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  • Last to Fall

    Jim Maceda • Historical • Feature • 113 pages

    The tragic, true story of a young man from Baltimore known forever as the LAST soldier to die on the battlefield in WWI -- just one minute before the end of that nightmare -- and how a former comrade uncovers an ugly truth: the conflicted German-American is shamed to death.

  • Trashed

    Samuel Brett Williams • Drama • Feature • 101 pages

    Molly, mother to a ten year old boy, works as a receptionist for an auto mechanic while pursuing her demolition derby dreams on the weekends. With her partner, Amber, she enlists the help of other women to destroy derby competitors and fight sexism in the small southern town. Molly lives and drives by the mantra “crash, repair, repeat.” In the end she will find herself at Metal Mayhem, the largest demolition derby in the world, driving for pride, a better future for her family and for the dreams of the women watching, who hope to one day follow in her tire tracks.

  • The Devil, a Rebel, a Fool

    Clay Fusco • Western • Feature • 118 pages

    A brash young hooligan ropes a Midwestern general store owner into a plot to kill a legendary bounty hunter after he steals the store owner’s dime novel about the mythic gunslinger.


  • The Memory Bank

    Daniel Cooper, Adam Cooper • Sci-fi • Feature • 115 pages

    A neuroscientist, able to fulfill his patients' desires using memory transplants, faces an escalating crisis after agreeing to help a mysterious girl satisfy her urge to commit murder.

  • Country Roads

    Tyler Welch • Thriller • Feature • 89 pages

    After his daughter is accidentally killed, a grieving small town father captures the city boy responsible, forcing the two to find common ground before more bloodshed.

  • The Witch of Dresden

    Tim Fasano • Drama • Feature • 102 pages

    A young German girl with telekinetic powers meets a Jewish American soldier and begins to question her side in the apocalyptic world war.

  • Forty Winks

    Andrew Stein • Thriller • Feature • 114 pages

    An exhausted businessman takes a nap in his office and wakes to find his co-workers murdered and his old life erased from existence. He goes underground with a kidnapped temp and together they try to figure out if he's part of a massive black ops conspiracy or if he's still asleep in his office and dreaming the whole thing.

  • What's Mine

    Asya Perkins • Action • Feature • 96 pages

    The game of family man vs. business man goes wrong when the deck is reshuffled by a series of drastic events.

  • Winter Jasmine

    Jennifer Cooney • Drama • Feature • 120 pages

    As two women fall in love, they discover the disturbing entanglement of their pasts when a murder convict set on revenge is released from prison.

  • Zharkov's Masterpiece

    Elizabeth Bartlette • Drama • Feature • 109 pages

    A color-blind artists seeks to protest against Stalin in Soviet Russia, all while evading punishment from the secret police, including his brother.

  • Rebuild

    Paul Santana, Tate Ammons • Drama • Feature • 111 pages

    A grieving father must come to grips with a tragic loss through the warmth and understanding of his brilliant adolescent daughter.

  • Glow

    Lee Burgess • Other • Feature • 95 pages

    Deep underground, souls trapped by the mountain a Century ago send messages to a grieving young woman, can she unravel the mountain's taunting riddle?

  • Man's Lost Friend

    Anthony Mazzarella • Adventure • Feature • 102 pages

    God has given man sacred gifts that he’s rejected with unholy venom. He watches and weeps in sorrow as his creation turns away from him and with smite will deprive man of his only true friend…forever.

  • Buried

    Karen Frank • Drama • Feature • 104 pages

    After a fatal car accident, a Police Chief's attempt to help a grieving mother backfire when she signs on with an ambitious reporter who creates a narrative more harmful than the truth.

  • The Boy with the Pink Triangle

    Amy Reedy Asbjørnsen • Historical • Feature • 120 pages

    When seventeen-year-old Karl Beck follows his secret gay lover to 1932 Berlin, the sudden Nazi takeover has him arrested for crimes of homosexuality and sent to the new Dachau concentration camp, where he must choose between psychological brainwashing and the Jewish prisoner he's falling in love with.

  • Childproof

    Michael Noonan • Comedy • Feature • 102 pages

    When all their friends start young families and their dinner-party lifestyle is ruined, a wealthy couple hires an assassin to kill all the children and restore the adults-only decadence that completes them.

  • Strawberry Bitch

    Patrick Poff • Drama • Feature • 155 pages

    As World War II rages on, two women join the first all female pilots program and rise to the challenge of flying military aircraft, but first must survive their own war with a war torn Master Sergeant known for his brutal methods in order to prove that they are up to the task of capably flying for their country.


    Laura Gillis • Horror • Feature • 89 pages

    A couple adopts an orphaned child after his mother tries to drown him in a terrifying murder-suicide. As the child grows, he starts to exhibit some strange abilities, just as his mother returns, very much alive, to claim him.

  • Turnabout

    Bill Hanan • Action • Feature • 108 pages

    When a young woman’s brother is kidnapped by the trafficker she escaped from, she becomes judge, jury, and executioner as she confronts the trafficker to rescue her brother and exact revenge for the murders of her parents.

  • Distortion

    Travis J Opgenorth • Action • Feature • 107 pages


  • Traumatized

    Kris Lippert • Thriller • Feature • 105 pages

    The sole survivor of a serial killer, tortured by visions of her ordeal, decides to conduct her own investigation only to realize that her former captor, whom she thought dead, might still be alive and after her.

  • Orion

    Sebastian McGrogan • Sci-fi • Feature • 102 pages

    in a future where humanity is a threatened species, the daughter of a disgraced former commander sets out to defend her family and way of life. part 1 of 3

  • The Superb Lyrebird and Other Creatures

    Wendy Young • Drama • Feature • 102 pages

    When a sheltered teen on the spectrum enters public school to compete for a life-changing art scholarship, imaginary animals join her struggle against a smug rival, while her over-zealous cousin attempts to ensure the outcome.

  • Ersatz

    Charles Ancelle • Thriller • Feature • 97 pages

    In the future, a young suicidal woman is pushed to become a survivor when a new line of life- assisting androids threaten to lobotomize humanity.

  • Cake and Candles

    Sally Fitz • Drama • Feature • 109 pages

    A traumatic encounter with a stranger compels a quick-witted therapist and her family to confront a devastating loss.

  • The Emperor of Wyoming

    Michael Hamblin • Comedy • Feature • 109 pages

    The fractured and dysfunctional family of an Idaho mortician and struggling author falls apart – and comes together – as he and his estranged son grapple with the moral and ethical implications of a bizarre mission from God, delivered by way of a talking corpse.

  • Little Bird

    Thomas Downs • Drama • Feature • 112 pages

    A young factory worker in China becomes pregnant. Through her own vivid dreams she recognizes her desire to have and keep the child. By confronting grave obstacles in the real world, she realizes how far she's willing to go to achieve that desire.


    Michael Prosser • Drama • Feature • 106 pages

    A Vampire in 1980's San Francisco contracts an unknown disease that threatens his immortality and sanity as he struggles to hold on to his relationship.

  • Fiber

    Lukas Valderrama • Sci-fi • Feature • 109 pages

    An ex-cyber drug dealer, pulled back into the life where a new super drug is introduced through the internet, fights back when he learns the drug’s being manufactured by the government to control the minds of its citizenry.

  • JUNK

    Doug Mallette • Sci-fi • Feature • 95 pages

    A TV-obsessed recluse sets out to rescue his childhood crush, a once wholesome teen idol turned raunchy pop star, from the corrupting forces that surround her.

  • Ms Greer

    Alica Gwinner • Drama • Feature • 120 pages

    A passionate and wilful young woman from Australian's 1950s suburbia writes a feminist masterpiece that redefines what it means to be a modern woman.

  • The First Law

    Jack Christian, DJ McPherson • Sci-fi • Feature • 95 pages

    A grieving robotics engineer goes to extreme lengths to protect her children from the global pandemic that took her husband.

  • Escape Pod

    Eugene La Haye, Buster La Haye • Sci-fi • Feature • 92 pages

    Eight strangers get trapped on an escape pod together after their passenger spaceship is destroyed.

  • Tres Banditos

    Thomas Leupp • Comedy • Feature • 113 pages

    After running afoul of his shady underworld creditors, a washed-up hockey player becomes involved in an outlandish scheme to steal the most famous trophy in the world.

  • Guilt

    Jamie Severson • Drama • Feature • 112 pages

    During the final days of the second world war, an SS Officer newly assigned to a NAZI death camp struggles between duty and conscience when torn by obligation and a fledgling friendship with a Jewish inmate. Inspired in part by a true story.

  • The Moment Between the Blink and the Pull

    Lori Bowen • Horror • Feature • 81 pages

    After his family dies in a fire set by a mysterious man, a mechanic will stop at nothing to find him and bring him to justice.

  • The Last Frontier

    Holly Holstein • Drama • Feature • 108 pages

    A not-so-empty nester finds a second chance at love and adventure in the aftermath of the Exxon-Valdez oil spill in Alaska.

  • The Fool's Errand

    Chris Bramante, John Murphy • Comedy • Feature • 109 pages

    When a talented comedian gets a shot at medieval stardom, he will make the perilous quest to the castle with his band of loyal crew in order to save a royal wedding.

  • A War on Terror

    Peter Haig • Drama • Feature • 109 pages

    After being ambushed by a group of Taliban insurgents, a handful of US soldiers wake up in a room unsure if they are dead or alive. Unbeknownst to them, their fate becomes tied to an Afghan grandmother & granddaughter bent on freeing souls from their hellish fate.

  • Good Mother, Lavender Vine

    Stacey Pierce • Drama • Feature • 130 pages

    It is 1968 in Memphis Tennessee. Dr. MLK Jr. arrives, hoping to prevent a nationwide sanitation strike after the grisly murders of two innocent victims. Young King followers, Caleb and Margaret, pursue the hope in their love for each other fighting against generations of oppression.

  • Susan the Spy

    Alva Moore • Family • Feature • 97 pages

    Susan Watkins, seventeen, determined to save her Pinkerton spy mother from kidnappers, ends up helping Teddy Roosevelt attempt to save the USS Maine and prevent the Spanish American War.

  • The Hawk of Quraysh

    Laila Ujayli • Historical • Feature • 107 pages

    After the conquest of his home and the murder of his family, the last prince of a dynasty is forced to choose between avenging the past or forging a new legacy. Based on the pages of history largely skipped by Western curriculums, this historical epic tells the true story of Abd al-Rahman I, the refugee prince that founded an empire that ruled Spain for almost three centuries.


  • Oliver's Sea Monster

    Michael Gibney • Feature


    Khaila Amazan • Drama • Feature • 115 pages

    In the weeks leading up to a mass shooting, an antiterrorism expert investigates a free speech website while one of the site’s users slowly starts turning to radicalization.

  • Lemons and Things

    Tilda Fay • Drama • Feature • 102 pages

    Vera thinks she deserves to be lonely and depressed, but her vivacious best friend won't let her and instead forces her to have fun, date and, most importantly; to face her daughter.

  • Blood and the Rye

    Rajiv Shah • Drama • Feature • 99 pages

    Assigned to retry the murder case of a former member of the KKK accused of bombing a Baptist church in rural Alabama, a young black defense attorney unearths terrifying secrets that connects his family's past to the night of the crime.


    Alexander Vargas • Comedy • Feature • 104 pages

    During the 1970s, a young band wins the opportunity to open for the world's biggest rock group during their North American tour.

  • Full Take (Title Page/No Info)

    Morgan Lariah • Sci-fi • Feature • 101 pages

    Ten years in the future, the United States has become a nation of ultimate surveillance. While being accompanied by a high profile target, a woman who works in the surveillance sector of the government goes in search of her missing girlfriend, risking becoming a suspect of the state herself. Her eyes are opened.

  • Karmarama

    Russell Smith • Comedy • Feature • 121 pages

    An ambitious student unlocks the key to reincarnation only to have it stolen by an unscrupulous professor hellbent on exploiting the discovery for his own gain.

  • Lost Coyote

    Gustavo Freitas • Thriller • Feature • 116 pages

    After the murder of his brother, a street vendor from the outskirts of Mexico City must find his way in the Mexico-US illegal border crossing business while threatened by a Drug Cartel.

  • Flight Behavior

    Amelie Yeager • Comedy • Feature • 116 pages

    When Norah is kicked out of her creative writing program for plagiarizing, she returns home only to find her childhood home up for sale, her two successful older brothers flourishing to new career heights, and her soon-to-be retired parents ready for the next chapter elsewhere. Terrified she’s the only one who’s made a mess of their life, she does everything she can to interfere with her family’s plans and keep her safety net intact, all while concealing her shameful secret. Some birds just aren’t ready to fly the coop.

  • The Car Thief

    Mark Bethune • Other • Feature • 92 pages

  • Bounce Back

    Alex Perez • Comedy • Feature • 113 pages

    A regular guy tries to survive a relationship with a single mom who’s literally living life through her son.


  • Cat Lady

    Joe Case • Thriller • Feature • 121 pages

    A teenage girl with a promising, new foster family risks a forever home to get her cat back from the town's 'crazy' cat lady.

  • Selva

    Nadia Desyatnikova • Adventure • Feature • 107 pages

    A depressed daughter of a politician poses as a hostage to boost her father's campaign, but soon discovers her abduction is real.

  • The Battle

    Alison Honaker • Drama • Feature • 131 pages

    A man must choose between his family and his platoon.


    Douglas Spaltro • Drama • Feature • 89 pages

    Two FBI agents hunting a Nazi war criminal face another problem when they get him in their sights.

  • ZEST

    Emilio Sanchez • Comedy • Feature • 107 pages

    45 year-old accountant Doug Jackson reunites his old high school rock band to win a Battle Of The Bands. The catch: they haven't picked up an instrument in twenty years.

  • Newcomer

    Michael Leung • Drama • Feature • 106 pages

    A whip-smart Chinese-American high schooler finds a sense of identity when she discovers camgirling. As she amasses followers and money, she must keep her embarrassing work a secret - especially from her strict traditional family.


    Jason McBeth • Drama • Feature • 115 pages

    With racial tensions threatening to explode as the Rodney King trial unfolds in Los Angeles, Coop, a disgraced former college basketball star, mentors a brilliant but severely abused young boy at the group home where he works, while struggling against his own personal demons and systemic racism with his long suffering girlfriend, Promise.

  • Mall Stars

    Erica Fagan • Comedy • Feature • 102 pages

    An all girl one hit wonder band from the 80's, reunite for $350,000 and a chance to recapture their fame and glory on reality TV. Only to discover they’re being exploited for an interactive Japanese game show.

  • Without

    Christopher J. O'Bryant • Other • Feature • 118 pages

    Political/Medical/Thriller - After losing his job, a gifted but gruff doctor ventures to Africa to retrieve his brother's body and winds up a key element in a government conspiracy while trying help those in need as best he can.


    Sean Nogues • Comedy • Feature • 80 pages

  • Warriors of Legend

    Bryan Kelsey • Fantasy • Feature • 98 pages

    A young girl watches her father die by the sword of a monster-like enemy, but manages to escape with her two younger brothers. Across the vast blue sea, they find refuge among the kingdoms of man, but they can’t hide forever.

  • Desdemona

    Nelson Downend • Thriller • Feature • 105 pages

    After receiving her first major role in an off-Broadway production of Othello, a young actress spirals out of control after she wakes on the morning of opening night to find that she may have murdered her lover.

  • The Church of Party

    Jonathan Pack • Comedy • Feature • 115 pages

    When a university cracks down on underage drinking and shuts down frat row, three college outcasts discover a loophole for legal impunity and a path to popularity: Starting a religion.

  • Cricket

    Ohad Ira Amram • Drama • Feature • 95 pages

    A precocious band of adolescence come of age during the summer before high school, in the backwoods Bible Belt.

  • Maximum Protection: The Delicate Balance Between Strength and Sensitivity

    Joseph Nybyk • Comedy • Feature • 125 pages

    In a comedic look at politics, the Vice President has to scramble to prevent a worldwide nuclear war when terrorists steal a nuclear warhead and the crazed and mindless POTUS decides to use it as an excuse to conquer what’s left of the world.


    Michael Lederer • Drama • Feature • 110 pages

    A young alcoholic poet from New York escapes to the Spanish fishing village of Cadaqués, seeking the inspiration Salvador Dali and other artists found there. He finds it, and so much more.

  • Drymouth

    Kyle Fowler • Drama • Feature • 124 pages

    An anxious theatre student exposes herself to vampire fangs while preparing for a production of 'Dracula.'

  • A Realistic Hero

    Steve Miranda • Action • Feature • 89 pages

    When a delusional ex-marine falls in love with a cashier at a grocery mart, he decides to woo her by hiring and killing hit men in front of her but is surprised to find she doesn’t react appreciatively.

  • Sergeant Watkins

    Louis Spirito, Gary 'Max' McGill • Drama • Feature • 117 pages

    The underdog true story of a sassy black drag queen who was the only soldier to successfully challenge the U.S. military’s ban on gays.


    Jonathon Payne • Action • Feature • 107 pages

    A former combat pilot and a cocky wingsuit jumper team up to rescue a young girl trapped in a pilot-less plane headed out to sea. Inspired by real events.

  • Disc

    N Quilter • Sci-fi • Feature • 91 pages

    A city couple’s retreat to a remote, uninhabited forest is hijacked by a charismatic ex-con and an alien object that crash-lands nearby that same night.

  • The Tower

    Ed Wiles • Action • Feature • 123 pages

    On the eve of D-Day, a fractured team of Allied commandos already in France realise the only place from which they can transmit a war-saving message is the roof of the enemy HQ.

  • Killing Ordinary People

    Curtis Smith, L.E. Henderson • Thriller • Feature • 113 pages

    A struggling mother is harboring a dark unearthly secret, which one son embraces while the other revolts, causing a southern town's death toll to rise.

  • Space/Time

    Danny Baram • Sci-fi • Feature • 106 pages

    America's first chrononaut sets off on an exploratory mission to travel back in time. But when he returns to the present, he finds that this initial breach of space/time has set off a chain reaction that's sent the world into chaos.

  • Cries of the Children

    Nattacha Delhomme • Faith • Feature • 120 pages

    Will grandmother GG awaken from her coma before her family is torn apart? She’s worked double shifts to keep her grandchildren in school and on the right path, but a terrible accident leaves her unconscious in the hospital. Things unravel. Her bullied grandson may lose his college scholarship. The kids are taken into social services and handed off to their abusive, petty crime-lord father. The Latina teenager who tries to care for them is beginning her first love relationship with a local boy while fighting off her father, who confuses her with his dead wife. And somehow, in all this tragedy, salvation might only come thanks to a heartbroken, struggling Korean janitor. If not...who will listen to the CRIES OF THE CHILDREN?

  • The Delivery

    Gil Seltzer • Drama • Feature • 108 pages

    A Jordanian history professor turned radicalized terrorist is tasked with delivering a car bomb from Dallas to New York City. His cover - an unwitting 12-year old boy who joins him for the tenuous drive through the American heartland.

  • Because of Tennessee

    Karli Cae Adams • Drama • Feature • 124 pages

    A hardened, rugged teen must put her rebellious ways behind her in order to survive life with her southern grandparents, and learn what it truly means to be a family, move on from the past, and get back on the horse.

  • McBrides

    Erna Mueller • Comedy • Feature • 104 pages

    When her male reporters, including her sexist brother, volunteer to take part in a Ukrainian bride service for an article, a senior editor must do all that she can to contain the craziness that follows, and guide the guys into finding true love.


    Marisa Forrest • Action • Feature • 119 pages

    SKYFOXES: TOP GUN meets OCEAN'S 8 - A former Navy pilot-turned-plane thief recruits an all-female crew to steal a US fighter jet for international gangsters.


    Karolyn Szot • Family • Feature • 114 pages

    Skylar Page is a teenage misfit with a love for gaming. When she discovers the high school fencing team, she finds out that she can become the warrior avatar of her dreams.

  • The Saint

    Ellen Winburn • Action • Feature • 122 pages

    A police detective with a very unique view of the world tries to find those responsible for her husband's murder, and instead stumbles into a world of marginal people desperate for someone to save them from an invading evil.

  • For a few brief moments

    Jonathan Soler • Drama • Feature • 89 pages

    Cassandra is inexplicably jumping back into her own past, always backward. She will have to face again the wrong choices she has made and the dreams she’s let go.


    Katterina Powers • Comedy • Feature • 101 pages

    A semi-delusional recluse rejoins the real world when with the help of a cheeky stuffed monkey and an ineffective Indian tour guide, she ventures into the Arctic to search for a son whom she believes is missing.

  • The Saxon

    Louis Spirito • Action • Feature • 120 pages

    A Saxon knight risks losing his inheritance, his true love, and his life when he defies his father and fights to help King Richard reclaim his throne from the scheming Prince John.

  • Homeward Brother

    Alec Garcia • Drama • Feature • 104 pages

    When a successful movie studio producer is named the executor of his late father's will, he must return home to complete a list of bizarre requests and ultimately reconnect with the family he left behind.

  • Rainbow Man

    Bruce Gelfand • Feature • 117 pages

  • In Chrysalis

    Nelson Downend • Thriller • Feature • 107 pages

    After being suspended from her job following a patient suicide, clinical psychologist Dr. Jackie Winters believes she has hit rock bottom. That is until a plea for help from a former patient thrusts her down the rabbit hole into a dark world of murder, horrific scientific experimentation, bizarre delusional mythology, and possibly human metamorphosis.

  • Dreamland is Burning

    Michael Goedecke • Drama • Feature • 112 pages

    Tulsa, OK, 1921. A young black man is accused of assaulting a white girl. When a lynch mob forms, it sets off the deadliest racial incident in American history...an event that will become known as the Tulsa Massacre.

  • Albatross Gardens

    Lee Whitten • Drama • Feature • 118 pages

    After her movie star fiancé mysteriously dies in rural Oklahoma, a former supermodel with a traumatic past enters into a relationship with the withdrawn oil heir who discovered the body.


    Cheryl Mott Smith • Fantasy • Feature • 120 pages

    When a strong-willed young Oracle abandons her mystical studies for love, visions of her island’s destruction compel her to embrace her powers and battle dark forces unraveling her society -- to change the fate of her people, and save the man she loves. -- Inspired by Plato's "Atlantis"

  • The Tower

    Kevin King • Horror • Feature • 79 pages

    After a middle aged security guard takes the graveyard shift at a tower and strip mall, she must confront a much larger force when her dead son arrives one night at work.


    Mukilan Thangamani • Thriller • Feature • 110 pages

    A career-obsessed woman's life unravels after she has her lecherous boss killed using an underground app that allows users to anonymously swap murders. STRANGERS ON A TRAIN meets BLACK MIRROR.

  • Open House

    Sean J.S. Jourdan, John Ingle • Horror • Feature • 93 pages

    A pregnant African American veteran, married to a fellow marine now former prison warden, desperately struggles to protect her family when deadly invaders from her husband's past pay an unwelcome visit.

  • Friday Night Frenzy

    Richard Stringham • Horror • Feature • 108 pages

    A teenage, ninja-obsessed loner embarks on a wild night of violence and mayhem when he follows his big brother out on a date with a dangerous girl.

  • Convergence

    Paul Sheridan • Horror • Feature • 106 pages

    In a small Northern California town intent on keeping its secrets, a young boy teams up with a San Francisco journalist to investigate the connection between his terrifying supernatural encounters and the disappearances of two families that used to live in his home.

  • Soul to Squeeze

    Alex Arabian • Drama • Feature • 120 pages

    After the death of his heroin-addicted sister, a broken man suffering from numerous medical ailments is forced to raise his niece when he discovers he has been named her guardian in the will.

  • Icemaiden

    Derrick Vaughan • Historical • Feature • 115 pages

    Orphaned and outcasted as a girl, a volatile young woman later joins a group of all-male Vikings, where she struggles to mature and overcome bias to seek revenge against those who scorned her in early eleventh-century Britain.

  • Brothers

    Gary Miranda • Drama • Feature • 109 pages

  • Homeless Love

    Andrew Gobel • Drama • Feature • 113 pages

    As the tornado sirens howl through the streets around the homeless shelter, the brother (Samuel) of a religious, schizophrenic spinster, (Imogene) steals a stash from his best friend Hobbs. While Hobbs is desperately trying to track down Samuel, Imogene believes she's chasing the tornado that killed her brother. As they go from one dangerous situation to the next, their bickering leads to love. … See moreSee less

  • Living Hell

    Philip Davey • Comedy • Feature • 119 pages

    After discovering that the normal world she lives in is actually Hell, a young woman decides to follow in her father’s footsteps and fight against her evil captors. But to achieve this, she must team up with three hopeless misfits.


    Michael Sollars, Geoffrey Sollars, Eric Sollars • Drama • Feature • 110 pages

    Two 1968 coming of age brothers hop a train, get kidnapped then robbed taking a magical coin to Walter Reed Military Hospital to heal their older brother critically wounded in Vietnam.

  • 3D At The Palace

    Kent Wilson • Drama • Feature • 118 pages

    An enterprising teenager is determined to keep his late father’s segregated movie theatre afloat against the rise of Television in the 1950s.


    SOPHIE GALIBERT, ARTHUR COHEN • Comedy • Feature • 90 pages

    Los Angeles, near future, abortion is twenty four hours from being outlawed. When twenty-five year old Cherry, finds out she is pregnant she turns to her best friend, boyfriend and family whose cut-throat reactions topple her entire belief system.

  • Honey's Unicorn

    D. A. Jolivette • Drama • Feature • 110 pages

    After a dirty cop kills her only child, a grieving mother seeks retribution against those who took justice from her--in her own way, and in her own time.

  • My Land, My Nile

    Maria Abdelrahman • Drama • Feature • 118 pages

    Inspired by her late father’s work, and haunted by visions of an ancient queen, a spirited engineer battles against her devious uncle and his financial interests to return her native lands on the banks of the Nile to their former glory.

  • The Slowest Gun In The West

    Jason Baum • Drama • Feature • 101 pages

    An homage to the Hollywoods of past and present told through the eyes of an old pro ready to pack it in, and a newbie ready to make his mark.

  • Hal, The Spud King of Japan

    John Thibault • Comedy • Feature • 100 pages

    When the IRS threatens to repossess the family farm, and his dad has a heart attack, a struggling MBA grad uses all his financial wits to prove he can help his family against a corporate giant.

  • The Man by the River

    Bryan Kelsey • Drama • Feature • 97 pages

    A former gunslinger’s desire to live out his days in peace is put on the back-burner when he learns that his estranged daughter’s life is in danger.

  • The Paper Model

    C. Revey Jones • Drama • Feature • 111 pages

    While Tiana writes an article on her accomplished but estranged grandmother, she learns the history of colorism, forbidden love, and social justice within her family

  • Freedom to Be

    Meryle Sachs • Drama • Feature • 108 pages

    Inspired by a true story, a bright and willful Pakistani girl sets out to change her abusive husband and her culture, and ultimately must choose between family and freedom.


    Travis Opgenorth • Historical • Feature • 109 pages

    Based on the true story or William Mumler and his wife Hannah, who found fame, fortune, and accusations of fraud for crafting photos featuring the spirits of peoples' deceased loved ones, but who maintained his innocence through a sensational trial before creating the most copied spirit photo in history, that of a Mary Todd-Lincoln joined by the spirit of her late husband, Abraham.

  • Fatal Affairs

    John Paul Gonzales • Sci-fi • Feature • 115 pages

    In a society where the status of a relationship can be the difference between life and death, a man's straying feelings and sexual discovery could put all of his loved ones in danger.

  • The Fulfillment

    David Flanagan • Thriller • Feature • 113 pages

    In the beginning, God created man. In the end, man created God. Through advanced DNA manipulation and the science of cell regeneration, a dark and a diabolical plan is enacted, thereby fulfilling prophecy and the second coming of Christ.

  • Out of Options

    Joel Stunkard, Andrew Uscher • Action • Feature • 117 pages

    A disgraced air traffic controller resorts to desperate measures in order to save countless lives.

  • Mom

    Jordan Champagne • Comedy • Feature • 104 pages

    Unaware that she’s an ex-con, a single father out of options leaves his precocious daughter in the care of his beautiful but apprehensive neighbor. But just as the trio begin to blend into a family, the discovery of her secret past threatens to tear them apart.

  • Rescue

    E.S. Dolan Dix • Family • Feature • 115 pages

    The courageous Lady Rian goes to rescue Prince Eamon after he is kidnapped by dwarves.

  • Area 54

    Aaron Barrocas • Horror • Feature • 110 pages

    Paranoid journalists, government agents, and terrified college students must collaborate to survive a bloodthirsty monster invasion at Area 54 - A safe haven compound for conspiracy theorists.

  • A Boy, A House, A Ghost

    Blake Hawk • Horror • Feature • 101 pages

    A troubled young boy looks for answers to his sister’s presumed death after her spirit starts wreaking havoc on his life and his parents disappear to grieve in their own self-destructive way.

  • Elsa

    Joann Buckley Collins • Historical • Feature • 101 pages

    The true unsung muse of the Dada art movement of the 1910s was a woman ahead of her time. Thrice married, thrice abandoned, the Baroness Elsa kept rising up from ashes over and over. With her outlandish fashions, penchant for nudity and ability to see the magic and art in the world that's invisible to others, Elsa enthralled and inspired everyone who met her, but remained unknown to the world at large, and died tragically unknown and penniless. Was she mad, a genius or both? Either way, she changed the art world forever.

  • Herschell's Hill

    Jon Chamis • Horror • Feature • 97 pages

    A soldier returns home from war to bury her father in the Adirondack mountains and partake in a hiking trip with her re-united sister to not only become a family again but prey for a maniac sniper. Under fire they’ll have to work together to protect what family they have left and make it off the mountain alive.

  • OATH

    Paul Frank • Drama • Feature • 124 pages

    An honest small-town lawyer is thrust into an unimaginable moral dilemma when his client confesses to the murder of a missing girl. He must choose whether to protect the sanctity of the attorney-client privilege by keeping his client’s confession secret or relieve the pain of the family desperately searching for their missing daughter.

  • Showing Parts

    Toni Nagy • Comedy • Feature • 118 pages

    A depressed, destitute, paranoid man who’s falling into the “Men’s Rights” movement collides with a radical-feminist yogi who’s on a rigid quest for spiritual enlightenment. They are brought together by a Shamanic potion, torn apart by their clashing beliefs, brought back together through their bond of cynicism, and then torn back apart into pieces of themselves.

  • The Confection Connection

    Surjyakiran Das • Adventure • Feature • 115 pages

    A kid detective must investigate the seedy underbelly of his school to clear his name and earn back his reputation after the book fair money he is entrusted with goes missing.

  • Successful Steps for Coping with Cancer

    Olivia Bono • Drama • Feature • 101 pages

    An abrasive, sarcastic, fiery young woman must try to mend her strained relationship with her family after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis.

  • Avery

    Bryan Kelsey • Animated • Feature • 108 pages

    Avery’s parents died trying to stop a terrible foe from taking over the forest, now Avery is being raised by moles in a secret underground city for animals.

  • Learning to Crawl

    JON Gagnon, Kia Vance • Thriller • Feature • 86 pages

    Zachary tries to adjust to life after incarceration while he loses his mind to PTSD and suicidal thoughts.

  • Little Girl Blue

    Maceo Greenberg • Drama • Feature • 127 pages

    Lauren, a teenager on tour with her father’s jazz band, aspires for musical greatness, but the challenges of making it as an artist are compounded by the struggles of her bipolar mother. In this coming-of-age tale, Lauren must navigate familial dysfunction and the pursuit of her dreams.

  • The Courageous Life of Jeremy Braxton

    Emily Maroutian • Drama • Feature • 107 pages

    After suffering from years of depression, Jeremy Braxton begins to see his child self around town, which compels him to befriend the young boy and help him avoid future mistakes.

  • Who's In Charge?

    Jordan Tandowsky • Comedy • Feature • 113 pages

    A group of college friends find themselves struggling financially and decide to kidnap a wealthy former-classmate to try and profit from her ransom. But when the tables turn, the hostage takers become the hostages themselves.


    Alexander Vargas • Historical • Feature

    Based on a true story: After her husband is killed by the Germans in WW2, a widow propositions Stalin to be one of the first-ever female tank commanders. She becomes a symbol of hope for the Russian people, but also a target for a ruthless Nazi commander.

  • The Ferris Wheel

    Pricilla Kumar • Other • Feature • 100 pages

    An ambitious and headstrong Indian-American woman finds herself falling for a Latin mechanic as her traditional parents begin to arrange her marriage to a wealthy Indian doctor of the same caste.

  • Monster(s)

    Aidan Largey • Thriller • Feature • 107 pages

    A damaged young man finds a surrogate family when he joins a local group of vigilantes but as events spin out of control he finds himself questioning their actions… And his own.

  • OPIA

    Nik Kacevski • Thriller • Feature • 91 pages

    Addicted to body swapping, a wheelchair-bound father struggles to get his life back and return to his wife and daughter.

  • I Brake For Caterpillars

    Ken Green • Comedy • Feature • 105 pages

    Misdiagnosed with a terminal illness, a computer nerd dates his hospice worker, while suspecting someone is out to get him.

  • Sacred Profanity

    Malcolm Wong • Adventure • Feature • 111 pages

    In a dystopian near future, a journalist investigating the assassination of a spiritual teacher must elude the death squads of both the U.N. Peacekeepers and the Divine Faith to find and reveal the truth — and witness the resurrection…

  • The Favor

    Randall Jedinak • Thriller • Feature • 107 pages

    “The Favor,” thriller. Joe Davids knew two things that could lead to trouble: doing favors and women. He reluctantly agreed to the first, it involved the second and now, if he’s lucky, he’ll find a killer before the killer finds him. 107 pgs

  • Fall Not Into Darkness

    Philip Hogan • Horror • Feature • 120 pages

    On the eve of a deadly hurricane, a weary small-town sheriff and a young doctor race to destroy an ancient evil before it overtakes their town.

  • Those Who Hear It

    Charles Hopkins • Sci-fi • Feature • 102 pages

    A teenage boy, his God-fearing father, and a NASA flight surgeon are embroiled in the investigation into how an astronaut returned to Earth 33 years after he disappeared in Space.

  • Christmas, MI

    Rafael Waack • Drama • Feature • 123 pages

    A college freshman tracks down his dad's secret family, only to find himself falling for them.

  • Treehuggers

    Lisa Joyce, Baz Hatfield • Comedy • Feature • 99 pages

    Virginia, a plant-loving loner, leaves her stagnant life in the city when she inherits a maple syrup farm upstate and becomes the unwitting protector of a grove of trees with mysterious sensual powers. Determined to prove herself, she revives the farm yet in the process alienates those closest to her. In order to salvage her relationships and save the trees, Virginia must let go of false dreams and learn to trust the unknowable.

  • Penthouse B

    Casey Schroen • Thriller • Feature • 99 pages

    A technophobic slacker and his social media-obsessed girlfriend rent a luxurious Airbnb during their New York City vacation, only to find themselves ensnared in a deadly web of lies by the virtual host, a darknet hacker intent on framing them for a gruesome crime.

  • Cross Country Lofthouse

    Caitlin Vukorpa • Drama • Feature • 109 pages

    After a member of the family commits suicide, the Lofthouses drive across the nation to spread his ashes.

  • Driftwood

    Carl MacLaren • Drama • Feature • 100 pages

    A 70’s rock icon dies suddenly, leaving his adopted daughter a series of secret letters sending her on a revelatory solo road trip through the back roads of California.

  • The Liberator

    Joshua Carback • Historical • Feature • 120 pages

    Abducted as a child and raised by his enemies, a young warrior returns home to take on the empire that murdered family and lead his people to freedom. Based on a true story.

  • Burnt Isles

    Jeff Prater • Drama • Feature • 112 pages

    When a man's got nothing left, he's got nothing left to lose.

  • Rough Surface

    Tim Brennan • Drama • Feature • 118 pages

    A young reporter investigates the life and murder of a Lakota Sioux girl as the killer’s confession rocks the foundations of a small town.

  • Tussle

    Aaron Yarber • Drama • Feature • 102 pages

    The number one high school football recruit in America, who happens to be a devout Christian, struggles to reconcile his sexuality with his religion as the walls of his "closet" crumble. 

  • Plan C

    David Ngo • Comedy • Feature • 98 pages

    Poker's a game of skill, conviction and a little luck. Ed has been dealt none of these things.

  • White Crow

    David BARBESCHI • Sci-fi • Feature • 109 pages

    An agoraphobic woman must transport her blind vigilante brother across a dystopian city to fight the city’s overlords.

  • Barth

    Scott Marshall Taylor • Drama • Feature • 111 pages

    Small town sheriff struggles to replace his deceased brother.

  • Raw Data

    Gareth Wronski • Comedy • Feature • 107 pages

    When a hapless NSA analyst is framed for a massive data breach, he teams with a sociopathic CIA agent to bring down the conspiracy and clear his name.

  • The Last Wild Indian

    Heather Ragsdale • Family • Feature • 102 pages

    When the “last wild Indian” is discovered and put on display in a museum in San Francisco in 1911, Francis, a boy crippled by polio, who lives in the children’s ward on the same university campus, must find his own voice in order to set his friend free.

  • The Trouble With Swift

    Rusty Lofgren • Western • Feature • 102 pages

    After his Seneca Indian wife is murdered in cold blood by an old friend in a land dispute, a lawman embarks on a journey to bring the man to justice during the 1800's oil boom in Pennsylvania.

  • A Suspect in Arms

    Selcen M Onsan • Drama • Feature • 118 pages

    A star cop struggles with the implications around testifying for or against his partner and mentor in the shooting death of a black man, catapulting his storybook life and bi-racial marriage into upheaval as he steadfastly attempts to avoid any involvement in the controversy at all.

  • Good Luck, Nightingale

    Shannon Wells • Horror • Feature • 92 pages

    A nurse who manages her daughters demonic possession via a controlled fever struggles to hide their secret when two strangers take shelter in her home during a lethal blizzard.


    Warren Wagner • Comedy • Feature • 93 pages

    After accidentally outing himself at work, a gay man lies about his health to get out of spending time with his straight coworkers.

  • In Too Deep: The Brian Futz Story (A Long Lost 80's Movie)

    Zack R. smith • Comedy • Feature • 117 pages

    30 years after the murders of the most prolific screenwriting duo of the 1980’s, their final screenplay has finally been brought to life -- ‘In Too Deep’ is the story of a disgraced college swimmer returning to the pool at age 40 looking for a shot at redemption.

  • The Late Night Creep

    jamal dedeaux • Comedy • Feature • 97 pages

    An unhappily married man sneaks out of the house to go on a date with his college crush and ends up having the night from hell.

  • American Myths of Black & White

    Aaron Yarber • Drama • Feature

    Urban teen on a path to ruin is transformed by vivid dreams of ancestors from the distant and not-so-distant past.

  • Desire Named Katie

    Geo Bradley • Drama • Feature • 100 pages

    A romantically impaired teenager navigates the perils of a new identity after she falls for her manipulative best friend.

  • Space Junk

    Christopher Mancuso, Jason Porcino • Comedy • Feature • 115 pages

    Six lovable misfits are frozen for three centuries after ruining Earth’s first contact with an alien race,. Once thawed, they serve as sanitation collectors in the farthest reaches of space and become reluctant heroes in a plot to save the universe.

  • Jackal

    Alex Clark • Drama • Feature • 99 pages

    The lives of teachers, students, their parents and law enforcement collide in this non-linear, interweaving story of love, loss, survival and redemption surrounding the events on the morning of a High School massacre.

  • A Ski Mask Way

    Joshua Edwards • Drama • Feature • 130 pages

    A self-loathing veteran broken by his sordid past must revisit old skeletons to mend himself in enough time to have a future with his daughter.

  • Roomies

    Gareth Wronski • Comedy • Feature • 106 pages

    Two college roommates – one antisocial, one a ray of sunshine – struggle to expose a corrupt politician after he frames them for a murder in their dorm.

  • Virginia Rose and the Lost City of Gold

    Bryan Kelsey • Adventure • Feature • 98 pages

    A female Indiana Jones type treasure hunter searches for the legendary Lost City of Gold during the 1920’s. She manages to find the city before her rival does, but she never counted on discovering a dark magic that could raise the dead.

  • Here I Go Again

    Tony Nichols • Comedy • Feature • 102 pages

    A washed-up rockstar travels back in time to meet his 13-year-old self and becomes his own worst enemy when they fall in love with the same woman and face off in Battle of the Bands. Back to the Future meets Rushmore.

  • H.P. Lovecraft's Tales Of Terror

    Samuel Ezra Fisch • Horror • Feature • 106 pages

    In this H.P. Lovecraft anthology film, H.P. Lovecraft himself reads several tales from The Necronomicon, with each story growing longer and darker in tone as they go on, all leading up to an epic battle between Lovecraft and Cthulhu, where only one man or monster will make it out alive.


    Brock Newell • Drama • Feature • 114 pages

    An eccentric German spy covertly sets up a Nazi basecamp in Southern California while using a humble engineer and his wealthy heiress of a wife as pawns in his twisted game.

  • Fireflies

    Amanda Keener • Drama • Feature • 103 pages

    Carly (16) overcomes survivor's guilt after encountering the five mysteries of a small town she visits during the summer.

  • Spectrum

    Jennifer Trudrung • Horror • Feature • 92 pages

    A bullied girl on the autism spectrum attends her new middle school's 'bonding' caving/camping trip and has to use her neuro-diverse 'super powers' to fight to survive when her classmates and teachers are infected by an virulent strain of the white nose bat syndrome.

  • The Method & His Madness

    Mimosa Jones Tunney • Feature • 109 pages

    The construction of the first and only school in the basement of the White House becomes a battleground for power between Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, S.S. McClure, President Wilson and Maria Montessori.

  • The Hero of The World

    Staci Greason, Linda Hill • Family • Feature • 109 pages

    On her first hella cool day of high school - not - a grieving teen musician accidentally brings to life the characters from a graphic novel. With the help of a motley crew, she battles the forces of darkness to save a Princess from a super-evil king, but can she summon the courage to challenge her own sorrow before it destroys them all?


    Michael Prosser • Comedy • Feature • 108 pages

    Anthony returns home to pay his outstanding debt to the Mob, but he discovers that the outstanding sum is the least of his worries.

  • The Farmer

    Clive Howard • Sci-fi • Feature • 110 pages

    A simple farmer on a depraved world, whose family is brutally murdered by privileged travellers from another planet, does a murderous deal with a vicious city kingpin to avenge their death.

  • Ain't No Cowboys in Nashville

    Christopher J O'Bryant • Drama • Feature • 117 pages

    Under the lights of Music City, an ex-con and a bartender plan a simple crime but it all falls apart when an aspiring singer walks in the bar.

  • Immigrant

    Matthew Miller • Drama • Feature • 90 pages

    An illegal immigrant from India recalls her journey to America as she attempts to return home before her father's death.

  • Ty the Pie Guy: The Movie

    Ty Freedman, Susan Lambert Hatem • Family • Feature • 89 pages

    Inspired by the award-winning family-comedy series, Ty the Pie Guy runs his Bubbie's bakery and plays Pie Ball in the park with his friends. He thinks everything can be solved with a cookie. When newcomer Penny Persimmons comes to their beautiful town of Rhubarb Falls, at first things only get better. But when an evil developer threatens, Ty and the kids have to come together in order to save their town from… Penny's dad!

  • Bullet

    Nikola Stojkovic • Sci-fi • Feature • 132 pages

    After witnessing a brutal murder, a cab driver navigates the dismal world of future Chicago, racing to unravel the crime before the police, or the killer, catch up to her.

  • Holding On To You

    Anich D'Jae • Western • Feature • 126 pages

    A falsely accused black convict, just released on parole, fights desperately to clear his name in a small ranch town in Texas. But one night when he comes to a drunk rape victim’s rescue, he finds himself right back in the hot seat.


    arla bowers • Historical • Feature • 96 pages

    The Long Walk of the Navajo shatters the peaceful world of a young woman and her proud Dine' family. Through the love of a maverick lieutenant, she helps return her people to their homeland. (Inspired by true events)

  • The Hedgehogs Who Saved Christmas

    SJ Murray • Animated • Feature • 101 pages

    When tyrannical Mr. Badger cancels Christmas, Holly and Tim make the perilous journey to Badger Manor to change his mind. But when they discover the very future of Hedge Village is at stake, and that Badger plans on raising the whole place to the ground, the two hedgehogs set out on a quest to foil Badger's meeting with a developer in London, hoping for a Christmas miracle.

  • The Girl in Green

    James Beaman • Drama • Feature • 107 pages

    In this true story of 19th century New York, a sociopathic teen becomes entangled with a beautiful prostitute, leading him down a dark path of depravity and murder.

  • When Loved Ones Are Near

    Aurora George • Comedy • Feature • 119 pages

    After an attack leaves her no choice, an independent prosecutor is forced to spend Christmas with her boyfriend's eccentric family.

  • Patchwork

    Amanda Keener • Fantasy • Feature • 113 pages

    A sarcastic sixteen-year-old realist accepts the devastating loss of her mother after a magical cat plunges her into a thrilling adventure in search of a music box that can grant wishes... for a price.

  • City of Trees

    Christian Lybrook • Drama • Feature • 111 pages

    When failed writer Bobby Burnham returns to his hometown upon learning his mother is dying, his black-sheep brother, Wayne, threatens not to come, leaving Bobby and his sister, Julia, to contend not only with their mother’s death but also planning for their Alzheimer-afflicted father. As Bobby rekindles a relationship with his high-school girlfriend—now married—Wayne reappears, and reignited sibling tensions and a long-buried family secret threatening to undo the Burnham clan.

  • The Hammer

    Jason Hunter • Adventure • Feature • 105 pages

    Spurred by famine, a pious, by-the-book Norwegian and his family voyage to the untamed American West to carve out a new life as homesteaders. But when they finally arrive, someone else is already on their land.

  • Music To Dream By

    Jason Long • Feature • 114 pages

    Kiki's excited to move to Hawaii with her mom, but she worries her heartbroken step-dad Simon will die alone. Kiki keeps her moving plans a secret while pushing Simon to reconnect with his long lost love from high school, Clara Tate, who has literally dropped back into his life.

  • Half-Cocked

    Chris Chymiy • Comedy • Feature • 109 pages

    An eager young FBI agent has to keep up with his reckless new partner on a wild ride to catch a pair of sexy French thieves, if he ever wants to prove himself — and win back his girl.

  • Cyborn

    Mark Renshaw • Comedy • Feature • 102 pages

    A cyborg private A.I. is working his last case. Infected with a tekvirus that is stripping away his abilities, he teams up with a sexbot operated by his estranged daughter to uncover a master criminal and find a cure before he shuts down.

  • The Last Line

    Brandon Maynard • Sci-fi • Feature • 104 pages

    A man, wrongfully accused of murder, is conscripted into the world’s last line of defense.

  • Lost Words

    Daniel Lauder • Comedy • Feature • 109 pages

    Crippled with writer's block, an author helplessly watches the fictional characters of his novel come to life as they help and hinder the completion of his work, whilst aiding him on a path to self-discovery.

  • Adultery for the Honest Man

    Anthony Bradley • Drama • Feature • 92 pages

    To spice up his feelings for his wife, a husband undergoes cutting-edge hypnosis to see her as a different woman.

  • Hattie McD

    Sylvia-Anne Parker • Drama • Feature • 115 pages

    After becoming the first black Oscar winner, Hattie McDaniel struggles to overcome the many obstacles she faces as a black performer in white Hollywood.

  • Synthetic Heart

    Ameir Brown • Sci-fi • Feature • 121 pages

    When a struggling young private investigator is approached by the wife of a missing scientist, he’s plunged into a murky case of cat and mouse but will he be able to traverse 2057 London’s tech world and solve the case in time?

  • AFTER ALCATRAZ - surviving the escape

    Kevin Bruce • Drama • Feature • 95 pages

    After Alcatraz – surviving the escape is the long-awaited sequel to the classic Clint Eastwood movie Escape from Alcatraz in which the architect of the escape, Frank Morris, attempts to reinvent himself and build a new life while being constantly thwarted by his past closing in on him.

  • The Myth of Mathew

    Rodrigo Moreno • Drama • Feature • 105 pages

    A man stripped from all joy tries to makes sense of the absurd world.


    John Edward Flynt • Thriller • Feature • 121 pages

    A brilliant young geneticist with his own dark past to hide risks his life trying to prove that a strange German man he knows is one of the SS doctors who killed his grandparents at Dachau concentration camp.


    Brock Newell • Horror • Feature • 100 pages

  • You Are Not My Trigger

    Paul Ashton • Action • Feature • 100 pages

    A controversial speaker visits a college campus. Tribalism runs rampant. When the speech turns into a hostage situation, a group of journalism students must uncover the sinister forces behind it, and beyond that, simply survive.

  • Rabbit Hole Southside

    Alexandre Okada Figueiredo • Drama • Feature • 95 pages

    In a road trip across the American desert, thinking about a life changing decision, Lorina finds a little girl in a rabbit costume. This event will lead her in a journey into the world of drug cartels, human trafficking and madness across the border, in a transformative experience.

  • Into Silence

    C. Andrew Hall • Drama • Feature • 120 pages

    A down on his luck photographer of Japanese descent living in depression era San Francisco takes a gig shooting labor camps in California's rural central valley. When he rents lodging at a farm house where an unstable, deaf woman lives with her abusive step-mother, he unwittingly falls into a star crossed love affair and a reckoning with his own past and future.

  • Don't Tread on Don

    Tyler Welch • Drama • Feature • 101 pages

    After a vicious redneck soils her prize lawn, newly-widowed teacher Don Dunn must decide how far she's willing to go in a crusade against injustice in her life.

  • Rogue

    Carly Miller • Western • Feature • 94 pages

    In 1870s New Mexico, a hard-nosed African-American woman plans to split from her backwater town and devious employer when a band of outlaws arrive and complicate her plans by kidnapping an innocent woman.

  • Go, Nina, Go!

    Luisa Parnes • Comedy • Feature • 101 pages

    Nina is a young single mother, juggling a low-paying job and a high-maintenance family. When her long estranged father returns with an opportunity for Nina to move west and restart life, Nina has to prepare her family for her departure. But when things are finally shaping up for Nina to leave, she meets Isaac, a sexy, funny med-student who moves into the apartment Nina manages.

  • A Great Big Love

    Samuel Johnson • Comedy • Feature • 116 pages

    Just your typical fetish-based rom-com with heart.

  • The Plague Doctor

    Emanuele Mengotti • Horror • Feature • 91 pages

    In 1823, a young doctor is called back to his hometown of Venice, Italy, to treat a sick girl. The echoes of his past cross paths with the mysterious figure of the Plague Doctor, and pull him on a surreal and enigmatic journey toward discovering himself.

  • Amani

    Desmond Coleman • Horror • Feature • 115 pages

    A young black woman, killed and postmortem sexually assaulted by two police officers, returns from the dead--for revenge, justice, and otherwise--whenever anyone says her name.

  • Guilty Conscious

    Ariel Mayer • Sci-fi • Feature • 115 pages

    In a world where the terminally ill have their consciousness placed into violent-criminal's bodies, a pair of detectives, one of whom is against a new amendment to the downloading process, look into the suspected murder of a supposedly beloved businessman.

  • The Method and His Madness

    Mimosa Jones • Historical • Feature • 110 pages

    When playboy S.S. McClure, the most famous publisher in American history, brings together the power trio of Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and President Woodrow Wilson to finally reform American schools, he himself becomes the victim of the country's first media smear campaign by the long (and still) standing education establishment.

  • Warrior of Allah

    Joshua Payne • Drama • Feature • 120 pages

    After fighting with ISIS to oust the oppressive Shia government in Mosul, a young Sunni sees through their brutality and turns against them.

  • The Announcer

    Justin Sanders • Drama • Feature • 117 pages

    Jamie, a prodigious female basketball announcer, must grapple with grief over her father’s death, the repercussions of her brother’s addiction, and sexual assault from her boss to save the job of her dreams.

  • Black beauty and blood

    William Maxwell • Drama • Feature • 109 pages

    A beautiful female serial killer and the journalist investigating the killings fall madly in love.

  • The Way We Speak

    Ian Ebright • Drama • Feature • 87 pages

    When his mentor, friend, and debate partner suffers a heart attack, an up-and-coming atheist commentator insists that the prestigious debate continue and his mentor be replaced—an ambitious decision that brings a young Christian author to the stage and increasing trouble to the commentator’s private and public life.

  • Flat-rate Frank

    Jeffrey Howe • Drama • Feature • 93 pages

    In 1976, sixteen-year-old Frank's best friend dies while trying to impress him with a stupid stunt. At least that's what Frank tells the authorities--but an enigmatic woman who knows the truth about the boys won't let the matter rest.

  • Bikini Blues: My Summer at Fat Camp

    christina lopez-hidalgo • Comedy • Feature • 113 pages

    A chubby teenager seeks a change in her boring life by going to an all girl weight loss camp for the summer and finds trouble with the neighboring cheerleader camp.

  • The Barley Gang Crew

    Vijay Ilankamban • Comedy • Feature • 114 pages

    After failing to get dates for the Prom, a group of high school buddies travel to an alternate dimension to replace the versions of themselves who have dates for the Prom.

  • Blue Comedy

    Vincent Accettola • Drama • Feature • 120 pages

    A nationally celebrated stand-up comedian who just came out of the closet returns to the Boston comedy scene to teach an aspiring comic who he’s hastily developed feelings for.

  • Sugar

    Jesse Klein • Other • Feature • 108 pages

    Handsome and impulsive go-go boy Adam finds a sugar daddy in young, adorkable doctor Ricardo who whisks Adam away from his superficial LA world and into his isolated, rundown family home. Adam quickly realizes his new reality is not the 'Real Housewives' lifestyle he was hoping for when he starts to see ghosts.