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  • Borders of the Imagination

    Benjamin Friedman • Sci-fi • Short • 18 pages


  • Before Dishonor

    Travis Opgenorth • Action • Short • 16 pages

    An orphaned girl must navigate the complexities of love and honor in feudal Japan when her new parents train her to assassinate their dishonorable Shogun, the same man her adoptive Samurai father is sworn to defend with his life.

  • It's…

    Nelson Torres • Comedy • Short • 8 pages

  • Isle

    LYNDSAY DOYLE • Short • 17 pages

    After being stranded on an isolated island, Marley, an army veteran struggling with PTSD, meets Reid, a castaway hippy who chose to escape the concrete jungle, and must learn to not only survive but get along with her polar opposite, someone who challenges everything she believes.

  • My Stardust

    J. J. Hillard • Drama • Short • 16 pages

  • Riverment

    Shayla Spann • Short • 23 pages

    Logline: A former civil rights activist copes with her traumatic experiences by sharing her stories with her granddaughter by the river. With her granddaughter wanting to continue the fight, will generational differences push them apart? Description: Active during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, Maureen was no stranger to racial injustices and traumatic events during her fight for equal rights. To cope with the trauma she encountered during her days as an activist, Maureen spends her time at her favorite place of peace, the riverbank, where she shares stories about her past to her granddaughter, Tyna. Now 20 years old, Tyna has become a freedom fighter in her own right, tackling inequalities and discrimination occurring on her college campus. When Tyna decides to take her activism outside the proposed safe boundaries of school, Maureen fears for her granddaughter’s safety, and ultimately her sanity.

  • Body Blows

    Colin Scott • Short • 6 pages

    GREGORY HEMINGWAY – young son of the literary legend – wrestles with his macho father, familial suicide, and the desire to become a woman aboard Ernest's infamous fishing vessel the "Pilar."

  • Emily

    Kristi Simkins • Short • 19 pages

    A young woman attempts to heal from eight years of horrific trauma by directly confronting the horrors of her past.

  • Interference

    Robin Rose Singer • Short • 20 pages

  • Fade To Red

    Tom Radovich • Other • Short • 12 pages

    An brutal man is about to be taught a lethal lesson by his abused girlfriend. Just kidding. Actually, it's about two actors who fall in love while shooting that scene for an exploitation movie. (short film, 12 pages)

  • Medicine Show Blues

    Jeffrey Howe • Short • 23 pages

    When a Depression-era snake oil salesman sells his soul to make his tonic perform as advertised, the crowds and profits grow—as does his sense of impending doom. But who is conning who?

  • Red Line

    Salieu Lamin-Sidique • Drama • Short • 9 pages

    Logline: A young man seeks to rob a metro train rider. But the tables turn. Set in Washington, DC or Baltimore, MD a young man just got off of work. He takes his usual route home when he notices a passenger he can take advantage of. Unbeknownst to the young man, the other passenger has been following him.

  • Season of Sacrifice

    Nick Jones • Drama • Short • 21 pages

    A futuristic dystopian thriller where a woman is interviewed for a license to bear a child.

  • The Fucking Tree

    Andrew Wood • Short • 10 pages

    Henry, an oak tree, dreams of having sex with a human woman.

  • Feel No Evil

    Rebecca Benzell • Thriller • Short • 35 pages

  • Head in the Clouds

    Josh McDonald • Short • 12 pages

  • Flop

    Nick Coleman • Short • 23 pages

  • Death & the Widow

    Gregory Fishwick • Short • 13 pages

    In Victorian-era England, a recently bereaved woman falls in love with the undertaker caring for her dead husband and daughter. Whilst voyeuristically spying on him, she discovers a bizarre, perverse side to his nature, which, in turn, awakens her own deep, dark desires.

  • Holding On

    Alex Jones • Short • 15 pages

  • Black Doves

    Jonathan Machado • Short • 28 pages

    Logline: A Ugandan boy is forced into a rebel militia by a charismatic but brutal leader, paralleled by another boy in Los Angeles whose aided by a gangster to find his fathers murderer. Description: Black Doves is a hauntingly poetic drama inspired by true events of the 1990's; the child soldier crisis of Northern Uganda led by Joseph Kony, as well as the gang violence epidemic of South Central Los Angeles. This story is unique in it's subtle juxtapositions of opposing worlds that paradoxically create parallel lives for our two protagonists. Sometimes perpetrators of the most heinous crimes started out as victims themselves, so can we ultimately blame them for being who they are? The film explores this question through complex characters that blur the line between good and evil.

  • Thirteen Is Just A Number

    Sean Bode • Comedy • Short • 11 pages

  • Final Determination

    Miranda Wilson • Comedy • Short • 14 pages

  • Ewe Stew

    Dorothy Irwin • Short • 25 pages

    Before she can compete in the 4-H Finals against her bully rival, a young sheep farmer and her dog must rescue their ewes from the lair of a nasty, gourmet-cooking coyote who speaks only in rhyme.


  • Ghosts of Sable Valley

    John Broadhead • Western • Short • 10 pages

    A lone girl travels into a ghost-haunted valley in search of her brother, but she finds a dangerous gang of outlaws who may or may not be ghosts themselves.

  • In The Silence

    Kristi Simkins • Short • 11 pages

    A woman emotionally isolated from the world faces an unexpected challenge to her defenses.

  • Cul An Ti (The Back Of The House)

    EMMA PYNE • Drama • Short • 19 pages

  • The Light

    Alan Brooks • Short • 12 pages

    Inspired by their angelic nurse, two aging men dream of and plot a better life outside their retirement home. But fate, in the form of the nurse, has other plans.

  • Twinkie

    Mary Westcott • Short • 11 pages

    A Korean adoptee struggles with cultural and self-identity -- being white on the inside, yellow on the out, only to discover who she really is when tossed into rehab for stealing from her mother's church.

  • The Caller

    Kristel Taylor • Drama • Short • 23 pages

  • Shopping

    David Gilbert • Comedy • Short • 12 pages


    Colin Korbelas • Drama • Short • 35 pages

  • The Grim Story of Maus, Byrd, and When the Thing Got Wurst

    Thaddeus Awotunde • Comedy • Short • 22 pages

  • Conviction

    Anju Andre-Bergmann • Short • 17 pages

    A small-town housewife, forced to recover her convict husband's stolen goods, uses the resulting circumstances to escape him once and for all.

  • Bailey Makes Three

    Chris Courtney Martin • Comedy • Short • 13 pages

  • It It Happens Again I'll Kill You

    Lisa Jay • Horror • Short • 23 pages

  • The Secret Club

    Kelly Lamphear-Dash • Short • 13 pages

    A woman grapples with the scary terrain of discovering the monsters in her life as a single mother with her precocious 8-year-old son. Horror/Comedy.

  • The Illusion of Pain

    Carroll Brown • Horror • Short • 21 pages

  • Don't Let The Monster Out

    Josh Edgerton • Thriller • Short • 26 pages


  • William Wishes

    Michael Vidler • Short • 15 pages

    A birthday boy’s obsessive adherence to a zombie apocalypse survival code lands him in trouble that forces him to face a darker reality.

  • Bare

    Rachel Noll • Drama • Short • 5 pages

  • The Clown-Faced Plumber

    Fred Jones • Short • 19 pages

  • RiM/MiR/CHi Proof of Concept

    Angella Davis • Sci-fi • Short • 3 pages

  • Mani

    Kansas Starr • Short • 13 pages

    The story of a woman who becomes the recipient of hairy, Italian man arm transplants, and her struggle to keep her new appendages under control.

  • Our Little Secrets

    Kieren Knapp • Thriller • Short • 11 pages

    An innocent blind date, with not so innocent people!

  • Ethel Rosenberg: A Simulation

    Caroline Klimczuk • Short • 24 pages

    An experimental exploration of the life and death of Ethel Rosenberg.

  • Sisters

    Drama • Short • 8 pages

    Teresa is struggling to transform into a teenager. When she connects with a beast that inspires her to release the darkness she keeps bottled up inside, she may transform into something else. Once she releases her inner monster, will she be able to control it?

  • Bucky

    Jeza Belle • Comedy • Short • 6 pages

  • The Field Trip

    Sam Kench • Drama • Short • 38 pages

  • The Guaranteed Sixty

    Ash Louis • Sci-fi • Short • 30 pages

    In the future people grapple with the decision to live out their natural lives or take an immunization that guarantees them sixty healthy years -- and nothing more beyond that.

  • The Jumper

    Alexander Ansimov • Drama • Short • 21 pages

    She is a B.A.S.E jumper, she lost her husband to it and seems to take no interest in anything in life ever since, until one day a little girl apprears in her life.

  • In the Yellow Wood

    Cate Honzl • Drama • Short • 20 pages

    On a warm summer evening in 1970, middle-class high school graduate Garrett is forced to face the fact that he was not accepted into college when he receives his draft letter for Vietnam. As the night unwinds Garrett must confront his conservative parents, his academic girlfriend, and his uncertain future.

  • The Legend of Angel Creek

    Richard Telesca • Western • Short • 29 pages

    A young cowboy overcomes his own fears and prejudices to help a group of handicapped children and discovers a secret about his own past in the process.

  • Spokesman

    Yuval Shrem • Thriller • Short • 41 pages

  • Page Turner

    Marc Roussel • Horror • Short • 22 pages

  • Snow Day

    Sam Kench • Short • 27 pages

  • Wilma Deals

    Virginia Shaffer • Short • 40 pages

  • Plots

    Melinda Maerker • Short • 16 pages

    Everyday objects take on a menacing quality and family secrets are revealed when Randy, a middle-aged musician, is called back to his childhood home by his aging parents.


    Travis Opgenorth • Thriller • Short • 23 pages

  • Buried

    Karen Frank • Short • 20 pages

    A grieving mother pits herself against her ex-lover, unaware that he's sacrificing his career for her.

  • The Real Thing

    Brandondon Kelley • Drama • Short • 8 pages

    A Soldier returns home to meet his recently-transitioned daughter. The trip home for a Soldier is surreal. Things have changed. The people are older and don't understand what he's been through. The scenery is different and sometimes home doesn't feel like home. For one soldier the ultimate change is in his child. While on his tour of duty, his son has transitioned to be his daughter. He has never met her in person, and today he is coming home to surprise her. For his daughter, life is full of obstacles and challenges. The people are curious and don't understand what she's been through. His parents' attitudes are still adjusting, and sometimes home doesn't feel like home. For Allie, a rough day at school ends with at surprise. Her father is home from the army, and he's standing in her room. Parental love is unconditional. It transcends a person's memory of their child. The Real Thing is an infinitely stronger bond.

  • The Ruin of Souls

    Alexander Beale • Horror • Feature • 97 pages

  • Shoes

    Darren Teo • Other • Short • 9 pages

  • The Old Man and The C

    Jim Duncanson • Drama • Short • 8 pages


    Jeffrey Sutton • Short • 23 pages

    When two friends try out a strange new drug, they unleash a terror that could destroy their lives.

  • Minor Obsessions

    Douglas Jones • Comedy • Short • 32 pages

  • Spontaenous

    Maximilian Brady • Comedy • Short • 19 pages

  • Life in a Box

    Margaret Folarin • Drama • Short • 7 pages

  • Knight

    Matt Brothers • Fantasy • Short • 8 pages


    Rebecca Williams Spindler • Drama • Short • 18 pages

  • Theft

    Lauren Davis • Drama • Short • 12 pages

  • Echo Lakota Nine

    Scott Fleishman • Short • 42 pages

    When all of history becomes a crime scene, how do you save the future if you're powerless to change the past? An Indigenous Time-Traveler from a distant, apocalyptic future returns to 2016 to try and rewrite history and save our world. A future war unfolds as he searches for answers. Pilot Episode for an epic Science Fiction/Fantasy series.

  • Piggy

    Carlota Pereda • Short • 9 pages

  • One Child Born

    Stuart Creque • Drama • Short • 12 pages

    A Rwandan Tutsi farmer's third child is coming. As he waits on his front porch for the midwife to do her work, his oldest son arrives home with the news that a Hutu mob is also coming.

  • William Wishes

    Michael Vidler • Short • 15 pages

    A birthday boy’s obsessive adherence to a zombie apocalypse survival code lands him in trouble that forces him to face a darker reality.


    Gosha Shapiro • Drama • Short • 15 pages