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  • 48 States of Grandpa

    Paul Jury • Web Series • 9 pages

  • The Trill Nikkia

    Leon Chills • Action • Feature • 120 pages

  • Bog Walk

    Dominique A. Holmes • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 58 pages


    J. J. Hillard • Sci-fi • Short • 16 pages

    An astronaut's reclusive widow, in her apartment watching TV news of an unmanned test flight to Mars, uncovers clues she may be more than just a viewer of the mission.

  • Foxy Naught

    Karen Rouse • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 63 pages


  • Harboring

    Russell Nichols • Thriller • 62 pages


    Lauren Manes • Comedy • 12 pages

  • Perspectives

    Nir Shelter • Thriller • Short • 8 pages

    A found-footage military thriller that is based on a true story. After a suspiciously dressed Palestinian man boards an Israeli bus, an IDF soldier must choose between a risk to the lives of the other passengers and a potentially innocent man, to keep the peace.

  • A Gentleman of Good Hope

    Christina Hulen • Drama • Feature • 120 pages

    At the turn of the 19th Century, a controversial yet brilliant British military surgeon must battle detractors who would subvert his pioneering reforms while maintaining a secret that could end his career. He is a woman.

  • Power & Light

    Mark Jones • Historical • 60 pages

    On the verge of his greatest achievements, a young and overconfident Thomas Edison builds a team of famed inventors led by Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, and Nikola Tesla. Determined to create his own electrical empire, Edison unknowingly provokes scheming entrepreneur George Westinghouse and sets off a chain of events that leads to the infamous War of Currents. The ensuing battle forces Tesla and Edison into a bitter rivalry that threatens their loved ones, their lives, and legacies.

  • Gauguin's Garden

    Brandon Rosin • Drama • Feature • 110 pages

    Upon the untimely death of her farmworker father, a college student tosses aside her textbooks to build a garden sanctuary near campus – her own Walden Pond – where she fends off school officials to face loss, mortality, artistic dreams, and romance.

  • The Tear Collector

    Linda Niccol • Drama • 96 pages

  • Darling

    Aaron Yeung • 107 pages

  • MARS

    Tara Pinley • 60 pages

  • Buzz Cut Season

    Tatiana Bears • Drama • Feature • 115 pages

  • Pocono Heaven Lodge

    T Gordon Stanley • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 65 pages

    In 1929, a financially inept lodge owner launches a scheme - a pre-season Spring Fling for eccentric clients - to balance the books only to be challenged by a hostile wealthy client, an undercover FBI agent, his own addiction and a mysterious death.

  • Je Fait

    Edward Jordon • 89 pages

  • The Body Electric

    Amy Thorstenson • Sci-fi • Television (One-hour) • 64 pages

  • Never Leave Your Vehicle

    Paul Clarke • Adventure • Feature • 99 pages


    Micah Cohen • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 68 pages


    Melanie Schiele • Drama • Feature • 95 pages

    A furniture craftsman struggles to save his failing marriage and 6-year-old daughter afflicted with a rare and debilitating disease, leaving her skin as fragile as a butterfly's wings.

  • 147

    David Baugnon • Television • 54 pages

  • My Stupid Libido

    Mel DuPont • Comedy • Feature • 111 pages

  • EVE

    Micah Cohen • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 66 pages


    John Pisano-Thomsen • Drama • Feature • 114 pages

    The world's last known Pink Triangle survivor recalls his life as a dancer in 1935 Berlin, the intense romance with a childhood friend that led to his internment to Dachau Labor Camp and the unique dancing assignment that led to his brazen escape out of Germany.


  • Stone's Compass

    Ramona Taylor • Drama • Feature • 102 pages

    After learning that he has an incurable disease, a lawyer, whose life was close to rock bottom, is forced to re-evaluate himself and his relationships as he prepares for the case of his life.

  • MoneyGripp

    ADDISON BHUYAN  • Other • Television (One-hour) • 59 pages