Launch Pad Feature Competition

2018 season now open




Welcome to the 2018 Launch Pad Feature Competition.

Year six is here, and the competition that has led to more signings, success stories and careers than any other writing competition in the world is now underway. With more than 371 signings, 127 projects set up, 59 writers staffed, 134 appearances on annual best of lists such as the Black List, Blood List, Hit List, and the Young & Hungry List, as well as 6 bidding wars, the Launch Pad Competition has become the premiere hub for Hollywood discovering new talent.


By utilizing our deep relationships within the industry we’ve not only become the only competition that continually features Studio Presidents and Agency/Management Company Partners as judges, but the only one that has also formed exclusive partners with people such as Ridley Scott, Michael De Luca, Roy Lee, Joel Silver, Jeremy Garelick, Adrian Askarieh, as well as companies Artillery Creative, Bellevue, Echo Lake, Endgame Entertainment, Energy Entertainment, ESA, Fourth Wall Management, Good Fear Film Management, Heroes & Villains, Inkshares, Lee Stobby Entertainment, Oil & Cattle, Paradigm, UTA and WME - all of whom have previously committed to guarantee to option material or sign writers out of our competitions.

Additionally, we continually shake up our judges pool, carefully selecting the judges we feel will best represent each competition, all the while ensuring a consistent balance of hot-newcomers and seasoned veterans. And, as you’ll see from this years list of phenomenal judges, not only do we work diligently to ensure our judges make up a creative mix of representatives who can sign writers and executives who can acquire projects, but we always work to include those who’ve had great success with our Launch Pad writers before. In the five years that have led up to this competition we’ve watched our Launch Pad writers go on to steer blockbuster franchises, Emmy-winning series, craft New York Times Bestsellers, and set up dozens upon dozens of projects well beyond their original Launch Pad entries. Now, we’re ready to find the next great wave of Launch Pad writers!