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Launch Pad Pilot Competition
7th Annual
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Active Since 2014
Featuring a jury of 25 industry professionals from top companies. The Launch Pad Pilot competition has led to dozens of writers staffed on hit shows for Netflix, CBS, NBC and more.
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Launch Pad Competitions have led to more signings, success stories and careers than any other screenwriting competition out there.

With more than 450 writers signed, 165 projects set up, 70 writers staffed and 180 appearances on annual best-of lists, The Launch Pad Competition has firmly established itself as the premier hub for Hollywood to discover fresh voices, new ideas, and talented writers.

We advocate for all of our Top 100 finalists, working with them to develop compelling bios and loglines, and sharing their work with the right industry members to advance their career. 

The best way to learn is by working with experienced writers who have already navigated that path to success.  That is exactly what the Launch Pad exclusive mentorship opportunity is set up to do. This year’s mentors are:

Ahmadu Garba
Ahmadu Garba placed as a finalist in the 2015 Launch Pad Feature competition with his script AUGUSTUS. Since then, he has kept his success rolling by serving as writer on numerous series such as HAPPY! on Syfy, THE SINNER on USA, and the upcoming adaptation of the podcast DR. DEATH. In addition, he co-wrote the indie Drama/Musical SHINE and he recently sold futuristic drama series NIGERIA 2099 to AMC.

Kendra Chanae Chapman
Kendra Chanae Chapman is a writer and producer who was most recently a story editor on EMERGENCE for ABC. She was also a staff writer on DESIGNATED SURVIVOR for Netflix. Prior to that, Kendra developed and executive produced AVANT-GUARDIANS, a 7-episode web series that was awarded Best Drama/Dramedy Short Form at the New York Television Festival and featured at the American Black Film Festival and LA Film Festival 2018. Kendra is also producing a short film, 19 WEEKS, with Cinestar and producer Liz Destro (CAKE, THE BUTLER, SMILF).

Sylvia L. Jones
After traveling the country to cover the 2016 presidential primary elections for ABC7Chicago, long-time journalist Sylvia L. Jones decided to leverage her comprehensive knowledge of the city’s politics to help launch Showtime’s THE CHI and USA’s SUITS spinoff, PEARSON. She then wrote for season two of the CBS All Access thriller, TELL ME A STORY. Sylvia most recently wrapped as a writer on Ava DuVernay’s new anthology series, CHERISH THE DAY for OWN TV. Sylvia also developed and wrote the upcoming feature biopic, THE CLARK SISTERS: FIRST LADIES OF GOSPEL about the legendary gospel singers, with Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, and Mary J. Blige as executive producers on the project.

This year’s guaranteed option partner is Bad Idea, the production company behind the Netflix series EL CHAPO and TIJUANA as well as the films THE BAD GUYS starring Glen Powell and Mekenna Melvin, and DEADTECTIVES starring Chris Genre and Martha Higareda. Bad Idea will offer a paid option to one project from this year’s competition. 

Joining as a guaranteed signing partner this year is Artillery Creative, a management company which has signed multiple writers out of the Launch Pad Competitions in previous years, and set up Launch Pad projects at Paramount, NBC, UCP, HBO and CBS. Artillery Creative will sign at least one writer from this year’s competition. 

In the same spirit as our mentorship program and our commitment to helping writers improve, we are thrilled to offer our Feedback Notes Program to provide 1-2 pages of in-depth notes on your competition entry. Select the notes at checkout to get insight on the story, characters, writing and marketability of your script. 


The Top 10 finalists will have their scripts read by this distinguished jury:

  • Adrian Garcia (Recon Literary)
  • Brooklyn Weaver (Energy Entertainment)
  • Daniela Gonzalez (Circle of Confusion)
  • Dash Aiken (Romark Entertainment)
  • Jake Wagner (Alibi Entertainment)
  • Jason Tamasco (Bad Idea)
  • Jay Marcus (State Street Pictures)
  • Jewerl Ross (Silent R Management)
  • Kasey Muraszko (Paradigm Talent Agency)
  • Matt Dy (Lit Entertainment)
  • Sam Schulte (Millennium Films)
  • Sonya Gauthier (Woolf + Lapin)
  • Tom Carter (Artillery Creative)
  • Varun Monga (Kaplan Stahler Agency)
  • Will Deasey (Zero Gravity Management)

Top 100 Finalists

Your project will be announced on our sites and via press release and industry newsletter via The Tracking Board, Launch Pad, and our partners to more than 100,000 readers and industry members worldwide.

You and your project will be featured in both our individual Launch Pad Competition Booklet, as well as our Annual Launch Pad Alum Booklet, both of which are shared with our industry network and beyond, including agents, managers, producers, executives and other creatives seeking new material and clients.

You will receive a free 1-Year Membership (or extension) to The Tracking Board.

Top 10

Everything the Top 100 Finalists receive, plus...

You and your project will be showcased individually to agents, managers, executives, and producers who are looking for new clients, new projects, and new writers.

Your work will be read, reviewed, and voted on by each of our esteemed judges.

You will receive 1 free entry into any future Launch Pad Competition of your choosing.

Grand Prize | 3 Winners Selected

Everything the Top 10 receive, plus...

You will be invited to our annual Launch Pad Party celebrating you and the other Launch Pad Winners of the year. This will be an exclusive industry event centered on showcasing and honoring you and your work, while also introducing you to agents, managers, executives, producers, and other creatives. This is a private guest list event tailored toward our winners from the year, and including some of our previous judges, mentors, partners and past Launch Pad Alums.

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