awards
Page Turner Screenplay Award
Active Since 2020
Don't miss the chance to get your screenwriting in front of film producers at the Page Turner Screenplay Award in 2024!
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The Page Turner Screenplay Award is open to all completed scripts and screenplays. Screenplay Award For Film, Short Film, TV Scripts & Book Adaptation.

As well as winning the TV Series and overall Screenplay Award, Jonny King won literary management from Sean Dubravac from Entertainment Lab. That could be you in the 2024 Screenplay Award!

Browse through the profiles of our fantastic 2024 Screenplay Award judging panel. Film producers and an LA Literary Manager are waiting to see your scripts.

See Sean's judging profile:  Sean Dubravac ~ Screenplay Award Judge

See our judging panel below, which includes film producers who are looking to option scripts and produce them.

As well as an overall winner, there will be winners in each screenplay category, which includes documentaries, film, television, and book adaptations.

Our judges are looking for captivating stories with the potential to be adapted to film. These can be novels, novellas, true stories, and memoirs. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

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We're delighted to announce our Page Turner Award Screenplay Award winners!

Feature Film Winners: Shia Lebeouf for A8450, M.D. He has also won representation with Sean Dubravac of Entertainment LA

  • Sean Slater  for The Devil and Dick Gregory

TV Series Winner: Laura Whitton for Birthweight

Short Film Winner: Michael Clifton won for Gloves

Book Adaptation Needed Winner: Jodie Smith  for her published novel, Bayou Cresting, Justine Gilbert published novel, Daisy Chain, and Meredith Wargo for her published story, Dawgs: A true story of lost animals and the kids who rescued them

2021 Winners

Feature Film Winner: Martin Keady for Man of Colour

TV Series Winner: Jonny King for Gifted

Short Film Winner: Phil Vengrinovich for Regarding the Pain of Others

Book Adaptation Needed Winner: LM Latham for Shoot The Savage

Find out what other screenwriters have to say about Page Turner Awards:

2024 Screenplay Judges:

Producer and Screenwriting Tutor: Barri Evins

Screenwriter: Catalina Lowe

UK Animation Producer: David Townsend

Film and TV Exec: Donia Youssef

Script Consultant: Gerald Hanks

Producer: Ginger Liu

UK Producer: Karen Newman

Producer: Lauren Crib Peacock

UK Producer: Margaret Milner Schmueck

Screenwriting Podcaster: Paul Zeidman

Award-winning Screenwriter: Sean Glatch

Entertainment LA Agent: Sean Dubravac

Screenwriting Tutor: William Aker

Vice President of Development at the ISA: Felicity Wren

Screenwriter: Abe De Cugnac

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Entry Types:

- Feature Film
- Short Film
- TV Series
- Documentary
- Book Adaptation Needed (the winner will win a book adaptation)

Optional Extras Are Available On: Including screenplay critiques, are available to Page Turner Awards:


Benefits Include:

- Place your screenplay in front of film producers

- Have the chance to get signed up by a literary manager

- Win screenwriting prizes
- Save $10 on our Early Bird Discount Price

See our success stories.

2022 Screenplay Award Winner Benefits:

  • Shia Lebeouf won the Page Turner Screenplay Film Script Award for A8450, M.D. He has also won representation with Sean Dubravac of Entertainment LA

  • Sean Slater won the Page Turner Screenplay Film Script Award for The Devil and Dick Gregory

  • Laura Whitton won the Page Turner Screenplay TV Series Award for Birthweight

  • Michael Clifton won the Page Turner Screenplay Short Film Award for Gloves

  • Jodie Smith won a book adaptation for her published novel, Bayou Cresting

  • Justine Gilbert won a book adaptation for her published novel, Daisy Chain

  • Meredith Wargo won a book adaptation for her published story, Dawgs

  • Joseph Byrd won the Screenplay Award Golden Screenwriter
  • Joe Campbell Jr. won the Best Story Title for his screenplay, Different Wings

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Barri Evins

A working film producer and former industry executive with decades of experience, Barri Evins has sold pitches, specs, articles, and books. Before forming her own company, be movies, Barri worked as a Development Executive for at Universal Studios, and she served as President of Debra Hill Productions (Halloween, The Fisher King) where she packaged, set up, and developed numerous projects at studios and cable networks including Warner Bros, Universal, Disney, Nickelodeon, New Line and HBO.

William Akers

William M. Akers is the author of Your Screenplay Sucks! 100 Ways to Make It Great. William has written for studios, independent producers, and network television. He's had three features produced from his screenplays and his novel, Mrs. Ravenbach's Way, was traditionally published. He taught filmmaking and screenwriting at Vanderbilt University, created Belmont University's Motion Pictures department, and given writing workshops in Paris, London, Beijing, and across the United States.

Robin Kaczmarczyk

Robin has worked with his father, producer Omar Kaczmarczyk, as Executive Assistant to Ilya Salkind, producer of the SUPERMAN movies, and with the Fries Film Group as Director of Development. During his time in Hollywood, Robin wrote over 30 paid screenplays. He also worked as a script doctor, ghostwriter, co-writer, editor, and had various other writing assignments for a variety of production companies.

Ginger Liu

Ginger Liu

Ginger Liu

Film producer, Ginger Liu, is judging the 2024 Page Turner Awards Screenplay Award for screenwriters who want to place their screenplays in front of film producers. Ginger Liu is an author, visual artist, and academic. She is the CEO and Founder of Hollywood and UK film production company and PR agency, Ginger Media & Entertainment. GME works with international independent filmmakers and talent and specializes in quirky and unique stories with impact.

Felicity Wren

Felicity Wren

Felicity Wren

The Vice President of Development at the ISA, Felicity Wren, is judging the Page Turner Screenplay Award and looking forward to finding screenwriters with voice and exceptional talent. She then formed her own Production Company: Unrestricted View, concentrating on theatre, new writing and comedy at their performance venue – The Hen & Chickens Theatre in London. Since moving to Los Angeles over a decade ago, she has continued acting, writing and producing, winning five performance awards, and producing sixteen film projects to date.

Lauren Peacock

Lauren Peacock

Lauren Peacock

Accomplished award-winning producer and #1 Amazon author, Lauren Peacock has always gravitated towards storytelling. She has 12+ years’ experience in fim, TV and digital content. Her expertise in directing production logistics and creative has led her to work with top talent and clients like Garmin, ABC, USA, Lindsey Vonn, Wiz Khalifa, Coca-Cola, MGM Resorts International as well as being a part of award-winning films. She is currently in development on two feature films and is an annual judge for the Page Turner Awards.

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