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Book Pipeline
Book Pipeline: Adaptation
Active Since 2020
The Book Pipeline: Adaptation contest seeks published fiction and nonfiction (self or trad), comics, and short stories for film & TV development.
Accepting Short Stories, Book/Manuscripts, Stage Plays, Graphic Novels, and Articles
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The Book Pipeline Adaptation contest seeks published fiction and nonfiction, graphic novels and comics, and short stories for film and TV development.

Both traditional and self-published material accepted. Judging criteria is based on concept originality, feasibility for adaptation in the current marketplace, and overall writing talent.

Selected books are developed into scripts with Pipeline's in-house team and circulated to production companies, managers, and other execs, opening up new avenues for those looking to get their work made into a film or series.

"Before winning, my adventures in the screen trade left more than a bad taste in my mouth. There were false starts and broken promises. Then I wrote Under Color of Law, and I felt invigorated by the possibility of adapting it into a series. Now, I finally have a team in my corner."
- Aaron Philip Clark, Adaptation Winner


For 10 years, Book Pipeline has connected writers worldwide with publishers, agents, editors, and the film industry. Through our two divisions—Unpublished and Adaptation—the company seeks both new and established storytellers. Additionally, Book Pipeline's team of professional editors help authors refine their fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, queries, and more via the The Workshop.

Since 1999, Pipeline has bridged the gap between up-and-coming writers and the industry through a unique, long-term, hands-on facilitation process. The result thus far has been $8 million in scripts sold to studios and networks, including the multi-million dollar sales of Script Pipeline finalist Bring Me Back to Legendary Entertainment and Snow White and the Huntsman, from Script Pipeline winner Evan Daugherty, to Universal. In addition, Adaptation winner Aaron Philip Clark signed with literary manager Zack Zucker of Bellevue Productions, and his pilot Under Color of Law, is currently in development.

In total, across Book, Film, and Script Pipeline, approximately 25,000 pieces of creative material are reviewed annually, with over 4,000 entries submitted to Book Pipeline in 2023.

Learn more about Pipeline Media Group, as well as Pipeline Artists, a platform designed to educate and support emerging creatives in the arts.

Prices & Deadlines

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The Winner and Runner-Up receive one-on-one assistance from Pipeline execs prior to industry circulation, in addition to the following:

  • - $5,000 to winner

  • - Extensive project development to prepare a script or pitch for industry

  • - Circulation and promotion of the author's book to those seeking IP for adaptation

  • - Additional long-term review of other books for potential circulation or development

  • - Access to exclusive writer events via Pipeline Artists' Symposium


Pipeline Media Group has cultivated relationships with over 250 production companies, managers, agents, directors, independent producers, networks, and other executives over the past 25 years, leading to multiple writers signed, scripts making the Black List, specs sold, and films produced.

Companies reviewing material include:

*FOR INDUSTRY: request to read Script Pipeline winners and finalists through our Scout platform.

2023 Winner on Coverfly

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Nov 5th



Fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels/comic books, and short stories must already be published in some form (traditional publishing or self-publishing) and from any year. Theatrical plays are also accepted, and do not have to have been performed, produced, or published prior to entry. Unpublished material can be submitted to Book Pipeline Unpublished.

Entries are judged on the basis of concept originality, writing talent, and the property’s current viability as a scripted film or television series. Judging is done exclusively by Pipeline's team of senior development executives and editors.

What to send for:

Fiction & Nonfiction - approximately the first 5,000 words, a logline, and a full story synopsis (1-3 pages)

Graphic novels/comics - selected pages (no limit, can submit the full issue), a logline, and a full story or series synopsis (1-3 pages)

Short stories - the complete short story and a brief overview or synopsis (a paragraph is fine)

Plays - the complete play and a full story synopsis

Other details:

  • Book Pipeline does not take a percentage of any future option agreement or sale of your work, and all rights remain with the author, regardless of their final placement in the contest.
  • PDF or Word doc preferred. If you only have a hardcopy of your book, we'll accept image files of the first 5,000 words (appx). The synopsis, however, should be sent as a PDF or Word doc. Do not send a hardcopy.

  • No limit on the number of entries. Each entry is a separate fee.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed (i.e. you can submit the material elsewhere while in competition).


  • - Entries must already be published by a traditional publisher or self-published, OR due for release before November 2024.

  • - The film & television rights must be available. If the material is acquired by a production company or other entity after the time of entry, contact us, and we'll withdraw it from the contest.

  • - We'll accept entries submitted by a publisher or lit agent so long as the author's consent is given.

  • - Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age at time of entry.

  • - All former semifinalists, finalists, runners-up, and winners from any Book Pipeline contest, from any year since 2020, are ineligible.