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  • Default

    Hannah Rae Dillon • Sci-fi • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    In 2065, an artificially intelligent twenty-something struggles to balance work, love, and a robot revolution.

  • Small Town - Pilot "See How They Run"

    Lachlan Marks, Ella Roby • Drama • Television • 64 pages

  • Forever Alone

    Tim Marshall, Luke Tierney • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 31 pages

  • Vanishing Point

    JJ Bailey • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 65 pages

  • Panthers

    Eric A. Glover • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 61 pages

    When the Black Panthers are approached by the mother of a slain, unarmed black man, they are inspired to take their fledgling group to new heights of public resistance--and as a result, elicit a decisive and dangerous campaign of repression from local police.

  • Pipe Dream

    Daniel Housman, Matthew Roshkow • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

    When Cory Gilette, a 26-year-old, recently-paroled, reluctant crack dealer, finds a winning lottery ticket for 25 million dollars on a dead customer, he thinks his problems are over. But the good life may still have to wait, as Cory has to deal with a hawk-eyed drug lord, a principled parole officer, a loose-cannon ex-girlfriend, and what appears to be the lonely ghost of the crackhead.


  • Mad Like Me

    Melinda Maerker • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 63 pages

    Following her own involuntary commitment, a psychologist struggles to rebuild her life when the only job she can get is the last one she wants—back at a state-run mental hospital.

  • Hank & Martha In the Basement

    Kate Langsdorf • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 29 pages

    When an underpaid museum educator named Lucy has has a baby, her imposing and uninvited parents move into the basement to “help” Lucy and her husband with child care, bringing with them all the baggage Lucy thought she’d left on the other side of the country.

  • The Life

    George Perez • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    A New York City cop, prosecutor, advocate and private investigator all wage a non-stop war against pimps and sex-traffickers, despite the emotional toll it takes on their lives, in an effort to rescue underage victims.

  • Brody

    Pardeep Aujla • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 27 pages

    Vampires a pain in your neck? Werewolves crapping in your yard? Groans of the undead keeping you up at night? Then you need to call Brody - guaranteed to probably solve your problem.

  • Production Choice

    CJ Hoke • Comedy • Television • 38 pages

  • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Spec - "Ocean's 14 Minus 8 And George Clooney"

    Matt Flynn • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 28 pages

    The Gang plans a heist to pay their rent and save the bar.

  • Mount Pleasant

    Cat Dale • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 61 pages

    1889, Oklahoma Territory. Native American children are forced from their families for "reeducatation" at Mount Pleasant Indian School by the US Government, but when Lola's brother does not return from the school, she risks her life by leaving the reservation to find out what happened to him.

  • On The Hudson

    marie robinson • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 34 pages

    A New York City politico escapes a City Hall scandal when he travels upstate to help a small town elect a new mayor, only to find himself trapped in the town.


    TIFFANY SHAW HO • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    A disgraced and traumatized war reporter teams up with a private intelligence firm to investigate a small-town epidemic, and ends up uncovering a vast international conspiracy that threatens to cast her as an enemy of the state.

  • White Space

    Christopher Thoms • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 38 pages

  • Misadventures

    Laura Gillis • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 56 pages

    A lonely young woman still coping with her mother's untimely death tries to start a family of her own when she encounters a mysterious salesman who offers his clients 'a perfect death', and will stop at nothing to sign her.

  • Lacuna - Hanna (Pilot)

    Ella Roby, Zahid Gamieldien • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 52 pages

    A reclusive bookstore owner is caught between a band of idealistic rebels and a scheming government agent as she tries to atone for her involvement in a secret sterilisation program that touches the lives of people at all levels of society.


    T.J. Peters • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 32 pages

    Gordy Orton, 29, is an on-the-spectrum, nearly friendless man living in folksy, suburban Hickory Hollow, Illinois. As if that wasn’t tough enough on his psyche, he hates his job. For nearly a decade, Gordy has been a professional assassin, covertly murdering people for a shadowy agency, and it’s time to move on. Easier said than done.


    Melanie Schiele • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 56 pages

    OFFSPRING is a neo-noir YA drama series that is "My So-Called Life" meets "The Professional". Upon the looming arrival of her sixteenth birthday, Kayla Winter must decide between following in the footsteps of her father- a professional assassin- or abandoning him forever. Her mentally unstable mother committed suicide when Kayla was just six years old and the only person she has ever been able to rely on until this critical juncture in her life has been her father Terry. However, that’s about to change as an unbelievable twist of fate and betrayal shatters Kayla’s world, positioning her father as an unlikely antagonist in a mystery only she can solve, all while trying to be a normal teenager and navigate the social anxieties and upheavals of high school.

  • Ewe Stew

    Dorothy Irwin • Short • 25 pages

    Before she can compete in the 4-H Finals against her bully rival, a young sheep farmer and her dog must rescue their ewes from the lair of a nasty, gourmet-cooking coyote who speaks only in rhyme.

  • Guts

    Lizzie Simon • Television • 47 pages

    A colorful assortment of New Yorkers share the same genius gastroenterologist in “Guts,” an hour-long dramedy preoccupied with courage and the gastrointestinal tract.


  • Department of Ghouls

    Jeremy Dorfman • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    An FBI agent is transferred to the top secret Paranormal Investigation Unit, where she must contend with a slew of fantastical enemies and incompetent co-workers.


    polina frantsena • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 37 pages

    Dina was told by her mom that once they moved from Russia to America she wouldn't have to worry about work or money! Turns out that was a lie to get Dina to move (typical) and now it's time to figure out a life game plan with the help of Dina's best friend from college - energizer bunny with a manicure Allison, and cater waiter Nique who thinks he's the Jewish Ryan Gosling (he's not but lets not burst his bubble).

  • Stranger in Paradise

    Michael Davis • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 61 pages

    Detroit in 1928 is the epicenter of bootleg booze controlled by Jewish gangsters, a corrupt political system, a vibrant African-American community, and an evil straight out of the Old Testament.

  • Third Day

    Melissa Wallace • Sci-fi • Television (One-hour) • 56 pages

    Stranded in the wilderness, a research expedition is forced to rely on the planet trying to kill them.

  • The 2nd Law "Chirality"

    Kenny Heidt • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 56 pages

  • Ernest

    Jeremy Holland • Drama • 59 pages

    The anti-superhero people turn to when the police can't or won't help.

  • End of Life "Pilot"

    Sean Collins-Smith • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 53 pages

    Frank, a Marine and Iraq War vet, runs an elaborate and decidedly illegal operation: helping stage murders for the suicidal. Their life insurance doesn't get voided, his team gets a cut, everyone goes home happy. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Insurrection

    Simon Bowler • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 63 pages

    John Brown's battles to end slavery.

  • Therapeutic

    CRAIG Berger • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 56 pages

    A world-renowned group therapist struggles to hold his family, all professionals in different areas of mental health, together. They can solve everyone else's problems, why can't they do a thing about their own?

  • the wall

    Dominic Carver, Anne-Marie Caluwaert • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

  • Blood Vengeance

    Ian Murillo • Drama • Television (Half-hour) • 30 pages

    After a string of killings, an incredible FBI profiler is put on the case only to discover the truth is something not of this world.

  • Spitfires

    Brandon Botta, Casey Tollett Botta • Sci-fi • Television (One-hour) • 61 pages

    When a planet in their system is destroyed, a ragtag squadron of female fighter pilots embarks on a mission to track down the aliens responsible. But what they discover causes them to question their allegiance to the galactic government they had sworn to protect.

  • Dosed

    Dane Phillips • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 29 pages

    A young Latino community college dropout learns to navigate the bizarre world of Phase 1 medical testing, where poverty, misanthropy, and incompetence fuel the human trials. As misfit patients suffer through increasingly absurd side effects, laughter and camaraderie become the only effective medicine...for those on both sides of the needle.

  • Chasing Colour

    Cathy Strickland, Tim Pye • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 57 pages

  • Related

    Brandon Feldman, Ben Agron • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 37 pages

    With a baby on the way, Jeff reluctantly decides to track down his biological parents to appease his wife. Turns out he shares a whole lot more than just a wall with his new next door neighbors.

  • Raging Fury

    Gerard Brancato • Television (One-hour) • 58 pages

    An imprisoned, disgraced, brutal soldier finds that prison may keep him in. But it doesn't keep the past out.

  • Punchbags

    Steven Snell • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 55 pages

    Pilot logline--A physically abused husband mistakenly believes he can endure his deteriorating marriage by using a lifelike virtual reality simulator service to work through his anger at his wife. Series logline—A physically abused husband is torn between the love he still has for his wife and his attraction to the woman who tries to help him.

  • Bakerstreet High

    Tanny Nanda • Adventure • Television (One-hour) • 41 pages

    Injured athlete, John Watson, finds himself paired with Bakerstreet's most eccentric student to find new purpose while trying to survive high school and solve murders.

  • Nobody's Perfect Episode One: 'Snorting VapoRub is Not an Appropriate Response to Murder'

    Louis Rummery • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 29 pages

    Halfway through her actuarial studies degree a highly-strung perfectionist accidentally kills her Ritalin-dealing tutor and realises that once you start killing, it’s hard to stop.


  • The Love Coach

    Peter Bohjalian • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 39 pages

    When his sports talk radio show crosses signals with a love advice one and becomes a huge hit, a disgraced ex-big time college football coach must become The Love Coach if he wants to stay near to, and try to win back his estranged family.

  • TCD: Teleportation Crime Division

    Christopher Lombard • Sci-fi • Television (One-hour) • 61 pages

    A specialist division of the FBI – TCD (Teleportation Crime Division), investigate teleportation crimes throughout the world as they face a new breed of criminality in a dark and uncertain future...

  • Unprohibited

    Jordyn Giddens • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 65 pages

    In pre-Prohibition New York City, a murder and the desire to lead drive a young Irish woman to take her father’s place as the head of the neighborhood mob.

  • Greasy Palms

    Andy Clifford • Comedy • Television (One-hour) • 56 pages

    Fawlty Towers on steroids! Everyone at this Southern California retirement home has a hidden agenda.


    Glenn Acosta • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 54 pages

  • Kyla's War - Series Pilot - "Snow Angels"

    Hank Isaac • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    A twelve-year old girl is the pampered pigtailed daughter of a respected surgeon by day and, by night, a WWII Resistance fighter who is quickly becoming the scourge of the Third Reich.

  • Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

    LaKesa Cox • Comedy • Television • 30 pages

    A recently widowed baby boomer, who happens to be a postal worker, is forced to learn how to navigate through life without his wife.

  • The Resistance

    Jon Davis • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 62 pages

    An American college student inadvertently becomes involved in the French Resistance while studying art in Nazi-occupied Paris.

  • Creepsville "Pilot"

    Dan Riesser, Mike Kinshella • Horror • Television (One-hour) • 55 pages

    Syd Shakes is a punk rock, whip-smart high school songwriter who dreams of rock and roll super stardom, a feat that’s hard to come by in the sleepy, boring-as-hell suburb of Creeksville. But after a new song she writes causes “bloodthirsty demons” to manifest out of the unassuming townsfolk who hear it, Syd learns that Creeksville has secrets... spooky secrets. Now, with a mysterious new “manager” by her side, Syd and her bandmates/best friends are off to play more gigs, rid the town of “creeps,” fall in love, and confront Syd’s destiny... which is a monster in it’s own right.


    Matthew Luhrman • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 32 pages

    It’s not the mafia running Jersey City’s underworld, it’s a crumbling guild of over-the-hill Ninjas, struggling just the same for a piece of the American Dream. They’d happily slice it off themselves, but these days their swords are pretty rusty.

  • Another Wei

    Justin Liang • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 38 pages

    After traveling abroad, a mixed race couple adapts back to the real world, while tackling each other's families' prejudices.

  • A Lying Shame

    Sundae Jahant-Osborn • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 31 pages

    A LYING SHAME (Half-Hour Comedy Sitcom TV Pilot) "Roseanne" meets "Suburgatory" meets "Housesitter" A trailer park family inherit a posh house in LA and are forced to become highly-skilled liars in order to keep up with their snobby new neighbors.

  • WWJD?

    Samuel Bernstein • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 58 pages

    He's outside his own time, and before he can even think about saving anyone else, he'll have to save himself. How and why did he get here? Is it some kind of cosmic test or has he gone nuts? And how exactly is he supposed to handle daily life? Working? Falling in love? Sex? Never mind meeting the sister he never knew he had, who may or may not be the Devil. What would Jesus do? Hell if he knows.

  • Soldiers & Bandits

    Eduardo Soto-Falcon • Western • Television (One-hour) • 68 pages

    In 1916, Pancho Villa raids an American town, bringing the USA and Mexico on the verge of war. A young Mexican immigrant joins the US Army as an interpreter and becomes a symbol of hope for brokering peace and understanding between the two nations. Based on historical events and extremely relevant due to the current situation between the USA and Mexico.

  • The Lottery of Life

    Marina Eve • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

  • Shadow SIght

    James Connor • Fantasy • Television (One-hour) • 65 pages

    Teenage outcast Sara Paige must develop her unwanted “shadow sight” under the guidance of a reclusive Native American shaman and travel into the spirit realm to defeat dark spirits and a dark shaman determined to possess her small Colorado town.

  • Bad Ideas

    Jacob Shelton • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 22 pages

    After being discharged from a psychiatric facility, a young man decides to make a reality show where he helps people achieve their dreams.

  • Io

    Emmanuel Eytan • Other • Television (One-hour) • 66 pages

    Just as space has started to get colonized by Earth, a down-on-his-luck engineer with a bounty on his head escapes capture or worse with the help of an unpredictable spy who decides to investigate what got him in trouble in this mysterious, surprising and comedic pilot that subtly focuses on sexual and gender diversity.

  • The Van Life

    Kelly Rafferty, Whitney Greer • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 20 pages

    The “van life” promises freedom from the daily grind, but is it just man-children running away from the real world? In this smart comedy, two feminist grad students, Georgie and Nicole, infiltrate a group of obsessed VW vanagon-owners. They’re on a quest to complicate van life mythology, but they have to learn some hard truths about themselves along the way.

  • Lucy in the Sky

    Jennifer Rudin • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 31 pages

    Fourteen year old Lucy Katz living with autism adjusting to mainstream high school is suddenly faced with cataclysmic change when she and her identical twin sister become the subject of a genetic research study that could forever change Lucy. But is Lucy entitled to her own life or will she lose her identity and become just a medical experiment?

  • My Human Dating Experiment

    Aimee Dansereau, Sarah Cooke • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 37 pages

    A highly logical and socially inept alien woman goes on an exploration mission to Earth and is repulsed when she finds out she is assigned to study human dating and relationships.

  • Field Day

    John McCombs • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 39 pages

  • Rumspringa

    B Prosky • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 32 pages

    An Amish girl finally gets to go on her Rumspringa. Twenty years late.


    Lisa Scott • Drama • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    Three disparate individuals come together and run Washington, DC’s first speak-easy pot café called Bud Appetit.

  • The Movement

    Kirkland Morris • 60 pages

    Three African-American agents are enlisted in J. Edgar Hoover's Co-Intel-pro program to begin subversive activities against a black activist organization.

  • The Guv'nor

    christian everhard • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

  • Dummies

    Craig Welter • Comedy • Television (Half-hour)

    Henry recounts his adventures in the burgeoning ventriloquism scene in 1980's Hartford, Connecticut.

  • Chlora & Phyll

    M. Rowan Meyer • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 40 pages

    Human/plant hybrid siblings Chlora & Phyll travel the world solving environmental crises, earning merit badges, and striving to become the greatest Shrub Scouts in history!

  • Best Friends: Horsey and Piggy

    Nick Alverson • Television (Half-hour) • 32 pages


    Charlie Goodwin • Drama • Television (Half-hour) • 42 pages

    The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes holding a bottle of bourbon and tells you your time is up.


    R.G. Anour • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 30 pages

  • Echoes of Bonnieville Episode 1: Watches and Whispers

    Simon Schneider • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 55 pages

    Echoes of Bonnieville is an otherworldly detective drama following investigator of the occult and paranormal Dylan Willix. A series of macabre murders lead Dylan to the sleepy town of Bonnieville where not all is as it seems. Meanwhile in the local supermarket Tully, a disenfranchised young adult in the service industry, starts to experience grim visions and encounters with the supernatural. As Dylan investigates Bonnieville and supernatural forces gravitate towards Tully their lives inch towards each other.

  • The Boys of Tavernier

    William Delaney • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 63 pages

    When their leader dies, Jimmy and his buddies are sucked into their sland town's drug smuggling racket. A criminal underworld that holds the secrets to Jimmy's father's mysterious disappearance but threatens to destroy them all.

  • Only Ugly on the Inside

    Theresa Drew • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 43 pages

    A morally bankrupt young woman's life of leisure is disrupted when she is forced to take a job in a company filled with sociopaths.

  • Good Sam

    Jeff Charlebois • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 41 pages

    An edgy, dark comedy set in a physical rehabilitation ward of a big-city hospital. On her first day of work, Laura, our physical therapist, administers therapy to Tommy "The Missile." He is a little person who was injured in a dwarf tossing match. Laura does her best to convince him to hang up his tiny boots and stop the degrading sport.

  • Sweet Nothings

    Chance Wellnitz • Comedy • Television • 37 pages

  • Sheltered

    Brad Waskewich • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 53 pages

    A family whose lives have drifted apart is thrown back together as a nuclear attack threatens everything.

  • My Life With Cats

    Bear Kosik • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 27 pages

    State worker Moss DeMarco finds speaking to his cats about creating a sitcom out of his life is the best way to handle the mishigas erupting in the lives of his friends and colleagues.

  • Throwing Shade

    Ada Lee Halofsky • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

  • Hard Luck Story

    Andy Wehrspann • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 32 pages

    Drowning in student debt, a young, ambitious Samantha Hummels applies for a job in the seedy, male-dominated underworld of the debt collection business.

  • Black Kungfu Chick

    N Rae Shaw • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 65 pages

    A young black martial artist from South Los Angeles struggles to balance her desire to become a doctor with protecting her family and community.

  • In Dave We Trust

    Sam Fasano • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    In a world with no more religion, God, Himself, comes down to earth and enlists the aide of a lonely, love sick, teenager as his prophet to help Him convince the world that He's real.


    Sam Clark • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

  • The Wayfarers

    Solomon Chao • Fantasy • Television (One-hour) • 65 pages

    In the feudal steam-powered land of Shongolia, a band of wandering minstrels go from town to town defrauding the rich and powerful, while a female imperial officer must race to stop a brewing war.

  • Kind of a Drag 'Pilot'

    Judi Lane • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    A brokenhearted and suicidal Plain Jane is forced to learn radical self-acceptance through her accidental reincarnation as a famous San Francisco drag queen.

  • Starring Chloe Fisher

    Jennifer Rudin • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 33 pages

    A professional teen actress starring on Broadway battles onstage and off-stage antics when she’s suddenly faced with an understudy who will stop at nothing to steal her role.

  • How To Succeed At Birth

    Brittany Sanborn • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    For Jules, the miracle of childbirth has become monotonous but the thought of a relationship is utterly terrifying.

  • Czech Crossing

    L.T. Gordon • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    Set against a post-Communist Prague in the early 1990’s that is a lawless frontier town and bohemian playground, Czech Interpol Agent Petr Nerzova forges an unlikely crime fighting partnership with American expat Alanna Fortesque.

  • Wasted Space

    Bryan Roy • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 35 pages

    A party-addicted, egomaniacal starship commander discovers she's been the unwitting star of a hit reality show, and is determined to redeem herself by killing the alien race now threatening Earth.

  • Hey, June

    Dixie Legare-Collins • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

  • Waystation

    Stephanie Arapian • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 65 pages

    Recently deceased and existing between life and death, bartender Jaelyn guides lost souls in confronting their real inner demons to escape purgatory and potentially earn her second chance at life.

  • Charioteer: "Wine, Sex & Circuses:

    Martin Fisher • Action • Television (One-hour) • 58 pages

    Against impossible odds and obscene corruption, a defiant SLAVE’S race for freedom lifts blood thirsty empire to its feet, and drives a malicious EMPEROR to its knees.

  • Summerland

    MICHELE DAGLE • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 50 pages

    A woman suffering from frightening visions returns to her hometown on the New Jersey shore to solve her boyfriend's murder.

  • Unleashed

    Robert Axelrod • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 32 pages

  • Branded

    Christian Lybrook • Thriller • Television (One-hour) • 60 pages

    Rudy Strom, a disgraced ex-state trooper turned cattle cop, is pulled into police detective Isabela Quintana’s murder investigation of a prominent ranching family when their cattle are found skinned alive. The duo’s investigation uncovers ties to The Cord, a secretive, militarized religious sect that shuns the police, banks and hospitals to protect their way of life—and punish those who turn against them.


    DAVID SCHECHTMAN • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 36 pages

    FLYING HIGH (half-hour comedy pilot -- think BROOKLYN NINE-NINE meets PARKS AND REC) Flying High is a half-hour workplace comedy that delves into the oddities, intricacies and absurdities of the airline industry. Tons of room for situational comedy, not to mention celeb cameos.

  • Moral Ambiguities

    Andrew Cota • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 59 pages

    In order to save his family, a young man becomes involved in the black market of illegal organ harvesting in Los Angeles.

  • Star City

    Matthew Montgomery • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 37 pages

    Best friends Zack and Kate run a Hollywood tour company while aspiring to join the ranks of the celebrities they're paid to follow.


    Charlie Newcombe • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 65 pages

    THE ENTERPRISE: In 1982, Atlanta's head crime boss uses his top barbecue joint to front his drug empire and evade a federal prosecutor in a city rife with corrupt politics, racial tension, and a distinctly idiosyncratic culture.  A Southern-fried "Sopranos" inspired by true events.

  • Frenemies

    Alexandra Evans • Comedy • Television (Half-hour) • 37 pages

    “Frenemies” is lighthearted comedy focused on up-and-coming television producer, Amy Bell who has just been hired to work on a new daily talk show, but this dream job quickly becomes a nightmare when she discovers her new boss will be none other than her former “frenemy”, Krystal Pope…

  • The Factory

    Jon Davis • Drama • Television (One-hour) • 61 pages

    During the golden age of Hollywood, an aspiring actress is assigned to look after the teenage daughter of Louis B. Mayer and quickly discovers the dark side of the dream factory.