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  • Passing Through

    Robert Rhyne • Drama • Feature • 108 pages

    Struggling with guilt, a doctor becomes obsessed with caring for the woman he crippled in a hit and run. But when he falls in love with her, he finds himself trapped as the police and the woman’s vengeful father zero in on the true identity of her assailant.

  • Night School Al

    Tom Vecchio • Thriller • Feature • 114 pages

    After a hit is placed on young Al Capone’s life while working as a bouncer in Brooklyn, he escapes to Chicago to start life over working for avuncular, non-drinking bootlegger Johnny Terrio. When dapper Terrio discovers his new protégé is a crude, impulsive and non-educated thug, Terrio lays down the law: either Capone enroll in night school and earn his GED or he will be banished back to a lethal fate in Brooklyn. Inspired by a little known fact about Al Capone, this is the origin story of his year in night school, his relationship with his beautiful, suffragette Irish teacher and how education gave Capone the tools to create the American myth we know today. Knowledge is power.

  • Candy's First Kiss

    • 106 pages

  • The Niece

    • 121 pages


    Odin Ozdil • Comedy • Feature • 111 pages

    A computer hacker and an aging Cold War agent that can't stand each other must team up to recover millions in bitcoins stolen from the U.S. Treasury Department. A buddy-action-comedy about the best and worst of the old and new ways of doing things.


  • Live, From The Milky Way

    Joe Borriello • Sci-fi • Feature • 114 pages

    The crew of Earth's first starship journey across the galaxy in search of extraterrestrial life, unaware that they're the stars of an intergalactic reality television show.

  • Chasing 400

    • 111 pages

  • The Tank

    R. Felland-Syring • 102 pages

  • The Crossroads

    Christopher Sommella • 116 pages

  • (And I Feel Fine)

    Guy Thompson • 104 pages

  • Alone

    Tracey Thomas • 119 pages


    • 126 pages

  • Monster Hunters

    Sandino Moya-Smith • Sci-fi • Feature • 114 pages

    Nearing the end of the Cold War, adventuring Cryptozoologist James London is recruited by the United States Government in a desperate effort to recover an ancient artifact in the mysterious waters of Loch Ness before the Soviet Union uses its power to restore their own, reigniting the Cold War and bringing the world to the brink of destruction.

  • Universal Escapade

    Eric Fisher • 106 pages

  • Ode to Freedom

    Robert Coles • 117 pages


    David Schroeder • 112 pages

  • Requited

    Bill Johnston • Western • Feature • 115 pages

    A dying former lawman turned lawyer returns home after thirty years and uses his investigative, courtroom and early forensic experience to defend his half-Shoshone niece's husband in a murder trial engineered by a ruthless and politically ambitious land developer.


    kelly karam • Faith • Feature • 99 pages

    A spiritually depleted elementary art teacher hits the road to discover which woman from his past will lead him on an aspirational journey towards faith, hope, and unexpected love.

  • Heidegger in Ruins

    Jeffrey van Davis • Feature • 120 pages

  • The Treasure Galleons

    Tammy Gross • Adventure • Feature • 116 pages

    A captain-general's young son must fight pirates, cannibals & the elements after a hurricane sinks their fleet carrying $400 million in treasure. A true story.

  • Saving Swans

    Stephen M. Hunt • 96 pages

  • Kaffarah

    • 80 pages

  • The Demon of Hope Street

    Craig Peters • Thriller • Feature • 106 pages

  • Gravity's Pull

    Robert Sivigny • 104 pages