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    Mukilan Thangamani • Thriller • Feature • 110 pages

    A career-obsessed woman's life unravels after she has her lecherous boss killed using an underground app that allows users to anonymously swap murders. STRANGERS ON A TRAIN meets BLACK MIRROR.

  • The Last Librarian in Raqqa

    Laila Ujayli • Drama • Short • 15 pages

    In war-torn Syria, an old man is forced to choose between preserving the past in his secret library--the last piece of his hometown untouched by violence--or saving his neighbors from ISIS's terror.

  • Between Two Worlds

    Aimee Dansereau • Sci-fi • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    (Series logline): A young woman with extraordinary abilities goes from being a pacifist to becoming the most powerful warrior in a galactic struggle against an oppressive alien regime.

  • Days of Infamy - Pilot

    Saiya Floyd • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 55 pages

    During WWII, a Japanese American man’s attempt to keep the peace between his community and internment camp officials is complicated by the return of his disillusioned son and a growing threat from a group of rebels.


  • Brute

    Charlie Tidmas • Drama • Feature • 114 pages

    When a closeted MMA fighter is released from prison, he must work to make amends for his crime and keep his secret along the way.

  • Immigrant Son

    D. Wilmos Paul • Drama • Feature • 105 pages

    An immigrant enrolls in a predominantly black high school, ready to realize his American dream, only to find out his kind of black does not belong.

  • Pulpo Paul

    Rebeca Melara • Comedy • Feature • 109 pages

    A romantic/family comedy about a psychic octopus that can predict World Cup matches, and the group of international strangers he unites to save a dying little girl.

  • On Probation

    Sergio Cámara • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 40 pages

    After her marriage ends, an old-school housewife has to start over as a social worker in a rowdy parole office. Her only weapons, please and thank you.

  • Things That Fall

    Sy Huq • Comedy • Short • 8 pages

    A deaf college student finds himself enamored with a girl in a library and makes a lot of noise to get her attention.

  • The Way We Look at Horses

    Meghan Lees • Drama • Feature • 98 pages

    A father's diagnosis of advanced Alzheimer's disease forces his estranged daughter suffering from substance abuse to return home triggering an unforeseen reconciliation between past and present.

  • Jaggers

    Greg Nye • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    In 1950, a gay university professor risks his tenure to moonlight as a tattoo artist on Chicago's skid row.

  • The Operator - WeScreenplay Diverse

    Huey Pham, Jessica Petrucci • Thriller • Feature • 111 pages

  • ProcrastinAsian

    Pauline Yasuda • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

    A broke and aimless millenial must find acceptance from her dysfunctional, wacky, and unconventional Asian family after a series of unexpected events.

  • Insurrection

    Simon Bowler • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 63 pages

    John Brown's battles to end slavery.

  • People Of The Dawn

    Kathleen Caslin • Historical • Feature • 115 pages

    PEOPLE OF THE DAWN Historical fiction inspired by real people and events. Always down on her luck, a Native American, Abenaki woman, Dora Clifford, imprisoned and separated from her only son Louis, must find a way to navigate a system of forced sterilization laws after being targeted by Eugenics zealots, Henry Perkins and Social Worker Harriet Abbott in 1930's, Depression Era Vermont.

  • Bull Comb Blues

    David Warnock • Drama • Feature • 116 pages

    When a bullied teen falls in love with an older, bi-racial belle, defying the norms of his segregated hometown, he must fight back against increasing hatred and violence in order to escape his family’s suffocating grip.


    Warren Wagner • Comedy • Feature • 93 pages

    After accidentally outing himself at work, a gay man lies about his health to get out of spending time with his straight coworkers.

  • H8

    Faisal Azam, Erica Velis • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 69 pages

    When minority children start going missing in a small Southern town, two exceptional FBI agents—one Black, one Pakistani-American—with colliding worldviews are called in to investigate. What they uncover reveals the heart of hatred in America and a vast, sinister conspiracy.

  • Confessions of a Las Vegas Phone Girl

    Aimee Adell Johnson • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 65 pages

    At the height of the backpage.com era, after being fired from her job and dumped by her boyfriend, a desperate young woman takes a job answering phones for a Las Vegas escort service, sending her into a world of glamour and crime.

  • The Girls On Madison

    Annabel Haddad • Drama • Feature • 96 pages

    A young and unconventional mother slowly finds her troubled past catching up to her as she navigates the waters of raising her daughter while simultaneously coming of age herself.

  • Lady Killer

    Ali MacLean • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 28 pages

    Shelly's family and friends in small-town Bogalusa aren't crazy about her long-distance courtship with Wayne — primarily because he’s currently serving a life sentence at Angola Prison for murdering his previous wives. Despite everyone's objections, Shelly is head over heels in love and hell bent on getting him out. This half-hour dark comedy explores why Shelly is drawn to such a dangerous man and what makes Wayne such a ladykiller.

  • A Town Called Eden

    Amechi Ngwe, Nnamdi Ngwe • Western • Feature • 110 pages

    When a bounty is placed on the heads of a town's lawmen the day before they are to execute a hated outlaw, a black sheriff deputy searches the town to stop the conspirators.

  • By the Hands of Wally Vine

    David Warnock • Drama • Feature • 114 pages

    After his daughter’s abduction and murder, a clockmaker meets a mother and child in an abusive family. While seeking closure to his personal ordeal he fights to save his new, surrogate family from a violent future.


    Jillian Lauren • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    1919, Buenos Aires. When a young girl from a Russian shtetl is kidnapped and transported halfway around the world to an Argentinian brothel, her new life in the Jewish criminal underworld inspires her to reconsider her ideas about both morality and religion.

  • El Punk

    Tony Cammarata • Drama • Feature • 94 pages

    On the run from a drug lord and federal ICE agents an orphaned Mexican immigrant, tempted by the adrenaline rush and explicit danger of a band of delinquents, commits an act of violence and provokes his victim to take an interest in his life.

  • The Last Wild Indian

    Heather Ragsdale • Family • Feature • 102 pages

    When the “last wild Indian” is discovered and put on display in a museum in San Francisco in 1911, Francis, a boy crippled by polio, who lives in the children’s ward on the same university campus, must find his own voice in order to set his friend free.


    Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris • Drama • Feature • 105 pages

    A woman struggles to redefine her identity in the wake of tragedy.


    Warren Clarke • Horror • Feature • 91 pages

    When she and her mother are held captive by intruders at her mom's inn, a psychiatry student with a phobia for gore must use her training to outsmart her attackers.

  • The Queen Of Caspary

    Laura O. Solow • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 66 pages

    A neo-noir that follows femme fatale Lee Caspary as she sets out to stop the egomaniacal drug lord who threatens to destroy the New England Island she loves and calls home.


    E. Napoletano • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    As Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters rise throughout Houston, a self-serving surgeon, a reclusive retiree, and a gregarious immigrant each must choose what’s worth saving and what will be left to drown.


    Shannan E. Johnson • Family • Short • 8 pages

    Like Debutante Balls of the past, Alyssa formally introduces herself to the world at the Daddy Daughter Dance.


    Chris Phillips • Drama • Feature • 120 pages

    When notorious, openly gay Hollywood power player Steven Sumner is brutally murdered, jaded Public Defender Rory Dennis is assigned the defense of young, damaged Shane Holloway, forcing them to confront a corrupt system of exploitation & coverups, and a community to which they’ve both lost all connection.

  • A Little Too Broken

    Brad Vance • Drama • Feature • 99 pages

    Two broken men, one a disabled veteran and the other HIV positive, must overcome their romantic pessimism to find friendship and love.

  • Beyond The Bench

    Georgette Long • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    A highly-respected sports journalist upends her stable yet unfulfilling life when the veracity of a scathing exposé she wrote about a heinous college crime comes into question.

  • Gyopo

    Christina Ye Rim Jun • Drama • Feature • 106 pages

    When a precocious 11-year-old aspiring violinist immigrates from Seoul to the states with her newly single mother and her troubled teenaged brother, each member simultaneously pursues their version of the American dream. But when it begins to tear them apart, they must find a way to navigate through the new world and salvage their family.

  • The Manifestation

    Alexander Rose • Horror • Feature • 103 pages

    Nearly a year after an almost-fatal hit-and-run and still facing significant memory loss, RILEY decides to break up with her boyfriend and move out of the apartment they share. After she’s mysteriously drawn to rent a recently vacated unit, Riley begins having peculiar experiences that push her dangerously close to the brink of insanity.

  • Starchart

    Gino DeMarco • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    A schizophrenic woman with a traumatic past discovers going off her meds lets her sometimes see the future through astrology charts--and that clairvoyance comes with a price: teaming up with an audacious, uncontrollable inner identity with wild ideas of "normal."


    Warren Drummond, Lawrence Christmas • Sci-fi • Feature • 118 pages

    A FEMA employee races against a covert organization to find a mysterious man who can seemingly cause natural disasters.

  • Mother Tucker

    Steve Holbert • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    Mother Tucker is an hour dramedy about a white trash drag queen, who adopts two kids he doesn't want but ends up with the family he always needed. It's RuPaul's Drag Race meets Shameless.

  • The Gospel of Zoe

    Ruthie Prillaman • Comedy • Feature • 111 pages

    A ragey little girl at Vacation Bible School decides she will stop at nothing to get cast as Jesus in the musical.

  • North Amerikay

    Elizabeth Dwyer • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 66 pages

    After a harrowing loss, a young Irish Catholic woman and her family adjust to life in 1915 Chicago. Her father’s grief, the call of women’s suffrage, and her closest friend’s unwed pregnancy are the least of Bernadette Daley’s worries when a compelling Black man moves into her home and her heart.

  • You Are Here

    Katie McMillan • Other • Feature • 104 pages

    Meticulous planner Kristin Kellerman makes the first spontaneous decision of her life when she surprises her fiancé on his solo cycling trip from Canada to Mexico – only to find him cheating on her. So she does what any prudent, responsible 30-year old woman would do: she steals his bike and embarks on a 2,000-mile cycling odyssey to Tijuana. From the craggy coasts of Oregon, through the magical redwood forests, to the endless beaches of California, Kristin discovers her potential only by reaching her absolute limits. Comically disastrous, and painfully relatable, YOU ARE HERE is a romantic comedy about learning to fall in love with yourself when everything else in your life goes to shit.

  • Converted

    Dana Quercioli • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    After surviving conversion therapy as a teen, Andy McCloskey cinches, tucks, and tapes his life back together as he joins a circle of eccentric Boston drag queens.

  • The Countess

    Irina Rodriguez • Historical • Feature • 122 pages

    The true story of Ada Lovelace, a Victorian woman whose groundbreaking work with Charles Babbage earned her the pivotal role of history's first computer programmer.


    Valerie A. Brotski • Action • Feature • 116 pages

    A female Army helicopter pilot returns home to Virginia to bury her husband who was killed in a car accident, but when the FBI implicates him in a drug ring, she must prove his innocence before she’s sent back to Afghanistan.


    Mukilan Thangamani • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 66 pages

    In an attempt to locate the world's most wanted terrorist in the wake of a devastating 9/11-style attack, the CIA recruits a widowed inner-city schoolteacher to infiltrate The Flowerfield Institute -- an ultra-exclusive, ultra-secretive boarding school infamous for hosting the children of tyrants, oligarchs, and international terrorists. SCANDAL meets THE NIGHT MANAGER.

  • 1% Happy

    Dani Fernandez • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 31 pages

    After a failed suicide attempt, a young Latinx woman must restart her life under the roof of her estranged father while attending group therapy with a class of oddballs.


    Cameron Barsanti • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 53 pages

    In 1861, the lives of a female Apache warrior and the wife of a US Colonel converge, as they fight for survival, freedom, and equality, among a rising war between their people.

  • Little Girls: One Hour Series

    Elton Loud • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    When underage prostitution explodes in an aging American city; the cops, perpetrators and victims engage in a cat-and-mouse game that will reshape and redefine the city.

  • Plan C

    David Ngo • Comedy • Feature • 98 pages

    Poker's a game of skill, conviction and a little luck. Ed has been dealt none of these things.

  • With A Gentleman

    Lizzie Hartree • Historical • Feature • 115 pages

    England, 1896. An Irish Catholic servant is arrested for murder in a country home. He’s innocent, but his alibi is still incriminating - an unspeakable love affair with the son of a lord.


    P.J. Palmer • Drama • Short • 21 pages

    A rural rancher and his ailing husband, struggling against poverty and isolation, make a heartbreaking decision in order to preserve the dignity of their marriage.

  • Life After

    Emily Harper • Animated • Short • 17 pages

    A cat who has been put to sleep waits for her owner “Mine” to join her in the afterlife.

  • D.B. Cooper and the Last American Mystery

    Scott F. Butler • Feature • 114 pages

    When a young flight attendant encounters D.B. Cooper, the most notorious skyjacker of all time, she must use her wit, guile and faith to keep her crew and passengers alive.

  • The G.O.A.T.

    Sid Patwa • Comedy • Feature • 102 pages

    A gifted Indian teen rapper in the 90's, dealing with disappointing his family, has one night to finally face his nemesis in an epic rap battle in order to "up" his social status, impress his crush and become the Greatest Of All Time.

  • Word Over Word

    Tonia Davidson • Drama • Feature • 103 pages

    A 12-year-old-Syrian refugee, newly relocated to a conservative American town, inadvertently stirs up a controversy that envelops her family and community after she’s discovered praying at school.

  • La Pared

    Gabriel Vallejo • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 57 pages

    A delusional college goalkeeper risks her athletic career to bring her mother back home after she’s deported to Mexico.

  • Castle Island a/k/a Southie - "Sins of Our Fathers"

    Marie Flaherty • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 71 pages

    An idealistic young woman raised in the orbit of a Whitey Bulger-like South Boston gangster struggles to reconcile new opportunities with the reality of her background to forge her own identity.


    Bryan Frank • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 57 pages

    Born a genius, an emancipated slave joins a fighter-turned-priest to investigate unexplained paranormal phenomena. The duo soon uncovers a dark conspiracy to unleash pure evil on the post-Civil War south.

  • Where the Ground Touches the Sky

    Sye Mac • Drama • Feature • 120 pages

    Set in the antebellum South, a headstrong slave girl is rescued from an oppressive plantation by a kind-hearted man, and is raised as a companion for his daughter who she later falls in love with.

  • The Out Crowd

    Brittany Ashley • Comedy • Feature • 102 pages

    A comedy about a self-loathing lesbian in her 20's who embarks on a journey to join the LGBTQ community and to stop dating straight women, in an effort to exercise the demons of high school's past.


  • Year Without Summer

    Amanda Caitlyn Eberhardt • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 70 pages

    During the apocalyptic “Year Without Summer” of 1816, a young Black debutante struggles to ingratiate herself into London’s elite while her brother carries on an illicit affair with a Naval officer. When their separate worlds abruptly collide in a moment of indiscretion, they must learn to conceal their secret desires – or face the very dire consequences.

  • Blood and the Rye

    Rajiv Shah • Drama • Feature • 99 pages

    Assigned to retry the murder case of a former member of the KKK accused of bombing a Baptist church in rural Alabama, a young black defense attorney unearths terrifying secrets that connects his family's past to the night of the crime.

  • The Extraordinary Journey of a Black Nerd

    Jonathan Hughes • Comedy • Feature • 100 pages

    A member of a Chicago gang of nerds, now living in rural Illinois, investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding a white man’s death only to discover something more sinister at play.

  • Con Job: Revenge of the SamurAlchemist

    Reuben Baron • Drama • Feature • 85 pages

    A young genderqueer anime otaku goes to a convention to meet their favorite voice actor, only to find out he's not who they thought he was.

  • Sparks

    Megan Bickel • Sci-fi • Feature • 98 pages

    A neurotic scientist’s precisely calculated world implodes when lightning literally strikes the moment she touches the delivery man responsible for an accident in her laboratory.

  • Buried

    Karen Frank • Drama • Feature • 104 pages

    After a fatal car accident, a Police Chief's attempt to help a grieving mother backfire when she signs on with an ambitious reporter who creates a narrative more harmful than the truth.

  • Tumbleweeds

    Tiffany Alzatti • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 52 pages

    In this gritty character-driven drama, two half-sisters try to tie up their recently deceased, self-destructive mother’s loose ends only to become emotionally strangled themselves.

  • Burden of Courage

    DARON ROSS • Feature • 120 pages

    On a late rainy night in upstate New York, Rochester Police pull a young black man over for a routine traffic stop. By morning, the black man's pronounced dead, and no one knows why. District Attorney Veronica Wells, who’s in the middle of a grueling re-election campaign, fears any political backlash from the shooting, and orders her top assistant, Raymond Murray – the only black prosecutor on staff – to investigate. However, the PR move does little to tamper racial tensions, as protests and riots explode all around town. Wells knows prosecuting a police officer could cost her the election; Murray knows not pressing charges could cost him his soul. With Voting Day approaching, and the campaign squarely on the line, Wells and Murray must decide what’s more important: their careers, or doing what’s right.

  • Chilanka

    Neely Kartha • Animated • Short • 20 pages

    At the dress rehearsal for the 65th anniversary of her dance school, a traditional Indian dance teacher must battle her most modern students and her personal connection to tradition.

  • The Disentanglement of Odelia

    Kansas Starr, Jack James • Comedy • Short • 11 pages

    A henpecked husband finally becomes a hero when his remote control teleports him into his favorite silent film and he has to rescue the damsel-in-distress.

  • Motor City

    Devin Adair • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    HIDDEN FIGURES meets BABYLON BERLIN in MOTOR CITY is the true story of a German immigrant, Nicholas Dreystadt, who, in the winter of 1942, hired a group of illiterate black women to work on a top-secret weapon for the British that helped turn the tide of World War II. MOTOR CITY is a rollercoaster ride through the intense conflicts and triumphs of ‘the Homefront’, in a time when criminality and racism as well as patriotism swept the nation and American’s brightest industrial city, Detroit.

  • Triggered

    Natalee Branham • Comedy • Television (One-hour) • 59 pages

    Natalee Simone retired as a Serial Killer to follow her dream of running the illustrious Primetime magazine (the #1 Lifestyle Magazine in the world). Now, as Primetime's first BLACK executive, she is inches away from relapsing to her murderous ways in the very micro-aggressive world of fashion and fame.

  • Gramercy Park

    Toni Ann Johnson • Drama • Feature • 108 pages

    A biracial woman falls in love with a white cop while raising her son in racially tense New York City.

  • #blacklovemagic

    Brittany Hendricks • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 43 pages

    A young black couple on the cusp of mastering the American Dream must now navigate the pits of their new reality after unexpectedly finding themselves unemployed at the same time.

  • Strange Fruit: The Hip-Hopera

    Deborah Jane Burke • Musical • Feature • 116 pages

    Strange Fruit: The Hip-hopera is a hip-hop musical like a female-driven Hamilton. A modern spit-fire Wall Street exec, LASHELLE ROBINSON (think Michelle Obama-type), travels back in time to slavery to rescue her ancestor, INKA, from a murderous lynching – all to lift the curse off her interracial marriage and wed the love of her life, TODD DECATUR.

  • Defection

    Andrea Mihailescu • Drama • Feature • 103 pages

    North Koreans soldiers with secrets about the regime's weapons program plan their escape.

  • One Summer In Roslyn

    Kimo Karp • Drama • Feature • 122 pages

    After his grandmother is taken ill, a hyper-driven college student is forced to take a break from working toward his career, and unexpectedly befriends a girl whose opposite perspective just might change his own.

  • B.E.A.S.T. 2045

    Kermit E. Heartsong • Sci-fi • Feature • 116 pages

    Two students, bitter rivals, at a prestigious boarding school, must work together to successfully complete their very dangerous final exams or die trying.

  • Inn Love

    Dana Quercioli • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    When the Newtons open and operate a couples-only sex resort in their small town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, they’re met with pushback, especially from their teenage daughter who is mortified by their every move.

  • Macabre

    Kelly Krause • Horror • Television (One-hour) • 55 pages

    Series Logline: Disparate misfits journey through San Francisco's lurid underground scene ca. 1907 to stop a murderer targeting the Asian community, only to discover the killer is a corrupt politician with a grisly weapon ... An amphibious monster.

  • American Savior

    Arden Pryor • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 57 pages

    A homeless man with messiah-like abilities attempts to save the people of Skid Row, only to discover it may destroy him in the process.

  • Race To Tilébin

    Rhym Guissé • Drama • Feature • 110 pages

    Race to Tilébin is a coming-of-age, action-adventure drama set in 2008 Mali about a young Malian woman who must defy her father and community in order to become the first African woman to race in the Paris to Dakar Desert Race.

  • Lucky Life Medicine Shop

    Grace Ding • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 59 pages

    A college dropout working for her immigrant parents’ medicine shop in San Francisco’s Chinatown wakes up from a near-fatal traffic accident to discover that spirits are real and roaming her neighborhood streets. When she finds out that the spirit of her beloved younger brother believed to have died from suicide is suspended in a limbo for souls wanting justice, her quest for the truth - accompanied by the belligerent spirit of Confucius - uncovers ties to organized crime that threaten the fabric of her family and community.

  • Johnny Jump Up

    Shiva Ramanathan • Drama • Short • 10 pages

    A manic depressive widower’s life is turned upside down when his facial hair transforms into different mustache styles every time he sees the mirror.

  • Chitlin

    Michael Clifton • Comedy • Short • 13 pages

    A competitive grandma hosts a family reunion and cooks up a fatty dish that threatens the day.


    Todd Tavolazzi • Drama • Feature • 100 pages

    In a desperate act to mentally and physically free himself from the Syrian civil war, a young Syrian man risks his life to fool his government and seduces an American male university administrator into believing that he is a woman named Noura and is qualified for a visa to America after he is chosen for an international women’s scholarship.

  • The Maj

    Mandy Vicsai • Comedy • Feature • 100 pages

    Fed up with being the boring person that gets cheated on, a habitually monogamous man vows three months of no-strings, no broken-heart, one-night stands only to fall for a guy who’s being blackmailed into three months of celibacy.

  • Iced Out

    Emlyn Crenshaw • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 34 pages

    A disgraced socialite flees to Gates of the Arctic National Park, where she must pull herself together and save the park from imminent closure.

  • No Man's Land

    Jeffrey Field • Sci-fi • Feature • 106 pages

    In a future where males are nearly extinct because they mature into lethal monsters, a teenage outcast forges a secret relationship with the one person who understands her: a boy on the brink of his transformation.


    Michael Lederer • Drama • Feature • 110 pages

    A young alcoholic poet from New York escapes to the Spanish fishing village of Cadaqués, seeking the inspiration Salvador Dali and other artists found there. He finds it, and so much more.

  • Dancers

    Lenita Karhunen • Drama • Short • 20 pages

    A damaged young man must deal with an unlikely companion while coming to terms with a recent violent event.

  • To Be Heard

    Steven Barthelemy • Family • Short • 24 pages

    A Latino poet stands at a crossroads between his artistic pursuits and duties to his family.

  • The Estrogen Squad

    Kelley Cody-Grimm • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    A trio of unlikely heroines who work with an intercity non-profit gain hormonal superpowers at a girl’s night out when their microwave explodes while making s’mores.

  • No Place

    Holly Adams • Drama • Feature • 90 pages

    After discovering she is pregnant with his child, a young teen hits the road trying to outrun her past so she can finally find her way back home.

  • Untitled

    Jason Ruscio • Drama • Feature • 89 pages

    CALLS TO VIRGINIA tells the story of Virginia Lansing - an eccentric, unstable woman who is racing across the country in beat-up car, hoping to make it to the high school graduation of the son that she hasn't seen in ten years. Along the way there are many odd occurrences, including a series of phone calls from her boyfriend...who died over a month ago.… See moreSee less

  • Monochrome

    Chloë J. Hightower • Horror • Feature • 105 pages

    Refugees of racial violence in the 70s, an interracial couple finds themselves stuck in their haunted basement when a gang of anti-war extremists invades their new California home.

  • The Undertow

    Louisa de Cossy • Drama • Feature • 109 pages

    Saoirse and her father find solace through sailing at sea, but with her parents tumultuous marriage on its last leg, Saoirse must find a way to accept her mother's new same sex relationship and a sudden change of scenery.

  • The Lot Pilot Episode

    Deborah Wilson • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    The Lot depicts the challenges of a diverse group of inner-city school bus drivers struggling to survive, under the leadership of a new boss fighting to turn around a failing school transportation system, without compromising student safety

  • Under The Jello Mold

    Jennie Fahn • Comedy • Feature • 117 pages

    After her dad dies, a woman struggles to deal with her very challenging mom, while balancing her career and the day-to-day issues of her special-needs child. As her mom's health declines, and a secret from her mom's past is revealed, she finds new understanding and acceptance.

  • Dragging the Mark (rv)

    Suzy Stein • Drama • Feature • 93 pages

    After a bitter truce, a grifter and a hitman seek vengeance on a rich Industrialist for killing one of their own, but no one trusts anybody else. And if everyone is out for themselves, nobody survives the con.

  • John & Meryl (Pilot)

    Jimmy Prosser • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 52 pages

    John & Meryl is a dramatic exploration of the relationship between actors Meryl Streep and John Cazale in the late 1970s during their rise to fame on stage and screen. John & Meryl is an 8-episode limited series. (Episode/Series Bible available).

  • The Harvard Business School Five

    Stampp Corbin • Drama • Feature • 112 pages

    Five gay men join forces to navigate the cut-throat terrain of their first year at Harvard Business School in the 1980s.

  • Out for America

    Sergio Cámara • Comedy • Feature • 109 pages

    America’s first gay presidential candidate hires a marketing expert to spin his fiancé’s infidelity into the wedding of the year.

  • Rage More

    Peter Holmstrom • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 59 pages

    A political street artist, fired from her job as an Assistant Comic Book Editor during the era of heavy censorship, goes against society and the law to publish her own politically radical Underground Comix in 1960s San Francisco.

  • Finding Alexandria

    Sy Huq • Action • Feature • 96 pages

    After his recklessness results in the death of his comrade and best friend, a professional treasure hunter wants to quit the business, but must join his ex-fiancee find the lost Library of Alexandria before multiple bands of terrorists can obtain its untold treasures and power, first.

  • Electronic Sounds from a Still Heart

    Finley Mulligan • Drama • Feature • 94 pages

    After the death of his estranged older brother, a young Saudi travels to Paris to answer one burning question: “who was my brother?”


    Persia White, Joseph Morgan • Thriller • Short • 18 pages

    A man escapes death and returns to the small town he grew up in. Forced to face the consequences of what he left behind, he attempts to make things right before fate catches up with him

  • Whispers

    Tom Hackett • Comedy • Short • 9 pages

    An incredibly handsome and charming individual gets misquoted as a Messiah


    Erika Abdelatif • Other • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    After becoming obsolete at her tech startup, Mel Malloy joins Cheviot Lake Farms: an environmental program designed to fight climate destruction — only to discover the nefarious secret keeping the program alive.

  • Love Without Borders (Amor Sin Barreras)

    Ricardo Acuna • Family • Feature • 115 pages

    Too busy managing his family supermarket chain and raising his 12‐year‐old daughter, a single dad and widower living in Los Angeles finds himself in a love triangle between the woman of his dreams who lives in Paris, and the girl‐next‐door he promised to return to in Mexico.

  • Undeathable

    Winston Han • Comedy • Feature • 100 pages

    Two young dudes wake up undead and must solve the mysteries of their own murders and a coming zombie apocalypse before they rot away.

  • The Body Williams

    Carlos Sirah • Drama • Feature • 94 pages

    A man leaves prison to return to his New Orleans neighborhood, but he’s plagued by dreams, phantoms, history, and a community neighborhood still in recovery.

  • Midnight Writer

    Jordon Foss • Thriller • Feature • 110 pages

    Acclaimed author Sonia Powers must fend off repressed memories and a psychotic stalker if she is to finish her next novel.

  • Wizard Fest: Pilot

    Margaret Kaminski • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

    Morgan Bailey and her friends are living in a geeky fantasy, traveling the country with their convention to celebrate the magical Wizardium series. When the series’ author, E.L. Hoblin, agrees to do a Q&A at their con, they learn that reality isn’t as magical as they thought.

  • Obviously Not Okay

    Allison Flom • Other • Feature • 114 pages

    A 24-year-old transgender woman returns home to Virginia after 5 years to mourn her grandfather. When she discovers an explosive secret, she risks everything to seek justice.

  • Dirty Six

    Deborah Sengupta Stith • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 55 pages

    A stoner Indian who skipped med school to form a girl band and a former beauty pageant winner who’s finding her voice as a poet while working in a strip club struggle to break into a soulful new music scene that’s shaking up the cowboy Dionysus utopia of Austin, Texas in the late ‘90s.

  • Collateral Damage

    Robin Fusco • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 63 pages

    After becoming an enemy of the Syrian government for treating Aleppo war victims, a former medical student seeks asylum in the United States. Risking her future, she treats undocumented immigrants and others who need care while struggling to outrun her past and avoid attracting the attention of the law.

  • Rematch

    Antoine Mizel • Drama • Feature • 102 pages

    A victim of child abuse, now an adult boxer, challenges his former tormentor to a fight.

  • Saint Mephistopheles Hospital

    Lily Cheng • Fantasy • Television (One-hour) • 53 pages

    The trials and tribulations of the doctors, paramedics and nurses of one of the busiest hospitals that treat all preternatural beings that walk this earth.

  • Stacey Mayo

    Kat Roman • Drama • Television (Half-hour) • 37 pages

    A layoff and cancer diagnosis snap an unaccomplished woman back to the memory and mind-set of her 16 year old self, just when her daughter needs her most.


    Nicholas Denton • Horror • Short • 8 pages

    A woman is infected by an ominous man resulting in unforeseen, irreversible consequences.

  • (Dis)Honorable

    Gino DeMarco • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    A talented Marine following in his father’s footsteps discovers a surprising Vietnam legacy, sending him searching through family secrets for answers about his parents, identity and the meaning of heroism; 20 years later a young CIA translator, hell-bent on revenge after 9/11, discovers a connection to those Marines and begins a new chapter of the same search.

  • Daytona

    Gabriela Lugo • Action • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    After years of estrangement and family secrets, a headstrong young woman, Dayna Treadwell, joins her wealthy family's racing empire in the deep south, with secrets of her own.

  • Traveling Light

    Melanie Williams • Fantasy • Feature • 100 pages

    A curse sends Erica Jennings Johnson back in time, where she must discover her own identity as the ruler of a dynasty, a matriarch of a powerful family, and the mother of our only hope for the future against an ancient evil.

  • Cherry Blossoms in March

    Riley Rheyan • Drama • Short • 29 pages

    Based on a true story, Jessica, a young artistic introvert wants nothing more than to go to college and live a normal life, but is held back by Cystic Fibrosis, a terminal illness through which she explores her own mortality with art and poetry in this mother-daughter story.

  • Alternative Universe

    Candice Delevante • Television (Half-hour) • 25 pages

    The newly elected U.S. President, Donald Trump, is seeing his psychiatrist and former Nazi adviser to his father, Dr. Hoopenschlocken. Fulfilling a promise to Donald's late father, the doctor has the arduous task of transforming his narcissistic, fascist son into a principled, benevolent world leader.

  • Out Of Body Experience

    Camryn Cope • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 61 pages

    After waking up in the body of a murdered teen, an impulsive college student must take on the role of the murder victim in order to solve the mystery surrounding her death.

  • The Centenarian's Birthday Party

    Raymond Anderson • Drama • Feature • 119 pages

    When a disowned homosexual accepts a secret invitation to his father’s 100th birthday party, back in homophobic Jamaica, he dreams of mending fences and dancing with his estranged teenage daughter. But his conservative, evangelical and angry ex wife, along with her powerful brother, have other plans. Things are about to get real for everyone involved.

  • Gemini Baby

    Janalyn Li Steele • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 63 pages

    A career-oriented young woman working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is unexpectedly saddled with her wild twin sister’s criminal problems... and her baby.

  • Winter Jasmine

    Jennifer Cooney • Drama • Feature • 120 pages

    As two women fall in love, they discover the disturbing entanglement of their pasts when a murder convict set on revenge is released from prison.

  • Rogue's Garden

    James William Evans • Action • Feature • 94 pages

    When a hostage negotiation goes bad, a female secret service agent protects a male senator as they run for their lives in the mountains of Pakistan.


    Robb Edward Morris • Thriller • Feature • 99 pages

    When a deadly assassin learns he has just delivered a little Asian girl into the hands of a pedophile, he takes her back, sparking a bloody battle with police, mafia, and an underground sex slave syndicate.

  • The Living

    Christopher Gallegos • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 34 pages

    A mortician decides to return to work at a funeral home after a tragic life event.

  • Dear Langston

    Kevyn Richmond • Drama • Feature • 106 pages

    After the death of the grandfather who raised him, a young man must go back to his small hometown to sort family affairs and confront his troubled past.

  • The River

    Chris Britton • Drama • Feature • 106 pages

    An idealistic, novice Priest and a young Indigenous brother and sister enter a ‘Native American Boarding School’ and their lives become engulfed by sexual abuse, death and brutality.

  • Me and My Korean Wife.

    andre jamison • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 30 pages

    African American man married to a North Korean Women in America whom later he discovers she is a borderline racist towards blacks, even though she has 3 children by her black husband. The family deals with growing pains of teaching there children how to deal with being born of mixed race through honest out-the-box since of humor, while dealing with one of their child’s ADHD roller coaster rides of unstable emotions.

  • Denmark, Michigan

    Jeremy Svenson • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 54 pages

    After a scandal unseats the corrupt mayor of a conservative, rustbelt town that has fallen on hard times, the city’s young, gay Human Services Commissioner becomes next in the line of succession and has a chance to save the hometown that he's been trying to escape from his whole life.

  • The Surveillance of Ordinary Things

    Susan Brunig • Drama • Feature • 106 pages

    A middle-aged, suburban housewife in the midst of a dark, existential crisis decides to run away and end it all. But when she stumbles upon an unplugged community of creative misfits, she rediscovers the artist she once was.

  • Cryptodome

    Nathanael Vass • Horror • Feature • 117 pages

    As Mt. St. Helens erupts around them, the nearby residents find themselves entangled in a web of violence and sexuality. An intricately-woven, non-linear, arthouse take on 80s cabin-in-the-woods horror, with a dash of gender and queer politics.

  • Beyond The Grasslands

    Jacob Okot, Sam Odongo • Animated • Feature • 122 pages

    A looming drought forces a young African prince to take his father's mantle as chief and lead his people in search of a new home; but the journey is filled with peril as a bitter tribal enemy seeks their demise, and the path is blocked by a mountain rumoured to be haunted by fearsome creatures.

  • Tatanka

    Russell Koos • Animated • Feature • 115 pages

    In the Old West, a white bison calf is relentlessly pursued by hunters, as he journeys across the prairie to find a new herd.

  • Newsers

    Jennifer Kim • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 61 pages

    Two eager, high school high school journalists investigate clues of bribery and corruption within their school while facing turbulent home lives as the children of immigrants.

  • Steel Cutter

    Claire Tran • Drama • Feature • 96 pages

    Steel Cutter is about an optimistic Vietnamese refugee, CÔNG NGUYEN, is who just received his citizenship. He is certain that with the proper papers, he’ll finally be promoted to foreman and be able to better support his family. As his manufacturing plant moves jobs overseas, the life he tried to escape under French colonialism and US war find its way back to haunt him.

  • #In29Days

    Zac Carson • Thriller • Feature • 101 pages

    Eight diverse participants are interrogated by Life himself in a documentary. 29 days later, one of the participants murders 17-year-old Darnell Phillips in a heinous crime.

  • The Curse Of The Cum Rag

    Matt Clemons • Comedy • Feature • 98 pages

    When Evan keeps getting gonorrhea over and over again, he begins to suspect that he’s not just unlucky in love, but that his cum rag is cursed!

  • Eblis

    Tom Omokaro • Horror • Feature • 93 pages

    A wrongly imprisoned terror suspect is forced to team up with his interrogator when all hell breaks loose at a secret facility.

  • Lazarus

    Bernard Fulton • Drama • Feature • 102 pages

    Incarcerated since he was a teenager, an ex-con must address real threats and his toxic masculinity in order to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend and family.

  • A Native Land

    Caitlin McCarthy • Thriller • Feature • 94 pages

    A black Native American cop battles local prejudice, personal troubles, and her own police force to find a serial killer who preys upon the homeless of Cape Cod.

  • Why I'm Like This

    Samuel Oh • Comedy • Feature • 120 pages

    After finalizing her divorce, a successful but dysthymic, 40-something talent manager enters the modern dating world with the help of her Gay, Asian, 20-something babysitter. 

  • The Rainbow

    Russell Koos • Animated • Feature • 98 pages

    On their parents' wedding day, two squabbling stepbrothers are lured into a magical rainbow by a leprechaun.

  • Changeling

    Jason Kesse • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 63 pages

    A Boston PD detective discovers he’s a part of a mysterious evolutionary branch of ancient and evil demons that predates humans.

  • Windsor

    Machu Latorre, Jill Golden • Drama • Feature • 108 pages

    Octogenarian Edie Windsor never intended to be the face of modern civil rights but when Thea Spyer, her same-sex partner of 44 years dies, Windsor takes on the US government in a landmark marriage equality case that forever changes history. Based on a true story.

  • RISE

    RUTH KNAFO SETTON • Drama • Feature • 108 pages

    The closest a 14 year-old girl gets to “Real Americans” is sneaking photos of their swanky West End houses until the Mayor of her 1963 New Jersey town orders her immigrant neighborhood demolished, and she and her family must move. Her community wants to fight, but she believes this may be her chance to live the American Dream. A coming of age story for both the young immigrant photographer and her country, RISE explores the meaning of love, home, freedom at a crucial turning point in American history.


    Sade Corneille • Drama • Feature • 104 pages

    A young boy abused by his father, learning his life is distinct from everyone else's, grows up and hurts the only person who made life easier for him.

  • Revisited

    Shaun Balbar • Drama • Feature • 105 pages

    A terminally ill man who had it all is offered a chance to return to the most important days of his life in an effort to make peace with his past.

  • Safe Words

    Molly Brady • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 57 pages

    Trying to keep herself together in the wake of being raped, architect PENELOPE goes out on the town with new friends and finds that the answer to her healing may not be in therapy, but the world of BDSM.

  • What About Walda

    Taylor Martin • Comedy • Short • 29 pages

    The Untold Story of Waldo's Only Sister.

  • Filth

    Karimah Campbell • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 63 pages

    Kalise (polished ballet prodigy) has the chance to overcome poverty joining the American Dance Theatre. Her dirty secret threatens to ruin everything: she’s a schizophrenic serial killer. Kalise dances her way to the top of the cutthroat ballet world, staying one step ahead of the police.

  • Moto

    David Carmon • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 56 pages

    A man’s militant drive for success in the expansion of his failing business brings exposure, death, and burdensome family interference.

  • Falleni

    Glace Chase • Historical • Television (One-hour) • 64 pages

    Flawed humanity, sexual intrigue, prejudicial policing and family tragedy is brought vividly to life in an eight part limited series based on one of the most notorious cases in female criminal history: Eugenia Falleni, aka “the Man Woman Murderer”. It’s like The People versus OJ set in the time of Taboo.

  • The Bliss Killer

    LELE PARK • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 70 pages

    Mentally-disturbed MoMo embarks on a downward spiral of incestuous love and crime as her competing desires spin out of control.

  • The Monsters of Saint Margaret

    Rachel Stevens • Drama • Feature • 116 pages

    Monsters do exist, but not where you’d think. They walk unseen among us.

  • The Dancer

    JT O'Neal • Drama • Feature • 101 pages

    A drama about a wealthy, older gay man who picks up a go-go boy and tries to turn him into a professional modern dancer.

  • Dad Jeans

    Elton Loud • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 43 pages

    When Theodore, a people-pleasing stay-at-home dad, finds himself completely alone after: his wife leaves him, his mom dies and his only child leaves for school, he must reinvent himself in order to survive in a world far more advanced than he remembers.

  • Kill or Cure

    Charlotte Cameron • Thriller • Feature • 106 pages

    During the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, a British aid agency doctor is kidnapped with her team – by jihadists demanding a rumored Ebola antidote as ransom. Forced to treat their captors’ Ebola-stricken fighters under impossible conditions, the team battle to stay alive, and to escape.


    Katterina Powers • Comedy • Feature • 101 pages

    A semi-delusional recluse rejoins the real world when with the help of a cheeky stuffed monkey and an ineffective Indian tour guide, she ventures into the Arctic to search for a son whom she believes is missing.

  • There's No Place Like OM

    Monique Reymond • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

    As she makes yet another in a series of failed attempts at cleaning up her act in order to regain custody of her daughter, a recovering addict finds new purpose as a yoga teacher in Los Angeles… and then inadvertently becomes a spiritual guru.

  • The Dog House

    Diane Cooke • Sci-fi • Feature • 118 pages

    A daredevil silent comedy star must fight for his future after a time-traveling film fan upends his life.

  • Barra Brava

    Sebastian Caceres • Thriller • Feature • 112 pages

    A Peruvian hooligan flees to Los Angeles and decides to bring his world back, founding a hooligan firm around the LA Galaxy.

  • Night Witches

    Nic Yulo • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 64 pages

    When Germany betrays their Russian armistice and all men are fighting at the front, a group of civilian female fighter pilots must defend their home against the invading Nazi forces.

  • The Tribunal, "Pilot"

    Matthew McCarthy • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 55 pages

    A television legal drama -- A hopeful young prosecutor and his team work to bring a ruthless Yugoslavian war criminal to justice. FINALIST, Fresh Voices, Best 1 Hr TV Pilot (2018-19) FINALIST, Fresh Voices, Best Ensemble Cast (2018-19) FINALIST, Fresh Voices, Humanitarian Award (2018-19) FINALIST, Amsterdam Film Festival, Television Script Competition (2019)

  • Persona

    Hussain Pirani • Sci-fi • Television (One-hour) • 55 pages

    When a tech conglomerate's flagship product -- a sentient automaton -- commits murder, a controversial court case forces the nation to grapple with its dependence on technology and the boundaries of personhood. 

  • Girl Walks On

    Joseph Whaley, Ronda Barendse • Drama • Feature • 92 pages

    A streetball legend gets another shot at stardom when she's recruited by a struggling coach, but complications arise when it's revealed that he as a checkered history with her father.

  • Three Sisters

    Jen Gutierrez • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    A family drama that follows the lives of three sisters in New York City as their paths weave in and out of each other, only to collide head-on after learning the truth that one of the sisters is not who they think she is.


    Alexander Vargas • Historical • Feature • 117 pages

    Based on a true story: After her husband is killed by the Germans in WW2, a widow propositions Stalin to be one of the first-ever female tank commanders. She becomes a symbol of hope for the Russian people, but also a target for a ruthless Nazi commander.

  • Mariam

    Layal Jomaa • Drama • Short • 10 pages

    A 38-year-old anorexic pathologist’s routine starts to gradually evolve into something odd.

  • Sorry Charlie

    Abbey Roe • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 34 pages

    Set in the 90s, a rough and tough tomboy is trying to survive the 4th grade as she deals with unexpected changes. When a new kid invades her school she is forced to defend her spot on the playground.

  • You Are Not Alone

    Katharine McKenny • Drama • Short • 19 pages

    The mother of a boy with disabilities decides to throw her son a birthday party.

  • The Sensualist - A Woman in Black

    Suzanne Griffin • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 69 pages

    In sensual Gilded Age New York, John Billington, the charming, hedonistic patriarch of a wealthy Jewish-Gentile family, launches an affair with a mysterious artists' model in a desperate bid to reignite his sense of passion and purpose, while battling the rising tide of Anti-Semitism that threatens to destroy the hearts he loves best. PAGE AWARDS FELLOWSHIP.

  • CandyCellers

    Benin Trotter • Drama • Feature • 119 pages

    ] "The Pursuit of Happyness" meets "American Gangster" in late 70's Portland brought to life by Harrie, a Black female, ex-con, who resorts to selling candy as she struggles with the system and her ex, Big Dee, for custody of their son, P'nut.

  • The Sleeping House

    Suzanne Griffin • Drama • Feature • 115 pages

    When eccentric artist Carl Hoffman falls madly in love with Susannah, his brother's mysterious new wife, Carl discovers that she shares a dark history with his own late wife, Mita, a Russian-Jewish survivor of the Soviet Gulag. Now, Carl and Susannah must join forces to destroy the demons of the past, even if it destroys their love. 2019 AMERICAN ZOETROPE TOP 27 SCREENPLAYS

  • A Suspect in Arms

    Selcen M Onsan • Drama • Feature • 118 pages

    A star cop struggles with the implications around testifying for or against his partner and mentor in the shooting death of a black man, catapulting his storybook life and bi-racial marriage into upheaval as he steadfastly attempts to avoid any involvement in the controversy at all.


    JOHN KANE • Drama • Feature • 105 pages

    A gay Apache sheriff and his lesbian deputy fight prejudice, each other and a murderous drug gang in small town New Mexico.

  • Shit Siblings

    Tim Slade • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 40 pages

    You sure as hell can't choose your family.

  • Shrimp

    Nicole Jones • Fantasy • Feature • 105 pages

    An introverted 62-year-old woman with supernatural abilities born to a young polygamist girl in The Great Salt Lake discovers the confidence to share her unique powers with the rest of the world as her loving husband begins to lose his battle with illness.

  • Plan B

    Paige Gresty • Comedy • Feature • 102 pages

  • Mary's Place

    David Bruinooge • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 58 pages

    (Series Logline):Set in the fictional New York City gay piano bar, Mary’s Place, the story begins when the bar’s longtime piano player unexpectedly dies on the job. Four zany and diverse twenty-something regulars, who are also Broadway wannabes, are tasked to find his replacement and do so in the most unlikely of people – a straight and struggling rock-and-roll musician whose gay father schooled him in the Broadway classics. The group quickly bonds, and we subsequently follow them on their comedic journey through life in their twenties and the pursuit of making it on “The Great White Way.” Mary’s Place Mix Recipe: 2 oz. of “Cheers” 2 oz. of “Friends” 1 splash of “Glee” Garnish with “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Best served funny on the rocks for music lovers


    Bronwen Keyes-Bevan • Drama • Feature • 109 pages

    A small Irish city, 2017. A whip-smart but alcoholic party girl who was abandoned by her mother as a baby, discovers she’s pregnant. With abortion illegal in Ireland, she flees to the UK to get one but instead finds herself confronting her past on a journey that will change her life forever.

  • Julie La Maupin

    Jack Steeley • Action • Feature • 91 pages

    A swordswoman pursues her father's murderer through 17th century France.


    Bill Morales • Drama • Feature • 110 pages

    In the midst of the rages of war, a heart-broken Latino soldier struggles to deal with the loss of the love of his life, now engaged to another man.

  • Open Season

    Breeshia Wade • Drama • Television (Half-hour) • 32 pages

    NAYELI, a 28 year old queer Black woman, has become disillusioned with monogamy. Exasperated and at her wits’ end, she decides to follow the path of a non-monogamous friend by trying a new approach to relationships and love.

  • Split Marriage

    Garcelle Beauvais, Lisa L. Wilson • Thriller • Feature • 103 pages



    Tre' Howard • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 39 pages

    A man who knows everything about the lives of the people around him, must combat his complacency with the truly special moments in the lives of the people around him.