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  • Mad Like Me

    Melinda Maerker • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 63 pages

    Following her own involuntary commitment, a psychologist struggles to rebuild her life when the only job she can get is the last one she wants—back at a state-run mental hospital.

  • The Saudi

    Moutaz Jad • Thriller • Feature • 106 pages

    When a Saudi lands at LAX with a false identity, an investigation by the FBI leads to a cover-up of America's role in the Middle East conflict rather than averting a terrorist plot.

  • The Last Fall

    Cate Honzl, Adam Honzl • Drama • Feature • 110 pages

    In the wake of society's collapse, a bitter but determined woman must protect her precocious niece on the last days of autumn before a dangerous winter; after the military drops off the year's final rations a series of unusual occurrences, including a missing family, a fire, and a murder build toward an action-packed finale where the two women fight to save their isolated farmhouse.

  • Song of Cheer Again

    Jeza Belle • Drama • Short • 10 pages

    A mother is distraught when her gay son comes out to her as a drag queen.


  • Bombers

    Darren Sand • Drama • Feature • 111 pages

    A graffiti master, who will do anything to be “King” of the subway lines, must get past his transit cop stepdad and a deadly rival.

  • Transfer to the Express_anon

    A. Chris Gajilan • Television • 70 pages


    Elise D'Haene • Comedy • Feature • 105 pages

    When an awkward public defender inherits an eccentric strip club from the father she barely remembers, she struggles to save it and the quirky strippers who call it home from a predatory oil and gas company that is literally killing to steal the club's land.

  • The Skins Game

    Justin Neal • Drama • Feature • 108 pages

    After meeting in jail in Vancouver B.C., two Native Americans embark on an impromptu cross-border road trip to New Mexico that turns into a fight against the insidious racism heaped upon their culture, starting with that damned Redskins sign.

  • Buried (short)

    KAREN FRANK • Short • 20 pages

    A grieving mother pits herself against her ex-lover, unaware that he's sacrificing his career for her.


    KINCAID JONES • Comedy • Television (One-hour) • 57 pages

    A nearly bankrupt Hollywood exec returns to her tiny bohemian hometown to sell off the beloved community theatre, only to encounter resistance from the locals and the famous ghosts who haunt it.

  • Downward Departure

    Jay Adams • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    A down-and-out drug addict decides to turn his destructive life around when he’s released from jail into a sober living home with eight other diverse recovering addicts and alcoholics, all struggling to get their lives back on track.


    Janet Ritz • Drama • Television • 61 pages

    An embattled San Francisco detective and his vulnerable young partner fight hate crimes in a city targeted by powerful political forces.


    Shay Ball • Drama • Feature • 87 pages

    Childhood friends coming-of-age in the middle of nowhere struggle to settle into new adulthood the summer after high school graduation.

  • The (Beautiful) Game

    Chloe Weinberg • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 64 pages

  • Flynt

    Tommy Oliver • Feature • 106 pages

  • Wrong Number

    Devin Mainville • Drama • Short • 31 pages

  • Mary Tries To Get a Piece

    eric vasallo • Comedy • Short • 28 pages

    Mary, a Mexican, millenial lesbian seeks a no-strings-attached hook up in LA on a Saturday night and is forced to summon her inner she-ro when caught in a bind.

  • Little Bird

    Thomas Downs • Drama • Feature • 112 pages

    A young factory worker in China becomes pregnant. Through her own vivid dreams she recognizes her desire to have and keep the child. By confronting grave obstacles in the real world, she realizes how far she's willing to go to achieve that desire.

  • Flux

    Gus Avila • Sci-fi • Feature • 93 pages

    A troubled kid befriends a stranded time-traveler whose quest to find home threatens their existence.

  • South of the 10

    Davina Willett • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 64 pages

    A tough-as-nails, inner-city female boxer is about to catch her big break, only to discover that the world of pro boxing and endorsement deals isn’t ready to embrace a gender ambiguous girl…even if she's a killer in the ring. [It’s PITCH meets ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK].

  • Periwinkle Square

    Avery Lee, Bobby Richards • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

    When a beloved kids’ show finds out they're losing their funding, "Periwinkle Square" descends into chaos, and it's up to producer Betty Chang to pick up the pieces.

  • Prodigal

    Chris Courtney Martin • Drama • Feature • 107 pages

  • The Savage Land

    Jesus Celaya • Western • Feature • 109 pages

    A cursed gunfighter hunts down a Navajo witch-doctor through the early, bloody 1900's border country.

  • Darkness Never Forgives

    Gary Hanna • Short • 15 pages

    A blind girl risks her life to earn a favor from a loathsome witch but the favor is unexpected.

  • The Lean

    Pearse Lehane • Drama • Feature

    A disgraced lawyer must prevent an innocent man from being convicted of the murder of a police officer in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

  • Sitting

    Jade Daugherty • Television • 28 pages


    Shiv Sudhakar • Feature • 119 pages

    When an ancestor of a long line of villains reluctantly becomes a student at the best evil university in the world, only he can save the city from crumbling as it battles its arch nemesis for supremacy.

  • Language of Life

    Helen Kenyon • Drama • Feature • 101 pages

    A genetics grad student who believes only in science discovers that music can 'speak' to our DNA, but must learn to trust her long-repressed spiritual gifts in order to prove it.

  • Prodigal

    Yvonne Hana Yi • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 59 pages

    After a fourteen-year absence, a young woman returns home to her religious family in Queens, New York. Her past lands her a reluctant but key role in a homicide investigation that scandalizes her family’s church at the time of her homecoming.

  • " D. T."

    KEN • Action • Feature • 112 pages


  • Plan B

    Paige Gresty • Comedy • Feature • 102 pages

  • Carla Margo

    Amelia Phillips • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    Twelve-year-old Carla Margo just wants to be "normal," date the coolest guy in school, and hang out with her flamboyantly fabulous best friend. Instead, she must fight to assimilate and defend her family's Communist values in 1950's Red Scare America. THE WONDER YEARS meets TRUMBO. Based on Communist American history.


  • Janus

    Regina Wilson • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 49 pages

    A genius high school student teams up with his physics teacher to solve science-related mysteries in their small town, while navigating the equally difficult problems of high school social life.

  • Screaming My Heart Out

    Janyce Lapore • Drama • Feature • 111 pages

    "Screaming My Heart Out" is about the deep love, pain and joy that one Italian family shares in the 1960's in a small, blue collar neighborhod that is just beneath a mighty steel mill.

  • Hollow Win

    Terry Gingles • Drama • Feature • 120 pages

  • The Director's Girlfriend

    Michael Kenney, Diane Burrell • Comedy • Feature • 113 pages

    His marriage on the rocks, a lush - a once hot Hollywood writer - finds himself in over his head when he falls for the sexy, young, psychotic girlfriend of the sleazy movie director next door.

  • Quarter-Life

    Antonello Velez • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 32 pages

    A group of young people trying to make it in New York get their lives disrupted when a rock star whose soul has literally been stolen falls into their orbit.

  • EAT ME

    David Michan • Horror • Feature • 95 pages

    An American food critic travels to Rio de Janeiro and finds himself developing an insatiable appetite for women and is soon forced to face the horror of his actions and even worse... discover his true identity.<br />


    Carl B Clark • Drama • Feature • 101 pages

    High in the mountains, a father and son learn about filial responsibility, redemption and death-with-dignity.

  • Calling Mary

    Caroline Dunlap • Drama • Short • 33 pages

  • STRAIGHT (April 22 full pilot script no cover page)

    Emma Tattenbaum-Fine • Drama • Television • 34 pages

  • El Gordo

    Michael Ravich • Other • Short • 28 pages

    A young girl in rural Cuba must finally face the grief from the death of her father by confronting her ultimate nemesis… El Gordo, a giant angry rooster guarding the three eggs she needs to bake her grandmother a birthday cake.

  • American Snake Pit

    Dan Tomasulo • Feature • 108 pages

  • Abstract Ink

    David Sason • 65 pages

  • Lucky Phoenix

    Isabella Cohen • Drama • Feature • 112 pages

  • Carry On

    Kelly Mahon • Comedy • Television • 32 pages

  • By The Time I Got To Woodstock

    Jeffrey Massie • Feature • 84 pages

  • Nocturnal Admissions

    Christian Reda • Thriller • Feature • 116 pages

    Hector 'Angel' Cruz is a young hustler and the only witness to the murder of a married senatorial candidate he was hired to be an escort to for an evening. Joseph Kowalski is a divorced twenty year veteran of the L.A.P.D., from a family of Polish Catholic cops, assigned to protect Angel. The senator's killer, Russian hit-man Yuri Vadim wants Angel, first for his own sadistic pleasure, and then to kill him, leaving no loose ends. Joe's concern for the safety of Angel becomes much more than an assignment forcing Joe to acknowledge feelings he thought he buried for good years ago. Falling in love with Angel will now only complicate an already dangerous situation for Joe and Angel, and the people in their lives they care about most.… See moreSee less

  • BORO

    Krystal Banzon • Drama • Television • 59 pages

    A group of queer women of color in Queens, New York fight to prevent their neighborhood gay bar from gentrification; however, despite their political passions, their own private desires entwine them in a community scandal that threatens to derail their efforts. THE L WORD meets EMPIRE.

  • Great Kills

    Susan Hippen • Television • 53 pages

  • Rematch

    Antoine Mizel • Drama • Feature • 102 pages

    A victim of child abuse, now an adult boxer, challenges his former tormentor to a fight.

  • the remarkable rocket

    Pippa Hinchley • Animated • Short • 30 pages

    An arrogant firework has to learn the hard way that he's not as 'Remarkable' as his wrapper has always suggested. Loosely based on the short story by Oscar Wilde.

  • Gates and Strays

    Will Ralston • Television • 34 pages

  • Leah Rose

    Colin Larkin • Drama • Feature • 109 pages

    In Depression-era New York, a socialite pursues a professional piano career as she learns to live poor while her husband does time for bootlegging.

  • Electric Feel

    Frank Anthony • Drama • Feature • 110 pages

  • Para

    Nicole Pouchet • Sci-fi • Television (One-hour) • 57 pages

    A Las Vegas police detective struggles to solve magical cases with her new government partner when their own existence as paranormal beings becomes a crime.

  • Joseph

    Ian Davies • Fantasy • Feature • 109 pages

    A ragtag battalion of Polish soldiers must dig in around the home of a mysterious old man, as they await the onslaught of the Nazi SS, in the earliest days of World War 2.

  • Welcome to the Treatment Plant!

    Dilpreet Kaur Walia • Short • 22 pages

    An adventurous tomato challenges life on a sewage plant, she may be equipped with the perfect escape plan but sadly not the bravest team.

  • Word of Mouth

    Ace Hasan • Drama • Television • 65 pages

  • Protectress

    Joanna Ke • Fantasy • Short • 7 pages

    During battle, a healer must save her warrior sister from a mortal wound when the unthinkable happens.

  • An Angel's Cry

    James Bingham • Sci-fi • Feature • 110 pages

    As the artificial intelligence he helped create threatens all mankind, a widowed scientist sees a possible connection to his late wife.

  • Good Girls Don't

    Bryn Woznicki • Television • 27 pages

    Approaching 30, Bryn quits her job, breaks up with her boyfriend and moves back in with her parents, and despite her family's objections, begins to pursue her passion, becoming a stand up comedian. Utilizing stand up, sketches and surrealism, we see Bryn transform her darkest moments into comedic ones; she's never felt more free or more terrified doing all the things "good girls" don't.

  • Crossroads

    Regina Wilson • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 58 pages

    A young blues guitar player struggles to make a name for himself in 1935 in the Mississippi Delta, balancing his musical aspirations with his work on the family farm. But when a mysterious stranger offers to make his dreams come true, can he resist the temptation?

  • Sanctum

    Chad Alexander • Fantasy • Television (One-hour) • 56 pages

    A grieving daughter, following a mysterious clue left behind by her mother, travels to her mother’s hometown leading her to reconnect with her distant family. After discovering an earth-shattering family secret, she finds herself with a crisis of identity that puts her in the path of a malicious entity that could be involved in her mother's death.

  • Stormcloud

    Marat Berdyyev • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 126 pages

    A man born with the uncanny ability to swap souls becomes the key figure in a rebellion against the power-hungry leaders using severe water rationing for their personal gain.

  • The Color Wars

    Christopher De Paola • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    After an injection that alters skin pigment is discovered, a distraught federal agent hunts a priest inciting race-based terrorism, and a black market dealer profiting from the new world order. Destined for a collision course, all three must survive an ever changing America plunging deeper and deeper into paranoia and fear.

  • Insurrection

    Simon Bowler • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 63 pages

    John Brown's battles to end slavery.

  • A Relative Unknown

    Lynne Logan • Drama • Feature • 103 pages

    When an arrogant golf pro discovers a terminal brain tumor is causing his extraordinary play, he struggles to choose between life-saving surgery, or using his remaining time to compete in the Masters.

  • Empty Creatures

    Robin Jennings • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 57 pages

    Nico Bray is a failing artist who can’t seem to get a hold of her inner demons. When she decides to end her life but fails yet again, she's committed to a psychiatric hospital where her botched suicide attempt may end up being the big break she needs.

  • Running a Thousand Miles

    Jennifer Grand • Historical • Feature • 119 pages

    In 1848, Ellen; an illiterate, mixed-race slave, disguises herself as a well-to-do, white man to risk a daring escape from bondage. With her love, William, posing as her slave she must learn to navigate through white society and avoid slave hunters to travel 1000 miles to reach the free North.

  • The So Long Song

    Emi Macuaga • Other • Short • 10 pages


    Elise D'Haene • Drama • Feature • 101 pages

  • North

    Dani Milton • Drama • Feature • 128 pages

  • Iron Maidens

    John Smith • Action • Feature • 116 pages

    Mentored by a martial arts master from girlhood, a young woman ends up using her skills to help train an actual, secret society of suffragette bodyguards, eventually becoming the head bodyguard to the movement's leader. There will be blood.

  • You'll Make Lots of Friends That Way

    Andrea O'Malley • Drama • Feature • 113 pages

    On the verge of becoming a crazy cat lady minus the cats, a single, bipolar woman sets out to have a child.

  • We Used To Fight

    Michael Quintana • Drama • Feature • 114 pages

    1990s, Los Angeles: When he must take responsibility for his estranged brother, a faded boxer stages his comeback.

  • Story Riders

    Allen Flannagan • Adventure • Television (One-hour) • 118 pages

    When a catastrophic mistake is made, four kids must become Story Riders and enter wayward story worlds where they match wits with some of the worst villains mankind has ever concocted.

  • Vagabond

    Bob Reynolds • Drama • Feature • 95 pages

    An old poet, with Alzheimer's, decides to take one last hike into the Grand canyon

  • Pride

    Patrick Sherman • Drama • Feature • 111 pages

    Based on actual events (in the near future): A gay linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys deals with life on the down low, and the consequences of becoming the first active NFL player in history to come out.

  • The Art and Beauty of Miserable Bastards

    Marilyn Jacovsky • Drama • Feature • 100 pages

    Things change in a maximum security prison when a psychologist treating psychiatric inmates discovers that she is a by-product of rape.

  • EMIT

    Ryan Porter • Sci-fi • Short • 34 pages

    What if you could go back in time and change the parts of your life that you don’t like; and with every change you make you instantly evolve. What if you could go back in time and change the parts of your life that you don’t like; and with every change you make you instantly evolve. E.M.I.T. (Which is backwards for T.I.M.E.) is the story about what happens when a woman discovers how to send her thoughts back in time to her younger self and attempts to fix everything wrong in her life.

  • Bad Mark - no name

    Elizabeth Delaney • Thriller • Feature • 94 pages

  • Blood on the Keys

    Adam Patrick Jones • Drama • Feature • 90 pages

  • SUMMER OF '79

    Angela Andrist • Drama • Feature • 105 pages

    Breaking the rules, elderly lovers help a lost teenage girl find her future under the disco ball.

  • Pharmland

    Jon Davis • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 65 pages

    An unscrupulous marketing executive will do anything to obtain a promotion when her feckless boss suddenly dies, jeopardizing a merger between two of the world’s largest pharmaceuticals companies.

  • The Jane Collective

    Lisa Romagnoli • Television • 51 pages

  • Mr and Mrs Cole Porter

    Brenda Clarke • Drama • Feature • 119 pages

    Set in late 1940's America we glimpse a few years of the wealthy society couple Cole Porter and wife Linda Lee Thomas. Go behind closed doors that reveal the real life of their hidden homosexual behaviour and see the composer's artistic and personal struggles exposed.

  • No Man's Land

    Mel Piper • Fantasy • Feature • 89 pages

    In a future Europe scarred by segregation a physically impaired investigator applies her alchemist methods to track down missing persons and ultimately restores hope in peaceful unity.

  • Ruthless

    Rebekah Ganiere • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 55 pages

    After the death of her grandfather, werewolf Alana Jonas returns home with her son, to the family the abandoned her ten years earlier, only to be pulled back into their web of Secrets, Murder and Pack Politics.

  • The War of the Women

    Lisa Di Giannuario • Drama • Feature • 107 pages

  • 3 Dogs on a Bone

    Terry Hayman • Thriller • Feature • 114 pages

    Framed for rape and murder, a detective fights to keep a lid on the DNA results that get him out so he can go after the real killers – the three brothers who abused him back when he was still a girl.


    Theodore Soderberg • Horror • Feature • 92 pages

    On 12 August 2015, a series of explosions killed 173 people and injured hundreds of others at the Port of Tianjin, China. Mutants bordered the ship, and a sailor with a dead end past and his computer genius son are the last hope for a ship out of control headed for San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge .

  • Estevan the Black

    Michael Choi, Karl Bauer • Adventure • Feature • 96 pages

  • Land Most Loved

    Francisco Mendoza • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 71 pages

  • The Great Surrender

    Romeo Ciolfi • Drama • Feature • 100 pages

    Zachary Foley is a disillusioned former high school football star whose life is left in ruins after a tornado puts his mother in a coma, leaving him to raise his disabled brother. This chain of events awakens a dynamic purpose in Zachary and miraculously brings life to a hurting community, but it may not be enough to overcome a tragic past he’s lied about.

  • Behind The Red Curtain

    Shani Moore Weatherby • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 57 pages

    A controversial pick due to her views and youth, the first Black woman on the Supreme Court teams with her clerks to fight for justice -- but her secret undocumented status threatens to rob her of her robe and boot her from the States.

  • Concrete Rose

    LaDarrion Williams • Drama • Feature • 92 pages

    "Two strangers, Nyla Jackson, and Dante Bivins are connected in unspeakable ways when they discover that they are trapped in an abandoned hospital during Hurricane Katrina."

  • Provincetown

    Chance Wellnitz • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 56 pages

    Two small-town gay teens travel to Provincetown, MA, in search of their Shangri-La, but confront a world even more dangerous than the one they left behind.


    Rita Wheeler • Comedy • Feature • 112 pages


    Janet Ritz • Adventure • Television (One-hour) • 47 pages

    The true adventures of Aesop, the legendary storyteller in the royal court of Lydia, and companion to the warrior prince Croesus who raises the storyteller from slavery to second-in-command of his empire.

  • Claybourne

    Julie Merrick • Drama • Feature • 100 pages


    Martin Blinder • Feature • 109 pages

    Dr. Roberta Stevenson, an intellectually gifted but emotionally and sexually frozen “all business” forensic psychiatrist, court-ordered (under protest) to closely monitor the principal suspect in an erotic murder case, comes to find his danger-seeking, hedonistic, beguiling, sexually-charged persona, lifestyle and seductive charisma so irresistibly liberating that she to make it her own she is gradually willing first to risk her principles, next her career, then her longstanding love relationship, and finally – her life. A composite of several of my own forensic cases (I’m a forensic psychiatrist by day, screenwriter by night – or is it the other way around) “TRAPPED” is the noirish female-driven story of a “driven” female who undergoes simultaneously the best and worst possible experience any woman can imagine. You recall the old saying: “What doesn’t kill me will make me stronger.” Until the script’s last page, for Roberta it could go either way.

  • Come Together

    Anich D'Jae • Drama • Feature • 132 pages

    For two star-crossed teens, music and love bridge the gap in a divided 1960’s America, determined to tear them apart.

  • Ernest

    Jeremy Holland • Drama • 59 pages

    The anti-superhero people turn to when the police can't or won't help.

  • Romeo And Juliet On Aricept

    Lynn Mills • Drama • Feature • 114 pages


    Geoff; Dan O'Gara; Whipple • Drama • Feature • 58 pages

    Melchior Tomic is a bartender and a Democrat in a small Wyoming town who improbably runs for a U.S. Senate seat, and more improbably wins, using all the back-room tricks behind a "populist" facade. He's a wrecking ball in Washington DC, and the press loves it: a freewheeling, outspoken maverick, exposing a secret world of corrupt deal-making, while wrestling with his own dark secrets.

  • Body Blows

    Colin Scott • Drama • Feature • 89 pages

    Country doctor, GREGORY HEMINGWAY – son of the literary legend – wrestles with his macho father, familial suicide, and the desire to become a woman.

  • The Abandoned Isle

    Ana Quinata • Drama • Television • 58 pages

  • Annabelle Moore

    Damion L. • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 48 pages

    The beautiful and brilliant wife of a mafia boss has plans for a power grab of her own.

  • The High Bridge

    Benedict Campbell • Drama • Short • 96 pages

    A Bronx teenager is suddenly faced with fatherhood when the mother of his young daughter plans to attend an elite military academy.

  • Pines of Rome

    Terry Gau • Comedy • Feature • 109 pages

    A world-famous conductor finds himself exiled to a small town, where he butts heads with the female conductor of a local volunteer symphony. He gains humility, perspective, and friendship as he re-discovers his passion for music and rights a wrong from his past.

  • Lanigan & Co

    Joe Kendall • Other • Feature • 98 pages

    Following the murder of her boss, a young private detective is caught in a web of corruption, love, and gang warfare in post-war New York.

  • Bar Crawl

    Jordan Gershowitz • Comedy • Feature • 100 pages

    Pitched as GIRLS TRIP meets OLD SCHOOL, after the death of their friend, a trio of former college friends now in their 30s reunite to complete the crazy bar crawl and scavenger hunt she had always wanted to do.


    Christopher Rutledge • Thriller • Feature • 131 pages

    Dr. Geoffrey Chance Du Bois, a noted African-American alternative medicine doctor in modern day Atlanta, witnesses his colleagues in alternative medicine dying around him. Oblivious initially and seeing no connection between them, an attempt is made on his life, so now he is on the run with his female colleague, Dr. Ola Fulani (African-American), and vows to find out who’s behind the murders.

  • Pink Lava

    Sharon Powers • Family • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

    Follow spirited and charismatic 13-year old surfer girl Saylor as her FOMO fuels her crafty schemes to explore situations and places beyond her self-perceived confines of living on an old houseboat, going to school and helping with her mom's surf shop.

  • Hoop Spur

    Jeff Sabini • Thriller • Feature • 117 pages

    When his black friends are killed in post=WWII Arkansas, a bi-racial NAACP Field Secretary who decades before went undercover with the KKK, but was exposed and had to flee for his life, must return to the same racist-infested town in order to save his friend's children - all while dealing with the revelation that he is related to the town's Klan leaders. (Loosely based on actual historical events)

  • The G.O.A.T.

    Sid Patwa • Comedy • Feature • 102 pages

    A gifted Indian teen rapper in the 90's, dealing with disappointing his family, has one night to finally face his nemesis in an epic rap battle in order to "up" his social status, impress his crush and become the Greatest Of All Time.

  • Yellow Dogs

    Matt Eskandari • Drama • Feature • 102 pages

    The dramatic true story of an indie rock-band made up of Iranian American refugees from New York, that exploded in popularity in the underground scene of the late 2000’s.

  • Stealing God

    Martin Blinder • Feature • 130 pages

    Responding warily to an appeal from the jailed charismatic leader of Burma’s democratic resistance movement, two notorious American soldiers of fortune with neither weapons nor heavy equipment risk their lives to abscond with a heavily guarded twenty ton solid gold iconic statue of the Buddha belonging to all the people of Burma, then figure out an ingenious way to get it across a locked down border and into democratic hands – just as Burma’s ruthless, cash-starved military ruler prepares to take possession.

  • Lapu Lapu, Chief of Mactan

    Joy Regullano • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 38 pages

    In 1521, after a co-dependent Philippine chieftain gets dumped, he must re-navigate single life while battling Spanish conquistadors.

  • Some Bad History

    Amanda Norman • Drama • Feature • 113 pages

    A tough young writer's hard exterior comes crumbling down when she enlists the help of a Native American librarian in order to find the truth behind her dead father's horrific stories of an Indian ancestor, but she soon discovers this isn't the only dark history the reservation is hiding.

  • Between Two Worlds

    Aimee Dansereau • Sci-fi • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    (Series logline): A young woman with extraordinary abilities goes from being a pacifist to becoming the most powerful warrior in a galactic struggle against an oppressive alien regime.

  • The Stoker Legacy

    Mike Ward • Drama • Feature • 99 pages

    Florence Stoker, wife of celebrated author Bram Stoker, has to overcome her resentment of her husband for stealing her fantasy to repair her relationship with her son.

  • Hockey Moms

    Mike Carrier • Comedy • Television • 35 pages

    In suburban Connecticut, middle-aged women have a hockey league where they take out their frustrations from stressful careers, raising their kids, and raising their husbands. Each of these ladies love transforming from caring role models to trash-talking brawlers.

  • Hair of the Dog

    Joe Joyce • Drama • Feature • 114 pages

    After a home invasion, a prominent strategy executive takes to the criminal underworld to find the people responsible for the grisly aftermath while the police navigate a labor strike amid riots and chaos.

  • Mariachi Kid

    Alberto Belli • Drama • Feature • 103 pages


    Byron Qiao • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 59 pages

  • Aphra Behn, or, The Life of the Poet

    James Mabrey • Drama • Feature • 111 pages

    The (mostly true) story of Aphra Behn: British spy, the first professional female writer in England, social commentator, world traveler, libertine, intellectual, bon vivant and the first woman to be buried in Westminster Abbey, as she faces triumph and tragedy in the male dominated 1600s.

  • The Cat's Silhouette

    Nicholas Chan • Comedy • Feature • 98 pages

  • The HR Guy

    Robert Woo • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 33 pages

    Andy Park is the HR guy and the only bastion of ethics and humanity at an online travel company. When his culturally-insensitive CEO launches a backwards diversity initiative, Andy must decide between appeasing his boss or alienating the minorities on staff.

  • Dust to Dust

    Cate Honzl • Drama • Feature • 115 pages

    Oklahoma, 1935. A desperate farmer begins to rob banks, his identity always obscured by the dust clouds of black blizzards, but things get complicated when his ailing son worsens, his wife flaunts the money in public, and a young police chief ambitiously pursues the case.

  • Leave

    Alysha Haran • Short • 27 pages

    The meeting of Sam and Elinor at the Lazy B Ranch during a brief weekend before Sam's deployment to the Middle East yields a genuine friendship that challenges Elinor to face the realities of her life she’s been choosing to ignore when she witnesses Sam deal with issues plaguing today's society.

  • Beyond Revolution

    Neda Davarpanah • Drama • Feature • 101 pages

    When the Revolution of 1979 changes Iran virtually overnight, two Persian college girls and their American English teacher must escape for their lives, with only their wits to guide them on the dangerous path to freedom. But what does it mean to be free?

  • Cotton-Pickin' Heroes

    Michael Kenney • Comedy • Feature • 118 pages

    As the American Civil War draws to a close, three disparate black Union soldiers become trapped behind Confederate lines and are forced to hide out on a cotton plantation, trying blend in and not be noticed by the addled owner of the plantation and his harsh black overseer. But when the Colonel's eldest son declares he's taking the slaves to Brazil -- where slavery is still legal - our heroes decide they have to escape... and plan to take all the plantation slaves with them.

  • Law of the River

    Meagan Daine • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 58 pages

  • Salvacion: A Love Story

    Jesus Celaya • Fantasy • Feature • 117 pages

    An angel falls upon the 1700s Venezuelan village of Salvacion...will it bring good or ill to the people?

  • In Three

    Erin Carere • Comedy • Feature • 92 pages

    When a middle-aged business woman who seemingly "has it all" discovers she has stage three ovarian cancer, she throws caution to the wind and embarks on a sexy, life-changing weekend with a newly sober, much younger man.

  • In The Company of Strangers

    Corey Deshon • Thriller • Feature • 112 pages

    Two victims of mind control experimentation begin a romantic affair only to discover their union is instrumental to a secret society's plot to assassinate a presidential candidate.

  • The Resistance

    Jon Davis • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    An American college student inadvertently becomes involved in the French Resistance while studying art in Nazi-occupied Paris.

  • Whisper in the Vines

    sasha siljanovic • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 37 pages

    Whisper in the Vines is an absurd comedy that follows a crude, party loving sommelier, who’s trying to turn his life around by graduating the world’s ponciest wine institution. But when he’s gifted a mysterious ability, as predicted by ancient texts, that allows him to step into the past memories of a wine’s essence - it creates havoc at the illustrious Spit & Swallow Wine Institute.

  • Perdido

    Eduardo Maytorena • Drama • Feature • 99 pages

    A young man struggling to break free of the trafficker he is indebted to, journeys to meet legendary ranchero singer Vicente Fernandez and give him a song written by the beloved father he just lost.

  • Haley

    Greg Caiafa • Thriller • Feature • 99 pages

    A private detective has a single evening to discover who among the guests at a secluded estate is a serial killer he tried to bring down years ago.

  • Catbird Blues

    Rebecca Drummond • Drama • Feature • 83 pages

  • Hawk Moon

    Cal Athan • Drama • Feature • 112 pages

    A mysterious shaman sends a Lakota warrior into the present time, to kill powerful men. Now someone knows the warrior’s identity. He must protect his people from the future threat as the cavalry closes in.

  • Drones

    Anthony Alleyne • Thriller • Television • 61 pages

  • Blood Sex Work

    Sorahya Moore • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 59 pages

    Blood. Sex. Work, follows Valerie, an impulsive idealist, from her home in Atlanta, Georgia, to the criminal underbelly of Livingston, New Jersey; where an accidental murder leaves her life in the hands of some of the most sought after hitmen in the Northeast.


    Scott LaFortune • Comedy • Feature • 110 pages

    A feisty nutritionist picks a fight with high-fructose corn syrup, then wrestles a sugar lobbyist for control of America's caloric intake. Based on a true story.

  • The Moor

    Thomas Thonson • Drama • Feature • 120 pages

    LOGLINE: Frustrated with his inability to fully practice his craft in 1950’s America, an African-American actor concocts a bold plan: using a famous, but down on his luck British Shakespearean actor to act as his “beard,” he engineers a way to play the part of Othello in a stage production in the Jim Crow south.

  • Danny. Invincible. Legend. God.

    Yavor Petkov • Other • Feature • 105 pages

    A crime documentary project in Eastern Europe gets taken over by the subject himself, as events become increasingly disturbing.

  • Henchman

    Amechi Ngwe • Action • Feature • 111 pages

    A reformed henchman desperately fights to defend his former mob boss when a sadistic vigilante targets their criminal gang during a violent one night rampage.

  • The Farm

    Jann Else • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    To avoid becoming collateral damage in the cold war at a budget-strapped rehabilitation centre, Doctor Robert Tsang lies, cheats and steals to heal his most recalcitrant patients.

  • Rap Phenomenon

    Craig Stevens • Other • Feature • 110 pages

  • Mutiny at Dawn

    TYRONE COUSIN • Action • Feature • 98 pages

    After her husband and only living child are kidnapped by Slave Takers, a Bakongo Woman who as a child was lost in The Congo Rainforest must battle her worst fear and evade rival tribal warriors in order to track and free her family before they are forced aboard a slave ship bound for Brazil.


    Tannaz Hazemi • Drama • 102 pages

  • War-Torn

    Michael J. Daniels • Other • Feature • 107 pages

    A teenage Iraqi boy avenges his father’s death by capturing a female American soldier to give to a terrorist group. Along the way, the boy and the soldier must overcome their hatred for each other to survive.

  • The Last Reunion

    Javier Sanchez • Horror • Feature • 93 pages

  • FLINTOWN: Hazy Shade of Criminal

    Cory Huizar • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 70 pages

    Spring 2010: The already depleted Fire and Police departments in Flint, Michigan are hit with more cuts. Hours before the job cuts went into effect 14 abandoned homes went up in flames. Before the jobs are restored by the Federal Government 150 abandoned homes will be burnt to the ground in just a few short months. Flintown is the story of a town in crisis and on verge of chaos, told from multiple perspectives.

  • Deleted

    Madison McCray • Drama • Television • 53 pages

  • Fear God

    Silvia Arribas-Mantelli • Drama • Feature • 117 pages

  • The Shakespeare Stealer

    Gary Blackwood • Family • Feature • 126 pages

    In Elizabethan England, a orphan who knows an early system of shorthand is hired to steal the script of Hamlet.

  • John Black Raven

    Ali Imran Zaidi • Western • Television (One-hour) • 65 pages

    In a newly post Civil War America, a reclusive Seminole hiding his mixed-race family on the edge of Texas rescues a vengeful Muslim slave widow... pitting them against rebellious plantations and a war-weary northern soldier struggling to reconstruct a country that won't let go of its old ways.

  • Pan Dulce

    Jesus Celaya • Fantasy • Feature • 116 pages

  • The Fixers

    Debbi Mack • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 52 pages

  • UP YOURS, BRIDGET JONES (aka BRIT IN LA:The Obama Years)

    Pippa Hinchley • Comedy • Feature • 90 pages

    A Brit trying to make her mark in LA before she is all 4 F's - fat, failed/, 40 and fucked, must deal with a wicked booze habit, her blaming of Renee Zelleeger for everything wrong in life and the reappearance of her dead dad. (A Kaufmanesque WRECKED meets DONT THINK TWICE )

  • The Model Town

    Craig Stevens • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 67 pages

  • The Lines We Draw

    Cat Dale • Drama • Feature • 99 pages

    1892: A Comanche girl, desperate to restore her father's will to live, runs off in search of the one person to save them: the older brother who never returned from one of the US Government's religious boarding schools. She must find her place in the world as it transforms from the Old West to the New.


    Brian MacEvilly (rhymes with 'heavily') • Drama • Feature • 96 pages

    When a hard-ass Macho Cop is tasked with interrogating an effeminate Cross-Dressing Male he assumes automatically that he'll "snap this bitch like a twig", but as the night goes on and the strengths of his opponent emerge, he finds himself in an increasingly desperate battle of wills to prove who really is "the better man".

  • Ella & Marilyn

    Jon Davis • Historical • Feature • 119 pages

    Ella Fitzgerald's stalled singing career is taken to sudden new heights when Marilyn Monroe campaigns for her to play previously segregated jazz clubs, prompting both praise and a backlash in pre-Civil Rights era America.

  • Where the Poppies Grow

    Diana Pysher • Drama • Feature • 109 pages

    Enduring the aftermath of Afghanistan and Iraq, three war vets must face their worst battle yet, returning home. As their lives converge at a ground-breaking VA Center using experimental therapy, they must confront their worst enemy -- the PTSD that consumes their lives.

  • Michael Wants To Marry

    Jen Bieser • Comedy • Feature • 106 pages

    A man obsessed with having the picture-perfect marriage and kids travels to Germany to get his partner’s family blessing only to find that his beloved hasn’t yet come out of the closet.


    Jennifer Hummer • Drama • Feature • 102 pages

  • The Family Trade

    Erin Hays • Comedy • Feature • 118 pages

    When Josh’s grandma, Lavern, asks him to help out in the family doll shop, he anticipates a summer of boredom and public shame. But when Lavern suddenly goes missing, Josh and his friends are tasked with saving her—while facing the repercussions of a centuries-old family secret.

  • Scarlett and Phoenix Episode: Dead-Drive-Land

    Maria Marquez • Animated • Short • 10 pages

  • BURN the WITCH

    Xavier Rogers • Comedy • Feature • 125 pages


  • Dead Sam Walking

    Kryz Woodhouse • Drama • Feature • 117 pages

    A gloomy young man, who believes he is dead, embarks on a road trip with a free-spirited, life-loving friend with an inoperable brain tumour.

  • Kashmir

    Brian O'Donnell • Drama • Feature • 110 pages

    Nolan Keating is looking for a quiet summer at home where his divorced parents and contentious siblings all coexist under the same roof, but that's all thrown into chaos when his father receives a grave cancer diagnosis, and Nolan must try to maintain the peace, while managing to hold himself together.